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Magnus Þórsson is the deceased husband of Riley and the father of their daughter Lúna. It is revealed in flashbacks that he died in a car crash on the way to the hospital, in a blizzard in Iceland. He also appears as a hallucination to Riley while she is transferred to a BPO facility.



In high school, Magus fell in love with Riley Gunnardottir; one day, he arrived on campus, riding a horse to escort her away. Soon, the two wed and conceived a child.[1]


During a blizzard in Reykjavik, Magnus drove his car in the harsh snow, while Riley experienced great pain and discomfort in the passenger seat. When she drew cold, he unbuckled his seat belt and voluntarily gave her his jacket, citing he was hot-blooded. Groaning in extreme pain, Magnus wished to check on her; the car dragged to the side and flipped over the piled snow, crashing alongside the mountainside. Magnus's skull fractured, as he was tossed against the windshield.

While heavily sedated and unconscious, Riley continued to have visions of Magnus Thorrson by her side, calling for her to reunite with him in the afterlife.[2]


Magnus Thorrson has appeared as a generous spirit and a charm. He often expressed compassion towards his wife Riley Gunnardottir and soon-to-be child Luna. In his final hours alive, he hoped to brace the storm and bring Riley to the closest hospital for the delivery.


  • Magnus Thorsson's tombstone lists his date of birth to be the thirteenth day of April 1985, while his final day being the twelfth day in January 2008. This places his age to be 22.
    • Likewise, the day of birth and death of his daughter Lúna Magnúsdóttir to be on the same day of his own death.



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