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The voice in your head that tells you to cut your wrists, or do anything else to end your life, it never shouts. It only whispers. That's why Angelica called Brandt that.

Milton Bailey Brandt, more commonly referred to as Whispers, portrayed by Terrence Mann, is the main antagonist in the Netflix series, Sense8. Whispers is a Sensate who leads an organization that is determined to hunt down those of his kind.


Whispers hunts sensates by using an eye contact connection. He uses the connection to visit his target, and see and hear what they see and hear. He uses this knowledge to hunt down and capture his target, and then torture them until they give him information about the rest of their cluster. He has also shown the ability to control the bodies of sensates who have been lobotomized (such as Niles Bolger in W. W. N. Double D?) as he would a puppet. His overall goal is to neutralize or kill any sensate that isn't affiliated with BPO.

Whispers has several aliases. In Metzger's phone, his phone number is under the name Dr. Matheson. When Metzger is pleading for his life, he calls him Milton. (W. W. N. Double D?). When Whispers arrives at the home of Amanita's mother, he uses the name Dr. William Friedman. (We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts).

Whispers killed all the other seven members of his cluster hence he is also known as Cannibal. This is revealed by the Mother,a sensate heading the Lacuna who gave birth to Whisper's cluster


Whispers was an enigmatic sensate whom had been speculated to have slaughtered his own clustermates under the guise of scientific discoveries. After being employed to the Biologic Preservation Organization, he began work to lobotimize sensates, killing each one he came across; because of his sadistic desires, many sensates across the world have labeled him "the Cannibal."

Despite this, Whispers showed some passion towards humans, marrying his wife Elizabeth and procreating, having a daughter Chelsea. Though, he continued to focus heavily in his work for BPO and the capture of the August 8 Cluster since their rescue of Riley Gunnardottir.

Whispers's reputation as the Cannibal came to him because he murdered the members of his own cluster, an event so traumatic that it's extremely rare among homo-sensoriums. However, Whispers did not simply experience the death of his cluster as a murderer: he also experienced as the victim, feeling the emotions that his cluster felt when he killed them. As such, he was left with a lifelong fear of death and intended to use BPO's drone program to maintain his consciousness forever by transducing it to as many lobotomized sensates as possible.


Non-Cluster Sensates[]

  • Angelica Turing: to be added
  • Jonas Maliki: Former Employee, who turned against him.
  • Sara Patrell: Whispers became close to Sara Patrell under the guise of being a tutor. During his time spent with her, he soon learned that she was an unborn sensate and, soon, experimented on her. Ultimately, however, she died.[1]
  • Riley Blue: Whispers was trying to make eye contact with Riley so he could manipulate and interrogate her, but she was still unconscious until by the time Will and the rest of her cluster helped her out.
  • Will Gorski: Though they did not initially interact then, Whispers encountered a young Gorski in a hidden laboratory. He attempted to get the child to look him in his eyes but failed.
    Through Jonas Maliki, Whispers continued to taunt of eventually capturing him and his cluster. The two men established unintentional eye contact upon a glance in the glass windows of an elevator and, as he chased Gorski and Gunnardottir, began to taunt and gloat that he would not be able to truly escape.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: BPO caught Wolfgang and handed him to Whispers. Whispers has seen to electrified and abused him for informations about the August 8 cluster.
  • Lila Facchini: Both Lila and Whispers have never seen interact with each other on the series, but looked like Lila has helped Whispers and BPO caught Wolfgang at his apartment.

Inside the Cluster[]

  • Not much is known about his connection to his cluster, but Angelica Turing and Jonas Maliki mentioned that he commonly speaks to his clustermates in his dreams despite their deaths.


  • Elizabeth: to be added
  • Michael Gorski: Whispers visited Will Gorski's father physical during the long standing hide. While there, they spoke about his son, taunting Gorski. During the conversation, Whispers aided in Michael's alcoholism and attempted to persuade him that his son was a criminal. Despite this, Michael expressed that he wished for Will's return.
  • Richard Croome: Croome was Whispers' superior at BPO. When Croome met Will at a museum, he talked about BPO briefly and gave Will a small jar of blockers. Not long after that, Whispers, using unknown woman painter's body, killed Croome by jabbing his neck with a sharp paintbrush.



  • Manipulation
  • Investigative and Tactical Skills



  • There is a fan theory that Whispers is based on sexologist Ray Blanchard, whose bigoted theories about transgender people are, among other terms, pathologizing and stigmatizing.[2] Blanchard has a short grey beard and his middle name is Milton (Whispers' first name). In addition, the sexologist J. Michael Bailey is a prominent supporter of Blanchard's theories (Bailey is Whispers' middle name).[3]



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