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We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts is the eighth episode of the first season and the 8th overall episode of Sense8.


Sun fights to adjust to her new life as Capheus tries to change his. Will and Nomi dig up disturbing information that could change everything.



Nomi and Amantia are at a rooftop, watching the sunrise at San Francisco. Nomi asks Amanita if she had the feeling of when people are laughing at a movie but don't understand why. Amanita says that she always had and Nomi states that she's feeling it as of now. Nomi wonders how the sunrise can still look so beautiful after the events of the previous night. They both agree that the feeling doesn't seem right. Nomi lays her head on Amanita's shoulder as Amanita is comforts her.

Kala and Wolfgang

Kala is watching a movie with her family. The crowd is roaring with laughter, but Kala is holding back tears. In the movie, a guy in an Elvis outfit is dancing while holding two pistols. Kala then cries. At a hospital in Berlin, Wolfgang sits over an unconscious Felix. He looks over at Felix with a down and guilty countenance. Priya looks over Kala as she laughs and notices Kala with a sad face. Priya asks if she is alright, and Kala leaves for the bathroom. She goes to the sink, crying and Wolfgang is there. Wolfgang hears her sobbing and Kala sees Wolfgang through the mirror, as they both look at each other. Kala finds herself standing beside Felix back in the hospital, and asks what happened to him. Wolfgang sighs and says it was his fault, because he was trying to change the past.


Lito and Hernando are sleeping at their bed. Lito is woken up by his phone ringing and picks it up. He receives a call from Dani and answers it. Daniela introduces herself and Lito recognizes her voice. Lito and Hernando are both surprised and sit upright. Daniela says that she got her phone back and that everything is fixed. She tells them to not worry about her and Hernando asks if she'll come back. Lito asks her what Hernando asks and she whispers, that she has to leave. Hernando asks Lito what he was told. Lito tells Hernando that Dani said that everything will be fine, and that she fixed it because she got her phone back. Hernando asks if Dani is still with Joaquin and Lito replies that he doesn't know. Lito reassures Hernando that it's good news but Hernando is concerned about Daniela's status.


Capheus shows up at Jela's house with carrying beer. As Capheus walks to the front yard of their house, he hears Jela and his wife are arguing. Capheus greets Jela's children while they play outside and then he knocks on their door. Elena shows up at the door and Capheus asks if Jela is inside. She curses at him and he compliments her. Elena informs Jela that "motherfucker" is outside their door. Jela complains that she should stop calling all his friends "motherfucker", because it confuses him. Jela shows up at the door and says "Oh, it's this motherfucker". Capheus offers Jela a beer and they sit outside. Jela thanks him, saying that it's the nicest thing that happened to him all day. Jela makes a toast for their ancestors and they drink up. Capheus asks him why him and Elena are not getting along even though they have money. Jela says that she hates him being home so much, and he doesn't like it either. Capheus tells him it's time to go back to work. Capheus tells to Jela that he haven't told Silas yet since he is still nervous. Jela informs Elena that he'll start working again. Elena comes out and kisses Capheus as she cheers. From afar, a member of the Superpower Gang watches them discretely.


Sun messes up sewing her work again and Soo-Jin hears her so she helps her out. Sun says that she will never go outside if she keeps helping her. Soo-Jin states that she rarely go outside but Sun says it looks beautiful today. Soo-Jin agrees and says that they can paint outside. Sun asks if she like to paint and Soo-Jin tells her that she doesn't mind staying, because it makes time go fast. Lina notices the bully and informs Soo-Jin and Sun. Sun asks Soo-Jin about the bullying. Soo-Jin says that she works fast and that she tried to work slower but still got bullied. Prisoner 818 begins walking over to once again take a load of finished work. Sun trips her, and the guard yells at the bully to return to her seat and finish her work. Prisoner 818 glowers at Sun, who looks back defiantly. Sun says that although she was not taught how to sew by her mother, she was taught business by her father and that what she did was second-mover advantage. She tells Soo-Jin that she'll go outside today. Soo-Jin thanks her as now she has time to paint.

Kala and Wolfgang

Kala acknowledges that they've known each other for a long time and asks how they met. Wolfgang has a flashback to when he and Felix met, in school detention. Felix asks him his name, and what he's in detention for. Wolfgang introduces himself and says he got detention for fighting. Back in the present, Wolfgang asks Kala where she was and she responds that she was at the movies. Wolfgang states that it makes sense since Felix loved movie so it would make sense that this would bring her to Wolfgang. In the flashback, the two are seen watching Conan the Barbarian and Felix clearly knows the movie as he recites the lines alongside the movie.


Sun finishes her work and comes outside and sees the inmates are painting on the walls. Soo-Jin catches Sun's attention after she calls out for her. Soo-Jin says that painting her three sisters. Soo-Jin asks Sun if she misses her family, and she says she only misses her dog. Soo-Jin invites Sun to paint her dog, saying that remembering feels good sometimes. Sun takes the paintbrush presumably to start painting her dog.

Kala and Wolfgang

Wolfgang tells Kala that Felix stood by him even though he was hated as a kid, because he was from East Germany, and his family moved to West Germany after the opening of the Berlin wall. He has a flashback to when Felix and Wolfgang encounter a group of kids. Wolfgang tells Felix to leave as the kids laugh at them. Wolfgang gets taunted by the kids, and they start beating him up as Wolfgang is on the floor. Felix returns and runs at them carrying a broken metal pipe. He helps fight off the attackers, and quotes Conan and then Wolfgang helps him fight them. Back in the present, Kala is shocked. She asks Wolfgang if that was his childhood. Wolfgang says that what happened to him and Felix with the kids was nothing compared to his father.

Wolfgang then has a flashback again. His father, Anton is eating peanuts and drinking beer at the table. He explains to Wolfgang and Felix that life is just five things: "eating, drinking, shitting, fucking, and fighting for more". Anton hits Wolfgang in the chest and Wolfgang falls from his chair. Wolfgang sobs and Anton says, "crying is for bitches" since he didn't say about crying as one of the five things. A shadow of a bottle rises behind Anton and Felix smashes a bottle over Anton's head. Anton is knocked down on the ground and Felix helps Wolfgang get up. They quote Conan again, and run off out of the house. Kala says that Felix would do anything for Wolfgang. Wolfgang says that they are brothers, and not by blood but by something stronger: by choice.


Later, Sun has finished a painting of her mother carrying Sun on her back while Sun holds an ice cream. Soo-Jin asks Sun about the painting and Sun explains that they had ice creams during the Spring Festival. Suddenly, a blast of red paint covers Sun's finished painting, ruining it. Prisoner 818 sarcastically apologizes and her gang slowly approaches Sun. They exchange insults. Prisoner 818 takes a few swings which Sun easily dodges. Sun puts her in an arm-lock and tells the others, "I don't want to hurt you." Her cronies attack anyway and Sun dispatches them one by one with ease. She doesn't even look affected by the fighting. Angered, Prisoner 818 takes out a shank and attacks Sun, managing to slash Sun across the abdomen through her clothing. Sun outmaneuvers her and pins her down with a knee on her head. The guards arrive at this time and pull them both away.

Will and Riley

At his apartment, Will makes himself coffee and prepares to go on his job. On his way out the door, he sees Riley. Will slowly walks to her and says that he was worried about her. Riley replies she's okay, and that she's back home in Iceland. Will visits Riley back in Iceland. She shows him around her house and talks about her family. She shows a rug to Will, saying that the rug is the first thing that comes up on her mind when thinking of the word "happy". Riley tells her about Gunnar, that he is liked by Icelanders for being a famous pianist. She explains that Icelanders like people who are famous somewhere else and comes back. Will sees a framed picture of Riley and her mother, and compliments her mother. Riley informs him that she passed away. Gunnar, Riley's father, asks Riley if she was talking to him and Riley convinces him that she's talking to herself. Gunnar brings her coffee, which is black with one sugar, prepared the same way that Will takes his. Will asks why Riley stayed away so long, and Riley hesitates. Will apologizes for his bad cop habit and Riley says that a lot of painful things happened there.


Sun sits in solitary confinement. Min Jung visits her and brings her brings her a meal. She tells Sun that they know what Sun did for Soo-Jin. Min Jung leaves and the guard locks the door. Sun painfully goes over to pick up her food and then goes back to her previous place again. She unwraps the utensils to find a hidden present of a paintbrush, the same paintbrush she used earlier that day.

Will and Riley

Riley takes a tour around Will's apartment. Will says that it's small since he doesn't get paid a lot due to his job but Riley appreciates it. Will suggests Riley that she goes to Chicago for the music scene and that he could show her around the city before she even came to Chicago. Will visits Riley and she tells Will that she can show him around Reykjavik. Will says that he wanted to see the volcano that he can't pronounce and Riley pronounces "Eyjafjallajokull" perfectly. Will says "god bless you" pretending she sneezed and they both laughed. An El train passes by Will's apartment, causing a huge noise. Riley is surprised that Will lives there because of the difficulty of falling asleep but Will says that he's used to it. Will accidentally places his hand next to Riley's when he's looking out of his window to the train. The two slowly touch hands and move closer, gravitating towards one another and then they kiss. Diego enters Will's apartment to see him apparently kissing the air. Diego is confused and asks Will what he was doing. Will suddenly stops and pretends to not know either.


Kala and her family are meeting again with the wedding planners. The planners say that the horoscope is even better for their new wedding date. The planners say that the Gods clearly wanted it that way and Manendra reacts unconvinced. The planners mention that Kala wants to use the temple of Ganesha on her wedding. Kala tells them that she felt a closeness with Ganesha since she was young.


The next day, Capheus is at home, woken up by the smell of his mother's cooking. Capheus says that he doesn't remember the last time she smelled sukuma wiki and ugali. Shiro says that she's getting better from the medicines. Capheus walks over to Shiro, saying that he's happy to see her cooking again. Shiro notices and asks him what he's hiding. Capheus tells her that he won't be able to bring home more AIDS medicine for her, because he is no longer working for Silas. Just then, members of the Superpower gang come in, loaded with guns. Capheus angrily yells at them to get out and Shiro holds back Capheus. Githu tells of how he was close with his sister like Capheus is with his mother. He tells him that he and Silas had a disagreement and his sister got killed by Silas. Githu tells him that Silas taught him that love is nothing but a black hole and points the gun to Shiro. Capheus gets in front of Shiro, trying to protect her. He asks them what they want, and Githu yells, "what the fuck do you think we want?"


Later, Lito and Hernando are at a public meeting spot. Lito walks around in circles, trying to guess what Joaquin wants from them. Hernando suggests Lito to wait in the car and Lito agrees. Just when Lito was about to walk to his car, a car pulls up and they see Dani gets out, wearing sunglasses. She walks over to them and is greeted by Hernando. Hernando hands her her bag full of her belongings. Hernando asks if she's fine and Dani answers she's good. Hernando takes off her sunglasses, revealing a black eye. She tells them she got hit while they were negotiating. She says that she agreed to marry Joaquin if he leaves Lito alone. Hernando says that she cannot go back. Hernando is very worried and concerned for Daniela but Lito does not object on her decisions. Dani says "We make choices and life has a way of making us pay for them" and Lito realizes that it was a line from his movie. Dani compliments him and says to continue doing his movies. to him. Dani says that she will be fine, puts on her sunglasses and she gets back in the car. Lito and Hernando look at each other with unease expressions.


Capheus and his mother discuss what they should do. Shiro doesn't agree with Capheus handing over Amondi to the Superpower Gang. But Capheus tells her that if they don't they'll come back. Capheus tells Shiro that she, out of anyone, knows that they will carry out their threats. Shiro tells Capheus that he, out of anyone, knows that their threats mustn't touch the things that matter. Capheus sighs, and tells Shiro that it's crazy to realize how lucky he is even after getting his life threatened by gangsters. Shiro says that it's not crazy at all and they comfort each other.


Riley walks to Sven's house. Sven comes out of the car and they greet each other, hugging. They enter the house and the two have drinks together. Riley asks him about his boat and Sven says that it's gotten worse, just like him. Sven tells her that Gunnar had been talking for weeks about her coming back to Iceland and Riley says it's nice to be home. Sven recounts how Riley was born in that same room. Sven asks if Gunnar is coming over and Riley says he's practicing for the symphony tomorrow. Riley asks Sven if he can drive her around, and he happily agrees.

Will and Nomi

Will is at the police station with Diego, looking at a CCTV footage of Nomi and Amanita visiting Niles Bolger. Will tells Diego that Nomi was scheduled for a brain operation but escaped, and now she's wanted by the FBI. Will shares the research that he's done on Nomi and Niles Bolger, saying that Niles had the same operation Nomi was supposed to, and now he's in a vegetative state. Diego asks how Will access the computer and Will says he obtained by using his father's old codes. He shows footage of a FedEx deliveryman putting a package next to a vegetative Niles Bolger. Will skips the footage to the same night, showing Niles wake up and put on the suit that was in the package. Will points out the incredible coincidence that a previously-vegetative man was able to leave his bed and shoot the doctor who performed the surgery. Diego states that if what he's seeing is an episode of a show, he'll be interested but asks Will what's the connection. Will tells him that the company that employed Metzger, took care of Niles, rented the van, and made the most wanted terrorist disappear are all the same company. Diego asks what the name of the company and Will says that it's BPO, the Biologic Preservation Organization.

Nomi, on her laptop, is also researching BPO. She finds that BPO is a multi-national research group searching for positive mutations in humans. BPO is well funded, with money coming from DARPA, World Science Organization, and W.H.O. Will visits them at their house and asks how Nomi was able to access the information. Nomi recognizes him from his help in the hospital rescue. Amanita asks who Nomi is talking to, and Nomi tells her that a cop from Chicago is standing behind her. Will tells her that their equipment are illegal and Nomi also say that using his father's clearance is illegal too. Will and Nomi continue their conversation in two locations. Will asks how she knew that and Nomi says she's not sure. Amanita and Diego both perceive that they are talking to thin air. Amanita is awed, Diego is skeptical.

Will asks Nomi if she was at the shooting last night and Nomi recounts her encounter of Niles shooting of Dr. Metzger. Will theorize that they must be getting close to something, since the action they did must mean that they were threatened. Nomi tells Will that if they don't have a problem killing their own allies, they won't have a problem killing their enemies. Amanita holds Nomi's hands to comfort her. During the conversation, Will and Nomi learn some of the rules of visiting, and how they are able to occasionally read each other's memories. Will asks Nomi what she found on the hard drive. Nomi informs him that Metzger is paid a lot of money to lobotomize people around the world. Amanita says that he was recruited by BPO when he was studying at a univerity and shows them a photo on her laptop, showing Metzger and Whispers together. The door bell rings and Amanita calls for her mother. Nomi and Will both recognize Whispers in the photo. Nomi says that he saw his reflection before Niles shot himself.

The doorbell rings Amanita's mother opens it. Whispers is there, introducing himself as Dr. William Friedman and hands over a card to Grace. While Grace and Whispeprs are talking at the door, Will hears Whisper and recognizes his voice. Will tells Nomi that the person at the door is Whisper and that she must not look at his eyes, and she needs to escape. Grace denies to let them enter her house but Whispers forces his way in. Grace calls out for Amanita's name to inform them. Amanita tells Nomi a way to escape. She says that she has to stay to stall, but Nomi refuses. Nomi runs, climbing over the patio railing. Amanita locks herself inside the bathroom and makes a bloody tampon. A federal agent breaks in and Amanita pretends to have a bloody tampon in order to stall the men. Nomi climbs down to the balcony and gets surrounded by armed policemen in the alley. Will uses the computer to find that they are federal agents, but Will gets interrupted and goes to his chief's office to be reprimanded.

Nomi, Will, Sun, and Capheus

Nomi calls out for help, and Sun arrives, telling her to stay calm. Nomi asks Sun if she's real, and Sun says she was in Seoul, sleeping. Will also sees Sun and asks who she is. They cut their introduction when the police tell Nomi to get on her knees. Will reads the situation and dictates exactly how the police will proceed. An instant before handcuffs go on Nomi's wrists, Will yells "now!" Sun springs in to action and disables the policemen with a few well-placed punches, as Will disarms one, and Nomi delivers a good kick. Will tells Nomi to throw the gun and take the bike.

Nomi rides the bike, speeding dangerously down the steep streets of the Castro, with police cars in pursuit. At one point, she avoids the police by biking over a narrow pedestrian bridge leading to Dolores Park. Her way gets blocked at the end of the bridge but she avoids goes and weaves between cars, finally stopping at a gas station on Market Street, where she hijacks a SmartCar. She enters and says, "I don't know how to drive", and finds herself in the passenger seat with Capheus at the wheel. Capheus navigates the small car on a high-speed chase. At one point, police cars block the road ahead. He remembers a movie where Jean Claude attacked when everyone thought he was going to run. Nomi prepares herself in the car and Capheus rams the SmartCar into the front of a police car, causing the SmartCar to do a flip and land on its wheels. Capheus tells Nomi that it worked better in the movie and they drive off.

Back in Chicago, Will gets told that what he's doing is real life and not a TV show or a movie. The captain acknowledges that he warned Will about consequences. Will tries to explain but the captain says that they have already explained it to him.Will gets suspended without pay for his reckless activity. Will says that him not getting paid is not fair. Will gets told that nothing is fair in real life and to sign the paperwork. He then leaves the captain's office.


Lito is seen later on the shoot of a movie. He is in a graveyard walking to a funeral. Several armed men close in on him. Lito reaches his woman. He delivers the line, "We will all be judged by the courage of our hearts", and kisses her. The men all draw their weapons at Lito's head. The director yells "cut". Lito asks for another take, but the director says that his take was beautiful. The director also informs him that his friend is present. Hernando is at the set, and Lito walks over to talk. Hernando is upset. He asks Hernando what he want him to do. Hernando says he doesn't know what Lito must do but he knows what he has to do. He tells Lito that he cannot be with a man that allows someone to be hurt in order to save his career, foreshadowing Dani being with Joaquin. Lito tries to convince Hernando that it was her fault and not his. Hernando echoes the line, "We will all be judged by the courage of our hearts." They break up. Hernando walks away from Lito, leaving him distraught.


At the temple, Kala encounters Papa-ji. He tells her that he does not feel that she should marry Rajan, going to say that she did not love him and that he should not have given her his blessing. Before Kala could give him a response, a group of masked assailants travel down the stairs, daggers ready, and plunge them into Papa-ji's abdomen, leaving him bleeding and tumbling down the stairs, while Kala screams for help as she watches over him, unconscious from the fall.



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Sensate Connections[]

  • Nomi tells Amanita that she's having the feeling of when people are laughing at a movie but don't understand why. After the scene, Kala is holding back her tears while the rest of her family is laughing at the movie.
  • Kala feels Wolfgang's sadness and then they visit each other. Wolfgang also revealed that Felix and him used to watched movies when they were young. It is implied that the reason that Kala felt sadness while watching the movie, is because Wolfgang might have felt sentimental when watching movies.
  • Will was worried about Riley's status, so Riley instinctively visits him. They visit each other and show around their homes. They are also the first pair in the cluster to kiss each other on the lips.
  • Nomi and Will are both researching information about Metzger and BPO. They visit each other and Nomi finally recognizes him.
  • Will has knowledge of Nomi stealing information on Metzger's hard drive and Nomi has knowledge that Will used his father's clearance illegally. Despite not visiting each other, they have shared each other's knowledge.
  • Will, Sun and Capheus help Nomi escape from the police. Will dictates what Nomi has to do, Sun helps her fight off the police and Capheus helps her drive away from the police.


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