Lobotomy is an operation where a section of the patient's prefrontal cortex is removed. The patient is left in a vegetative state, with no personality and reduced motor control.


Lobotomies are frequently used by BPO in order to neutralize sensates. In season one, Nomi escapes a hospital before Dr. Metzger is able to perform the procedure on her. Later in the same season, Riley is kidnapped by Whispers and taken to a BPO facility to the lobotomy procedure, but is rescued by Will.

Dr. Metzger had previously performed several lobotomies, including on Niles Bolger. In many cases, Metzger's patients died from the procedure.[1]

Whispers performed a lobotomy on Sara Patrell. It is unknown whether she survived the procedure, but showrunner J. Michael Stracyznski confirmed her eventual death.[2]

Remote Control Edit

A successful lobotomy seems to allow for "remote control" by an experienced sensate. In one episode, Whispers is able to take control of the body of a vegetative Niles Bolger, just like a sharing connection (despite the fact that Whispers is not from the same cluster as Niles). Whispers uses the body of Niles to murder Dr. Metzger, then forces the body to shoot itself.[1] Whispers performed the same operation on Todd McCarver and eventually used his body to perform a massacre in a mosque before being arrested and hanging himself in his cell.


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