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What Family Actually Means is the ninth episode of the second season and 21st overall episode of Sense8.


A family wedding stirs up more trouble for Nomi. Daniela goes all out to land Lito the perfect role. One of the Sensates faces a devastating loss.



At Teagan's rehearsal dinner, Amanita is sitting at a table by herself as Nomi is sitting next to her sister at the head table. Nomi excuses herself for a moment and checks up on Amanita. Nomi is shaky for her toast, because people are staring at her and asking inappropriate questions. She thinks it might be time to fake a headache and leave like the coward she is. Nomi's mother comes up. She knows Teagan asked her to speak, but she suggests Nomi fake a headache and leave. Amanita thinks Nomi definitely has to speak after that.

Nomi goes up to the stage and introduces herself as Nomi, Teagan's former-brother-now-sister. She knows her parents prefer to avoid talking about her. As someone usually not invited, she admits to having always interpreted family as "That what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But Teagan has changed that view. Teagan's soon-to-be husband asks for the dirt. Nomi says Teagan is sickeningly nice. She was born a vegetarian. She apologized before eating French fries because they were related to Mr. Potato Head. She also went to Greece to help refugees. So, it's hard being Teagan's sibling because she's so perfect. Nomi herself was the opposite. She was the difficult one. Nomi talks about fights she's had with Teagan. She always provoked her in the hopes of Teagan having a fit, to get Teagan to be more like her. The worst fight was just before her operation. Teagan came to her apartment. She didn't understand why Nomi had to have surgery and a small part of her wanted to talk her out of it. She then found out that Nomi had forged their mother's signatures on the consent forms, meaning she now had the power to stop her. Nomi got scared and said some terrible things. Teagan left and Nomi thought their relationship was over. That was the longest and loneliest night of her life, but no one stopped her. When she woke up after her surgery, the first thing she felt was Teagan's hand holding hers. Her smile was the first thing she saw, and her voice singing "Happy birthday" was the first thing she heard. In that moment, her sister taught her what family actually means. Nomi tells Tom he better treat Teagen well or she'll find him, she says channeling Wolfgang. Nomi toasts to her sister.


Kala, her sister, and her mother are shopping for a woman who just had a third baby. The woman is a year younger than Kala. Kala wonders why the woman went to university if all she was going to do is make babies. She thinks the woman is wasting her mind. Daya and Priya say the woman looks happy. Priya thinks making a family is the most natural thing in the world. Kala didn't mean it like that. But cancer is also natural so naturalness in itself should not be considered a virtue. Priya wants to wait and see what Kala thinks once she and Rajan are making babies. Kala leaves the store.


Capheus comes to home to find a stack of posters and T-shirts for his campaign. His mother and Zakia are sleeping on the couch. He covers Zakia up with a blanket.


Riley and Diego are looking through pictures of missing women, but to no avail.


Sun uses a fake ID and receives a costume to be a waitress at the gala. As she follows the other girls, she comes across a poster with her brother that reads "Family is our business."


Felix enters his shop and is suddenly held at gunpoint by Wolfgang, until he sees who Felix is. He apologizes. Felix has been looking all over Berlin for him. Wolfgang needs to lay low. Felix figured it was bad because the police and Fuchs are looking for him as well. Felix asks what happened. Wolfgang says it's not good, which freaks Felix out. Wolfgang contemplates leaving Berlin. Felix recalls his Indian plan. Wolfgang says maybe.


Kala and her mother are drinking coffee. Priya asks if everything's alright with Rajan. Kala says there are things they didn't know about each other that they are now processing. Priya says when her father brought her to Bombay, this city terrified her. She got lost the first time she went out. It was so noisy here and it seemed like nobody knew each other. She thought she'd never feel comfortable here. But one day, he asked her to get a few things for the restaurant. She had to pay a boy to get them for her. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of time.

Riley and Will

Riley finally recognizes the woman. Her name is Carol Cumberland. She updates Will.

Riley and Diego have arrived at Carol's house. The mail is piling out of the mailbox. Standing on the porch, Riley has a vision of Angelica and Whispers arriving at the house. She tells Will. Diego overhears her talking about Whispers and points out this is a situation regular people try to avoid. No one answers the door. Diego figures Will is telling Riley to go out back. Riley does so. Diego is not surprised.


At a market, Capheus sees "Van Damme: The Best Of Pt. 2" and asks Jean-Claude what he's gotten him into. He then sees two shady men checking him out. He walks off and notices that the men start following him. He runs off and manages to create some distance. He flees into an alley. The guys chasing him split up. Capheus hides behind a corner and knocks his chaser down with a stick. He threatens to hurt the guy if he doesn't answer his questions.

Riley and Will

Riley channels Will and breaks into the house. Diego is not amused. They look around and find an untouched dinner on the table, with maggots crawling all over the steak. As they encounter a door to the basement, Riley and Will have a vision of Angelica leading Raoul down the stairs with Carol going first. Diego descends first. The light switch doesn't work. They walk through a plastic curtain and find a switch that does work. The lights go on, revealing a medical procedure room. As Riley hears echoes of Carol telling Angelica was looking for her children, she sees Carol and Kolovi applying electrodes to Raoul's head. Kolovi administers some drug. Raoul is then shocked, causing great pain. Riley and Will find a device to put on one's head. As they touch it, they see Whispers wearing it, followed by flashbacks of Whispers controlling other Sensates and Angelica defending her research. Riley has a flashback of Raoul being hidden in a secret adjacent room. She pulls a chair away from the wall and finds the door. She opens it, revealing a space just big enough for the one bed that's in there. In the past, Angelica and Carol get Raoul to sit on the bed. Angelica asks for forgiveness as she caresses Raoul's head on her lap. Once Angelica is gone, Carol closes the door, locking Raoul up in the room. Diego points out that while the lab is creepy, they still need to find evidence of a crime. Riley suggests they look upstairs.

Diego and Riley head up the stairs. Meanwhile, a flashback shows Jonas appearing behind Carol as she's taking some pills in her bathroom. Diego, Riley, and Will enter the bathroom and find Carol in the bathtub with her wrists slit. A flashback shows her doing it herself. The bloodied knife is on the floor. Riley looks at Carol's lifeless face in horror.


The Van Damn arrives at Kibaka's villa. The guard let him enter the house. Inside, Kibaka and Amondi are playing a game. Amondi hugs him. Silas asks her to give them a moment. Before leaving the room, Amondi asks Capheus if he will stop driving the Van Damn if he becomes president. He replies never.

Capheus follows Silas out onto the terrace. Silas asks why he's here. Capheus wants to know why Silas' men are following him. Silas admits he should have told him, but he figured Capheus would reject them. Silas says the KDRP knows about politics, but Silas knows Nairobi. The true viability of a candidate is not measured by numbers, but by the size of the bounty. There's a bounty on the head of everyone running against Mandiba. Right now, the prize is somewhere between a beating and a kidnapping, but it might go up after his rally. Withdrawing will only enhance the hold Mandiba has over this city and Kibera. Capheus takes it he can't withdraw then, but he also can't claim to be like everyone else if he's constantly followed by guards. Silas says he was right about the fact that politics requires courage. He advises Capheus to stop driving his bus at the same appointed times. Capheus asks if Silas is helping him undermine Mandiba because it's good for his business interests. Silas replies that what's good for his business and his family is aligned in this decision. Besides the fact that Capheus saved his life and Amondi loves him, Silas is in love with Shiro. It's his intention to ask her to marry him.

Nomi and Sun

Nomi, Amanita, and Bug arrive at Teagan's wedding just in time. They run up the stairs of the Grace Cathedral, unaware that Agent Bendix is watching them from his car.

Inside, the wedding starts on the dot, which Nomi says is her mother's doing. Nomi finds Teagan right before the first bridesmaid and groomsman start walking down the aisle. Teagan is relieved that she arrived. Nomi compliments Teagan.

Amanita and Bug sit down. Amanita compliments Bug's tux. He bought it on eBay. It was worn by James Bond's stunt double for From Russia with Love.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are walking down the aisle to Wedding March. The row is closed by Teagan and her parents. The best man comments on Nomi's rack. Sun appears and offers to hurt him, but Nomi says she can't be responsible for ruining T's big day. Since it appears she's talking to herself, the guy says people talk to themselves when no one cares what they have to say. Nomi then consents to hurting the guy a little. Sun seriously injures his finger. Nomi takes her place at the altar.


Lito's watching a movie in bed. Hernando brings him breakfast, knowing Lito is refusing to leave the room. He understands what Lito's going through and he's not judging or trying to fix it. He just wants Lito to know that he loves him and that he's not alone. Dani comes rushing in and tells Lito he needs to get up. She found a script that is just meant for him. She found the one.


The priest says many people spend their lives searching for The One. For Teagan and Tom, that search has come to an end. Bug starts crying, as he always does at weddings. He has that in common with the woman next to him. As the priest is asking Teagan if she takes Tom as her husband, Agent Bendix and his team come barging in. He claims he's sorry, but he doesn't have a choice. He shows his badge. He asks everyone to remain seated until they have secured the individual they are looking for. He's here to arrest Nomi Marks. Nomi tells Teagan she doesn't understand while Amanita scolds Bug. He defends himself, saying they both saw that it worked. Janet knew something like this was going to happen. Teagan asks her parents to do something. Janet says it's her own fault for including "him". Bendix threatens to arrest Teagan if she doesn't get out of the way. Janet yells that Michael ruins everything. She has endured enough humiliation. She hates that Teagan is taking "his" side. Lawrence asks Nomi to go with Bendix and promises to see what he can do for her later. Nomi apologizes to Teagan and walks up to Bendix, who says this is what happens when you try to outsmart the law. As he goes to handcuff her, Amanita stands up and yells to stop. She makes her way to Bendix and Nomi. She tells Nomi that Bendix had his ass so far up his ass that he didn't bother to check. Amanita turns to the guests and yells that Bendix violated the sacred ceremony for no other reason than the gratification of his male ego. Bendix says Nomi is one of the most wanted fugitives in the city. She asks him to prove it by showing the arrest warrant. He brings out his phone but can't produce the warrant. Lawrence asks Bendix if he's familiar with the law firm Winslow, Wise, Allegretti & Marks. Bendix figures Nomi pulled some hacker bullshit and goes to drag her, but Lawrence tells him to take his hands off his daughter. He will pursue a suit seeking the damages that end the careers of men like Bendix. Bendix and his team have no choice but to slink off. Nomi is moved by her father's words. He apologizes the theatrical misunderstanding and says the ceremony can continue. Before returning to her seat, Amanita checks on Nomi. Her father never called her his daughter. Amanita hugs her and they exhange "I love you"s. The ceremony continues.


Lito is reading the Iberian Dreams script. Hernando and Dani are awaiting his reaction. Lito is very moved by the script. Dani says Lito is exactly like the Jordi Gallo character. Lito thinks they are probably already casting Hollywood actors since it's a Hollywood film. Dani can totally picture Lito as Jordi. She's convinced the Iberian Dream people will see it, too. They just need to get him in the room with them. Lito points out he doesn't even have an agent. Dani says she didn't have an agent, but she didn't let that stop her. Lito asks Hernando for backup. Hernando asks her to give him some time. Dani asks for 58 minutes. She asks Hernando to get a timer. 58 minutes is the longest it's ever taken her. She asks for Lito's phone. Hernando sets the timer.

Dani takes a breath and calls someone, introducing herself as Daniela Velazquez from the Velazquez Agency in Mexico City. She says she heard Kit Wrangler is casting Iberian Dreams and that she incredible news. Lito is skeptical that she can just set up a meeting with Kit, who's an Academy Award-winning producer. Dani is told Kit is in a meeting. She figured he would be since she's an unknown agent, but she asks Jean-Baptiste to indulge this Mexican madwoman for two minutes. Every career, every successful Hollywood story can be traced back to one moment where someone recognized an opportunity that no one else did. These next two minutes could be Jean-Baptiste's break. She asks him to look up "Lito Rodriguez São Paulo Pride" on YouTube, watch it, look at the number of views, and call her back if he sees what she sees. Lito thinks that will never work. She hangs up and makes another call, this time to Chip at Variety. After some smalltalk about the video he saw her in, too, she puts Chip on hold to answer Jean-Baptiste's call. She tells Jean-Baptiste that she has Peter Cohen on the other line for Ladies of the Canyon. She knows it's not Iberian Dreams, but Peter's genius is sensing that Lito is having a moment. She then tells both Chip and Jean-Baptiste that Lito won't do it for less than two million and claims he'll tell his story on Ellen, who they all know loves an LGBT story. She then claims to Chip that she thought she had muted the phone. She put him on hold and returns to Chip and tells him that she and Lito will be in LA this week. She urges him to keep it a secret and tells him that Lito is meeting with Kit. She says she'll see him next week and hangs up. With less then 30 minutes on the timer, she returns to Jean-Baptiste and apologizes. They agree that Lito's perfect. She claims to have Peter on the line again. After a while, she returns to Jean-Baptiste and tells him the Ladies offer is real. It's heartbreaking, but this business is all about timing. Jean-Baptiste asks her to wait.

A few moments later, Jean-Baptiste calls her again. Variety called while he was with Kit. She claims that's a weird synchronicity. Jean-Baptiste then puts Kit on the phone. Kit feels Lito would be great for the part. Dani does, too. She believes it's destiny. "I can't wait for you to meet him," she says. She finishes the call as Lito and Hernando are amazed by her. She says they were given three first-class tickets with an offer on the table, contingent to meeting. Lito wants to thank her, but she tells him all he has to do is make sure he gets the part. Lito announces they are going to Hollywood. They all cheer. The timer dings.


Kala receives a call from the bodyguard downstairs. He has a man claiming to be a friend of the family. Ajay takes the phone and says hi. Kala tells Rajan is out of the city. Ajay says he wanted to drop off a wedding present. He offers to have the bodyguard chaperone since he knows how neighbors can talk and promises it won't take but a moment. She consents. Ajay and the bodyguard head up.

Ajay admires the apartment. He sits down and looks at a framed photo of the wedding. He met Rajan quite a few times after the wedding, but it wasn't until he met her that he realized he made a mistake not having come to the wedding. He understands now what people mean by the civilizing nature of women. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's important to make amends when appropriate. Kala repeats he didn't have to do this. Ajay says he did anyway, and karma is awarding him with another opportunity to talk to her. He asks if she believes in karma. She does. He asks her to wait for Rajan to open his present, because it'll mean more then. He hugs her to congratulate her and leaves. Once he's gone, she picks up the present but doesn't open it.


Will connects to Whispers again and finds him having a conversation with The Secretary about the neurografting and lateral demonstrations yielding extraordinary results. Will observes him using a keycard and compares it to a bunch of keycards and passports they retrieved at the mansion. Whispers is blocked by bodyguard while The Secretary is on his way to a meeting. Whispers reminds The Secretary that the program exists because of him. Meanwhile, Will has found the one matching keycard.

Will and Riley

Diego informs Riley that the coroner's report came in. It confirms that she took a bunch of pills and slit her wrists. Riley wonders why and why Jonas was there. Diego receives a call from his wife. Will appears to Riley and tells her to come back to London since he has a plan to get to Whispers. He asks how many blockers she has left. Only four, which is not enough. Riley reminds him that Kala believed she could recreate them. Diego returns with bad news. Will's father is dying.

Diego and Riley arrive at the hospital with Will following as he remembers moments with his dad. They walk across a bunch of police officers and enter the room. Diego introduces Riley as a friend of Will's to Michael's friends. Riley sits down and asks what happened. A nurse tells her shock brought on by septicemia. They think he fell and hurt himself. A friend found him on the floor. Will breaks down. Michael asks Riley who she is and keeps asking for his son. Riley says he wishes he could be here. Will tells his father that he's sorry and he should be there. Michael then appears to recognize Will in Riley and tells him he knew he'd come. He recognizes his boy. He recalls they used to play catch. He wonders why they stopped. A flashback shows that Michael had to leave for work, disappointing young Will. Feeling the very same thing now, Will begs his father not to go.

All by himself at the safehouse, Will breaks down on the bed.



Guest Starring[]


  • Mark Withers as Lawrence Marks
  • Ned Clarke as Tom
  • August Browning as Best Man
  • Corrine Kason as Elderly Woman
  • Cedric Young as Bar Friend #1
  • Danny Goldring as Bar Friend #2
  • Laura T. Fisher as Nurse
  • Douglas Boyd as Minister
  • Vicki Saputo as Congress Person
  • Mumbi Maina as Zakia Asalache
  • Chichi Seii as Shiro
  • Rajiv Kachroo as Vikram
  • Sanjay Bathia as Mr. Bhoopalam


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