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Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch is the third episode of first season and the 3rd overall episode of Sense8.


With many of the Sensates' lives becoming more complicated, their newfound gift -- while still a mystery -- proves vital for survival.



A young Will watches as Whispers cuts open Sara's skull. Sara appears next to Will and warns him not to look at his eyes, saying that's how Whispers got her. The now-adult Will can't seem to tear his eyes away as Whispers continues his operation. Will wakes up gasping in a hospital room and a nurse comes in tells him that he was in an accident. The nurse tells Will that he's a hero for catching a terrorist, Jonas. Will prepares to leave and the nurse protests about his brain activity, saying he might have a concussion. Will still decides to check himself out.

2017-05-21 (1)

Dani admiring Hernando and Lito's romance.

At home, Lito and Hernando are watching a scene from Lito's show. Hernando reenacts the co-actress lines from the movie. Hernando complains about the actress Lito is with and they kiss. Daniela watches them and compliments them as a couple then the two stop kissing. Hernando convinces Lito to talk to her.


Riley walks through an Underground tube and remembers her father playing the piano when she was a child. She comes to a blind man playing the same tune on a keyboard and gives him all of Nyx's money. Riley then throws the drugs from the bag into a garbage can and continues walking.


In Nairobi, Capheus and Jela have supper at a restaurant. Capheus talks about how when he was younger, he wished that he was a zebra because they had no responsibilities and worries. He flashbacks from when he was young, walking with his mother, Shiro. He tells Shiro that he wants to be a zebra so that he'd always have friends and never get hungry. Shiro promises him that as long as they're together, they'll be fuller than any zebra. Jela tells him that he's never seen a tiger, and says that his father told him that with hard work, a person can become whoever they want. He compliments Capheus that if someone would ever be a zebra, it'd be him.


Lito approaches Daniela but Daniela cuts him off talking about how much she admires them. Lito is having trouble expressing his thoughts to Daniela. Daniela apologizes but Lito says that it's not about that. Hernando finally steps in explains to Daniela that they don't want a live-in beard. Daniela says that Lito dumped her after he was done using her and Hernando says that he's said the same thing to Lito. Daniela then admits that she is hiding from her boyfriend, Joaquin Flores, and needs a place to lay low. They ask her what she did, and she says that she slept with Joaquin's best friend. Lito and Hernando takes a sip from their mug after what she had said, exchanging glances.

2017-05-21 (25)

Will speaking to Stiles about Jonas.


When Will returns to the precinct house, Stiles congratulates him on capturing Jonas. Will says he wants to talk to Jonas, but the agent says that Homeland Security has Jonas on lockdown. He tells Will to go back to the hospital and get his head checked as what Will said is crazy. He shares with Will that Homeland Security sent a car to pick up Jonas and transfer him to another facility. Will asks him when and Stiles replies that only the Homeland Security knows. He advises Will to stop creating more mess for him to handle then leaves.


At the hospital in San Francisco, the surgical nurse visits Nomi and brings several orderlies along. She insists Nomi to go back to her bed as it is safer there. Nomi replies to her that nothing is safe about the hospital. The nurse insists that Nomi take the pills for her surgery in 24 hours. Nomi refuses and tells her that she can't believe that things like this are still happening in the 21st century. The nurse tells Nomi that she was instructed to use force if she refuses. Then the orderlies advance on Nomi.


Lito and Daniela go out to eat, and Daniela says that it may take a while to clear things up between her and Joaquin. As for her boyfriend, Daniela says that she and Joaquin had words and she's not sure where her boyfriend ended up. Lito interviews Daniela, asking her about her relationship with Joaquin. Daniela says that she met Joaquin through her dad. Lito asks about her dad's business and Daniela vaguely says that they're in the import and export business.

2017-05-21 (28)

Dani and Lito discussing Joaquin.

Daniela explains that she and Joaquin started hanging out casually, then it became more serious. Daniela wonders why Lito picked her as his beard, and he admits that Hernando picked her headshot because Hernando liked her eyes. Some paparazzi take photos of them together. Lito asks if she is enjoying this and Daniela whispers that it's the best part she's ever had.

Sun and Will

In Seoul, Sun is in her office smoking a cigarette. Her phone rings - it is Mr. Jeong again. Sun ignores it and opens a safe, pulling out a folder. In Chicago, Will opens his safe at home and takes out his collection of clippings about Sara, a 10-year-old who disappeared without a trace. Sun takes out a file with the company's financial figures and reads them, weeping. She remembers a childhood memory, her dying mother asking her to take care of her little brother. Will flashbacks from when he was a child. He wakes up when he hears Sara begging him for help and finds her sitting next to his bed, calling to him. Will leaves and brings the folder with him.

2017-05-21 (36)

The receptionist informing Sun of her father's absence.

Sun's assistant comes in and tells her that Mr. Jeong is on the line and has threatened to go to the authorities if Sun doesn't take his call. Sun goes to see her father, but his receptionist says that he hasn't returned to his office yet. Sun asks where her father is and the receptionist doesn't know where he is. The receptionist smugly suggests she leave yet another message. Angry, Sun slams her fist down and shatters the desk top. She walks away, leaving the receptionist in shock.


Riley waits for a man named Shugs leaving a pub, then approaches him. He introduces Riley to his girlfriend Bambie, and Riley says that she needs Shugs' help. He suggests that they start by having a drink.


Kala arrives for work as her supervisor holds a briefing on counterfeit drugs. Daya wonders why she's there when her wedding is in two days, and they both glance over at Rajan. Rajan looks over and smiles. Kala says that she's getting married and not lobotomized. Daya says that she'd let herself be lobotomized for Rajan if she got married to him. Rajan sends a text to Kala, reminding her that they're getting married. Kala is not happy.


Jela and Capheus walk to meet a drug dealer. Capheus hands Jela his money and counts it. Jela says that it's not enough, but he likes to challenge himself. Jela asks for his name and the dealer replies "Fuck Off". Jela calls him Mr. Fuck Off. Mr. Fuck Off tells Jela that they don't have enough money to buy his drugs. So Jela pretends that someone calls him, intentionally dropping Capheus' cash. When Jela claims that they have the wrong address and starts to walk off, Fuck Off insists that he sells the cleanest drugs in Nairobi. The drug dealer jokingly says that it would be cheaper to let Capheus's mother, Shiro, die. Jela holds Capheus back and then barters Mr. Fuck Off down to what Capheus has. Capheus his medicine.


Riley, Shugs, and Bambie drink. Bambie shares a story with them and Shugs apologizes to Riley that since Bambie is an Aussie she can be too forward sometimes. When Riley claims that her apartment manager threw her out, Shugs figures that Riley deserves better.

2017-05-21 (59)

Lito requesting the interjecting of betrayal to his character. The director reminds him that the audience is with the story.


Lito and the crew film another scene at the church. Afterward, the actor talks with the director about how his character should know that his co-star's character is going to betray him in the script. As they talk, Lito takes Riley's place as she goes up to Shugs' apartment, saying "but i do know". Lito reverts back and the director introduces him to Joaquin, who says that he's a big fan of Lito's show. Joaquin admires Lito's show and asks to take him to lunch.


Riley talks about how she's from Iceland, and how her father was a pianist who practiced at home. They ask her about what she misses about Iceland. She says she misses her father and the winter, stating that you could hear your own heartbeat. Bambie says that she'd go crazy in the darkness. Riley shares that people get crazy when they see the sun in spring, and that many people try to kill themselves in spring. Bambie bluntly asks if she tried to kill herself too seeing blade marks on Riley's wrists, and then apologizes quickly. Shugs reveals a tattoo to Riley of a row of slash marks, explaining that he got a tattoo whenever he's been hospitalized from trying to kill himself too.


Sun's car is stuck in traffic and Jeong keeps trying to call her. She finally tosses the phone on the seat, tells the driver she'll walk, and goes ahead on foot.


In Mexico City, Lito and Joaquin have lunch and Joaquin talks about acting. He mentions that in one of his movies, Lito slices open a man's throat. He teaches Lito the proper way of slicing open a throat and faux demonstrates on Lito with a dinner knife. Joaquin then says that they both know why he's there, and says that Daniela is cheating on him with Lito. He asks if Daniela is happy with Lito. When Lito claims that she is, Joaquin tells him that he should have just stabbed him in the throat. He pulls out cash, Lito says he doesn't have to pay, the lunch is free from the studio. Joaquin replies that sooner or later, everyone has to pay.


In the hospital, Nomi's arms and feet are bounded to her bed. She cries as she calls for help.


Sun's trainer tapes her hands and says that he knew she'd be back. He claims that even if she pretended to leave the ring he knows Sun will always come back for this is where she belongs.


Metzger and his surgical team have Nomi brought to the Operation Room and prepare to operate on her brain when the fire alarm goes off. The surgical nurse confirms that someone set a fire in the visitor's room. Metzger puts Nomi under medical quarantine and has the nurse and a guard take her back to her room. As they go, a half-conscious Nomi recalls Amanita vowing to burn down the hospital to get her out.


Capheus pulls over in a bad district of Nairobi to pick up more passengers. When Jela objects, Capheus reminds him that they need the money. He pulls over to pick up a woman, but members of the Superpower gang cut them off and shoot out a window. The gang get Capheus and Jela off and order the passengers to hand over their money and valuables.

2017-05-21 (80)

Githu intimidating a frightened Capheus.

The leader, Githu, inspects Capheus and finds the pills in Capheus' pants. An old, female passenger begs for the gang to not take her wedding ring, but they still take it. Capheus begs to get the medicine back, but gets pistol-whipped. The gang then drives off, leaving Capheus crying in the street.

Will, Sun, and Capheus

Will goes to the firing range.

Sun is at an underground kickboxing match. Sun enters the MMA ring and removes her hood. Her opponent objects to the referee about having to fight a woman. The referee says that there are no rules about gender, and suggests that the fighter forfeit the match if he refuses to fight. He disagrees on forfeiting and agrees on fighting her instead. The referee tells the opponent that the smart money is on Sun.

Capheus tells Jela that he's going to get the medicine back and tells the passengers to get off. He also tells Jela to get off, reminding him that he has a wife and kids. The older woman whose ring is stolen insists on going with Capheus to get her husband's ring back, and they drive off. Jela prays on Jean-Claude to protect him.

Sun prepares as the referee begins the match. The two fighters meet in the ring and Sun casually avoids the first few blows. She then launches a vicious kick, knocking her opponent back. Capheus catches up to the gang's cars and rams the second car. They swerve off and pull into an open space, and Capheus rams them again. Sun takes her opponent down but he cheats and bites her leg and they separate. Capheus exits the matatu and approaches the car, holding a metal pipe. The woman at the matatu watches as Capheus fights the gang with his pipe. One of the gang drops his gun.

2017-05-21 (92)

Through Sharing, Will assists Capheus by utilizing a firearm.

Will and Capheus takes each other's place as Will picks up the gun and Capheus is in Chicago. Will shoots at the approaching car but fails as another gang member stops him. Will picks up his gun at the firing range and finds himself standing in Nairobi. He picks up a discarded gun, aims, and fires at the approaching truck, shooting out the engine. However, the driver of the second car knocks him down and beats him until he goes down. Will and Capheus' connection ends. Capheus is beaten up by the gang when he calls Sun for help. Sun sees Capheus on the middle of the ring, begging for help, as her opponent knocks her down. Capheus uses Sun's kickboxing skills and knowledge and fights the gang as Sun also fights her opponent back in Seoul. Capheus blocks the next blow and beats his opponent down. He then takes out the other gang members, using the same moves as Sun. Capheus then turns and stares at the gang leader in his truck. Githu vows to fuck him up and then drives away. Sun successfully beats her opponent and helps Capheus fight off the gang. The older woman in the matatu, who has seen the entire thing, smiles and says that Capheus is Van Damme. The referee declares Sun the winner.



Guest Starring[]


Sensate Connections[]

  • Experiencing similar emotions, Will and Sun morph into one another as they go through file folders.
  • Lito in shooting a scene for his movie, suddenly feels that a character he is playing is going to be betrayed. Lito and Riley morph into each other's bodies as Lito says this, wherein it is actually Riley who feels like she does not trust Shugs and Bambie. Lito feels her instinct and interprets it for her, but doesn’t seem to realize it at the moment.
  • Will picks up his gun at a firing range and finds himself in Capheus' place, firing at an approaching truck.
  • Sun takes control of Capheus' body after he begs her for help and beats up the Superpower gang members for him.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 48 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • The title originates from Sun's opponent's trainer informing his trainee about her fighting skills.
  • The following locations appeared in the episode:
  • Wolfgang does not appear in this episode, making it the only episode of the entire series not to feature him. This is also the first episode ever not to feature all of the eighth main sensates, the second (and last) being Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Jela: I'll tell you something my father told me. As long as you're determined, and you work hard, you can be anything you want to be. And if there's one person who can be a zebra in this world, it's you, my friend.

Trainer: This is where you belong. You can pretend. You can act the way others want you to act. You can bury your heart. But I know you will always come back. - Sun's trainer

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