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In the end, we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts.
— Lito Rodriguez[src]

Lito Rodriguez is a main character in both the first and second seasons of Sense8, portrayed by Miguel Silvestre. He is a gay actor living with his boyfriend Hernando Fuentes in Mexico City.

Upon his secret relationship being revealed to his beard Daniela Velazquez, Lito houses her from her abusive boyfriend Joaquin Flores, though he soon meets with him during his filming. Focused heavily on keeping his love behind closed doors, an altercation leads to blackmail that quickly divides Lito from Dani and Hernando. Venting through drinks, Lito decides to become a true action star, rescuing Dani from Joaquin, and making amends with Hernando.

After his sexuality is made public, Lito spirals deeper into a depression over his image being limited and his career down to minor stereotypes in films. In an effort to start over and well, he auditions for a movie directed by Kit Wrangler in Los Angeles.


Early Life[]

Lito Rodriguez was birthed by Estella Rodriguez, surrounded by his aunts, who all performed the birth and viewed a televised drama. Growing up, Lito often watched the dramas alongside his family and desired to be an actor. However, the roles he persued were difficult to seek while open about his sexuality. As a result, he insisted to his boyfriend, Hernando Fuentes, that their relationship remain a secret.[1]

Lito's father was from Bilbao, Spain, where he taught dancing.

Season One[]

Lito is first seen shooting a scene in his latest movie, where he plays Tino el Caido. Lito's migraine and connection to his fellow sensates have him forgetting his lines. The director complains about his visions and clumsiness, and they take a break.

Later, he is rehearsing his lines in his dressing room and tries to get back into character, and during this Lito is aroused, due to Nomi having sex back in San Francisco. His co-star, Cassandra, comes in and asks if everything is okay. She then notices his bulge and comes onto Lito but he stops her and says that his heart belongs to another. The actress says that his lover is a very lucky woman and leaves.[2]

I Am Also A We[]

Lito arrives at the premiere of his latest movie with Daniela, his co-star. A news reporter wonders if they are seeing each other, and they simply state that they are good friends.

That night, Lito and Daniela are walking together. They discuss how easy it is for Lito to lie. Daniela tries inviting Lito to her apartment, but he refuses. Daniela, however, doesn't seem to be disheartened. Lito goes home and wakes up his boyfriend, Hernando. They talk about Lito's day, and Hernando complains about not going to Lito's premieres with him. Lito states he has no need to be jealous because he already has his heart.

While Hernando and Lito sleep, they are woken up by a door bell. Lito sees Daniela at the door and but refuses to let Daniela enter. Eventually Daniela enters his aparment and tries to seduce him. Lito tries to get her to leave but fails. Daniela heads for his bedroom and Lito chases her to stop her. Hernando is there, however, and states that she can't be with Lito because he is gay. Lito still tries to hide is sexuality by telling Daniela that Hernando is his friend and was only joking. Daniela is enthusiastic about this and opens her bottle of wine. She declares that she will help Lito deflect rumors about his sexuality, in exchange for staying with them. Lito and Hernando are confused, and Daniela climbs into their bed as they all take a sip of their wine.[3]

Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch[]

The following morning, Lito and Hernando watch a scene from one of Lito's shows. Hernando reenacts and complains the actress is ruining his lines then they kiss. Daniela interrupts them, then they stop kissing. Lito has trouble approaching the subject of Daniela living with them. Hernando finally steps in and says they're not looking for a live-in beard. Daniela admits that she cheated on her boyfriend, Joaquin, and needed a place to lay low. Later, Lito and Daniela are eating out. They talk about what happened between her and Joaquin, and how Joaquin knew her family. They stop when photographers starts taking picture of them.

Lito and the crew film another scene at the church. As he discusses his acting with the director, Lito gets a vision of Riley going up to Shugs' apartment. Lito's connection with Riley snaps and he is introduced to Joaquin. Lito takes Joaquin out for lunch, and Joaquin compliments his acting and the effects of his shows. Joaquin teaches him on the proper technique of cutting throats, demonstrating it on him with his steak knife. He asks if Daniela is happy with Lito, and Lito says she is. Joaquin abruptly leaves and refuses to let Lito pay for their meal. Joaquin says that soon, they all have to pay.[4]

What's Going On?[]

Lito recounts his visit from Joaquin to a skeptical Daniela and Hernando. He is distant and unresponsive to both of them. Hernando gives him ceviche and Lito responds blankly. Hernando appears to be hurt from this and instead gives Daniela ceviche. Daniela compliments his food and they continue talking, leaving Lito by himself.[5]

Art Is Like Religion[]

Lito is getting makeup applied as he complains that he feels bloated. Lito and Sun makes a connection and sees each other on their mirror. They touch each other and tremble, reacting in disbelief. Later, Lito is on set talking with the director. Lito thinks that his character can feel the sadness of the events, but the director tells him the character is full of fire and sexiness. During the shoot, Lito begins to crying, because he is struck by the actress's beauty. His director tells him to lighten up and he apologizes.

After filming, Lito is stuck in traffic, talking to Hernando on his phone. Lito complains of his pain and sadness to Hernando. A driver flips him off and cuts him in traffic and Lito angrily yells at him. Hernando tries to calm him down but Lito gets angry again. Lito yells at a woman who cuts in front of him. Lito then visits Sun and Sun tells him to stop screaming. Lito notices he is in a park in Korea, while Sun appears in his car in traffic. He tells Hernando that he's going crazy, that there is a crying Korean woman in his car. Their connection ends after Lito rear-ends the car in front of him.

Back on the set, Lito continues to ask the director questions about the script. The director tells him to forget about the script and notifies the crew to prepare. Afterwards, Lito is filming a scene for his movie. Lito briefly visits Will. Lito dives across the set, suspended by wires, and starts shooting. Will briefly visits Lito, and is puzzled about his surrounding. Lito continues the scene and shoots the enemies. Finally the director cut the scene and congrulates Lito on his very real and convincing acting. Later, Lito reappears again with Hernando and Daniela, during Kala's wedding.[6]


Lito, Hernando and Daniela are watching a wrestiling match. Hernando analyzes the artistic significance of the match to Daniela. Lito whispers to Daniela that one of the reason that he loved Hernando was because he analyzes everything. Hernando and Daniela begin to interact leaving Lito watching. Lito sees a masked person in the distance, watching him. Later, Lito is being interviewed by a reporter when he and Sun switch places sporadically. When Sun gets ordered to show her genitals, Lito takes over and refuses. The reporter gets confused but Lito recovers, saying that it was an actor's reflex. Lito gets asked about how to be a great lover and delivers an eloquent answer about love.

Afterwards, Lito and Hernando are helping each other work out on their patio. Lito performs a sexy dance for Hernando, as Dani watches. Lito and Hernando begin to kiss and embrace. Will lifts weights and has visions of Lito embracing him. Dani secretly uses her phone to photograph Lito and Hernando, before beginning to masturbate. Lito becomes a part of a sensate orgy and after it was done, he states that he had the best orgasm of his life.[7]

W. W. N. Double D?[]

Lito, Dani and Hernando are eating dinner at a nice restaurant. Lito is extremely nervous about being in public with Hernando. Dani suggests that Hernando pretend to be Lito's bodyguard. A group of girls shows up to take a picture with Lito, and Hernando glowers at them. A group of photographers gets close and Hernando scares them off. Lito and Dani are both impressed with Hernando. Lito and Hernando secretly hold hands and wink.

Back at the apartment lobby, Lito and Hernando embrace. A resident nearly sees them. Laughing, the three return to their apartment. Joaquin is waiting for them, drunk, wearing a Lucha Libre mask. He says that he is the bad guy, but then takes off the mask, and says he is the sad guy. Lito asks him to leave. Joaquin begs to know why Dani left him for Lito. Joaquin then asks to see Lito make love to Dani, to learn from him. Dani moves to call the police and Joaquin tries to stop her. Hernando grabs Joaquin and throws him out. Relieved, Lito says he is "feeling very Whitney Houston" towards Hernando. (a reference to the movie The Bodyguard)

The next morning, Lito is singing the song from The Bodyguard and gives Hernando breakfast. He is about to make love to Hernando when he receives a text message sent from Dani's phone. They realize that Joaquin has stolen Dani's phone and now possesses pictures of Lito and Hernando having sex. Lito is concerned that Joaquin could ruin his career. Daniela takes the blame, saying that she will fix it and leaves their apartment. Lito is worried and screams at the patio.[8]

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts[]

Lito is awakened one night by a phone call. When he answers, he hears the voice of Dani, who informs him that she retreived her phone back. Hernando wakes beside Lito and asks him she is all right. Lito asks about her condition, only to be given a reply not to worry about her, that everything is fine and she fixed their problem. After whispering that she has to go. Lito relays that he does not know if Dani will return but that everything was fixed. Hernando, however, continues to worry about his friend's condition.

Both men are later told to meet in a spot. Lito paces around in circles, wondering what it is that Joaquin wants from them. Hernando suggests that Lito wait in the car; as he was about to walk back, a car arrives at the point, Dani walking towards them with shades covering her eyes. Hernando greets and asks about her well-being as he hands over the bag of her belongings. Though she continues to retort that she is fine, Hernando removes the sunglasses to find her left eye blackened and bruised.

Dani confesses that during the negotiating, she was struck; she agrees that she would marry Joaquin to keep him from harassing Lito. Despite Hernando expressing constant concern for Dani, Lito stands indifferent, never showing care or worry. When he hears a quote from one of his movies, he lightens up. Dani compliments him for his work in said movie and tells him to continue his work. Again, she reminds the boys that she will be fine, putting back on the shades as she wanders back to the car with Joaquin and drives off, leaving Lito and Hernando staring at one another with uneased expressions.

Presumbaly the next day, Lito is on-set, performing the scene to one of his movies. His character walks through a graveyard, to a funeral. He approaches a woman and recites the line, "We will all be judged by the courage of our hearts." The two characters share a kiss was guns are held to their heads. When the director yells cut, Lito requests for a retake. The director refuses, saying that the scene was shot beautifully. He, then, tells Lito that his bodyguard wants to speak with him.

Lito ventures down to Hernando, and the two walk away from the crew so that they can speak privately. Hernando expresses his upset over the events that transpired the nights before. He also wishes that Lito had done something to help her, though Lito reminds him that Dani said the fault was all hers. Hernando informs Lito that he cannot be with someone that lets their friends become hurt to protect his career. quotes the exact line that Lito's character says in the scene recently shot before leaving the area, breaking it off with the actor.[9]

Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye[]

Depressed, Lito spends some time at a bar. He drinks martinis and interacts with the bartender. He tells him that he feels as though he has been living two completely separate worlds, both crashing into one another. Finishing one martini, he asks for another. The bartender asks whether Lito was celebrating or mourning. After replying that he was celebrating, he listens to the bartender; the man says that he knows how it feels to live in two worlds and, after recognizing Lito from the movie The Mirror Has No Heart, comments that he relates to said movie where he had an evil twin. He comments that everyone has a secret self that they hide but wish to bring out. The bartender makes an advance on Lito, but noticing the patrons around him, Lito rejects angrily. He grumps that he was not a faggot before finishing his drinking and leaving the bar.

A new morning, Lito sits in front of a painting in the Diego Riviera Museum. He reminisces about his first date with Hernando and how he listened to him explain that a line from Lito's movie reminded him so much about the museum. Soon, Lito is visited by Nomi. Though Lito tries to keep her away, she stays beside him, saying that she, too, was not in a very great place at the moment. She continues that she was almost killed but worried about Amanita, having no clue where to go and deciding to head back to her apartment. Nomi asks where she was visiting. Lito answers that she was in the Diego Riviera Museum, to which she mentions Diego Riviera's wife, Frida Kahlo. Lito adds that the death of Frida was the worst day in Diego's life, saying that it was when he realized that Kahlo and his love for her was the best thing about his life. Nomi asks if Lito had a boyfriend; he replied, "Not anymore." When she asks what had happened, he answers that it was his cowardice, adding that despite playing heroes in his film, he was too scared to do anything.[10]


Due to all his time spent on movie sets, Lito has a tendency to be a bit overdramatic. He deeply cares for those he loves as shown when he was willing to sacrifice his career to free Daniela from Joaquin.


Inside the cluster[]

  • Nomi Marks: Nomi changes the way Lito thinks about being openly gay, after he shares his first experience with Hernando with her and his fears, by telling him that the worst violence is the one people inflict to themselves and sharing with him her bullied youth.
  • Sun Bak: In Art is like Religion, Lito suffers the emotional effects of Sun's period and they have a quick chat when Sun asks him to stop screaming. Sun and Lito also share an emotional moment while Lito visits Sun, depressed over his agency dropping him, while Sun hides from the authorities in a hotel while planning to kill her brother. Sun helps Lito to realize the good things still in his life, While Lito helps sun to realize it is alright to be emotional. Later Lito helps Sun infiltrate her brother's gala by sharing his bartending skills, and Sun in return helps him to make his audition authentic by drawing on her experience with true loneliness. Although on the surface Sun expresses exhaustion toward Lito's often dramatic outbursts, she has demonstrated that she finds him somewhat endearing.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: He helps Lito by telling him to "fix his mistake" about Hernando leaving him, and later helps him doing so by beating Joaquin in a fight and saving Daniela. When Joaquin appears in Lito's hotel room in Brazil after Pride with Daniella's parents, Wolfgang embodies Lito to stand up against him.
  • Kala Dandekar: When Wolfgang is abducted by Whispers, Kala urgently employs her connection to Lito and the other members of the cluster to help. Moreover, Kala and Lito shared similar problems in their personal lives, which engendered some cross-over between the two. As Kala feels forced into her marriage with Rajan, Lito similarly feels forced to conform to the heteronormative expectations of society. While Kala argues with her husband, Lito embodies her to refute Rajan's belief that Kala's stress derived from the fact that she was fearful of losing her virginity to him.
  • Capheus Onyango: Capheus and Lito share a love of film. Both reminisce about watching movies with their mothers as children, saying that the films made them feel stronger, funnier and more confident, inspiring them to become the men they are today. Lito has referred to Capheus as a friend.
  • Will Gorski: Lito helps Will to find Riley's room during I Can't Leave Her, by charming an employee of Whispers. Lito has often served as comic relief in Will's storylines, notably remind Will of their sensate sexual encounter when they met. Will and Lito seemingly have high regards for one another.
  • Riley Blue: Although Lito and Riley have seldom interacted so far, they may share the same bond as other members from within the August 8th cluster. When Wolfgang is taken, Riley, Lito, and Will breach BPO's London compound to eliminate Whispers. Furthermore, Riley looks to Lito for his counsel when decided whether or not to take the blocker before meeting Carol Cumberland.

Non-Cluster Sensates[]

  • Raoul Pasquale: Raoul and Lito met when Raoul interviewed Lito about his films. The two briefly became lovers. Although Raoul and Lito were both sensates, Lito had not yet been reborn at the time and it is therefore unknown if Raoul and Lito established an eye contact connection. Lito returns to Raoul's home after learning about his sensate status and meets Raoul's father who leads the actor to his ex-lover's bedroom. Behind a poster is a video conveying Whisper's scientific experiments upon other sensates to control them after lobotomization.


  • Estella Rodriguez: During much of Lito's life, the two have lived and grown together. He received a great amount of love, support, and care from Estella to the point that he persued his action star career. When Joaquin released the pornographic images of Lito's private life, Estella continued to embrace her son with unconditional acceptance and cited that she had always known about his sexuality through his excellent dancing talent.
  • Hernando Fuentes: The love of Lito's life. When he and Lito are forced to give Daniela to Joaquin so he won't reveal to the world they are a couple, he breaks up with Lito in disgust, accusing him of giving up his friend to save his career. When Lito gets her back, he forgives him and they get back together. Hernando proves to be a pillar of support and stability in Lito's life, often presenting logical answers to Lito's crises. When Lito's agency drops him due to his sexuality, Daniella and Hernando work tirelessly to secure him a role in the Hollywood movie Iberian Dreams. In Los Angeles, Lito does not feel at home in its acting scene, yet Hernando lifts his spirits. To date, it is unclear if Hernando knows about Lito's sensate status. As Wolfgang was tortured by Whispers, Lito bled from the mouth and collapsed, an event that may have forced the actor to explain his abilities to Hernando.
  • Daniela Velasquez: Lito's beard, and later his good friend and roommate. Lito defends Daniela against her abusive, stalker-like, ex-boyfriend. She accepts his and Hernando's relationship, even going so far as to be turned on by it, and is an advocate for them. After Joaquin blackmails Lito to get Daniela back, resulting in Hernando breaking up with him , he later saves her thanks to Wolfgang's fighting skills. After Lito's agency drops him following his public coming out, Daniela becomes his agent, securing him an audition for the Hollywood film, Iberian Dreams.
  • Joaquin Flores: After learning that Dani had been living with Lito, the two men quickly became rivals, Lito's la parca negra. The two always clash whenever it comes to who has the right to be with Dani, both engaging in fights whenever they see one another.



  • Acting: Lito's skill is often channeled when emotional deception or stalling is needed.
  • Flair Bartending: Lito learned how to flair bartend while preparing for a role in one of his films. He spent six months training with the best bartenders in Mexico. This skill ultimately aided Sun into infiltrating Joong-Ki Bak's gala event as a bartender.


  • Love Has No Boundaries But Death
  • The Passion of the Sinner
  • Even Angels Must Earn Their Wings
  • Our Father Who Art In Hell
  • Forgive Us Our Trespasses
  • Crimes of the Innocent
  • The Devil Died At Dawn
  • Bloodstained Tequila
  • The Price of Life Is Death
  • The Root of All Evil
  • The Mirror has No Heart
  • El Hijastro del Diablo jamás pide Clemencia


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"First, you have to be selfless. The pleasure of your lover must become your own. But at the same time you must also remain... selfish, because wanting someone so much that it feels the same as the need... to eat or to breathe. This is where desire becomes love, I guess." to a reporter in Demons.

"All afternoon, he was telling me stories about the art here.  Hernando can talk about football, about wrestling, about paintings with such a passionate love. You’ll discover that Hernando thinks a lot about everything. That’s what I love about him." to Nomi about Hernando in Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye.

"Our first kiss was over there in the bathroom. It was a religious experience for me. I went to my knees and I took him into my mouth like I was taking the Holy Communion." to Nomi about Hernando in Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye.

"I miss your voice. I have all these voices in my head, but yours it’s the only one I can’t live without." to Hernando's voice mail in Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye.

"You ask me if I want another? Then I want two. Two double tequilas. Tequila squared." to a bartender in Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye.

"Hernando, please, I lost a flip flop." to Hernando's voice mail in Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye.

"Oh yeah. We had sex." to Will Gorski when he asks him if they know each other in I Can't Leave Her.

"Lying is easy. It's what I do." to Wolfgang in What Is Human.


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