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Sebastian Fuchs--a support character in Season Two of Sense8--is a club owner and ruler of one of the 4 Berlin Crime "Kingdoms" that Felix and Wolfgang are introduced to. He is also partnered with Lila Facchini, a skilled assassin and sensate.


Club Negotiations[]

One night, Wolfgang and Felix are enjoying their time in a club. They are introduced to the club owner Sebastian Fuchs, whom asks how the boys were doing. When Felix makes a comment of wishing to live there, Fuchs, without hesistation, tells Felix that he is passing ownership to him.

The next day, he is visited by Felix and Wolfgang to continue the negoitation over the changed ownership of the club.[1]

A Game of Soccer[]

to be added[2]


Sebastian meets Wolfgang in a bathhouse. There, he tells Wolfgang that someone has put a bounty on Fuchs' head, intercepting a transcript that mentions that Lila Facchini may have some say in the scheme. He also mentions how he had plans to marry her soon. In the middle of the conversation, he receives a phone call from Lila, whom quickly tries to pin the bounty scheme on Wolfgang. Fuchs leaves to comfort the frightened Lila.[3]


In Amor Vincit Omnia, Felix delivers a cache of weapons to Wolfgang in Naples, courtesy of Sebastian Fuchs, who Felix explains "is a firm believer in the moral necessity of revenge", and who hopes Wolfgang will neutralize Lila Facchini.

Fuchs claims not to like many people, who he finds selfish, manipulative and dishonest.

We never see Fuchs involved personally in violence, and he claims to be more interested in a higher tier of crime, such as international finance and money-laundering. He speaks in a frank and straightforward manner, without particular emphasis, and without an apparent need to brag or self-aggrandize.





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