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Mx. Junie. Wiki Contributor and Fan of Sense8.

About Sense8[]

A friend recommended that I watched this series, having been created by the same people that gave me the Matrix movies. At first, I did not feel the show much; upon rewatching it, however, I found myself super deep into the characters as well as the plot. Everything about it is beautiful and I can find a portion of myself in every single one of the major characters.

First visiting this wiki, it motivated me to join in the fun and contribute the best to my ability. While I have made some progression to this wiki, it is still in need of work. I will work the best of my ability to continue doing so, bouncing around here and there to add content as much as possible.

Other Wikis[]

Alongside Sense8, I work on these wikis as well:



Sense8 Fan[]

Sense8-1x12.jpg This user loves the series Sense8.

August 8 Cluster[]

Capheus-2.png This user enjoys the wisdom of Capheus.
Capheus-userbox.png This user harbors aspiration from Capheus.
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