Puck is a sensate and a chemical engineer. He is an occasional ally to the August 8th Cluster. He has established eye contact connections with Riley Blue and with Sun Bak.

Biography Edit

Puck seems to be obsessed with having intercourse with other sensates. He says that he is a lover, and will always join a sensate orgy. He also describes himself as not a fighter, choosing to stay hidden from BPO rather than trying to fight it. Puck claims to have establish eye contact connection with 387 other sensates. Puck is also interested in Lito's movies.

He has confirmed connections with Riley Blue, whom he met through a mutual friend when she was attempting to confirm the safety of the blockers she received, and with Sun Bak, when Riley called him to the scene of an automobile crash in which Sun needed assistance in escape.

Polyphony Edit

Vincent introduces Puck to Riley as Riley is seeking for a chemist. At their first time meeting, Puck admits to Riley that he is a fan of hers and have been at her concerts multiple times. Puck asks Riley where she got the blockers, but Riley says she can't tell him. Kala, through Riley, asks Puck more information about the blockers, asking Puck to test it on her blood; Puck grabs a syringe and asks Riley if she has more shows in Amsterdam, to which she says she does not. Riley denies that her legal issues are anything serious. Puck recites a line form Lito's movies that accurately depicts his lifestyle.

Fear Never Fixed Anything Edit

Puck makes a cameo as Riley performs. It is here that he and Riley establish a connection, due to Puck being off his blockers.

Isolated Above, Connected Below Edit

Puck visits Riley in the abandoned building she is staying with Will. Throughout his visit, he constantly makes sexual advances towards Riley while also telling her that he does not trust Will or her right away. He also tells her that he self-crafts the blockers himself and that he is not one to join into fights. Before departing, Puck licks Riley's cheek and he goes on his way.

You Want a War? Edit

Puck answers Riley's call for help and takes Sun away from the scene. Later at a sex hotel, he ooks at himself at mirror and starts talking to Riley and Sun. They shush Puck when he talks, as they are watching news about Joong-Ki. Puck states the he wants to have intercourse for saving Sun. Sun cracks his toe in order to keep him quiet. Puck goes into the corner and starts talking to a sex doll. Riley and Sun slowly approach him. Puck thinks that they are finally going to have sex. Riley asks Puck questions about his connection, added that they need them to fight. Puck says that he is not a fighter, rather a lover. As Puck was about to leave, another sensate visits Puck, warning him that the Cannibal is hunting. He relays this to Riley, Sun, and Will as he leaves.

Personality Edit

Changes his hair a lot.

Relationships Edit

Non-Cluster Sensates Edit

Sutra: Puck's connection to Sutra is not heavily explained. However, it appears that he expresses some form of respect or fright towards her when she unexpectedly visits him in South Korea, informing to return to his daily blockers routine when the Cannibal begins his hunt.

Riley Blue: When he is introduced to Riley in person, he tells her that he has always been a fan of her work and performances. Later, however, Puck expresses perversion, making many sexual advances towards her. Though he did not trust her (or Will) post-concert, he tells her that he self-crafts his own blockers and is always moving, never stuck in one place for too long.

Sun Bak: After establishing eye contact, Sun shares the similar treatment as Riley, as Puck continues to send sexual advances toward her. However, she becomes subtly violent, twisting his digits after several attempts in engaging in intercourse. Quickly, Puck becomes frightful of Sun.

Non-Sensates Edit

Vincent: Puck and Vincent seem to be fairly close.

Skills Edit

  • Chemistry: Puck is shown to be a skilled chemist, asserting to Riley that he is able to produce the blockers that he uses. Also he is likely to be always on the move to avoid being traced, he was first in Amsterdam, then at Riley's concert in London, an episode later he is shown to be in Italy buying goods, then in the last episode he was in Seoul helping Sun.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I think I just picked up the sensate equivalent of an STD."
--Riley to Will about Puck, Isolated Above, Connected Below

"I'm a lover, not a fighter."
--Puck to Riley, Isolated Above, Connected Below

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