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Silas Kabaka is a minor character in of Sense8. He is a powerful crime lord situated in Nairobi. He has a daughter who has leukemia and hires Capheus to drive her to treatment. Capheus works for him in order to pay for his mother's medicine, but quits due to the brutality of Silas' work. He later saves Silas from his enemy, the Superpower Gang. In Season 2, it is revealed by Capheus' mother that he also has HIV, which is why he has easy access to HIV medicine. 



Silas ordered his men to lead Capheus Onyango to his vehicle in a wooded area. Upon initial greetings with the man, he praised him for combating the Superpower Gang, as he had inquiries with them. During their conversation, Silas proposed a test operation for Capheus, promising to reward him with medicine for his ill mother.[1]

Kidnapped by Superpower[]

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Silas Kabaka is a man that dominates the crime world in Kibera, showing ruthlessness to those that work against his causes. He is also a man passionate about those he loves, much so that he wishes to protect his daughter Amondi Kabaka from threats such as Githu and the Superpower Gang.

Upon being captured by Githu, he expressed acceptance of his fate. Soon after, he decidingly changed his ways, seeking to establish a clinic in Kibera and provide easier access to certain medicines inaccessible to those living in the slums. He also becomes romantically involved with Shiro.





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