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W. W. N. Double D? is the seventh episode of the first season and the 7th overall episode of Sense8.


Nomi makes a shocking discovery about her former doctor, while Will gets closer to the truth behind his visions and Kala's doubts grow stronger.



Sun, along with other inmates arrives at prison. When she gets off the bus, she look around the place. She is escorted by two guards and they lead her to her room and introduced as prisoner 773. Her cellmates stands up and recognizes her. They say to her all the things she were accused for, embezzling, shamed her father and almost destroyed the company. Min Jung slowly approaches Sun. Min Jung congratulates her and claps on her cheeks. They are immediately fond of her for nearly destroying her father and brother's company. Sun asks her cellmates the reason for their imprisonment as they are having tea.

2017-05-21 (394)

Sun is introduced to her cellmates: Lina, Min-Jung, and Soo-Jin.

Min Jung says that when she was married, she felt lucky until her husband lost his job, started drinking and beating her. She says that time was a source of terror as she can tell how bad the beating. She states that any moment away from her husband is a gift. Sun asks again why she was imprisoned and Min Jung finally answers that she put rat poison on her husband's bibimbap and killed him. Min Jung tells Sun that Soo Jin also killed her husband and Soo Jin says that her husband was a bad man. Sun asks her other cellmate, Lina. Lina says that she pushed her father, in a wheelchair, down an elevator shaft and smiles after telling the story. She states that sometimes the only place you can see brave and honest women, is in prison. The four of them make a toast and drinks up their tea.


Nomi and Amanita are waiting on a San Francisco roof top parking lot. Nomi says that they need to level the playing field and that the guy they're waiting for can do it. Amanita asks her if she trusts him and Nomi nods. Amanita asks if it was because they were hackers together. Nomi explains that during the war, they got caught hacking the Pentagon. Amanita asks why isn't he in jail and Nomi says that she took the fall for him since she was a juvenile and had rich parents. Nomi apologizes to Amanita for not telling her the story before, saying that she never thought she would revisit her past again. Amanita nods. 

2017-05-21 (406)

Bug has a reunion with his buddy and his buddy's girlfriend.

A car parks and Bug comes out of the car. He asks where Mike is and Nomi explains that she is "Mike". Bug hugs Nomi and gets sleazy all over her. Bug sees their reaction and apologizes. He says that it was a compliment and he didn't intend to degrade her. Amanita tells Bug that "Mike" is now called Nomi. Bug asks Nomi who she is with and says that Amanita is her girlfriend. They return to business. Bug opens his car and shows them his hacking equipment. Bug tells them that if they're doing a crime fighting thing, they should include him. Nomi asks him for a candygram and feedtrough and Bug states that things are getting exciting. Nomi asks him for a waterwitch but instead Bug surprises her with an NSA grade ragemaster. Amanita asks if the equipment is illegal, and Bug says that "legality is a moving target." Nomi tells them that she figured that justice is, justice does. She says that if they are being spied on by the government, they should be able to spy on them too. Bug expresses her excitement, saying he misses Nomi. 


Lito, Hernando and Daniela are eating dinner at a public restaurant. Daniela says that since they are good to her, she wanted to do something for them. She mentions that Hernando wanted to go to the restaurant and finally took her since she saw his sad face. Lito is extremely nervous about being in public with Hernando. Dani says to them to enjoy but Lito says it's not working. Dani mentions about that they went to the wrestling match and Lito says that it's different because that was a guy thing and this is a romantic restaurant. Dani suggests that Hernando pretend to be Lito's bodyguard. A group of girls shows up to take a picture with Lito, and Hernando glowers at them. Dani notifies Hernando but Lito says that it's okay and lets them take pictures with him. A group of photographers gets close and Hernando scares them off. Lito and Daniela are both impressed and believed that Hernando is an actual bodyguard. Hernando also admits that he also believed it and they all laughed together. Lito and Hernando secretly hold hands and wink.

Riley and Capheus
2017-05-21 (417)

Capheus visits Riley as she returns to Iceland.

Riley is on an airplane flying to Iceland. Capheus visits her and looks out the window. He is amazed to look out the window and see that they are above the clouds. He tells her that she is very lucky but Riley denies it. Capeus says that she is flying above clouds and she says that she is just privileged. Capheus says she is lucky because she can still see her father, unlike him. Capheus says that he always dreamed to meet his father but will never happen. Riley expresses her condolences to him. Capheus says that it's okay because she still has his mother. Riley wishes that she could see the world that simply. Capheus tells her to look out the window, because she is flying above clouds. Riley wonders if something terrible might happen when she goes back and Capheus tries to convince her that something great might happen. Capheus compliments the first class, leaves and Riley giggles.


Lito, Hernando, and Daniela are back at the apartment lobby. Lito and Hernando are pumped. Lito carries Hernando and they kiss. A resident comes out of the elevator and Lito and Hernando immediately stops. Hernando goes to the elevator, acting like a body guard as Lito introduces the resident, Mr. Gonzalez, to his bodyguard, Hernando, and his girlfriend, Daniela, as he kisses her on the cheek. Lito and Daniela enter the elevator and Lito kisses Hernando again. 

2017-05-21 (419)

Riley's father greeting her with a memorable song.


Riley arrives at the airport. As she walk, she hears ukulele playing. Her father is waiting for her, playing and singing "Baba O'Riley" on an ukulele. Riley stops for a moment and slowly approaches her father, Gunnar. When Gunnar finishes playing, he opens his arms and Riley hugs him. They tell each other "i miss you" and then they put their arms on each other's shoulder and walk together.


Laughing, the three return to their apartment. While they walk up the stairs, a drunk masked man, the same person that Lito saw in the wrestling match, welcomes them. All of them were shocked and Dani recognizes Joaquin's voice. Dani asks him what he is doing and tells Lito to call the police. He says that he is the bad guy because he is wearing a mask, but then takes off the mask, and says he is the sad guy. Joaquin compliments Lito and reaches his arm out to him. Hernando suddenly blocks him, and Lito warns Joaquin about him.

2017-05-21 (425)

Hernando, Dani, and Lito receive a suprirse visit from Joaquin.

Joaquin begs to know why Daniela left him for Lito. Dani says that Lito never hit him and Joaquin tries to explain that he did that to make her repsect him. He says that to be a better footballer, to watch the best and to become the best is to do the same. Joaquin then asks to see Lito make love to Daniela, to learn from him. Daniela runs down stairs to grab her phone to call the police and Joaquin tries to stop her. Hernando grabs Joaquin and throws him out. Before shutting the door, Joaquin tells Lito to fuck her in good health. Relieved, Lito says he is "feeling very Whitney Houston" towards Hernando which is a reference to the movie The Bodyguard.


Amanita and Grace are at the kitchen while Nomi sets up her computer on a table. Grace said that Nomi seems like Robin Hood. Amanita tells Grace that Nomi has a secret identity, Silicon Valley nerd by day, political hacktivist at night. She says that Nomi tried to play by the rules and they tried to lobotomize her. Nomi tells to Grace that she can't believe that she just took all she said in stride. She says that if someone talk about her about that they're hearing voice in their head, she'd assume that they're insane. Grace says that if she is a child of the '60s, and that if they didn't hear voices in their head at least once, they're crazy.

Grace states that back then, if people heard voices in their head, they're considered saints. She says that it was a sign of miracle and not madness. Amanita hands Nomi a drink and they kiss. Grace shares a story to Nomi. She says that, when Amanita was very young, she took her to her first July 4th picnic and got scared by fireworks. Amanita says that she still hates them, since it's a symbol of war and wars are failures. Grace continues.

2017-05-21 (443)

Neets and Nomi listen to Grace's story on how she found her daughter.

She says that Amanita got frightened and wasn't with her anymore, Amanita is lost in a sea of millions of people. Grace felt a panic rise up but then she suddenly hears Amanita, like a feeling or vibration, and that she followed it straight to Amanita. She says that when she told the story to people, she didn't care if they believed her because she knows the truth. Grace says that she's comfortable to the idea that there's things happening in the world that they don't understand. Nomi brings up the travel records for Dr. Metzger. She finds that he has recently traveled to London, Istanbul, Switzerland, Seoul and Iceland. From his insurance records, she sees that he has performed the lobotomy operation three times in the Bay Area. Two of the patients died, and the third one lived, and is named Niles Bolger.

Nomi and Amanita arrive at a treatment center to see Niles Bolger. The nurse asks Nomi what her relationship with Niles is and Nomi claims to be his niece. The nurse accompanies them to see Niles. They find Niles, who is in a near-vegetative state with a large scar across his forehead and is watching a zombie movie. Nomi sits beside him and tries to talk to him. She touches Niles' hand but he is unresponsive. Nomi runs out of the building and Amanita chases after her. Nomi explains that she got frightened because she almost had the same fate. Nomi asks Amanita for a promise, to not let her get lobotomize. Nomi and Amanita hugs, as Nomi sobs.


Will and Diego walk the streets with Deshawn, on their way to meet someone. Diego says he senses negative vibes. Diego doubts that their decision is prudent but Will tries to convince him that it's alright. Deshawn instructs them to be calm and that he'll talk to them. Diego asks Deshawn for reassurance, since he never saw the person they're meeting. Deshawn explains that he's an eye, that they're suppose to see you but you're not suppose to see them. 

The basketball match ends and Ludicrous signals them. Diego and Will recognize the man that they are meeting with, Ludicrous Lincoln. Deshawn asks WIill if he had history with Lincoln. Diego mentions that Will was once involved with Lincoln's ex and Deshawn is surprised. Ludicrous is initially angry at Will, but Deshawn convinces him to make a deal.  

2017-05-21 (445)

Will negotiate a deal with Lincoln in an effort to speak with their eye.

Ludicrous tells Will that the fundamental nature of the universe isn't competition. Will asks what it is and Ludicrous replies that commerce is. Ludicrous requests that his gang be left alone in exchange for the information. Diego disagrees but Will agrees, as long as the information is legit. Ludicrous brings out the lookout kid, 4K, who hands them his phone. The phone has pictures of the church exterior, showing men in gas masks carrying a body bag into a white van. The photos include the van's license plate number, and Diego says he will trace it. Will also recognizes Mr Whispers in the photographs. 

At the van rental company, Will and Diego find the white van. The employee tries to tell Will and Diego that if their van was used in a crime, it's not their fault. Diego asks the employee who rented the van. The employee says that they need a warrant to access information. Will convinces the employee to make a copy instead. The employee says that they returned the van clean, without a spot on it and Will bets on it. The employee opens the back of the van and Will has a brief vision of Angelica's corpse. 

Kala and Wolfgang

Kala talks to a statue of Ganesha. She says that since her wedding, she had been seeing visions of a woman’s suicide and people in distant places, which she thinks is a metaphor for her situation. But then, she was sent a vision of a man with a very large “trunk”. She admits that she is confused but still trusts her God, Ganesha. She says she wants to understand and see the meaning for her visions. Wolfgang appears and says that the gods do not care about them.

Kala and Wolfgang are outside a cafe in Berlin, where it's raining heavily. Kala asks him why he won’t leave her alone. Wolfgang admits that he tries not to think about her but fails. Kala says at least he’s wearing clothes and they both chuckle. Wolfgang offers Kala to sit beside him. In Mumbai, Kala moves to a rooftop and they continue their conversation there. Wolfgang compliments the weather in Mumbai, unlike in Berlin. She says that it rains heavily in Bombay too, but it’s not so cold like in Berlin. Both of them chuckle and then Wolfgang tries to warm her up.

2017-05-22 (17)

Kala is paid a visit by Wolfgang. They alternate between Berlin and Mumbai. (pictured atop the temple)

Wolfgang asks Kala if her God has ever helped.  Kala asked for Ganesha to stop their wedding. Wolfgang doubts that her God stopped the wedding but Kala asks if he has a better explanation. Wolfgang asks if that means that she considers their connection a miracle. Kala says that "miraculous" is an appropriate description for her current sensation of smelling flowers, tasting coffee, being soaked in the rain, and at the same time feeling the warmth of the sun.


At their home, Riley comes down the stairs to find her father playing piano. Gunnar asks if she slept well and Riley says that she had the best sleep she's had in a long time. Gunnar says that he made pancakes and quickly changes the tune of the piano from calm to up tune. Her father stops playing and they both enter the kitchen.


Capheus waits in his van as he watches Amondi receive medical treatment. He has a flashback to childhood. Shiro is having a discussion with tribe's leaders, while young Capheus is watching and listening from afar. They are arguing that the boy must leave, because of his father's blood. Shiro asks them where they should go, they suggest leaving behind Capheus in Jaluo. Shiro says that she’s her son but they say that Capheus belongs with his own people. Shiro leaves with her stuff and Capheus. One of the tribe leaders tries to stop her, but the others let her leave. She tells them to go to hell, and god damn their bad blood. 

2017-05-22 (30)

Sun is placed into sewing duty. The guard instructs her on what she has to do.

Sun then shows up for sewing duty. The guard asks her if she can sew, and she replies no. She gets asked if her mother neglected her and answers that her mother died. The guard says she’s lucky since she’s finally receiving training on how to sew.  The guard asks the other inmates for a volunteer, when no one answers, she threatens them. Soo-Jin volunteers to train her. The guard tells Sun to move next to Soo-Jin’s table. Sun tells Soo-Jin that she didn’t have to help her and Soo-Jin says it’s okay.


Riley prepares to eat her pancakes and notices her father not having pancakes. She asks and Gunnar says that he wanted her to wake up smelling pancakes. Over pancakes, Gunnar tells Riley that he watched her in the internet, having a lot of shows. Riley doesn’t make a big deal out of it, saying that she’s just helping drunk people getting laid. Gunnar says that playing Beethoven is the same, without the getting laid part. He says that her making music isn’t a small thing, as people momentarily forget their problems. Gunnar tells Riley he’s proud of her for making music. Riley thanks him for the compliment.  

2017-05-22 (21)

Riley travels downstairs and is greeted by Gunnar practicing.

Gunnar notifies her that he has to leave for rehearsal. He tells her to contact Sven, who is next door, if she wants to go out. Riley thought Sven was still in his boat but Gunnar informs her Sven dropped everything when he heard her coming. Gunnar tells Riley that he doesn’t care who shows up for the symphony, unless it’s his daughter. Riley smiles. Gunnar kisses her forehead and leaves. After Gunnar leaves the room, Riley hears a woman telling her “you shouldn’t have come back”. She turns around to see who it was and sees no one.  

Kala and Wolfgang

Kala shares to Wolfgang a story. She says she always hated being alone in a quiet dark room when sleeping and that she always fell asleep at her father's restaurant. She says that since she hated being alone, she always loved festivals. She has a childhood flashback to a Ganesh Chaturthi parade. She is with her mother, walking through streets packed with revelers. She loses her mother's hand in the crowd. She yells and calls for her parents when a young boy takes her hand, and leads her to a giant parade float of Ganesha. They crawl inside and climb up to the top. They look out at the view, and Kala's eyes are dazzled by the sight of the entire festival. Adult Kala says that in that moment, she felt a closeness and believes in Ganesha. 

Wolfgang asks her how she can believe in a god if she is also a scientist. Kala points out that there are many scientific phenomena that defy explanation, such as quantum physics or gravity. As Kala continues to talk, their faces slowly pull to each other. Kala talks about the mysterious attraction known as gravity, and that without it none of this would exist. Gravity pulls them together to a kiss. Felix arrives at the cafe and interrupts before Kala and Wolfgang’s lips touch. He is asking Wolfgang where he is. Felix has received news from Abraham that he is willing to purchase the rest of the diamonds. Felix is excited, and asks Wolfgang why he looks down. Wolfgang says he wants to get out of Berlin and take a trip.


Sun is stressed with her sewing, as she is still practicing. Soo-Jin instructs her again to properly sew. An inmate from the back, stands up and carries her unfinished fabrics. Soo-Jin gets informed by the inmate behind her that “she’s” coming. Prisoner 818 goes to Soo-Jin’s table and drops all her unfinished work on Soo-Jin’s basket. She checks if the guard is looking takes Soo-Jin’s finished clothes. Prisoner 818 puts the finished clothes in front and leaves early. Sun asks if it happens often and Soo-Jin says it only happens during sunny days. 


Later, Capheus pulls over at Silas' headquarters. One Silas’ worker informs Capheus to come with them. Amondi is excited that her father is there. Silas hugs and carries her daughter. Amondi says she’s happy that he pick her up. Silas tells her that she’d never leave her alone on her birthday. Amondi says that she knows he was pretending to forget. Capheus greets her a happy birthday and asks why didn’t she tell and Amondi replies that she likes secrets. Silas tells Capheus that she’s like him. Silas tells Amondi that he has a surprise for her and also suggests Capheus to come. 

2017-05-22 (64)

Hernando and Lito share a moment of affection.


The next morning, Lito is singing the song from The Bodyguard as he brings him breakfast in bed. He is about to make love to Hernando when he receives a text message from Daniela. Lito informs Daniela that she texted him but Daniela says she didn’t. Lito is worried and shocked, and shows Daniela a picture of Lito and Hernando having intercourse. They realize that Joaquin has stolen Dani's phone and now possesses pictures of Lito and Hernando having sex. Daniela apologizes to Lito. Lito is concerned that Joaquin could use it as blackmail and ruin his career. Dani takes the blame and says that she will fix it. Daniela leaves their apartment as Lito screams in their patio.


Later, Nomi and Amanita are incognito at the Atlas Cafe, where Metzger routinely stops for coffee. Amanita asks Nomi for reassurance and Nomi uses reimbursement receipts as evidence. Metzger enters the Café. Nomi clones his phone and starts downloading personal information. Amanita asks if he doesn’t open his e-mails and Nomi says that everyone opens their e-mails when waiting. Amanita then sees Metzger opening his e-mails. Nomi finally downloads all his calls, e-mails, contacts and passwords. Amanita compliments Nomi, calling her Robin Hood. Metzger receives a call. The call is short, and the only thing Metzger says is a confused, "What?" He catches them looking at them and then leaves the café.  

2017-05-22 (67)

Nomi and Amanita prepare to spy on Dr. Metzger.

Amanita notices that he looked scared when he left. Nomi now wonders who called Metzger and looks at the cloned phone. They see that the call came from "Dr. Matheson". She calls the number. The person answers and says, "I thought we were clear." Then, the person realizes that Nomi is the caller and says, "I'm looking forward to meeting you." Amanita asks Nomi who it was. Nomi says she doesn’t know, but the person knows her. Nomi says that Metzger is booked on a plane to Chicago that night, and they make a plan to break into his apartment. Amanita discourages her but Nomi tries to convince her. She says that she needs to know who they are since they know her.  


Silas takes Amondi to the rooftop, celebrating the birthday of Silas' daughter.  Amondi is mesmerized to see people at her birthday party. Amondi goes through her gifts and Silas approaches Capheus.  Silas tells Capheus that Amondi likes him. Capheus compliments Silas’ daughter. Silas tells him that he will do anything for his daughter. Silas asks Capheus if he feels the same for his mother and Capheus nods. He takes Capheus downstairs. As they walk, Silas talks to Capheus. He says that his enemies call love a weakness, something to be exploited. He disagrees, saying that his enemies hold lust, greed and desire in their heart. Silas shows Capheus that he has a man held hostage. Silas says that the man once worked for him, and he was groomed to be his runner, but the man betrayed him. The bodyguards put the man's arms on a table and Silas continues to talk. He says that he won’t let the future of his daughter to be destroyed by greed and stupidity. Silas chops off the hostage’s hands with a machete. The handless man collapses in pain. Silas says, "he understood the risks." Capheus reacts worried.


At Metzger's apartment, they break open the door and the alarm sets off. Nomi is surprised that the trick on breaking open doors that Amanita read in the book worked. Nomi turns off the alarm. Amanita also says that she read in the book that they can use the crowbar as an alarm if someone comes through the door. They both suggest that they should be a crime fighting duo. Nomi and Amanita begin snooping. Nomi finds little personal information on Metzger's computer. She says that Metzger doesn't even have porn and Amanita agrees that he is weird. Amanita finds a picture of Metzger with Cheney and says that he must be evil but then she finds a book that she also reads and says that he can't be that bad. Nomi begins copying the hard drive and says that it'll take a few minutes.


Back at the locksmith shop, Wolfgang knocks on the door. Felix lets Wolfgang enter and is acting very worried. Wolfgang asks what happened and Felix says nothing happened. He beings gathering all his stuff in a bag as he informs Wolfgang that he tried to see Abraham. Abraham didn't show for their appointment and Abraham's shop was unexpectedly closed. He rethinks Wolfgang's decision to travel to India as an escape.

2017-05-22 (100)

As Wolfgang and Felix figure out what to do after Abraham's absence, a woman pays them a visit.

A girl appears at the door and asks for help. Felix refuses to help her but he reluctantly walks to the door. The girl backs away, revealing a black van with Steiner inside. Steiner unloads a shotgun blast into Felix's chest. Felix is knocked back and lands in a crash of broken glass and wood. Wolfgang hears the blast and quickly checks on Felix. He sees Felix covered in debris and bleeding. Wolfgang and Steiner make eye contact before Steiner's van pulls away. Wolfgang covers Felix's wound with cloth.


Nomi and Amanita hear the crowbar drop, meaning someone entered the door. Metzger opens the door, holding a stroller bag in his hands and reacting very confused and afraid. Metzger calls out and Nomi and Amanita realize it's him. He threatens to call the police. Amanita suggests that they escape, but Nomi has another plan. Metzger slowly walks, and finds Nomi. He says he will call an ambulance and suggests that Nomi returns to the hospital for her treatment. Nomi tells him that he's the one going to need an ambulance. Amanita comes behind Metzger threatens him with mace and a mallet and forces him to drop his phone. Amanita informs Metzger that they visited Niles. Metzger says that he already knows, and he's guessing it the reason why his trip to Chicago was cancelled. Nomi says that she talked to a "Dr. Matheson," and Metzger becomes very worried, saying, "You've killed us all."

2017-05-22 (111)

Dr. Metzger expresses fear to Neets and Nomi moments before being visited.

Jonas visits and tells Nomi that she needs to escape, because Whispers is coming. Metzger recognizes the name Jonas. Jonas tells them that "he's here". Niles Bolger walks in, wearing a suit and brandishing a gun. Amanita sprays Niles with pepper spray and causes him to drop his gun. Metzger and Niles wrestle, Metzger pelts him with vases, and Niles throws him across the room. Amanita panics and tells Nomi to leave the USB but Nomi says that it's almost finished. Nomi grabs the USB drive and the girls run into the hallway, and Metzger follows. Nomi and Amanita knocks on the doors of others and finds a resident and begs for help. Niles shoot at them, hitting the resident and Metzger on the shoulder. The girls run into a stairwell and Metzger runs down a different hallway. Niles chooses to follow Metzger. Metzger crawls at the end of the hallway and begs for his life, referring to Niles as "Milton". Nomi and Amanita watch. Niles shoots Metzger in the head and turns the gun on himself. In the mirror, Nomi sees that another man appears to be controlling the body of Niles. Niles shoots himself in the head. Nomi weeps and Amanita is shocked. 



Guest Starring[]


  • Hey Ryoung Koo as Prisoner 818
  • Hye Ryon Lee as Prison Guard #2
  • Alex Henderson as Clete Tamark aka 4K
  • Antwain Tz F Jones as Gang Member #2
  • Brandon M. Blackburn as Gang Member #3
  • Edgar Sanchez as Rental Agent
  • Georg Ebinal as Steiner's Bodyguard
  • Alica Hubiak as Steiner's Moll
  • David Krug as Steiner Thug #1
  • Stanislav Gorelik as Steiner Thug #2
  • Yashvi Nagar as Young Kala
  • Zeeshan Nadaf as Tula
  • Mansi Dovhal as Young Priya Dandekar
  • Tim Lajcik as Niles Bolger
  • Rocky Capella as Metzger's Neighbor
  • Ari Sigal as Barista
  • Cathy Fithian as Nightingale Nurse

Sensate Connections[]

  • Riley gets visited by Capheus while flying on a plane.
  • Wolfgang and Kala visits each other when Kala is praying.
  • Kala is able to taste the strong coffee that Wolfgang drank in the cafe.
  • Jonas visits Nomi, warning her that Whispers is coming.
  • Whispers takes control of Niles' body and fatally shoots Metzger and himself.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Wolfgang: The gods don't give a shit about us.

Wolfgang: Thank God for gravity!

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