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Obligate Mutualisms is the third episode of the second season and the 15th overall episode of Sense8.


The Sensates make contact with a key figure in the BPO. Ripped from her prison cell, Sun sends out a plea for help. Wolfgang meets an intriguing stranger.



In the interrogation room, Will is taunting Whispers for not looking too well. Whispers admits he underestimated Will. Will updates his cluster, who are enjoying the victory after the longest stakeout of his life. They toast. Whispers tells Will it's been quite a while since "one of us" got to "one of them" as he insists him and Will have more in common with each other than they'll ever have with any sapiens. Will is done bullshitting. He knows how hierarchies work, meaning a Sensate will never be in charge of a company of sapiens. That means Croome is near, and Will wants to see him now. Whispers objects, so Will has Nomi dig up information on Croome. His aunt is sick and he has a mistress named Rita. Whispers briefs the information to Croome behind the glass. Soon after, Croome enters the room. Will uses Whispers to set up a face to face meeting with Croome without Whispers present in Will's head. Whispers refuses to say that last part, so Nomi texts him the demand on his phone. Croome tells Whispers he has exaggerated his value. Whispers promises The Chairman will hear about this right before the guards sedate him and drag him out of the room. Croome asks if that's it. He receives a text that reads "Jonas."

The cluster gathers around Will. He's tired. It all dawns on them that Whispers is gone now. They are free. They put down their drinks and leave the safehouse, walking into the sunlit streets of Amsterdam as they soak in the freedom.


Sun smiles over her experience. Soo-Jin asks if she's all right. Sun replies she is. Soo-Jin says Sun was singing and asks if it was a dream. Sun confirms it was, one about getting out. She tears up.


Lito walks into a meeting with his agent and manager. He's having a great day. He admires the view. He admits Angels didn't do too well, but he has great ideas for the next movie. His team has bad news: the studio pulled the offer. They're invoking the morals clause of the deal. Lito's agent claims the project was shit anyway. They can go after a better deal now. They always refuse offers because Lito is too busy, but now they can look through them. His manager gives him a pile of scripts and asks him to look through them to find something he loves. Lito's agent stresses that Lito is still their guy, but Lito's enthusiasm has faded.


Nomi and Amanita are getting ready for a night out.

At the same time, Sun is fetched from her cell in the middle of the night. Min-Jung finds it suspicious.

Bug compliments Amanita and Nomi as they are heading out. Sun appears and asks Nomi for help.

Nomi and Will appear next to Sun. Will says the guards are not from the prison. Their uniforms are too big and no other guards carry tasers.

Nomi tells Amanita that Sun thinks the guards are going to kill her. "The hell they are," Amanita says. The trio rushes to their computers.

Nomi informs Sun they are in the prison's systems and have eyes on her. A camera powers down as Sun is taken into the room monitored by that camera. Sun, also channeling Wolfgang, tries to break free, but she's tasered down and dragged into the room. In there, one of the fake guards ties a rope around her neck as she's tasered again. The shock spreads to Nomi and Capheus, who has to stop driving. One of the guards starts pulling the rope to hang Sun. She again attempts to break free, but she's electrocuted once again. This time, Kala also feels it and falls down at work. The attackers pulls the rope, effectively hanging Sun while the rest of her cluster starts choking as they trade places. Angelica appears as Sun is on the brink of death. Suddenly, the guy holding the rope is impaled and he lets go of the rope. The cluster gasps for air. One of the attackers finds that his taser is jammed, giving the cluster a chance at escaping. While one of the guards makes sure Min-Jung, who impaled the attacker with the stick of her brush, doesn't move, Sun, Will, and Wolfgang start attacking the other guard and manage to overpower him. The final guard uses his taser but accidentally electrocutes the guard. Sun then jumps him and snaps his neck with her legs.

The cluster recovers with their friends and colleagues worrying over them. Sun removes the rope from her neck and thanks Min-Jung. Min-Jung says that she recognized the look in the guards' eyes from her husband, who thought he could do what he wanted to her. Like her husband, the fake guards won't make that mistake again.

Nomi assures Bug and Amanita she's alright as the cluster checks up on Sun. The cluster wonders what to do now. Bug owns the prison's alarm system. Channeling Will, Sun takes off her handcuffs. Min-Jung says they can only extend her sentence, which is no threat to her. She will take responsibility for this. Sun says she can also come with her. Min-Jung asks where to. Sun retrieves keys from one of the dead attackers and says jailbreak.

They make their way out of the building. Sun sneaks up on a smoking guard and knocks him unconscious.

They keep moving to a prison bus. Capheus hotwires it, and Sun gets in the driver's seat. A guard tells Sun that the bus's departure is not on the schedule. Sun hesitates, and Lito chats with the guard about how unreliable their scheduling is. Nomi and Bug hack the prison system to give the bus clearance to leave. Sun drives to a parking lot, and Wolfgang, Capheus, and Will look for the best car to steal. Wolfgang uses a tool to unlock the car. Min-Jung asks Sun how a banker's daughter learned how to steal cars. Sun says that she learned her skills in another life. The cluster wonders where Sun should go when Min-Jung tells Sun that she has a trustworthy friend living nearby.


Wolfgang and Felix visit Sebastian Fuchs and look around his home. He introduces them to Lila Facchini. Lila looks at Wolfgang and goes to get paperwork to negotiate for the club. While she is out of the room, Wolfgang sees and feels her touching him. When she comes back into the room, the other version of her doesn't stop.

Later, they eat, and Lila asks Wolfgang if he's played outside of his cluster before. She sits on his lap and makes out with him while he eats. He wonders how he can feel her touching him if he's not touching himself. She says that she's the 'something else' he thinks of while masturbating. Sebastian continues talking about money laundering.


Capheus tries to buy fresh water from Ken. Ken tells him that prices have gone up because of election season.


Lito, Hernando, and Daniela look at apartments. They visit one that is too small for their tastes, then look at an expensive one with a nice balcony. Lito blames himself for not saving more money. Hernando wishes that he had taken a job as a museum curator and paid more of his share. Lito tells him that what's important is that he's teaching, which is what he loves. Daniela is excited about the bathtub they could all fit into and tells them that they could afford the apartment if she gave her own apartment up. She apologizes for assuming that she'll stay with them, but Lito and Hernando tell her that the roomy bathtub must be a sign.


Sun and Min-Jung buzz into Min-Jung's friend's apartment. She ushers them in. Later, she cooks them food and talks about her husband's old gambling habit that killed him. She started smuggling drugs to pay off her debt, but she was caught.

Will Gorski and Riley Blue

Will and Riley stake out the train station where Jonas wanted to meet them. Will sees Jonas with wires in his head and swears. Jonas appears next to Will while Riley watches. Jonas tells Will that he saw his late father at the train station. Jonas reveals that his father died of cancer surrounded by 80 of his children and that any gender can give birth to a cluster at any time in their lives and that there are thousands or tens of thousands of sensates in the world and the population is increasing. He tells the cluster about the genetic variables Angelica studied and that the rest of his cluster is gone. Angelica's first cluster made her happy. Todd didn't want to be sensate and wanted to be fixed. Jonas also mentions a Mexican reporter called Raoul. Lito tells him that he knew Raoul too. Will asks about the internal struggle in BPO. Jonas tells him not to trust any of them before his visit is over.

Later, they meet Croome. He talks about Rembrant and how the BPO was founded by someone who believed that humans and sensates needed each other. It changed after 9/11, when sensates were deemed a threat. Croome says that he wants to change BPO's direction and gives Will psi-blockers. They shake hands, and Whispers appears and kills Croome and then attacks Will. After a short fight, Will gets the upper hand and Wispers kills the person he took over.



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 51 minutes and 15 seconds, making it the shortest episode of the season.
  • The title originates from Croome telling Will about Ruth El-Sadaawi's belief that Homo sapiens and Homo sensorium are obligate mutualisms, depending on each other for survival.
  • The scene where Sun is hanged was filmed on a stage in BerlinJamie Clayton found it emotionally very hard to shoot and couldn't watch her castmates do it.[1]
  • The train station pictured is in the city of The Hague (Netherlands), "Den Haag CS". The old station (with Jonas' father) is actually the former Amsterdam stock exchange, "Beurs van Berlage."


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