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Limbic Resonance is the season premiere of the first season and the series premiere of Sense8. The episode is directed by the Wachowskis and written by the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski.


Eight strangers from cities around the globe begin having experiences that defy explanation.



In the middle of an abandoned church, a woman, Angelica, lies on top of a mattress surrounded by debris. It is clear she is in great pain; she pulls out a revolver and a metal box underneath the debris . She then begins fumbling through the box, trying to find her stash of drug. When she doesn't find any, she reaches up and her lover, Jonas, takes her hand. Jonas visits Angelica to comfort and hold Angelica in his arms. She asks him for more "medicine", but he tells her that it has to be now. Jonas reminds her that she was the strongest of them, before warning her that "they" will be hunted, and only Angelica can give them a fighting chance of survival. Suddenly, she lies on the mattress, and sees visions of eight people across the world.

  • Lito Rodriguez is in Mexico City, Mexico, where he enters a church with a gun.
  • Riley Blue, an Icelandic DJ, plays a set in London, England, in a club called KOKO.
  • Sun Bak, a Korean businesswoman in Seoul, practices tai chi outdoors.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow, a German locksmith and safe-cracker, is at a club in Berlin.
  • Will Gorski, an American police officer, makes his rounds in Chicago.
  • Kala Dandekar, an Indian pharmacist in Mumbai, walks through an office building.
  • Capheus Onyango, a Kenyan bus driver in Nairobi, prepares for his day.
  • Nomi Marks, an American hacker and political blogger, injects herself with her hormone treatments in her bathroom in San Francisco.

Each of them sees Angelica as well, standing before them, although no one else in their surroundings can.

After a moment, Angelica gasps and collapses into Jonas’s arms, and he congratulates her. Angelica tells Jonas to protect them, meaning the 8 people in her vision. A man called Whispers, someone who Angelica seems to be evading. Whispers visits Angelica and finds out that she has been using drugs to hide from him. Whispers notes that she's giving birth. Jonas and Whispers are both accompanying Angelica but Jonas and Whispers can not see each other, only Angelica can. Jonas tells Angelica to remember what Whispers has done, and Whispers tells Angelica to let Jonas know that he’s looking forward to meet him. She tells Jonas that she loves him, and Whispers asks her if he knows that she’s lying.

Angelica prepares to kill herself, and when Jonas tells her that he's staying with her, she insists to him that she can’t do it if he’s there. As she prepares to shoot herself, Whispers mocks her, confident she won't do it and claiming that she will go home with him. The real Whispers and his men enter the abandoned church, and he tells her to put the gun down but she refuse. She puts the gun in her mouth and Whispers orders her men to stop Angelica, but she pulls the trigger before they reached her, killing herself.


A young Will runs through the forest, called on by a girl. He catches a glimpse of her, begging him for help, and she enters an ancient manor. Will goes in after her and the girl points down a hallway. Will becomes his adult self and follows the girl, and comes to Angelica’s corpse in the empty church. She comes to life and sits up, and then kills herself again with the gun in her mouth. Will panics and grabs his gun after he awakens. Gasping, he realizes he was dreaming and he clutches at his head then he immediately hears loud rave music in his apartment which is from Riley performing in London.

Will goes into his bathroom to look in the medicine cabinet. However, when he grabs the bottle of aspirin, he hesitates for a moment before tossing it into the bin. Very loud club music is playing from the apartment next door, and Will, frustrated by the fact that he's been awakened in the middle of the night, goes over and knocks to tell them to turn it down. He leaves his apartment and knocks on his neighbor's door believing that the noise was coming from them, but no one was answering. Will threatens his neighbor that the police is ordering to open up, when no one still answered, he breaks in inside his neighbor's apartment only to see that it was empty, and no music is being played in there.


In London, Riley is playing a set in KOKO, a London club, as her boyfriend, Jacks, and Nyx admire her musical talents. Afterward, Riley meets with her manager, Jacks Riles, and his partner Nocker. Jacks congratulates her on her great night of DJing and introduces her to a man named Nyx. When they invite her to go out with them, Riley complains that she has a migraine, and Jacks tells her to tell Nyx about her vision. Nyx says that he understands what she's talking about, but Riley dismisses it claiming that it was just too many drugs. Riley then remembers her vision about Angelica's suicide.


In Mexico City, a bloody Lito enters a church with a gun and approaches the padre. The nun begs Lito to stop but he pushes her away and tells the priest that he came to kill him. The priest complains that they’re going off-script and the director calls cut, revealing that this was all filming for a movie. The crew takes five, and the director asks Lito why he has been having visions of suicidal angels and is forgetting his lines lately. Lito says that he’s not feeling like himself, and the director tells his lover that Lito needs to be his character, Tino El Caido.


In Seoul, the secretary tells Sun that her brother’s assistant called to say that Joong-Ki still isn’t there. She informs Sun that Mr. Yuen has arrived, and Sun meets with the man in the conference room. She introduces herself and Yuen asks where her brother is and Sun replies that he is still absent. Yuen insists that he’s there to close a business deal and remarks that women aren't meant for business. As Yuen chuckles at his sexist joke, Sun clenches her fist and tries to keep in control. Joong-Ki then arrives and enters the conference room, greeting Yuen like friends. She suddenly gets a vision that she's at the church with Angelica , who starts to rise into a seated position on the mattress. Back in the real world, Joong-Ki tells Sun to get them some coffee before leading Yuen away.


Nocker claims that when his sister died, his nieces could somehow sense it had happened when they were nowhere near their mother. Nyx calls it Limbic Resonance and goes on to talk about a drug called DMT, which he claims can allow users to see their births, deaths, etc.


In Mumbai, Kala is leaving the family restaurant and starts searching for an umbrella when she hears the sounds of rain and thunder outside. When she notices the umbrellas are missing, she asks her father Sanyam about it, as she doesn’t want to look a mess for her meeting; however, Sanyam points out that it’s a sunny day. This surprises Kala, who insists that she heard thunder, but her father says that she might want to take some time off, since her wedding is approaching, believing that its the reason for her migraine and confusion. Despite his suggestion, Kala insists that her job is important. Sanyam tells her that maybe it was his tears thinking he has to give her daughter away and then kala hugs her dad before leaving.


Felix, Wolfgang, and Steiner at the funeral.

In Berlin, Wolfgang is at his grandfather's funeral. He is shown taking aspirin for his migraine and his friend, Felix, asks if he's okay but Wolfgang shrugs it off. Once it is over, He and his relatives, walking their way to the cemetery for his grandfather's burial. While walking, his cousin, Steiner, boasts that he’s going to make a big score, and that while the two of them will always be petty thieves. Steiner is unaware that Wolfgang and Felix had already made plans to steal it first.


In Nairobi, Capheus tends to his mother Shiro, who is sick with AIDS. He massages her hand while she asks why he is good, and Capheus replies that she is his only mother and that she gave light and love to his heart. Then he gives her mother her medicine and kisses her on the forehead. He tells his mother that he has a feeling that he’s going to have a really good day. Capheus then leaves to drive his matatu called Van Damn, and prepares for the day's business.


In San Francisco, Nomi and her girlfriend Amanita make love. Afterwards, Amanita asks if that helped Nomi with her migraine and they kiss passionately. Sean texts and asks Amanita if she can work the charity box during the Pride festival, and she assures Nomi that it’s for a good cause.


Back in Mexico City, Lito is vocalizing and practicing his character in his trailer and during this time, he is visibly aroused. Struggling to focus on practicing due to his migraine and being aroused, he asks for a diet coke and starts rubbing his bulge onto furniture in his trailer. Cassandra, one of his co-stars, suddenly knocks and enters his trailer to check if he was alright. Lito says that everything is fine and assures her that it wasn’t her fault. Then Cassandra notices Lito is visiby aroused and tries to advance. Lito rejects her advances, however, and states he is already with someone else. Cassandra, his co-star, comments that his lover is a very lucky woman.


In Berlin, Wolfgang offers his condolences to his aunt and uncle. They tell Wolfgang while he's here he should pay his respects to his father, who is buried in the same cemetery as his grandfather. Wolfgang reluctantly walks over to his father Anton’s grave, but the sight of it makes him so angry that he unbuttons his trousers and urinates on the grave before he leaves.


Capheus and the other competing bus drivers pick up customers, and his friend Jela tries to get more customers while Capheus waits in the driver's seat. Noticeably more people are entering their competitor's than theirs. Jela is interrupted by their passenger, hurrying to leave but Jela convinces the passenger that they'll arrive on time. Jela tells Capheus that they need to start driving because their passengers are getting impatient, but Capheus refuses, stating that they need more passengers. Jela insists that they need a Facebook page and notices that their competitor and their bus, named Bat Van, are bringing in plenty of customers. Capheus wonders if their idol, Jean-Claude Van Damme, is no longer famous enough to get them customers, but Jela assures him that he is, and Capheus tells him to get some customers, as their bus is only half-full. A man comes aboard the bus, but admits that he has no money. When Jela insists that everyone must pay, the man offers him a live chicken for fare, and Jela reluctantly takes it.


Sun is working at her desk when she suddenly sees a chicken in front of her on the desktop, which startles her so much that she yelps loudly. It disappears as suddenly as it came, and Sun looks around in shock while she recovers. Just then, her assistant calls to say that Mr. Jong from Seoul Citibank is on the line again. Sun tells her to tell Jong that she’s out and nervously glances over at a red folder.


As Riley was about to leave the building, she briefly sees Angelica in the hallway before disappearing quickly. Riley walks down the streets of London, then Jacks catches up to her and informs her that Nyx has invited them all to his place. Riley begs off, reminding him that her headache is killing her, and takes a rain check for the next day. As they talk, Riley briefly finds herself in San Francisco with Amanita, eating a burrito, while two men dressed as fairies dance around them.


In San Francisco, Amanita and Nomi are at the LGBT Pride festival, where they're having lunch in the park while two men dressed as fairies dance around them. They talk about the first time they kissed after getting high on marijuana brownies at a previous year's Pride festival, and end up buying brownies from the fairies in honor of their anniversary.

2017-05-20 (30)

A woman verbally attacks Nomi at Pride

Nomi has a flashback to a previous Pride festival, when Amanita introduced her to some feminist women she's friends with, one of whom was a lesbian complaining that Nomi, as a trans woman, was just another man trying to encroach in women's spaces. Amanita defended Nomi so passionately that Nomi started to cry, and when Amanita asked her why she was crying, Nomi admitted that it wasn't because of what the woman said, but that she has never had anyone fight for her like that before. Then Amanita kisses and hugs Nomi.

In the present, Nomi informs Amanita that was the day that she knew she would always love her.

2017-05-20 (34)

Kala speaking to Ganesha at the temple.

Kala enters a temple, offering food that she made herself for her deity Ganesha, then proceeds to humble herself before praying. She insists that the offering comes without obligation before she begins to talk about her upcoming marriage with Rajan Rasal, the son of the owner of the pharmaceutical company where she works. She describes Rajan as very smart and very handsome, and that everyone were desiring desperately to marry him. Kala explains that when Rajan proposed, her parents were full of joy and were even more excited than when she graduated from university. According to everyone, he is the perfect husband for her, so she agreed to marry him. Kala then confesses a secret that no one knows: she does not love Rajan.


At a locksmith shop, Felix is forging a key while he tells Wolfgang what happened when he left the funeral. Sergei had started to talk about Wolfgang's father, Anton. Honoring him as the best box man and stating that Anton was obsessed on cracking an S&D Safe that later got caught for it. After Felix forges the key, he shows the key to Wolfgang. It's revealed that the key is supposed to be used when they're going to pursue their plan. Wolfgang takes it and Felix asks him if the safe in the house they’re robbing is an S&D, Wolfgang chuckles and then leaves the shop.


Nomi is seen again with three other people, admiring a costumed Amanita collecting donations for her charity work. Nomi tells Sean about her excitement for his new piece. Sean explains that he is actually nervous about it. Another man, Jamison asks why, and the man reveals that it is a bit sad and that no one wanted to feel sad during Pride Day. Another woman, Shawna, says that she wants to feel sad. Jamison states that back in the '80s Pride was similar to a funeral march and Sean replied that he wanted to reconnect to the old pride parade back then. 

2017-05-20 (42)

Nomi and Neets attending the play on AIDS.

Afterwards, Nomi and Amanita are watching Sean's performance about AIDS, while crying from sadness. The performance had stopped suddenly, when the stage became dark and Nomi envisions Angelica staring at her. Nomi hears the audience clapping and looks away from the stage for a moment then sees the original play again, realizing she was the only one who saw her.  


Later, a police car parks at a police station and Will and Diego comes out of it. Diego is listening to Will's story about his dream feeling more like a than a dream, stating that he felt the wind come from broken windows and smelled the burnt mattress. Diego suggests that he must have been astro-projecting like Dr. Strange, a fictional character. Will felt annoyed by Diego turning his serious dream into a joke and Diego teases Will, calling him Officer Strange, while they the building. Afterwards, the two are patrolling neighborhood when they pass a group of young gang members on the streets. Will states that he can literally feel the hate coming off of them. Diego sympathizes with this statement and says that Will has every reason to be wary of them after what gangs did to Will’s father. when they answer a report of gunfire.


That night in Berlin, Wolfgang and Felix are silently breaking in a art gallery, using the key they had forged earlier and easily bypass the alarms. Two of them goes upstairs and looks for the S&D Safe. Wolfgang uses a stethoscope to try and crack the safe while Felix watches over for any incoming threats. They find the S&D safe and Wolfgang starts working on the tumblers. Wolfgang thinks he hears sirens, but it is coming from Will's police car in Chicago. Felix presses Wolfgang to use a drill, but he refuses and uses a stethoscope to try and crack the safe while Felix watches over for any incoming threats.

Wolfgang gets frustrated, instead he took a break and watched television to relax. Felix tries to persuade Wolfgang to finish cracking the safe since their time is limited because Steiner will come too. While watching, Wolfgang had a flashback from when he got frustrated at a play and his father laughed at him loudly. When the show Wolfgang was finished, he started to crack the safe again.


In London, Riley was listening to music with headphones on when she hears a clicking sound, which was coming from Wolfgang. She looks up from her book and takes of her headphones and the clicking sound stops. Instead she hears sirens, coming from Will's police car in Chicago, so she looks out the window but sees nothing. She then wonders where the sounds were coming from.


Will and Diego drives to the crime scene and hears gunshots, immediately requesting back-up. The two entered an old tenement building where Will finds a gang kid shot. The wounded teen and Will pointed guns at each other when the teen drops it and asks for help. Will tells Diego to call for an ambulance but Diego refused stating the neighborhood they're in is so dangerous that there's no way an ambulance will come to them in time, so Will asks the teen's name and answers as Deshawn. Will instructs the teen to lessen the bleeding by applying pressure and carried him to their police car. Will drives the wounded teen to a hospital, but the nurse at the hospital refused to accept him due to policy reasons. Will begs and the nurse eventually accepted the teen in.


Back in Germany, fifty-eight minutes have passed, Wolfgang is still working on the safe. He gets frustrated finally says that he needs a break, despite the fact that Felix warns him that Steiner will soon arrive to break into the safe himself. Unimpressed, Wolfgang sits on a couch, turns on the TV and watches a talent show.


While Will and Diego take Deshawn to the hospital, Will and Deshawn converse. Deshawn asks if it's Will's first time at sitting at the back seat and Will replies that he had sat at the back multiple times before. Will explains that his father is a Police Officer and sat him in the back during his teenage rebellion, then Deshawn shares that he never met his father. Dehsawn states that his father died due to a gunshot before he was even born.


Wolfgang listens to a singer, Natalie, on the talent show and tells Felix that she’s good. Felix also admires her but said she wouldn't win because of her appearance. As they watch, Wolfgang remembers himself as a child, standing in front of an audience and nerving himself to sing. He watches as his father Anton watches from the back and smiles, and then breaks out into laughter as Wolfgang freezes. On the show, Natalie gets voted off and Wolfgang goes back to work.


Will carries Deshawn into the hospital's Emergency Room and Will asks for help. A nurse refused to accept Deshawn says that policy requires them to take gunshot victims to Mt. Sinai. The nurse argues that they were losing too many resources to gunshots that they couldn’t take care of the other patients. Will still begs her to take Deshawn anyway and the nurse looks at Deshawn bleeding, reacting worriedly. Eventually, the nurse allows Deshawn into the emergency room.

2017-05-20 (60)

Wolfgang and Felix stare at the diamonds inside the S&D Safe.

Wolfgang is still working on cracking the safe when Felix's alarm rings and Steiner's car pulls up outside. Felix tells Wolfgang that they’re out of time but Wolfgang continues working. Felix insists that they go, worrying they'll die if they get caught. Wolfgang turns the dial one last time and presses tumbler. The S&D safe opens revealing a batch of diamonds. The two grab the diamonds and close the safe. They quickly leave the way that they came just as Steiner and his men come in to rob the place.


Will and Diego are sitting and waiting when the nurse comes to inform them that Deshawn will survive the gunshot. Diego and Will were about to leave but then the nurse asks Will a question. She asks Will how he’ll feel if Deshawn's survival leads him to return to his gang and later kill someone, like a cop or another innocent civilian.


Riley meets with Nyx and the others and Nyx passes a pipe full of the drug DMT around the table on a gold metallic plate. Once Jacks and Nocker pass out in their drug haze, Nyx comes near Riley and takes off her headphones. Nyx adores Riley, telling her that she’s beautiful and doesn’t belong with Jacks. He says that he felt alone and isolated from the world, until a woman gave him this drug, which he claims tore down his walls.

2017-05-20 (69)

Nyx offering the pipe to Riley.

Nyx offers Riley the pipe, and she takes a hit from it and breathes deeply. She then finds herself transported to Chicago, where she's driving in Will's place in the cruiser with Diego, though Diego doesn’t notice anything different. Will looks back and sees Riley as Diego drives away, leaving her behind. Riley then sees herself as a child, going into a cave on the beach.

2017-05-20 (74)

The abandoned church from the memory.

As they pass an abandoned church, Will/Riley tells Diego to stop the car. Will says that’s where the woman in his vision killed herself and goes inside. Looking around, Will recognizes the room and realizes that it wasn’t a dream. Diego points out that there’s no blood, but Will finds Angelica’s drug stash and insists he would never know to look there if his dream wasn't real. Diego still isn’t convinced and goes back to the car. Will checks the mattress that Angelica was lying on, and looks up to see Riley standing there in front of him. Will asks Riley if she knew her, and she explain she had envisioned her. The two asks each other where they live, Riley says that she lives in London and Will that is in Chicago, and then their perspectives switch and Will finds himself in London as Jacks and Nocker shoot down Nyx’s bodyguard.


Riley switches back to London and Jacks explains that they know Nyx had a shipment coming in. She begs them not to hurt Nyx, and Jacks warns that the man would kill her without blinking. When Riley tries to leave, Jacks stops her and says that it’s the break that they’ve been waiting for. They take the money and drugs from Nyx’s safe and Jacks reminds Riley that she wanted to go to America for a new life, and now she has an opportunity. Nyx’s bodyguard manages to shoot Jacks in the leg despite his injuries, and Nyx stabs Nocker in the neck as he shoots the bodyguard multiple times. Nyx then grabs a gun and kills Jacks, who manages to shoot back as he dies, seemingly killing Nyx. Riley, sure that the four men have successfully killed themselves, stands horrified in the middle of the room with blood splattered all over her face and neck.



Guest Starring[]


  • Wolfgang Lindner as Sergei's Bodyguard
  • Georg Ebinal as Steiner's Bodyguard
  • Ari Brickman as Director
  • Cassandra Sánchez Navarro as Nun
  • Arnoldo Picazzo as Padre
  • Rocío García as Key Makeup Artist
  • Jerónimo Best as Assistant Director
  • Ki-Chan Lee as Joong-Ki Bak
  • Heon Tae Jeon as Yuen Tan-Wu
  • Hana Hwang as Sun's Assistant
  • Sean Dorsey as Sean
  • Jamison Green as Jamison
  • Shawna Virago as Shawna
  • Tina D'Elia as Dyke #1
  • Jeanette Aguilar as Dyke #2
  • Max Kelly as Dyke #3
  • Tino Rodriguez as Green Fairy
  • Virgo Paraiso as Purple Fairy

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Sensate Connections[]

  • Both Jonas and Mr. Whispers "visit" Angelica at the church, though the two men could not see each other. Mr. Whispers also apparently "shares" with Angelica, as he could feel the pain of her giving birth.
  • Angelica, while giving birth to the new Sensate cluster, visits all eight Sensates in their respective locations: Lito, Riley, Sun, Wolfgang, Kala, Will, Capheus, and Nomi.
  • Will and Riley have several unintentional interactions through their Sensate connection in this episode.
    • First, Will hears the music Riley was playing at the club in London at his apartment in Chicago, and incorrectly assumed the music was being played by a neighbor.
    • Secondly, Riley "shares" experiences with Will when she accidentally slips into his mind while he and Diego are patrolling.
    • The two also accidentally "visit" each other in their respective locations; Riley visits Will in the south side of Chicago at the church where Angelica killed herself, and Will visits her in London.
  • Riley also inadvertently "shares" experiences with Nomi when she accidentally slips into her mind while she was eating with Amanita in the park in San Francisco.
  • Kala hears the rain at the funeral Wolfgang is attending in Germany and mistakenly believes it is raining in Mumbai when it isn't.
  • Sun hallucinates that there is a chicken on her desk in Seoul after Capheus and Jela are given a chicken as fare in Nairobi.
  • Lito becomes sexually aroused in his trailer as Nomi and Amanita are having intercourse in San Francisco.
  • Riley hears the clicking noises of Wolfgang's safe-cracking attempt in Berlin while she is at her apartment in London.
  • Wolfgang hears the siren of Will's police car in Chicago as he attempts to crack the diamond safe in Berlin.

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Memorable Quotes[]

Amanita: Sam, say one more thing about my girlfriend and I will colonize your face with my fist.

Nyx: Limbic resonance. It's a language older than our species. It's a simple molecule present in all living things. Scientists talk about it being part of an eco-biological synaptic network. When people take it, they se their birth their death, worlds beyond this one. They talk of truth, connection, transcendence.


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