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I take everything I'm feeling, everything that matters to me... I push all of it into my fist, and I fight for it.

Sun Bak (Korean name: Bak Sun; Hangul: 박선), portrayed by Bae Doona, is a main character in the Netflix series, Sense8. Sun is a South Korean business executive based in Seoul and a burgeoning star in the underground kickboxing world.

She gets caught in a web of embezzlement, courtesy of her brother, and makes the ultimate sacrifice to honor her deceased mother's memory. Upon learning of her father's demise from Joong-Ki Bak, Sun worked to avenge his death and clear her name, choosing to escape with another prisoner and receive the aid of Detective Mun.


Early Life[]

Born on August 8 in Seoul, Sun Bak was the only daughter to Kang-Dae Bak and his wife Mi-Cha and the older sister of Joong-Ki. During her early childhood, she sought interests in martial arts, joining a junior tournament to train and fight in competitions, being supported by Mi-Cha.

When her mother fell ill to cancer, Sun was warned by her that she would have to handle changes in the family, her father Kang-Dae placing more attention on Joong-Ki. She promised that she would protect him after she has passed.

Entering her young adulthood, Sun continued to advance in martial arts tournaments, winning against a male competitor named Woojin. Despite receiving a trophy for her victory, she had been forced to abandon future tournaments. Sitting in the locker room tears falling from her eyes, she briefly spoke with Woojin before engaging in retaliatory intercourse.

Enrolling in secondary education and graudating in economics, she entered the family business of Bak Enterprises, excelling to the position of CFO.

Season One[]

She discovers her brother's betrayal and embezzlement before her father and informs him of it. Recalling her mother's dying wish for Sun to protect her father and brother, she chooses to take her brother's place and confesses to his crimes so that he can remain out of prison and so her father's company can survive the scandal.

While she is in prison she is surprised to meet other women prisoners who applaud her alleged betrayal of the men in her family. Some of her cellmates include survivors of domestic violence who killed their husbands. When asked if she misses her family, she says that she only misses her dog.

Numerous times throughout the first season Sun supports her cluster-mates through hand to hand combat and her expert martial arts skills.

Limbic Resonance[]

Sun receives a call from the secretary that her brother’s assistant called to say that Joong-Ki is still absent. Sun meets Mr.Yuen in the conference room and introduces herself then Yuen remarks that women aren't meant for business. As Yuen chuckles at his sexist joke, Sun clenches her fist and tries to keep in control. She suddenly gets a vision that she's at the church with Angelica , who starts to rise into a seated position on the mattress. Back in the real world, Joong-Ki arrives and tells Sun to get them some coffee before leading Yuen away. We see Sun again later at her desk, startled when she hallucinates a chicken on her desk, which is from when Capheus is given a chicken back in Nairobi.[1]

I Am Also A We[]

Sun is briefly shown as Nomi records for her blog. She's holding a red folder as she sits on a concrete bench outdoors.[2]

Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch[]

In Sun's office, she smokes a cigarette as her phone rings. She ignores this and instead opens a safe. pulling out a folder. She browses the folder as she weeps. Sun remembers her ill mother, as she promises her that she will take care of her brother, Joong-Ki, when she dies. Sun's assistant comes in and tells her that Jeong, the person calling her, has threatened to call the authorities if Sun accept his call. Sun goes to see her father, but his receptionist says that he hasn't returned her calls and she doesn't know where he is. Angry, Sun slams her fist down and shatters the desk top, and then walks away.

Sun's car is stuck in traffic and Jeong keeps trying to call her. She finally tosses the phone on the seat, tells the driver she'll walk, and goes ahead on foot. Sun's trainer prepare her for her match. At the match, she makes a connection with Capheus, who is begging for her help. Sun helps Capheus fight off a gang as she fights her opponent in the ring. Sun successfully wins the match and help Capheus force the gang to retreat.[3]

What's Going On?[]

At her apartment, Sun applies makeup on her bruises from her fight. She remembers a memory of when she was young. She hands a medal to her mother, Mi Cha, as she compliments her as strong and smart. Sun asks if that was the reason her father hated her. Mi Cha denies that her father hates her. Mi Cha says that she must never think that way and that her father loves him. Sun mentions that her father went to all of Joong-ki’s matches but never hers. Her mother tells her that she shouldn’t be jealous as fathers are naturally closer to their son as mothers are closer to their daughter. Her mother asks Sun to take care of her brother if she passes away, then holds her arms. 

Sun smokes a cigarette inside his father’s office. Kang Dae asks her what she was doing in dark and she replies that she was waiting. He tells Sun to stop smoking, saying that he hates it when she smokes but Sun continues. Sun informs Kang Dae that someone had been embezzling in their company and that someone had to be imprisoned. Later, Sun visits a club to look for Joong-Ki, her brother. The bodyguard won't allow her to come in so she fights him and then enters. Will unintentionally visits Sun and helps her take down another guard. Sun finally finds Joong-Ki and makes a loud noise and catch his attention. Joong-Ki stops making out and looks at his sister. Sun tells him to come with her and that their father needs to talk to him. Joong-Ki refuses but Sun calls his name again and Joong-Ki comes with her.

Joong-Ki talks about Sun embarrassing him at the club. Kang-Dae cuts and yells at him to shut up. Kang-Dae talks about him stealing from his clients, stating that tomorrow authorities will confiscate their records and their company will be on the news. Joong-Ki is shocked and begs at his father to not go to prison. Kang-Dae states his dead wife was the only one capable of raising the only person of seeing the solution. Sun states that since their father rarely mentions about his daughter, she’ll confess to Joong-Ki’s crimes and hopefully the company survives the scandal. Joong-Ki went to his knees and begs to Sun for help.

Sun smokes a cigarette and remembers a memory. In the memory, she and father are at her mother’s funeral. Kang-Dae comforts Sun as she cries. Kang-Dae tells her that they both lost her love and the memory ends. Sun practices her kickboxing on a punching bag and pauses to read a text from Joong-Ki, saying that they talk again like they used to and ending the text with an ‘I love you’. Sun punches the punching bag rapidly as she releases her anger from reading the text.[4]

Art Is Like Religion[]

Sun wakes up in pain and goes in front of the mirror. In the mirror, he sees Lito and they touch each other using their index finger. Sun trembles and reacts in disbelief. Later, Sun is at the park, training with her teacher. Her teacher notices and tells her that she had never been this unfocused. He tells her that she must be focused first then come back to train. Lito visits Sun, while he screams. Sun tells him to silence and visits Lito in his car. Lito informs his boyfriend that there is a crying Korean woman next to him but Sun denies it. Their connection ends when Lito rear-ends the car in front of him.

Sun and Capheus are both walking in their respective city. They both visit each other and ask about their whereabouts. They asks each other how they can communicate despite their language barriers. Capheus realizes that Sun is the spirit of Jean Claude and Sun denies that he knows anything about her. Capheus tells her that he knows that she's troubled and Sun declares Capheus as a hallucination. Sun asks Capheus to leave her alone but Capheus doesn't know how to leave. He suggests that they are together since they are both troubled. Capheus relates to her decision. He says that he must keep his promise to his mother and Sun says she has made a similar promise. Capheus leaves a inspirational statement to Sun then leaves. After he leaves, Sun receives a call from her father and she dismisses it.

She is seen again during Kala's wedding. Sun gives her dog to her teacher and briefly visits Kala.[5]


Sun walks through the lobby and sees a glimpse of Nomi. She approaches the stage, being photographed and asked by the crowd and being watched by her family. Sun goes up the podium and claims full responsibility for the embezzlement. She is escorted away by police. Later, Sun appears at a bail hearing. His attorney tries to defend Sun but the prosecution argues that bail should be denied. The judge agrees and denies her bail. Sun is escorted by a policewoman. Sun looks at Joong-ki and Kang-Dae who are also looking at her with an unease expression.

Sun is being processed as a prisoner. She gets ordered to remove her clothing and shower. Sun is shy but the guard says the she gave away her right to privacy since she is in prison. After showering, she gets asked by a series of questions about her sexual history. Lito and Sun switch places sporadically, and are confused by the other interviewer's questions. Sun's interviewer brings out a mirror on a long pole to look at her privates. Lito takes over her body and says that he will not let him do that. Sun is accompanied by a guard as she enter her cell. The guard informs her that she'll transferred tomorrow to her prison.

Sun sits when she and Riley connect and they introduce themselves. When Sun says her name, Riley finds it odd because where she is sitting, there is "I have conversed with the spiritual sun" carved in stone. Sun says that she would kill for a cigarette, but Riley says she only has hash. Riley takes a hit and Sun says she can taste it but that it feels like an old memory, even though Sun never smoked it before. Riley asks why Sun is in prison. She tells her that she made the biggest mistake in her life, they realize that they are both in trouble for someone else's crimes. Riley shares to her that there's a voice told her she was hexed. She admits that she is afraid and wants to go home. Sun replies: "Don't be. You're safer there than where you were." Riley asks her if she is afraid. Sun nods and Riley replies that same answer she was given.[6]

W. W. N. Double D?[]

Sun arrives at prison. She is accompanied by guards to her room and introduced as prisoner 773. When Sun meets her cellmates, they appeared threatening at first but they are immediately fond of her for nearly destroying her father and brother's company. As Sun's cellmates have tea, they talk about their crimes. All of them tell their stories of fighting back against abusive or powerful men which landed them into jail. One of her cellmates says that sometimes that only place where they can find a brave woman is in prison, and then they all make a toast.

Sun then shows up for sewing duty, and says that she does not know how to sew because her mother was not alive to teach her so. The guard threatens the prisoners to volunteer to teach Sun. Soo-Jin volunteers to train her. After sewing for a time, at the back, Prisoner 818 comes up and exchanges her unfinished garments with Soo-Jin's finished work. She hands in the finished work to the guard and leaves early to have outside privilege. Sun asks about it and Soo-Jin says that it only happens during sunny days.[7]

Prison Break[]

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In Hiding[]

Aided by Mrs. Cho[]

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Temporary Home[]

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Sun is initially alarmed at her awakened sensate abilities. Early on she decides to treat visits as hallucinations and though she accepts them, she also ignores them. Eventually she offers advice and wisdom to her cluster-mates. For example, she notes to Riley that she might as well return to Iceland if it will be safer there than in London, where Nyx is still searching for his drug supply and money. Like Will, Riley, Capheus, and others she is self-sacrificing, though her decision to support others often comes from a matter-of-fact attitude. She also "shares" her expert martial arts skills in order to take out her anger and frustration while she is imprisoned in Season 1. 

In Season 1, Sun has no explicit romantic interests or relationships. While being processed in prison, a doctor inquires about her sexual history and she states the last time she had a partner was "some time ago."


Inside the cluster[]

  • Riley Blue: Sun first meets Riley in Demons where they share their problems of being in trouble for someone else's crime. Their advice to each other helped them.
  • Capheus Onyango: Sun first encounters Capheus in Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch, and he appears to her in a beaten up state, begging her to help him. She is confused at first, but eventually manages to lend her abilities to Capheus to beat up the gang Superpower while simultaneously beating her own opponent in the ring. She meets him again in Art Is Like Religion, where they talk about the difficulty of having to make a decision, the both of them reassessing what's important to them in order to help them make that decision.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: Wolfgang and Sun interact sparingly. However, as one of the two other members of the cluster with significant experience fighting, Wolfgang will occasionally go to Sun when he feels nervous or in need of a tactical opinion. For example, he consults Sun when he feels he is being followed following his murder of his uncle. As a rather capable fighter, Wolfgang generally fights without sharing in Sun's ability. However, during his brawl with Lila Facchini, a dangerous sensate, he does channel Sun's abilities, suggesting that even he believes her to be the better hand-to-hand combatant. Sun will at times channel Wolfgang in certain fights, especially when fighting with and against weapons, such as when she fights using chain against the "lawyers" her brothers sent to kill her. Sun and Wolfgang are connected by the shared experience of family that wants to kill them. Beyond this, they both feel trapped by their circumstance. Sun is trapped literally in prison, Wolfgang is trapped in the criminal underworld of Berlin. They discuss these themes when Wolfgang recounts a story of his mother taking him to the zoo. Sun summarizes "Cages are hard, even for us".
  • Lito Rodriguez: Sun's encounters with Lito mostly give off a comedic tone, the first one being in Art Is Like Religion, when she wakes up in the morning with a period. Throughout the whole day they share their emotions, leaving Lito frustrated and Sun unable to focus on her training. Their next encounter is when they both have "interviews", Sun's being with the doctor's and Lito's with an interviewer.

Non-Cluster Sensates[]

  • Puck: After the police truck in which Sun is being transported crashes, Sun in minorly injured and searching for a way to flee the scene before being taken back into custody. With no escape in sight, a desperate Riley sends out a psychic plea for help that is answered by Puck, who soon arrives on his motorcycle and brings Sun to safety. At some point during these events, Puck and Sun establish an eye contact connection. After a few sexual advances, Sun hurts Puck and sends him away.


  • Soo-Jin In prison, she befriends her women cellmates, especially Soo-Jin (portrayed by Sara Sohn). Soo-Jin helps Sun learn how to sew in their "female vocational training." In return Sun stops another prisoner from bullying Soo-Jin. As a token of gratitude, Soo-Jin asks Min-Jung to deliver some paint brushes to her in solitary. These brushes symbolize many things--friendship, connection, and hope. (Soo-Jin enjoys painting outside whenever possible because "it feels good to remember happier times.") 
  • Min-Jung: In prison, she befriends her women cellmates. Min-Jung does little but supports Sun. One night, however, when Sun is dragged out of her cell, Min-Jung follows behind the suspicious guards and kills one just as Sun is lifted by a noose. After escaping prison, the two take shelter at one of Min-Jung's old friend's apartment. 
  • Kang-Dae Bak: Sun seemed to love her father, but upbraided him for his willful blindness in regards to the faults of his son. In the beginning of the first season, she confesses to her brother's crimes to save the reputation of her father's company and legacy (though she regrets this later).
  • Joong-Ki Bak: She loathes her brother Joong-Ki (portrayed by Ki-Chan Lee), his philandering habits, and his expensive and corrupt tastes. When he came to visit her in prison and delivered the news of her father's death, she realized immediately he had him killed to prevent him from exonerating Sun. Outraged, she attacks him and attempts to beat him to death before she is taken back to solitary confinement. When or how Sun will get justice for her father's murder and take her rightful place as heir to the Bak chaebol remains unknown.
  • Kwon-Ho Mun: After escaping prison, Sun avoids making any contact with Mun. Being chased to the rooftop, there was a brief moment that he recognized her. At the initial encounter at the cemetery, she gradually trusts Mun, though she does not believe in his method for taking down her brother.



  • Multilingual: Sun is able to speak her native Korean as well as seven other languages due to her sensate status. This is noted when she spoke Swahili to Capheus.
  • Martial Arts: Throughout much of her life, Sun has trained in Korean martial arts, under the guidance of her trainer. She eventually entered a championship tournament and won, in the hopes that it would impress her father. Sun has been able to utilize her fighting skills to defend herself and to assist her sensate cluster after her rebirth.
  • Businesswoman


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"No. I miss my dog."
--Sun to Soo-Jin, We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts

"I don’t understand this. So if you do not mind, I would prefer to assume you’re a hallucination."
--Sun to Capheus in Art Is Like Religion

"I take everything I'm feeling, everything that matters to me... I push all of it into my fist, and I fight for it."
--Sun to Kala, Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

"Is that all?"
--Sun to Will, I Can't Leave Her

"My mother did not teach me to sew, but my father taught me business."
--Sun, We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Jade-Eleena Dregorius was a stunt double for Doona Bae in the role of Sun Bak.



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