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The Old Man of Hoy was a Scottish sensate who served as the Speaker of the Archipelago. He is an ally to the August 8 Cluster through his connection to Riley Blue. He is also an enemy of BPO.


Early Life[]

Mr. Hoy was present during the founding of the Biologic Preservation Organization, as he assisted the founder, Ruth El-Saadawi. He remained a ally to BPO until his eventual withdrawal from the organization after its change of function. He tried to remain hidden from BPO for 30 years by ingesting blockers and hiding in soundproof boxes. Mr. Hoy is not trusting of newly met sensates, as he doesn't know if they're allies or enemies of BPO. Mr. Hoy is also part of the Archipelago.

The Old Man of Hoy's real name is still unknown. Mr. Hoy's alias, Old Man of Hoy, is an enormous rock formation on the coast of Scotland. The two share several similarities as they are both Scottish, and both are part of an archipelago.

Fear Never Fixed Anything[]

Mr. Hoy is present at Riley's concert when Riley was trying find and connect with other sensates. Mr. Hoy looks at Riley as she performs and Riley also looks at him. The two of them establish eye contact with each other. Mr. Hoy briefly visits Riley on the stage. Mr. Hoy is shocked and ends his visit. He leaves immediately.[1]

Isolated Above, Connected Below[]

Mr. Hoy visits Riley again at the train, while Riley is with Will. While Will ingests his blockers, Mr. Hoy states that life on blockers is not life at all. He mentions that he was reckless about last night. Riley introduces herself and Will to Mr. Hoy but Mr. Hoy doesn't believe her. He says that he doesn't trust them as he barely escaped the concert with his frontal lobe, and Riley tells him the same thing. Riley tells Will that Mr. Hoy thinks that the rave was a BPO trap. He shares to Riley that he has been free from BPO for 30 years by blockers and by not trusting others.

Mr. Hoy visits Riley again in Riley and Will's new residence. Riley visits Mr. Hoy, who demonstrates that he is inside a 18-inch thick soundproof box. They asks each other about their recklessness of them in public. Mr. Hoy says that he realized that he's slowly dying from surviving on blockers and boxes. Riley sympathizes with him and she reveals her location to Mr. Hoy, creating trust. Mr. Hoy also reveals his location to Riley, which is in the highlands of Scotland. Mr. Hoy introduces Riley to his friend Kirsty.

Mr. Hoy tells Riley information about BPO. He reveals that he was part of BPO and assisted the founder. Riley asks why they didn't publicly announced the existence of sensates. Mr. Hoy replies that humans are already killing each other, and that they would surely kill off sensates. Mr. Hoy informs her more about BPO and how it changed over the years. Then Riley shows Mr. Hoy a picture of Whispers and asks Mr. Hoy if he knows him. Mr. Hoy reveals that he is part of the Archipelago and compares it to Google, where they can ask and get answers quickly. He asks the Archipelago and receives an answer right away. He tells her that she has to go to Chicago alone to get answers.[2]

I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate[]

Mr. Hoy visits Riley in Chicago. He gives her the address of a church she must go to in order to meet with Carol Cumberland.[3]


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Inside the Cluster[]

  • Angus Stromness:

Non-Cluster Sensates[]

  • Riley Blue: Mr. Hoy is doubtful about meeting Riley at first as he believes that her concert was a trap set by BPO. He begins to trust her when Riley reveals her location to him and in return he shows her his. He educates Riley about their same enemy, BPO. Mr. Hoy also helps Riley get answers that she can't get acquire.


  • Ruth El-Saadawi: Mr. Hoy and Ruth have met before as they are co-workers on BPO. Mr. Hoy knows of Ruth's past and background. He assisted Ruth in drafting charter and guidelines when they were working in BPO.
  • Kirsty Stromness: Kirsty was the wife of Angus Stromness, who was in the same cluster as Mr. Hoy. Mr. Hoy promised to Angus to take care of Kirsty when he died. He describes Kirsty as sweet and considers her a family. Mr. Hoy believes that he's taking care of Kirsty, as Kirsty thinks she's taking care of him.
  • River El-Saadawi:


Memorable Quotes[]

  • "When sapiens feel safe, they're the nicest people you could meet. However, feed their inner demons, frighten them, find reasons for them to divide themselves from otherness, and then watch those selfsame sapiens drop bombs on whole cities, drive planes into buildings and happily herd millions of their own kind into gas chambers."[2]




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