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Yrsa is a sensate residing in Iceland. She had contact with Riley while Riley was still a child, and the two later reconnected when Riley returned home to Iceland. She does not trust Jonas, believing him to be an agent that helps Whispers track down and kill sensates.

The whereabouts of Yrsa's cluster is unknown. She mentions that one member of her cluster had passed away.[1]


Early Contact with Riley[]

When Riley was a child, her mother brought her to a BPO lab for genetic testing. Yrsa was working at that lab with the intention of saving sensates from being captured by BPO. Yrsa was the first to read Riley's test results confirming that she was a sensate. Yrsa helped Riley escape from BPO, and began visiting with Riley when she was still a child, pretending to be one of the "hidden people" from Icelandic myth. Yrsa convinced Riley that she was "hexed" and that she needed to leave Iceland for her own safety. Yrsa's lies also convinced Riley that she was responsible for the death of her mother and child. This motivates Riley to leave home and move to London. After Riley is reborn as a sensate, she figures out the truth of Yrsa's connection.[1]

Riley's Return[]

Returning to Iceland, Riley manages to visit Yrsa. Yrsa explains how BPO and Whispers hunts Sensates down. Yrsa expressed the intention to kill herself following her conversation with Riley to prevent Whispers from finding her. During their conversation, Will contacts Riley and mentions Jonas. Yrsa and Jonas' opinion on love within a cluster is vastly different; Jonas believes it is love in its purest form, while Yrsa writes it off as narcissistic, trying to dissuade Riley from falling in love with Will. Once she learns Will is being visited by Jonas, she quickly breaks Riley out of it and tells her Jonas and Angelica worked for BPO, birthing sensates only so Whispers could hunt them down and find others. She warns Riley against speaking to Will or Jonas ever again.[2][1]


Yrsa was a woman whom expressed some disposition from her status as a sensate. After working under the veil of an Icelandic hospital and having Riley Gunnardottir's scans reveal her potential to become reborn, she aided in the child's escape before BPO was able to locate her. She went on to lie to the child with the thought that she was "hexed" and would later express remorse for how this was handled.

She also heavily isolates herself from the general public as a method of hiding from Whispers. However, learning that Riley and her cluster made contact with Jonas Maliki, she would use suicide to avoid any capture.


  • Riley Blue: Despite being caring of her, Yrsa has presented herself as cold and harsh on the reality of sensates, most notably, she expressed her views on love within a cluster as a form of narcissism and that establishing bonds with other sensates was detrimental to her survival. Though her methods of protecting Riley were not benefitual to the young sensate's mentality, Yrsa has managed to keep her away from the clutches of BPO.
    Upon her capture, however, Yrsa continued to suggest that the only method to protect her cluster was to commit suicide, in the same way her mother had done.



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