Raúl Mendez is a Mexican actor that plays the role of Joaquin Flores, the abusive ex-boyfriend of Daniela Velazquez.

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Raul Mendez is considered by many in Mexico as one of the best actors of his generation. Classically trained, he is often referred to as a chameleon, working steadily in film, television and theater.

In Oct 2014, he started working on two Netflix Original Series, taking on totally different characters; An unstable antagonist, Joaquin, on "Sense8" under the direction of James McTeigue and directed & produced by Lana and Andy Wachowski, and President César Gaviria, on "Narcos" produced by José Padilha and Chris Brancato, with multiple directors including fellow Mexican, Oscar winner Guillermo Navarro.

He recently wrapped Texas Rising, playing the role of Juan Seguin, directed by Roland Joffé, and produced by the same team of "Hatfields and McCoys," scheduled to air on the History Channel May 2015.

Raul has worked on many television series in Mexico including "El Señor de los Cielos" Parts 1 & 2, which aired in the U.S. on NBC/Telemundo. The Finale ranked #1 in its time period regardless of language in Los Angeles and Miami, and #1 Spanish-language Program in top markets including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver, among Adults 18-49. It was the #1 Most-Buzzed-About show among Spanish language networks on Twitter. He is still referred to in the streets as his character #Chacorta, a fan favorite.

Raul grew up in Torréon, Mexico and at 15 became a member of the local theatre company. He followed his passion to Mexico City where he got his degree in Dramatic Arts studying and performing with two of Mexico's finest theatre directors Luis de Tavira and José Caballero. He later joined Los Endebles Theatre Company directed by Boris Schoemann, where he began to really develop his craft working in numerous theatrical productions including Michel Marc Bouchard's "Down Dangerous Passes Road" which he says had a profound impact on him because of what the play meant to him and the reaction they received. To this day it remains his favorite. He also did commercial theatre and his last play "No sé si Cortarme las Venas..." was so successful, writer-director, Manolo Caro, turned it into a hit movie with the ensemble cast.

He has worked in more than 30 movies, including "Matando Cabos", where he was nominated for several major awards, and "KM 31" one of Mexico's top grossing films. He also participated in several American projects shot on location in Mexico, including "For Greater Glory" sharing scenes with Andy Garcia, and with Martin Sheen in "The Kid." He won the role of Ferroq in "The Legend of Zorro" at the age of 27, when director Martin Campbell having auditioned many older actors for the role of the antagonist, saw his taped audition. He asked Raul if he would shave his head and gain weight, and the part was his. Raul's first English-speaking role on television was in "Time of The Butterflies" starring and produced by Salma Hayek.

His film "The Incident" directed by Isaac Ezban, is on the 2004 Festival circuit, having participated at the Austin Fantastic Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival. At Cannes' Midnight Gala presentation, a reviewer called it one of the most intriguing Mexican films of the year. The film has its Mexican Premiere in the Los Cabos International Film Festival when it competes as First Feature. Raul's next film "Visitantes" premieres in Mexico City December, 2014.

Known as a disciplined actor, who is committed to his work, Raul likes to challenge himself and trains regularly. He enjoys doing his own stunts.

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