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You Want a War? is the eleventh episode and original season finale of the second season and 23rd overall episode of Sense8.


At the gala, Sun braces for a showdown with her brother. Soon a dire new threat sends the Sensates scrambling to save another member of the cluster.



Joong-Ki speeches about the great year the company has had. He admits to having thought about giving up after what's happened to his family and all the articles that hurt him. Especially the stuff about his sister hurt. He wanted to run away and make everyone forget the Bak name, but then he thought about his father, who used to give these amazing speeches. He inspired confidence. You trusted him. You knew you were a part of the family. That's what Bak meant to people and that is why he is back now. He wants the name to mean that again. They have to believe in him and trust him, and he will take care of them. The crowd applauds and the party starts.

Sun glances to Wolfgang, who encourages her. She picks up a knife and slowly walks into the crowd. As she does, Kala, Lito, and Nomi try to hold her off, wondering why Sun is suddenly skewing from the plan, to which Wolfgang replies that plans change. Will eventually stops her by pointing out Detective Mun has entered the room. Mun and his small team make their way to Joong-Ki as it dawns on the cluster that he's going to arrest Joong-Ki. Mun asks shows him the warrant and asks to come with, or he'll cuff him in front of all the reporter. Joong-Ki concedes, but secretly fires a gun behind his back. As the crowd ducks and runs, Joong-Ki points and claims his sister is present. In the chaos, he shoots Mun in the abdomen and fires more bullets at Mun's team. Joong-Ki and his bodyguards start to flee, Riley wonders what they are going to do now. "We get that motherfucker," Will says. On his way out, Joong-Ki's eyes meet Sun's. Staring at him, she takes off her wig. Frightened to see she's actually there, he orders his bodyguards to kill her and runs off.

Sun makes her way across the room and overpowers one of the guards, using him as a human shield for another guard's bullets. Channeling Wolfgang, she grabs a bar table and uses it to shield herself as she makes her way up the stairs. She and Wolfgang overpower the next guard and evade bullets until finally reaching the top of the stairs. She gets in a fight with another bodyguard, ripping her costume in the process, but manages to throw the man down the stairs. Will grabs the guy's gun. She arrives in the hallway, where she's shot at from the other end by Joong-Ki's men.

The cluster appears at Nomi's. Nomi informs them Joong-Ki is heading for the garage. His car is being brought up. Nomi directs Sun to another exit that leads to the garage. Sun and her clustermates arrive in the garage and takes the stairs to the lower level. Meanwhile, the cluster observes the camera footage. Joong-Ki's guys are spreading out to attack from different angles. Wolfgang points out the most dangerous guard. He and Will dispute a course of action while disregarding Kala, who has a plan. Surprisingly, Sun channels Kala as she makes her way down the stairs in the sight of the guards. While she's shot at, Kala aims for a car's fuel tank. Wolfgang pulls her down to protect her and they all duck behind another car. He informs her cars don't blow up like on TV. She knows that. She grabs a lighter from Sun's bra and uses it ignite the fuel that's been leaking from the tank. The car subsequently explodes, taking out the guards who were sneaking up on them. She explains she took advantage of the slope of the garage. Wolfgang is impressed. Sun gets up and starts running after Joong-Ki, who drives off as he sees her approaching.

Nomi and Bug make the exit gate close. He uses the parking ticket machine to demand that the gate be opened. Nomi has hacked it and tells him he's going to need to do something first. She demands he confesses to framing his sister and murdering his father. Joong-Ki asks who they are. "Justice, motherfucker, and we're coming for you" Lito says. Bug knows which of Lito's movies it's from.

Sun is nearing the car. Joong-Ki backs up as she shoots at the car and crashes straight through the gate. Sun asks for help. Capheus has a solution. Moments later, he and Sun drive off on one of the motorcycles that was parked near the gate. Nomi and her team manage to get in the city's grid. They have Joong-Ki stopped at a red light up ahead. Joong-Ki is relieved, thinking he's managed to get away, only to see her approach on the motorcycle. He ignores the red light and drives away from his Terminator sister. The chase continues down the street of Seoul.

Will thinks there must be a major police response on the way. Nomi affirms it's big. Cops are shutting down the area. It's a roadblock. Joong-Ki turns into a small street to avoid them. People have to run from their tables to avoid getting hurt as he crashes through all tables and chairs with Sun still following him.

Amanita wonders how they can stop this guy. Wolfgang says they need a weapon. Sun grabs a metal rod from a construction site she passes. Wolfgang and Sun drive up to Joong-Ki and Wolfgang smashes the window with the rod, which he then uses to jam the wheel. Unable to dodge it, Joong-Ki crashes his car into another one. It spins around a couple of times before ending up overturned on the street.

Sun calmly gets off the motorcycle and approaches the vehicle. She finds that Joong-Ki has fled. He's crawling away bloodied while she fetches the rod. She calmly follows him while scraping the rod over the asphalt. She remembers his begging her to save him and their father telling her that everything is meaningless without his daughter. She also remembers the moment she realized Joong-Ki killed him and he secretly confessed to it. As her cluster appears behind her, it's time for her to decide who she is. She remembers telling her teacher she wouldn't stop until either she or Joong-Ki is dead, and the guys Joong-Ki sent to the prison to kill her. However, she also thinks of Min-Jung telling her her heart is as soft as a baby bird and her mother's plea to take care of her little brother. Sun has finally caught up to her brother, who begs her not to do it. As she puts pointy end of the rod on his chest, he tells her he will confess. As he continues to beg for his life, the police arrive at the scene. He says he's her brother. She tells him he was. She lifts the rod, ready to pierce him with it, but she ultimately decides against that. Police officers approach and cuff her. As she's arrested, Tae Park arrives and leaves with him to take care of him. Before she's put in a police vehicle, she locks eyes with Joong-Ki, who once again has been let off the hook.

The cluster appears with Sun in the back of the truck. She informs them the guy was Tae Park, a politician. They all realize Sun will be killed if she's sent back to prison. Will has a plan. He/Sun frees a piece of metal from a small ventilation grate and uses it to uncuff her. They then turn to Nomi, who can get access to the traffic system. Amanita has a city map. Nomi has a her look for a big intersection per Will's instructions. Amanita finds one while Bug is almost in the system. Sun is nervous, but Will assures her these wagons are built like safes. Amanita counts down while the cluster gathers around Sun and holds her tight. Bug then changes the red light up ahead to green, causing the wagon to drive onto the intersection. It's hit by a big truck and flipped on its side. As police approach, Sun breaks free. She's disoriented from the crash. Amanita finds a subway two blocks away, but Will says they won't make it. As they stand there clueless, Riley begs a motorcycle driver for help. It's Puck. He knew she'd call for his help eventually. He tells Sun to hop on. Riley is surprised to see he dyed his hair the same way she does, including the blue strike. The cluster then watches Puck and Sun drive off.


Nomi falls onto her bed as Amanita is reading. They are exhausted after the last few intense days. Nomi wonders if that is their new normal. Amanita could think of worse normals. Nomi checks if she's okay with it. Neither of them signed up for this, but Amanita has a choice. Amanita recalls a voice in her head urging her not to let Nomi go when they first met. They share a kiss. Amanita says everyone wakes up having to take the same Terms and Conditions box. Everyday stuff will happen to you, both good and bad. Choice is less about what happens than it is about how you deal with it. Amanita says she's been thinking a lot about the past year and then goes to fetch something from the cabinet. She admits it can be terrifying, but it's also exciting. It's been maddening, enlightening, confusing, and always unpredictable. However, there hasn't been a single day when she didn't hear that same voice in her head telling her not to let Nomi go. Amanita then presents her with a ring and proposes. Nomi is amazed. She retrieves a box from under the bed. She also got a ring. She proposes to Amanita. They both say yes and put on the rings. They laugh and kiss.


Capheus wakes from his slumber in Nairobi and sees his mother cooking breakfast. When he glances at the door of their home, he is startled by the visit of four unnamed sensates, his shriek warrenting his mother to ask if something was wrong. He assures her he's good. The four tell Capheus that they suspected him to be a Sensate after what he did last year, but his running for office raised suspicion that he might be working for BPO. However, they were curious and even though it was insane, they came to the speech without taking a blocker first. They heard him.


Kala is practicing her speech to Rajan when he comes home from his trip. She announces that she wants to talk, but he wants a drink first. She agrees to have one as well. They both have been thinking about what's been happening. They sit down when he notices the present from Ajay. Kala wants to open it, but he forbids her and quickly does so himself after checking if it's been X-rayed. The box contains a Ganesha statue. Kala likes it but she notices how stressed Rajan is and questions him. He needs her to do things without asking questions. He says he has been keeping things from her to protect her and, selfishly, their marriage. He confesses that he was in Delhi instead of Bangalore and that he has been helping with an investigation into corrupt politicians, including Ajay. Now the time has come where they have advised him to get his family out of the country to guarantee their safety, so he admits to Kala that he secretly bought a flat in Paris. He asks her to go there and hopes that whatever she has to say can wait.

Sun, Riley, and Will

Riley and Sun are watching a news report on the gala shooting at the love motel. Witnesses have placed Sun at the center of the attacks. Meanwhile, a half naked Puck is admiring his body in the mirror. He wants to have a sensate threesome, thinking his saving Sun has earned him that reward. He gets down on the bed wearing nothing but his briefs. With Riley's permission, Sun cracks his toe. She instructs him to go and sit somewhere other than on the bed. The news report informs them that Mun is in critical shape. They are relieved to hear he's still alive. Next up is an interview with Tae Park, the Minister of Strategy and Finance. He says no one is safe until Sun, whom he calls a psychopath, is off the streets. Sun thinks she should have killed Joong-Ki. Will appears and says no, because the police knows. Mun was there to arrest Joong-Ki. Riley assures her it's going to be okay. Will says they need information. Riley and Sun turn to Puck, who's chatting up a sex doll.

They approach him. He thinks they have changed their minds. Riley asks how many Sensates he's connected to. With some light torture, he admits to 387 connections. Riley says they need those connections to fight. He gets dressed again as he prepares to leave. Will says they can't let him leave. They need to make Puck trust them. Puck figures Will is there. He says he's a lover more than a fighter. He's all for sens-orgies, but he's not one to storm the ramparts. Puck is then visited by someone from his own cluster, who warns him to leave them and this town. He needs to be on blockers 24/7. Puck turns to Sun and Riley and tells them he's been quarantined. The Cannibal is hunting.

Wolfgang and Kala

Wolfgang and Kala are packing. With their minds wandering to one another, they find each other's stuff in their suitcases. She finds a gun and he's happily surprised by lingerie. Wolfgang asks Kala if she told Rajan. She says not yet and tells him about the corruption investigation. Wolfgang points out both men in her life are connected to criminals and wonders what that says about her. She guesses it shows off her poor choices and general lack of good characters. He wants to kiss her, but she backs away. She needs to know something before she gets more confused, which is what kissing him does to her. Before she gets on a plane and discovers what it actually feels like to be in the same room with him, she needs to know something true. While he has never lied to her, she wants to hear the whole truth. He tells her she's his last thought before he goes to sleep and the first thought he has when he wakes up. He loves her so much. She wanted to hear that, because it would help her admit how much she loves him. Now they kiss. She asks if he's ever been to Paris. He hasn't. She's excited that it's going to be just for them.

Their kiss is interrupted by Lila visiting Wolfgang. She's missed him. She figures Kala is with him. Kala herself also realizes what's happening. Lila reminds him there are only two sides in this world: with her or against her. She mentions she was surprised to find out how badly the Cannibal wanted him. Seconds later, the apartment is invaded by BPO agents. Wolfgang takes a few down with his gun, but he's subdued by a taser. Due to their active connection, Kala feels the shock, too. Whispers enters the bedroom and greets Wolfgang, who has a sedative injected by one of the BPO guards. Lila tells Wolfgang she wants him to think of her when they slice him up. He then passes out.


After experiencing the shock from BPO's ambush on Wolfgang, a disoriented Kala starts calling out for help. She appears in Sun's hotel room and informs her what happened. After alerting Lito and Capheus, she visits the safe house to inform Will and Riley. Everyone but Wolfgang appears as Will retrieves blockers from a box. He has a plan, but they'll need more blockers. Kala leaves to get them.

In her office, Kala works quickly to craft bottles and bottles of blockers in her office. She's informed that she needs to leave for her flight. She grabs the bottles and packs her bag with them.

Meanwhile, Will and Riley pack their bags. They pack white coveralls as worn by BPO guards.


Wolfgang awakens tied up inside a BPO facility. He has electrodes attached to his head. Angelica appears apologizing to him. Whispers notices he's woken up. He's eager to get started. He calls the device on Wolfgang's head The Traceworks. Angelica was instrumental to the success of it. Psycellium is very sensitive to pain, but acute pain produces one of the clearest echoes they can trace with the device. Wolfgang tells Whispers he's going to kill him. Whispers loves this part. He injects a drug into Wolfgang's neck. Wolfgang groans in pain.

Kala is at the baggage claim. She retrieves her suitcase. Meanwhile, Capheus is tidying up at home.

Whispers asks for the paddles. A guard uses them to administer a heavy shock. Everyone from the cluster drops to the floor due to the overwhelming pain. Whispers has the guard shock the cluster three more times. Ready to use the device, Whispers asks about Wolfgang's first thought.

The wounded Wolfgang appears to Kala as passersby are helping her get back up. She visits him, too. Whispers invades on the connection through the device, allowing him to visit Kala and read her boarding pass. He taunts Wolfgang by telling him Kala's full name. He thanks Wolfgang for helping him discover her. He decides that is enough for now.

Nomi and Amanita are the airport. They rush to board a plane.

Shiro wonders what's wrong with Capheus. She's never seen him like this. A bloodied Wolfgang appears in the living room.

Lito experiences pain as Wolfgang is injected with a drug yet again. He finds painkillers in the bathroom drawer and takes some. After drinking from the tap, he finds the bloodied Wolfgang standing behind him.

Lila visits Wolfgang and asks if he has any regrets. She assures him they will come. He receives another shock. Lito and Capheus share his tremendous pain. Lito collapses. He's discovered by Hernando, who urges Daniela to call an ambulance. Lito objects since he can't go to a hospital. He says they have to go to London and promises to explain everything. Hernando helps him to get up.

A disguised Sun is about to face passport control at the airport. She hands the officer her fake passport.

Capheus' bag is checked in. The agent directs him to his gate.

Sun's passport doesn't cause any problems. Relieved, she makes her way to the gate.

Wolfgang and Will

The next morning, Wolfgang receives a visit from Whispers. Whispers wants to do another round to find out who else is in that cluster. Eventually, Wolfgang will tell him. Whispers asks for the paddles and shocks him again. Wolfgang can't help but connect with Will. Whispers wonders where he is hiding.

Will visits Jonas and asks how they make this stop. Jonas tells him to cooperate. He knows what happens as he's been through it before. As Angelica appears to the both of them, Jonas tells Will there's only one way to end it: suicide.

Whispers enters his quiet room to find Will waiting for him in a chair. He's happy that Jonas was right. Will appears to be broken down. He says he just wants one thing. He wants Whispers to leave Riley alone. Whispers sits down across from him. He should agree and promise him that in order to leash the rest of the cluster as soon as possible, but they both know that would be a lie. They both know what's going to happen. One by one, Whispers is going to hunt his cluster down and no matter what Will does, he will find Riley. And he'll enjoy feeling Will experience her death, inch by inch, piece by piece. Will says there's one tiny problem with that plan: him. He grabs Whispers by his tie and smacks him to the ground. Will hard-handedly picks him up from the floor as Whispers comes to realize he can't visit Will. Will informs him that is because he's actually there. He punches Whispers in the face. Whispers crawls up to the glass, in which he sees Angelica's reflection. Will informs him there's no one behind the glass, that the camera's dead, and that the room is still soundproof. He then continues to beat up Whispers, who reaches out to Jonas. Jonas asks Will to stop it, but Will can't see or hear him since he's on blockers. Will tells Jonas he has to choose whose side he's on now. Jonas tells Will he can't understand his choice right now. Whispers begs Jonas not to leave him, but to no avail. Will offers to put him out of his misery and continues his beating. Once Whispers is unconscious, he takes his phone. "Now," he briefs the person he called. He then flips the table and retrieves the coverall he taped to it. He takes off his jacket.


In his apartment, Jonas makes a call to The Secretary. He asks for The Chairman to report an incident at the Parliament facility. He then goes to answer the door after persistent knocking. He immediately realizes the trouble he's in upon seeing his visitors. Sun knocks him out cold with one punch. She, Capheus, Nomi, and Amanita then enter the apartment.

Four masked BPO guards wheel gurney with a filled bodybag towards a gate guarded by two guards. One of the guards uses Whispers' card to open the first gate. They are then stopped by the two guards at the second gate. They inform the other four that the security protocol has been activated. One of the two guards scans the barcode on the body bag, but it's not reading. He's going to have to call this in. One of the four guards then knocks him out before he can do so. All the other guards then point their guns at him and have him kneel. One then knocks out the last of the two gate guards. They drag the unconscious guards away from the gate and open it with Whispers' card.

They make their way to the garage. One of them brings out a van. They put the gurney and body in the back. Three guards also climb in the back while the remaining guard gets behind the wheel. The van exits the garage and is soon blocked by a police car out on the street. Capheus, Sun, Nomi, and Amanita get out of the police car and hand a blindfolded Jonas over to the BPO guards. They all get in the back of the van with Capheus taking the driver's position.

Sun opens the body bag, revealing an unconscious Whispers. Jonas is unconscious, too. As Capheus drives off, the guards finally take off their masks. It's Will, Kala, Riley, and Lito. They're all together for the first time, minus Wolfgang. Will leans in and tells Whispers: "You want a war? We'll give you a war."

The van drives across Westminter Bridge.



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Song Performer Scene
"Compound Statement" Abstract Division
  • The J-Bak Summer Gala has started.
  • Joong-Ki gets the mic for his speech.
"Cathedral" Psychic Health
  • The party continues after Joong-Ki speech.
  • Sun grabs a knife to go kill him.
  • Will stops her as Mun arrives.
  • Mun wants to arrest Joong-Ki, who creates chaos to escape.
"Pistols At Dawn" Seinabo Sey
  • End credits.

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Memorable Quotes[]

Joong-Ki: Are you serious? My sister is the fucking Terminator?

Nomi: I don't know about you, but I'm fricking dead. It has been a very intense few days. From Teagan's wedding, to a political riot, to a high-speed chase.
Amanita: There's never a dull moment, that's for sure.
Nomi: Is this our life now? Is this our new normal?
Amanita: I can think of worse normals.
Nomi: Are you okay with it?
Amanita: What do you mean?
Nomi: I mean, you didn't sign up for all this.
Amanita: It's not like you did either.
Nomi: But I don't have a choice. These voices are in my head whether I want them or not.
Amanita: True. Though, when I think back, I don't remember being given a choice either when this nerdy girl walked into City Lights and this voice in my head was telling me, "Whatever you do, do not let her go until you get her number."
Nomi: What?
Amanita: Here's the thing. We all wake up and we have to take the same Terms and Conditions box: Everyday stuff will happen to you. Some of it will be good. Some of it will be bad. Choice is less about what happens than it is about how we deal with it. I've been thinking a lot about all the things that have happened to us over this past year. I won't lie. Sometimes it's terrifying. And sometimes it's incredibly exciting. It's been maddening, enlightening, confusing, and always unpredictable. However, I don't think there's been a single day when I didn't hear that same voice in my head telling me "Whatever you do, do not let her go." Nomi Marks, will you marry me?
Nomi: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I don't believe this.
Amanita: What?
Nomi: Amanita Caplan, will you marry me?
Amanita: Abso-fucking-lutely! You?
Nomi: Every day of my life.

Will: You want a war? We'll give you war.

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