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Richard Wilson Croome is a minor character in Season 2 of Sense8. He is Milton Gibbon's superior at BPO and informs him that the year-ago mishap has put a dent in the company's finances and resources. During this meeting (without his knowledge), Whispers was growing close to having his secrets exposed by the Aug. 8 Cluster.


Richard scolds Milton over all the wasted resources that BPO had gifted him the year prior and the Iceland incident that has left a dent in the company. When Milton tried to leave the office, Richard continued to scold him further while commanding him to remain seated during their discussion.[1]

Watching Milton in his quiet chamber speak with Will behind the mirror, a request is made to meet with Croome physically without Milton creeping behind them. When Milton refuses and tried to persuade Croome that the request was far-fetched, Nomi and Will reveal his affair and ask for Jonas Maliki to visit them again. Richard had Milton removed from the premises.

Croome choose to meet Will in a museum, where he tells Will about the history of BPO and how he wishes to return the organization back to its original function. As a token of trust and amends, he offers Will blockers, the same kind used by Whispers, and a handshake. Without warning, an artist believed to be under control of Whispers jabs a sharpened paintbrush into Croome's neck, killing him from blood loss.[2]


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