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Zakia Asalache is a journalist from Nairobi. She is a bisexual woman in a relationship with Capheus.


Early Life[]

Zakia was born in Nairobi. Growing up, she managed to receive education and soon traveled to London to continue her studies into journalism. While there, she explored her sexuality, falling in and out of love with a woman. After graduating, she chose to return to Kenya and provide help for her birth-nation.[1]

Who Am I?[]

Upon the Van Damn's arrival at its final stop, Zakia approaches Jela and asks where "Van Damme" is. She soon is greeted by Capheus and evades introducing herself, questioning him about his status as a hailed hero in Nairubi and his source of courage. While Capheus rebuffs her discredits, she leaves him dazed when asked "who are you?" She drops the microphone and facade to properly introduce herself as Zakia.

Later that same day, she is shown to have redressed and meets with Capheus and Jela after hours. She apologizes for her demean and requests to have dinner together, to which Jela interjects and answers for his friend.

During the date, she continues with her apology by mentioning how the amount of troubles their grandmothers had been through as well as the atrocities that happen around the world that used to limit what could be accomplished. Capheus agrees and adds that his courage has been pulling him through much of the disasters in his life.[2]


She reaches the matatu and is quickly greeted by Jela whom jokes that she was looking for another fabricated story. Capheus takes over, and Zakia informs him that their last story is trending, her boss asking for a follow-up on Van Damme. Boarding the bus, they continue on their usual bus route until they witness crowds of people rallying before them.

Deboarding and walking to the water tank, Zakia readies a story piece on Capheus as he moves through the crowd. Wtinessing the rallying intensify, she manages to capture and develop footage of Van Damme freeing water for everyone.

Later, she brings Capheus to her workplace, where she witnesses him speak with the archor about his courageous act. Zakia continues to express great admiration as she watches from behind the cameras.[3]

Isolated Above, Connected Below[]

As the Van Damn pulls over to a sidewalk, Capheus stops and hops out, to talk to a waiting Zakia. When he asks her about her stay in London, she admits that the rumors are true, but that she has dated men and women. She continues that she falls in love with the person rather than their genitalia and shares a passionate kiss as the passengers of the Van Damn, passerbys and Jela cheer for Capheus and Zakia.

Zakia takes Van Damme to her house in the city. She watches as he is amazed at the things she possesses that he has only seen in films. They evenutally kiss each other, sharing a moment of passion as they strip and move onward to her bedroom. As it grew darker outside, the couple engage in intimate love-making, caressing one another and holding their bodies close.

The next morning, she wakes to find Capheus in the kitchen, understanding how a coffee machine functions, handing her a cup of one freshly made. They move to the balcony and have breakfast. When Capheus tells her about the Democratic Party representatives stopping by his house, she asks him if he has made contact with them again. Though he saw the unexpected visit as a joke, Zakia believes that he would be an appropriate candidate to run for president and make some serious changes to Nairobi.[1]



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Memorable Quotes[]

"I have loved women. I have also loved men. I'm in love with the person, not their genitals."
--Zakia to Capheus, Isolated Above, Connected Below.



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