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What's Going On? is the fourth episode of the first season and 4th overall episode of Sense8.


Nomi's fate draws nearer, Capheus' and Wolfgang's fortunes seem to have turned, but Sun is faced with an impossible choice.



Wolfgang and Felix are at the Garden of Exile, waiting for the diamond merchant. Felix discusses that people would join The Resistance to take out Hitler and create a better society. Felix believes that obedience glues society, and not resistance. Wolfgang asks what he was talking about and Felix replies that he’s talking about their revolution. Wolfgang didn’t expect large reputation as they only stole diamonds, but Felix says that those diamonds are going to change their lives. The merchant approaches them.  

2017-05-21 (98)

The merchant speaks with Wolfgang and Felix about the memorial.

Felix suggests that they go to another place but the merchant insists that they this place smells better. The merchant states that whenever he has to make a difficult decision the place brings clarity to the decision. Wolfgang asks about what he was thinking, and the merchant replies his mother. They continued to talk about his mother. Afterwards, the merchant says that he’s interested and Wolfgang was about to bring out the diamonds when the merchant stops him. The merchant insists they show him the diamonds somewhere else and they follow. 


Kala, Rajan, Sanyam and Manendra are with the wedding planners talking about the wedding. The wedding planners say that they’re only interested in making the wedded couple happy. The wedding planners inform them that there is a small problem, and Rajan admits that he is the reason. Saying that he wanted to exchange rings. The wedding planners tell Rajan that traditional Hindu weddings do not involve rings. Manendra explains that they are starting them in a path to the 21st century and not the 16th. The weddings planners also say that the ceremony ends in six hours and that to make it shorter, they have to pay more.  Rajan cuts them off and says that he wanted rings to show his commitment and that their marriage is really important. 


Sun tries to zip up her dress as she approaches the mirror. At the mirror, she applies makeup to her cheeks and chin to cover the bruises she had from the fight. She remembers a memory of when she was young. She hands a medal to her mother as her mother compliments her as strong and smart. Young Sun asks if that was the reason her father hated her and her mother denies that her father hates her.  

2017-05-21 (110)

Sun talks to her mother about her father.

Her mother says that she must never think that way and that her father loves her. Young Sun mentions that her father went to all of Joong-ki’s matches but never hers. Her mother tells her that she shouldn’t be jealous as fathers are naturally closer to their son and mothers are closer to their daughter. Her mother asks Sun to take care of her brother if she passes away, then holds her arms. 


Wolfgang, Felix and the merchant are at the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum library. The merchant talks about books and diamonds have secrets of the past hidden. Felix asks the merchant if he thinks about the past a lot and the merchant replies that without the past, there’d be nothing to think about, let alone someone to think it. Felix agrees. After examining the diamonds, the merchant admits that they weren’t lying and agrees that the diamonds are real. He frankly says that the diamonds aren’t easy move unless they are recut, which lessens the diamonds' value.  Wolfgang grabs the diamonds and tells Felix to go. Felix is disappointed at the merchant, saying that he’d been listening to him. The merchant says that he said it would be hard but not impossible. The two sit down again and the merchant says he’ll buy a third of them. Wolfgang says that he’d buy half of the diamonds saying that it’s what his mother would do.


Shiro irons Capheus’ clothes as she shames herself saying that Capheus would be successful without her. Capheus tries to convince Shiro to stop talking like that but Shiro continues, saying that she should’ve stop taking medicine and let her son live his life. Capheus tells Shiro that she is his life, saying that they came to Nairobi to become happy, healthy and rich. He also says that without her, his clothes would be burned up as he doesn’t know how to properly iron clothes. He tells his mother that there’s still water left and that he’d comeback with more before kissing Shiro’s forehead and leaving. When Capheus leaves his house, he sees his matatu full of passengers. Jela welcomes him, saying that his bus is the safest bus in the whole of Nairobi. Capheus also sees the old woman that witnessed his fight, wearing her ring again. 


Wolfgang and Felix walk down a street when Felix suddenly stops. Felix looks down and Wolfgang asks him what he’s doing. He says he’s thinking about Katrina Unger, Felix’s former girlfriend, as he recalls his first time having sexual intercourse. He tells Wolfgang about his relationship with Katrina, stating that it was worth putting effort into their relationship, as they had intercourse. They enter the locksmith shop, and Felix continues talking. Felix says that he had bought new shoes for he is now a man, since he had intercourse. Felix suggests to Wolfgang that they buy new shoes since they are now rich.


Capheus drives the bus while Jela celebrates for their bus being full. Jela excitedly yells as he says that he’ll never complain about having too many passengers for his ancestors will haunt him. Jela continues to yell and gets hit by a plant. He says that it was his ancestors telling him to be grateful. Jela stops yelling and the bus slows down as they are stopped by a policeman. Capheus asks Jela if they have all the permits, asking for reassurance. Jela comes down the bus and talks to the officers. The Policeman says that they want “Van Damme”. Capheus comes down the bus and tells the police that he doesn’t understand what’s happening. The Police force Capheus to walk and take him to the forest as passengers watch. One passenger asks Jela if he will come back, and he replies that Van Damme always comes back. 


Lito, Hernando, Daniela are at the dining room. Daniela brings a pitcher as Lito talks about his encounter with Joaquin. Lito says that his director introduced Joaquin as a great man, and Daniela doesn’t believe him. Lito also mentions that during lunch, Joaquin used his throat to show him how to properly cut a throat, then Daniela believes him.

2017-05-21 (122)

Dani and Hernando conversing amongst each other.

Hernando tries to calm him down and offers him ceviche. Lito takes a piece and blankly tells him it was good. Hernando reacts shocked as Lito talks about how his set is a sacred place. Hernando mentions to Lito that their home was a sacred place. Lito talks about how hard it is to shoot when Joaquin is stalking him. Daniela takes a piece of ceviche and is shocked. Lito thought it was her reaction to what he said. Daniela continued to compliment Hernando’s culinary skills. Daniela and Hernando talk to each other as Lito sits alone.

Wolfgang and Capheus

Wolfgang and Felix are testing shoes they’re going to buy. Felix gives the woman the shoes that he likes and the woman leaves. Felix is having fun trying out his new shoes. Felix tells Wolfgang that his shoes are almost still the same. Felix suggests he wears something different and Wolfgang snickers, telling Felix he likes his shoes. As Wolfgang puts his boots back on, he feels his socks become dirty for a minute before reverting back to their usual clean state. The three policemen led Capheus on a dirt trail to a van in the middle of the forest. The driver of the van comes out and opens the door for Capheus, revealing a man inside.

2017-05-21 (124)

The posters of Rajan and Manendra Rasal at the Temple of Ganesha. They become enemies of the temple.


Kala walks to the temple she prays in and notices posters depicting Rajan and Manendra. A man remembers Kala, praying to Ganesha. He tells Kala that if Rajan and Manendra have their ways, she won’t be able to pray at the temple again. Kala asks why and the man explains that Rajan and Manendra are turning India to America. Kala refuses to believe him and the man hands over a poster to Kala. The man continues, saying that they are using their drug money to bribe politicians to outlaw temples. He tells Kala that he and others are praying everyday for their deaths. He suggests that she pray to her god, to destroy their enemy before their enemy destroys them. Kala leaves, bringing her offering to Ganesha. 


Capheus enters the van and Silas Kabaka introduces himself to him. Capheus tells Silas that he knows him for his reputation. Silas informs Capheus that he helped him without him knowing. Silas explains that the Superpower Gang worked for Silas when they realized that they didn’t need him anymore. He tells Capheus that he destroyed the gang’s reputation, thereby saving Silas from betrayal. He offers Capheus to work for him, saying that he can change his life. Capheus refuses but Silas tries to persuade him. Silas knows that his mother is sick and shows him a suitcase of medicine. Capheus is convinced and asks what he has to do. Silas gives him a bag and gives him an address. He says that he has to protect the bag and bring it to the address he had given him.


Sun smokes a cigarette inside her father’s office. Kang Dae asks her what she was doing in the dark and she replies that she was waiting. She mentions to Kang Dae that she knows he’d been avoiding her. He says that her outburst at his assistant was childish. Sun answers that she needed to get his attention. He tells Sun to stop smoking, saying that he hates it when she smokes, but Sun continues. Sun informs Kang Dae that the auditors already know, saying that he’s too late. Sun explains that someone had been embezzling and that someone has to be imprisoned. 


Wolfgang and Felix are at a fancy restaurant. Felix orders the most expensive wine. Felix shares to Wolfgang that, just once, he wants to feel what it’s like to be rich. Felix raises his glass but Wolfgang suddenly can’t. Wolfgang looks down and sees his arm bounded. Felix asks if he was alright; Wolfgang shakes off the brief experience and raises his glass. 

2017-05-21 (138)

Nomi projecting her anger towards Dr. Metzger.

Nomi is laying on her bed, listening to Dr. Metzger. Metzger explains that her illness is worsening by the day, and assures that her hallucinations will get more intense. Metzger says that he thinks Nomi knows who started the fire. Nomi denies it. Metzger says that whoever they are, they’re not helping her. Nomi tells Metzger that the word ‘helping, doesn’t mean tying up someone and chop up their brains.' Metzger says that he thinks Nomi can’t wait any longer and Nomi denies it, saying she can wait. Metzger orders the nurse to prep Nomi for surgery.

Sun and Will

A Car pulls up at a club and a woman opens the car door. Sun comes out and walks to the entrance of the club. The bouncer outside informs her that she can’t enter. Sun tells the bouncer that her brother is there and tries to enter again. The bouncer stops her and Sun fights him. The bouncer is crippled, and Sun enters the club. Meanwhile Will enters a door at a police station. Sun tries to find Joong-Ki, when someone places a gun on her head. Will unintentionally helps Sun, and knocks the person down. The policeman infront of Will asks him if he was okay and he nods. The policeman tells Will to wait and Will keeps looking back with a confused reaction. 

Sun finally finds Joong-Ki and enters the room. She makes a loud noise and caught everyone’s attention. Joong-Ki stops making out and looks at his sister. Sun tells him to come with her. Joong-Ki introduces Sun to everyone and apologizes for Sun’s action. Sun tells him that their father needs to talk to him and Joong-Ki says he’ll see him tomorrow. Sun calls his name again and Joong-Ki stops making out. 


Will meets Liutenant Duncan and hug each other as a friendly greeting. Duncan asks him if he waited long and Will accidentally replies in Korean. Duncan says he didn’t know Will spoke Korean and then he shows off his Korean as well. Duncan reveals that he’s a black belt in Hapkido and his sensei had a foul mouth. Ducan asks Will about the status of Michael, his father. Duncan says he hasn’t seen Michael since he retired and complimented him stating that he was a legend. Duncan apologizes and says “is a legend”. Duncan asks Will about his reason for coming. Will asks Duncan for permission to talk to Jonas for just five minutes. Duncan refuses, telling Will rules are rules and then leaves.

2017-05-21 (145)

Lt. Duncan and Will speaking to each other.

Will looks out the window when Jonas visits him.  Jonas reaches out his hand and Will touches it. Will states that he’s here but not really then he visits Jonas. Jonas explains to Will about visiting, saying members of a cluster do it instinctively. He tells Will that he is no longer just him. Will says that things doesn’t make sense.  Jonas tells him that he just spoke Korean and Will denies that he knows how to speak Korean. A policeman comes over and orders Will to come with him. 


Joong-Ki talks about Sun making a spectacle and embarrassing him at the club. Kang-Dae cuts in and yells at him to shut up. Kang-Dae talks about him stealing from his clients. He continues, saying that tomorrow authorities will confiscate their records and their company will be on the news. Kang-Dae worries that everything he had built over the past 40 years will be gone. Joong-Ki is shocked and then blames his father. He begs at his father to not go to prison. Kang-Dae states that he tried to raise him but he failed as he spoiled him. He says that his dead wife was the only one capable of raising the only person of seeing the solution. Sun states that since their father rarely mentions about his daughter, she’ll confess to Joong-Ki’s crimes and hopefully the company survives the scandal. Joong-Ki went to his knees and begs to Sun for help.


Will enters a car and tries to contact Jonas. Jonas visits him and tells him visiting requires him to let it and not make it happen. Will visits Jonas and Jonas talks about the other sensate ability, sharing. Sharing is only accessible by members of a cluster and that it is accessing each other’s skill, knowledge and language. Will asks what a cluster is and Jonas says that he has seven others selves, and that if he doesn’t hurry it’ll only be six. Jonas tells him to save Nomi Marks in San Fransisco then their connection ends when Jonas is taken away to be transferred.   

Nomi and Will

Nomi sees the nurse comes in, preparing her for surgery. Nomi asks them to stop as she pants. Nomi begs them to stop and yells for help; Will hears it, visiting Nomi as they take her to the operation room. Nomi visits Will in his car and asks for his help. 


Sun smokes a cigarette and remembers a memory. In the memory, she and father are at her mother’s funeral. Kang-Dae comforts Sun as she cries. Kang-Dae tells her that they both lost her love and the memory ends.

2017-05-21 (158)

Riley listening to a left voicemial on her phone.


Riley listens to a call from her father, Gunnar. In the call, Gunnar tells her that he wanted her first to know that he is accepted back in the symphony. Gunnar acknowledges Riley’s status and how hard it is for her to leave, but he says that it would be a better experience for him if he knows that she is listening. 


Wolfgang and Felix are having fun dancing at a club. They’re celebrating their new status as they are now rich.

Kala and Riley
2017-05-21 (159)

Kala, through Riley, is disturbed by the moans nearby.

Kala is woken up by moaning. Bambie and Shugs are having sex, and Bambie keeps moaning loudly despite Shugs telling her to be quiet. Kala is shocked and hides in the covers then Kala and Riley’s connection ends. Riley leaves from her bed, carrying her bag.


Felix insists that Wolfgang does karaoke. Wolfgang refuses saying he’s too drunk and Felix says that it’s the reason why karaoke was made. Wolfgang goes up stage and has a flashback of his father laughing at him. He grabs the mic and yells “Fuck You!” and the crowd cheers. 


Sun practices her kickboxing on a punching bag. She pauses and picks up her phone, revealing a text message from Joong-Ki.  In the text, Joong-Ki suggests that they talk again like they used to and ending the text with an ‘I love you’. Sun punches the punching bag rapidly as she releases her anger from reading the text.

"The Singalong"

Wolfgang and Felix are at the night club. Felix insists that Wolfgang gets up and does karaoke. Wolfgang gets on stage and has a flashback to his father laughing at him. He yells "Fuck you!" and the crowd cheers. Wolfgang takes the mic and sings What's Up?.

Each of the sensates sings along from where they are. Riley is sitting at her favorite lookout spot smoking a vaporizer. She turns on her MP3 player to play the same song, and sings along. Capheus is driving his bus while singing. Will sings while working at his desk. Kala sings from a rooftop under a night sky. Lito sings while lying in bed. Nomi sings while lying drugged in her gurney. Sun sings while dancing in the shower.

Wolfgang and Kala see visions of each other. They sing to each other while simultaneously located at the German nightclub, the roof in Kala's dream, and Kala's bedroom. They move in, closer to one another.

The song ends as Kala's sister opens the curtains, saying that Kala was singing and smiling at someone. Her sister wonders if that someone was Rajan.

Will and Nomi

Will wakes up from his couch, still singing to himself, and realizes his arms are bounded by handcuffs. Will takes control over Nomi’s body back in the hospital. Will pulls the I.V. tube from his arm using his mouth. He uses the needle from the tube to unlock the handcuffs and then slowly leaves his gurney. Nomi, half conscious, enters a room. Will wakes up from his apartment and realizes that he helped Nomi escape. Nomi watches a man enter a password and go through a door. Nomi enters the same door and fixes her coat. Nomi’s nurse alarms the woman at the entrance that Nomi escaped.

2017-05-21 (166)

Nurse Neets carts Patient Nomi out for a stroll.

The woman sees Nomi walking slowly and alerts the guards. Moments before being caught, Amanita shows up dressed as a nurse and escorts her outside. They run past the door and jump into a taxi with the policeman chasing them. Amanita kisses and comforts Nomi as Nomi sobs. Nomi visits Riley in London and sings “What’s Going On”. Nomi shares to Amanita that she has a song stuck to her head and sings the song. Amanita says that it’s the perfect soundtrack for lobotomy. She has one last singalong visit with Riley at Riley’s lookout spot, before asking honestly “What’s going on?”.



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Sensate Connections[]

  • Wolfgang feels Capheus' worn out socks as he walks in Nairobi.
  • Wolfgang feels and sees the straps holding Nomi down in San Francisco.
  • Will helps Sun knock down a guard that placed a gun on their head.
  • Will accidentally speaks Korean to Lieutenant Duncan.
  • Jonas visits Will for the first time, and Will visits him.
  • Jonas visits Will again in his car, and explains how sensate abilities work.
  • Will visits Nomi, and Nomi visits him, asking for help.
  • All of the sensates in the cluster sang along to the song "What's Up?".
  • During the singalong, Wolfgang and Kala visit each other.
  • Will takes control over Nomi's body and helps her escape.
  • Nomi visits Riley, and sing along with her.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 55 minutes and 19 seconds.
  • The title originates from the song "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes, which the cluster members all sing together. Nomi also honestly wonders what's going on with her after escaping the hospital.
  • The following locations appeared in the episode:


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Memorable Quotes[]

Amanita: You are no longer just you.

Amanita: Four Non Blondes? Perfect soundtrack for a lobotomy.

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