This is a list of connections between sensates that occurred in Sense8.

Season 1Edit

Ep. 1: "Limbic Resonance"Edit

  • Jonas > Angelica: Jonas visits Angelica as she is about to commit suicide.
  • Whispers > Angelica: Whispers visits Angelica simultaneously with Jonas, telling her she can't go through with the suicide. Whispers and Jonas cannot see each other.
  • Riley > Will: Will hears the music Riley is playing in the club.
  • Wolfgang > Kala: Kala hears rain and thunder from Wolfgang's grandfather's funeral.
  • Capheus > Sun: The chicken Capheus receives as payment for a bus ride appears in Sun's office.
  • Riley > Nomi: Riley finds herself in Nomi's place, with Amanita in the park during Pride.
  • Will > Wolfgang: Wolfgang hears the sirens from Will's police car as he's trying to open the safe.
  • Wolfgang > Riley: Riley hears the clicking from the safe Wolfgang is trying to open.
  • Will > Riley: Riley hears the sirens from Will's police car.
  • Riley > Will: Riley finds herself in Will's body in Chicago as she gets high on DMT. Will sees her outside his car window.
  • Riley > Will: Riley visits Will in the church Angelica killed herself, and they have a conversation.
  • Will > Riley: Will visits Riley in London briefly as the men around her start shooting.

Ep. 2: "I Am Also A We"Edit

  • Capheus > Nomi: Capheus visits Nomi at the San Francisco Pride.
  • Riley/Nomi: Nomi visits Riley in London as she is singing to herself, and Riley visits Nomi in the hospital in San Francisco.
  • Wolfgang > Kala: Kala feels the heat from Wolfgang's vigorous sex.
  • Kala > Wolfgang: Wolfgang strongly craves indian food due to the food at Kala's engagement party.
  • Kala/Wolfgang: Wolfgang sees Kala while he's eating in a restaurant, and Kala sees him from her balcony.
  • Riley/Will: Riley and Will see the other as their own reflection in the mirror.
  • Riley > Nomi: Nomi hears knocks on her door in the hospital, that came from Riley's apartment.

Ep. 3: "Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch"Edit

  • Sun/Will: Sun and Will, reading each their file, briefly see the other's file. Sun visits Will's apartment.
  • Lito/Riley: Briefly visit each other when talking about betrayal.
  • Will/Capheus: Visit each other when picking up handguns.
  • Capheus > Sun: Capheus visits Sun asking for help with the gangsters
  • Sun > Capheus: Sun controls Capheus to beat up the gangsters.

Ep. 4: "What's Going On?" Edit

  • Capheus > Wolfgang: While trying on shoes, Wolfgang's feet feel strange as Capheus walks through the forest.
  • Nomi > Wolfgang: At dinner with Felix, Wolfgang briefly hallucinates Nomi's wristcuffs from the hospital on his hands.
  • Will/Sun: Will visits Sun as she is walking through the sex club and they both disarm the attacker holding a gun to Sun's head.
  • Sun/Will: When speaking to another officer, Will says "it's good to see you" in Korean.
  • Jonas/Will: Will learns about visiting and steps in Jonas's cell. Jonas tells him to save Nomi.
  • Will/Nomi: Will watches Nomi be wheeled past him to surgery.
  • Riley > Kala: Kala briefly wakes up in Riley's bed and hears Riley's friend Shugs having sex.
  • All the Aug 8 cluster: everyone hears the song "What's going on?" as Riley plays it on her iPod and sings along.
  • Kala/Wolfgang: visit each other while singing
  • Will> Nomi: Will wakes up in Nomi's body on the gurney, and uses the metal of the needle to unlock the handcuffs and help Nomi escape.

Ep. 5: "Art is like Religion" Edit

  • Sun/Lito: Lito experiences Sun's period cramps. Lito visits Sun's apartment and Sun visits Lito's trailer.
  • Riley/Capheus: Riley visits Capheus in Kenya, and Capheus visits her in London. They remark on the wildly different temperatures.
  • Sun/Lito: Lito begins crying in his car, channeling Sun's distress. They visit each other's locations.
  • Will/Nomi: Will calls Nomi's mother, looking for information on her wherebouts. While speaking to her, he inhabits Nomi's body, and she hears what her mother is saying.
  • Kala/Nomi: Kala's father cooks for her, and Nomi remarks that her coffee suddenly tastes much more sugary.
  • Kala/Wolfgang: While Wolfgang is at a club and Kala is in her bedroom, they hear each other and understand what the other is saying, even though Kala is speaking Hindi and Wolfgang is speaking German. Kala recognizes Wolfgang's voice from the sing-along the day before but believes it was a dream. Wolfgang says "I can't see you" in Hindi.
  • Will/Lito: When Will knocks on a suspect's door, he sees Lito instead. They visit each other's stressful situations- Will on the hunt for a perp, Lito while filming a shooting scene in his movie.
  • Capheus/Sun: Visit each other while walking down the street in their hometowns, and understand each other despite speaking Swahili or Korean. They talk about their mothers and difficult choices ahead.
  • Sun/Kala: While walking to her wedding, Kala briefly visits Sun as she hands her dog to her teacher. Sun briefly sits in Kala's chair as she is carried to the wedding ceremony.
  • Wolfgang/Kala: Wolfgang appears naked at the end of Kala's wedding ceremony, telling her she should not marry Rajan because she doesn't love him. She faints, then Wolfgang faints as well.

Ep. 6: "Demons" Edit

  • Riley/Will: Will and Riley visit each other in bars in Chicago and London. Will enters his phone number and tells Riley to call him. The phone rings and they speak over the phone, proving the connection.
  • Sun/Nomi: As Sun is about to turn herself in, she sees Nomi.
  • Will > Riley: As Riley is being suffocated, Will takes over her body and fights off the attackers, simultaneously hitting and kicking police buddies at the bar he is actually in.
  • Wolfgang/Kala: Wolfgang appears, again naked, in Kala's bed the next morning, and she accuses him of being a demon. He answers that he's wanted her from the moment he saw her, and he senses that she feels the same.
  • Lito/Will/Wolfgang/Nomi: Have an orgy. WTF?
  • Riley > Sun: After almost dying, Riley visits Sun in prison. Riley is sitting in front of a stone bench that reads "I have conversed with the spiritual sun." Sun smokes a hash cigarette through Riley.

Ep. 7: "W.W. N. Double D.?" Edit

  • Kala/Wolfgang: As Kala is praying to Ganesha, they meet once more, simultaneously outdoors in India and during a downpour at a cafe in Berlin. Wolfie asks if the connection is a miracle, and Kala says she believes that's the appropriate term.

Ep. 8: "We will All be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts" Edit

  • Nomi/Kala: They both had the same feeling of "when everyone is laughing at the movies and you can't". Metaphorically for Nomi and literally for Kala
  • Kala/Wolfgang: Kala visits Wolfgang in the hospital where Felix is. Wolfgang talks about how he and Felix met and how close they are. Wolfgang mentions that he is a "brother by choice" which he says is much more stronger than blood.
  • Riley/Will: Riley visits Will's home. Will visits Riley's childhood home. They each mentioned thay they could visit each other's places.
  • Will/Nomi: They each help other out in figuring out the connection of Whispers in the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) along with Dr. Metzger. They both bring up that what the other person's doing is illegal.
  • Sun & Will > Nomi: Will is going to the Captain's room and can't help Nomi. Sun wakes up in her prison cell and controls Nomi's body for combat against BPO with help from Will's tactic. Nomi escapes.
  • Capheus > Nomi: While on the chase, Nomi went inside a car but she doesn't know how to drive. Capheus takes over and controls the car and they escape.

Ep. 9: "Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye" Edit

  • Riley/Yrsa
  • Will/Jonas
  • Riley/Will
  • Lito/Nomi

Season 2 Edit

Ep. 1 "Happy F*cking New Year" Edit

  • Birthday Celebrations: All the sensates visit each other's respective locations to listen to music and dance together.
  • Sun > Wolfgang: When Sun is kicking the wall, in the next scene Wolfgang says "It feels like I'm hitting a wall."
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