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Who Am I? is the second episode of the second season and the 14th overall episode of Sense8.


Will and Whispers each race to piece together the other's location, while Lito heads to his first movie premiere since the photos leaked.


Will and Riley

Riley and Will are asleep in a safehouse. Will is dreaming as Angelica appears, whispering his name. In his dream, he witnesses Whispers concentrating while hooked up to machines as sponsors of BPO are assured accuracy and immunity. The sponsors are concerned over their money as they have not seen anything regarding the company's promises. Habib, one of the test subjects in the lab, suddenly sits up in his bed, and so does Will in his bed. Will takes the man's place and wonders what's happening. "Bad things," Angelica tells him. Whispers appears to be controlling the mind of man. Angelica tells Will it's all her fault.

In a flashback to an earlier moment in the lab, Angelica asks Whispers what the neural graft will be used for if it works. Whispers believes it will help "them" to be less afraid of "us".

Habib/Will grabs a saw from an instrument tray.

Whispers asks Angelica if she trusts him. She nods. He leans in and kisses her.

Angelica begs Will to stop it.

Habib then grabs one of the BPO agents and slits his throat. The sponsors look in horror as one of them shouts he's seen enough.

Will gasps for air, waking up Riley. She tries to calm him down and assures him he's safe.


Nomi, Amanita and Grace are at a museum. They're pretending to be writing a thesis on early hominoids. Nomi specifies they are specifically interested in the branch-off point between Homo sapiens and other species, like Neanderthals and Homo sensorium. Dr. Brady says there's not enough evidence for the existence of sensorium in her field. She mentions Professor Kolovi, a geneticist at the University of Chicago, will likely have a different opinion. However, she doesn't really agree with him. In anthropology, the facts are always changing, so maybe Kolovi's work might be called visionary tomorrow. Amanita brings up Freud's theory of telepathic communication in ancestors. Brady says they don't know if ancestors used another way of communication. She finds it funny to imagine that if Kolovi's right, a Homo sensorium could walk into her office and she wouldn't even know it.


Lito and Daniela are getting ready for a premiere, while Hernando is having second thoughts about coming. He thinks it's not the right thing given what's been going on. Lito reminds him that this is what he's always wanted. He confirms, so decides to go. Daniela and Lito cheer, but Hernando is left with the feeling something is going to go wrong.


As Capheus arrives at the Nairobi railway station, Lito, Daniela, and Hernando arrrive at the premiere. Lito greets a couple of fans, one of whom gives him a balloon. He's disappointed by the turn-out of fans, which is only magnified when he sees he's been moved to the back of the film's promotional poster.

Jela approaches a reporter who's working for Kobi Kihara. They are looking for Van Damn. Jela goes to fetch Capheus.

A reporter approaches Lito, who recognizes her. He starts talking about the film, but she's more interested in the scandalous photos.

Capheus introduces himself to the reporter. She inquires about his matatu, so Jela moves passers-by so it's clearly visible.

Mariana asks Lito if he's denying the photos are real. He's not. She asks if he's a homosexual. Lito wants to know why it matters. She says his fans have the right to now.

Zakia asks Capheus about his matatu's name. He talks about Lionheart, but she doesn't watch movies that glorify violence, where the white man saves the world. Capheus says Lionheart is about courage.

Lito is grateful for his fans. He's been trying to give them something true. Mariana says he was lying to them before, then. Hernando tries to take Lito away. Mariana recognizes him from the photos and comments on it, which angers Lito. Mariana claims she's just trying to understand whether he's gay or not. Nomi takes Lito's place and says labels are the opposite of understanding.

Zakia says Van Damme is white, so if the movie is about courage, it's about white courage. As Sun takes his place, he says he doesn't see what courage has to do with a man's skin color.

Both Lito and Capheus talk about how they watched movies as little kids, making them feel braver, funnier, and smarter than they were. They made them believe they could do things they never thought they could do. However, that kid is not the man who became a driver or actor. That man is also not who they see standing here. Both Zakia and Mariana ask who's standing here. "Who am I?" each Sensate wonders as they alternate places. Do they mean where they're from? Who they one day might be become? What they do or have done? What they dream? What they see or what they've seen? What they fear? Who they love? What they have lost? As these questions cross each Sensate's mind, they think back on their lives and identities.

Lito and Capheus then respond they are exactly the same as the interviewer. Not better or less than, because there is or won't ever be someone who is exactly the same. Mariana is left speechless while Zakia is visibly impressed. Lito and Capheus hug, and then Jela shakes Capheus' hand. Meanwhile, Lito and his companions enter the movie theater. Zakia only then reveals her name to Capheus. 


Lito, Daniela, and Hernando are watching the movie. The scene Lito shot last year on the day Hernando came to break up with him is coming up. Hernando still remembers the line. As Lito's character kisses a woman, there's laughter in the room while some spectators even leave. Hernando and Daniela slide down in their chairs while Lito tries to keep a straight face.


A few days later, Zakia appears at the matatu. She feels like she owes him an apology. She hasn't stopped thinking about what he said and how it applied to her life. He spoke from his heart, to someone who didn't come to listen. Capheus says words aren't usually his strong suit. She asks if he'd like to grab a bite. Jela cuts in and says yes for Capheus.

Kala and Wolfgang

Wolfgang and Felix are partying while Kala is showing her family her new house in Mumbai. As she takes them upstairs to the pool, Felix and Wolfgang are granted access to the VIP area of the club. While they take some rooftop selfies, Felix and Wolfgang are given free drinks. Felix comments Wolfgang might need to kill some more criminals since he's getting used to this lifestyle. Soon after, Sebastian Fuchs comes over to the pair. He's The King of the North. He wants them to feel respected here. He doesn't like a lot of people because they lie and manipulate. He values and admires loyalty, and he knows how loyal Felix and Wolfgang are to each other. As Felix states he loves this club, Sebastian tells him it's his now. He'll have his lawyers prepare the paperwork and he can sign at his place tomorrow. Sebastian leaves, leaving a baffled Felix to tell Wolfgang what happened.


Capheus is having lunch with Zakia. She used to be like him, believing that what you do matters and that you change things. Now, she thinks she has seen too much of the world. Capheus says a woman working as a journalist was unthinkable not too long ago. She knows, but she considers it a detail. Capheus says it's his grandmother's dream come true. She explains it seems small compared to what was and still is wrong. She's seen barbaric things, cruelty, injustice, and indifference to it all. Her job means nothing in the face of all that. Capheus says awful things happen every day, which is why courage is important. It takes courage to see those things happen and still get up every day and to see that dreams come true.

Will and Riley

Riley and Will are sleeping as he connects with Whispers. She hears horses through him. Will is observing a horse race, as are Whispers and his wife. Riley tries to write all the details down. Whispers and his wife mention the horse seems to share a mind with his rider, which appears to fascinate Whispers. He's about to leave his estate for Chicago. Whispers' wife tells him to take his pills. He does so, severing the connection. Riley asks Will if he has a name, but he doesn't. He was so close. Will says name has to go to Chicago. Riley says it's time to eat, but he's too tired.


At work, Devi is pressing Kala to talk about the honeymoon. Kala ignores her. Riley appears to Kala and tells her Will is not eating. Kala excuses herself and goes to her office.

She visits Riley and checks Will's vitals. His reactions are getting slow. He needs to sleep, and she doesn't mean drug-induced unconsciousness. She'll add vitamins and up the naloxone doses, but the truth is he can't do this for much longer. Riley says he's hoping to get information on Whispers or BPO. Kala asks if Nomi hasn't found out anything.

Riley visits Nomi, who's been trying to find any crack into this company, but BPO always seem to burn the house down when they do. Bug is frantically working on the mission when something starts beeping. He destroys an entire laptop. Nomi asks if they tagged him. Bug says these people are good and even more paranoid than he is. Riley asks about the Iceland facility. Nomi says Amanita managed to link aliases to visas for charter travel, but they can't tell who's actually paying for or running that company. Bug quietly asks Amanita who Nomi is talking to. She brushes it off as Nomi talking to herself. Nomi tells Riley Will needs to get them something more concrete.

The Cluster is gathered around Will. Capheus says Will shouldn't fight for all of them on his own. Sun says his Chi's very weak. Lito wonders how long they can keep hiding. Riley doesn't know. Wolfgang tells her not to give up on Will as he wouldn't give up on any of them.


The Dandekars and Rasals are having dinner together. Manendra wants to discuss their future. He has examined his priorities since the attack. He has met the Prime Minister, who told him he's an electoral asset. This afternoon, he has officially accepted the Prime Minister's offer. Sanyam chokes on his drink. Rajan is upset his father didn't consult with them. Manendra says he didn't built a pharmaceutical empire by dillydallying. Rajan asks his mother how she feels. Manendra speaks for her and says she supports him. Sahana quietly says he's right. Sanyam congratulates Manendra. They all toast.


Nomi and Amanita run to attend a lecture by Professor Kolovi at the University of Chicago. The lecture is about language. He asks the audience to imagine not having to use words to communicate emotions and thoughts. They don't know what kind of communication their ancestors used, but the obvious conclusion is that language must be superior, and sequitur quod, so is sapiens. He asks what you wouldn't be able to do if people could read your thoughts. The answer is lie. Only recently, due to our existence wreaking havoc on this planet, have we begun to question the nature of our supremacy. Mounting evidence suggests that sapiens has murdered its cousins. Sapiens wiped out all other human species.

Nomi and Amanita are privately talking to Kolovi about their fictional paper on Homo sensorium. In his book, he argued for their existence. He believes they have inherited pieces of DNA from their ancestors, the capacity for empathy from sensorium in particular. Amanita asks about Dr. Matheson, one of his students. She shows him a picture of Whispers. Kolovi recognizes him and asks what it's about. Nomi asks how they can reach him. Kolovi doesn't know as it's been ages. He tells them to leave further questions with his assistant and leaves to teach a genetics lab.

On their way out, Amanita says she suspects Kolovi was lying.

Riley and Will

Riley is feeding Will skyr. It's from a farm she used to work on. It was run by three sisters who loved her father's music. Will hushes her and reminds her details are dangerous. Whispers might be listening. He sees she's upset. He can feel they are close. She wishes there was another way. Whispers then appears and tells Will that Riley is protecting him to death. Riley goes to prepare a shot for Will as Whispers talks about how the person Will used to be is dying, or already dead. Whispers tries to bait him into admitting they are still on an island, but Will is on to him. He teases Whispers about their unknown whereabouts.

Will visits Whispers in a dark room as Whispers admits he knows Will's been watching him. He admits it's a much more trying experience than he had anticipated, but he knows it will bring a satisfying catharsis. Will has experienced being with another Sensate. As he watches Riley, Whispers wonders if Will has ever imagined the possibilities of pain. Will states they are as close to finding out where Whispers is as the other way around. He points out some things about the room and Whispers himself that leads him to think Whispers is in London. Whispers calls his deduction impressive for a Chicago cop, but he has failed to take into account that what BPO does is older than either of them. The people on Whispers' side know this is a war. He then demonstrates that the room and everything about him is fake, created to fool Will. He works with professionals while Will is an amateur.

Whispers then says it's his turn. They return to the safehouse. BPO knows Will and Riley never left Iceland. All the medication labels are in Icelandic, not to mention the sound of the sea and the seagulls in the background and the jar of skyr. Will panics as Whispers points out the biggest mistake: hiding out in an abandoned church. There are very few buildings like this one on this small island, so they will soon find them and Riley will be his. Riley administers the shot, breaking off the connection. She tells Will he's safe. She cleans up the drugs and turns off the hidden speaker emitting seagull noises.

She then leaves the building, revealing she and Will are in Amsterdam.


Sun and her friends are painting and laughing in the yard.


Riley meets up with her father, who starts playing Secret Agent Man on his ukulele. He hugs her and hands her his joint. He brought her the stuff she requested, none of which is exported from Iceland. He loves getting to see her. He's on his way to play in Vienna. She assures him she's okay, though he sees right through her lie. She says it will work out. He knows she can't tell him what she's going through, but he worries. She knows. He returns to playing the ukulele, though this time he plays Teenage Wasteland.

Nomi and Will

Nomi, Amanita, and Will walk up to a house. Flashbacks from different periods show Jonas, Whispers, and a young man doing the same. In one of them, a young Will drives his bike past the house. Adult Will turns around and has a flashback of his father arriving on the job. Before entering, Michael Gorski takes a sip from a bottle.

Before knocking, Nomi asks Will if he's sure. He says please. She knocks, as did all the others before her, and asks what she's supposed to say. A woman opens the door. Nomi knows this is going to sound weird and inappropriate. The woman interrupts her. She knows Nomi has seen her daughter. She's not the first. She invites them to come in.

Over tea, Helen Patrell says her husband Jerry hated the visitors. The first one was a young boy named Will, whose father was the detective assigned to the case. Will says nobody believed him, not even his dad, but Helen did.

Flashback. Young Will has just told Helen that he can see her daughter, who's standing right next to her and holding her hand. Helen is emotional, but Jerry can't hide his disbelief any longer. He gets up from his chair and states he doesn't believe in ghosts or any of this bullshit. Will tells him Sara's not a ghost. What he sees is a memory.

Helen tells Nomi Will came back after he had graduated to become a policeman.

Flashback. Will tells Helen it wasn't easy being the son of a cop. Helen understands. Will was sure he'd never be police. At graduation, he had an out-of-body experience looking at himself, wondering why he was becoming something he never wanted to be. When they called his name, he looked up and saw Sara. That reminded him why he was there.

Nomi tells Helen they know Sara through Will. Helen asks about Will. Nomi admits he's been better. Helen pieces together that he's here somehow. She hopes he'll find some peace. Amanita asks about the other visitors. Helen says they were all strangers. A flashback shows Jonas and Raoul Pasquale entering. Helen says it was difficult, especially for her husband. Helen says she never expected Sara to return as she could feel she was gone, but the visitors' experiences of Sara comforted her as they made her realize that Sara lives on in unexpected ways. Amanita asks if they can show her pictures and see if they ever visited. Helen agrees. First up is Angelica. Helen remembers her. She helped Helen in her garden.

A flashback shows Angelica helping out and talking about Sara with Helen.

Helen tells Nomi and Amanita that she believes Angelica connected with Sara through Dr. Matheson. Amanita shows her a picture of Whispers and asks if that's him. Helen confirms. She remembers him fondly. A flashback shows Whispers entering the house. Will says he's the one who murdered Sara. Matheson was Sara's tutor in a Gifted Student program. A flashback shows him walking Sara home. He thought the world of her. Will says he never knew what Whispers looked like as he only heard his voice. Now he knows who Whispers is and he's determined to get him and all the people hiding behind him. Nomi tells Helen that Will won't ever give up. Helen knows that.


Wolfgang is watching the tigers at the zoo. Sun appears next to him. He explains that after his parents fought, his mother would bring him here. One of the last times they came, she asked what he thought the tiger would do if it ever got out.

Young Wolfgang tells his mother the tiger would run away and live in the Tiergarten. His mother says he's an optimist. He asks what that is. She replies something most grow out of. He asks the question about the tiger back to her. She replies wait a few hours and then go back home.

Sun understands. She says cages are hard, even for them. He says waiting is harder. Will then appears next to them, apparently in some sort of trance and extremely focused.

Will taps Riley's hand, waking her up. He himself appears to Whispers arguing with an executive in an office. Riley asks Will if this is it. She calls out for Kala, waking her up as they appear on the bedroom floor. Kala jumps out of bed and tells Rajan to go back to sleep.

Kala visits the safehouse and checks Will's vitals. As the rest of the cluster appears, she then injects the medication that wakes Will up, opening his experiences up to the rest of the cluster.

As Whispers is reprimanded, Will makes him aware of his presence. Will starts looking around, sharing his experiences with Riley and Nomi. Riley recognizes the buildings as London. Whispers tells the executive he has to go, though the executive doesn't buy his fake emergency excuses anymore. Nomi starts working to find out the man's identity. Will has Riley write down several details while Nomi starts working her magic. Whispers grabs pills from his bag and tells the man he has a serious problem. She shows Will their most likely. Will recognizes the one. The man is Richard Wilson Croome. He appears in the office and shows off his newfound knowledge to Whispers, who drops his pills in horror. Whispers utters he's compromised. Croome tells Whispers his last breach of protocol in Iceland is still costing them millions of dollars. Whispers packs his stuff and says he has to go. Will cuts Whispers off on his way out and tells him they are coming for him.



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