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Lila Facchini, portrayed by Valeria Bilello, is a sensate from another cluster. She is the "Right Hand" to "The King of the North", Sebastian Fuchs, and has an intense infatuation with Wolfgang since establishing eye contact. Lila is from Naples, Italy, she identifies as Neapolitan and not Italian. She made a deal with the BPO, which somehow grants her immunity to their pursuit.


First Encounters[]

As Wolfgang and Felix meet Sebastian at his place to negotiate switching ownership of the club, they are introduced to Lila Facchini, his right hand. She climbs off the couch and properly greets herself to Felix, correcting him when he refers to her as "Italian."

While she prepares drinks for the men, she also visits Wolfgang, pushing him onto a chair and caressing his body. Lila is shown to have gotten used to this ability, able to sense Wolfgang without physically moving herself beside Fuchs.

Later that evening, Sebastian, Felix, Wolfgang, and Lila are feasting outdoors on the balcony. While Felix and Fuchs are negotiating a deal with the club, Lila plays with Wolfgang again, asking him if he has ever played with anyone outside his own cluster. During the scene, Wolfgang manages to compose himself physically while fondling Lila too.[1]

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Boiling Confrontation[]

Lila visits Wolfgang again during his conversation with Sebastian in the sauna. She teases how she enjoys men that express their feelings and taunts Fuchs as he explains that a intercepted transcript was made for someone to kill him.

To throw him off her, Lila calls Sebastian and performs an act that she worries for his safety, that Wolfgang might be behind the plot. Sebastian leaves, with Wolfgang and Lila next to each other. She says this was her way of telling him she likes him; rather than lie in bed wondering when she'll ever be with him, she puts forth action.[4]

Attack by Facchini[]

Later that day, she makes arrangement to meet Wolfgang in a restaurant. They have a conversation about Lila's plans to alter the entire city of Berlin to be entirely dominated by sensates, allowing them to be themselves without the need of humans controlling them. This idea does not sit with Wolfgang, as he asks if he had a choice in whether he wants it or not. After given rejection, both sensates gather their cluster and initate an intense battle in the restaurant. Both run out of bullets, forcing them into channeling their martial artists of the respective clusters. Lila collapses to the floor after a headbutt, putting on a new act as Berlin police charge in to apprehend Wolfgang.[4]

Ambush at Wolfgang Bogdanow's Apartment[]

As Kala and Wolfgang pack to leave for Paris, France, Lila visits him again, taunting that she did not know the Cannibal wanted him badly. Seconds later, she leaves, and men in white haz-mat suits storm into Wolfgang's place, electrocuting him and his cluster. Before blacking out, she revisits, telling Wolfgang that when he wakes again, she wants the first face for him to remember be her own.

Looming over a captured Wolfie, Lila continues to taunt him.[5]


Conniving and manipulative, she would do anything to further her own desires. She regularly manipulated the trust others had in her to her own advantage. Hell-bent on punishing Wolfgang for not taking part in her plan to turn Berlin into a Sensate rione, she turned him in to BPO who captured and tortured him in the attempt to find out the other members of his cluster.

Like most sensates she had a lot of trust in her cluster, relying heavily on them to aid her in conflict. This trust does not seem to extend to anyone beyond her cluster as she relied on deals and betrayals to get her ways.

She was a ruthless and a trained assassin who spent years working as a gun for hire. She eventually submerged herself in the Berlin crime world. The years she spent as a killer made her indifferent to killing people, as evidenced when she shot Kala without so much as batting an eye.


Inside the Cluster[]

  • Maitake: Lila seems to be close friends to Maitake. And frequently consults him for advice during tactical situations. During her interactions with Wolfgang in an attempt to join forces Maitake hung around and watched Wolfgang.
  • Josh: to be added

Non-Cluster Sensates[]

  • Whispers: Lila Facchini and her clustermates work as collaborators to BPO and only know of Whispers as "The Cannibal," alongside many other sensates outside the August 8 Cluster. As such, she soon reported against her interest after an intense fight.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: Lila was seemingly attracted to Wolfgang and kept a playfull but teasing relationship with him. She tried to seduce him on several occassions but he rejected her. Trying to play him against Fuchs to force his hand she offered him to join her in an attempt to take over Berlin. As Wolfgang refused and told her she would not get Berlin her stance towards him became hostile and she became bound on making him suffer.


  • Sebastian Fuchs: Lila dated one of the four Kings of Berlin's crime world. Though not much is known about their relationship, it can be perceived that Facchini sought to use Sebastian's status and power to claim the other three Kingdoms and rule Berlin as a safe haven for sensates.
  • Volker Bohm: It is unknown if Lila Facchini was tasked to assassinate Volker Bohm; however, Volker has expressed that he has heard or known of her prior. How this was established is never explained further.


  • Acting: Facchini is shown to be a skilled actress and manipulator at the end of her firefight with Wolfgang, successfully tricking the police into believing that Wolfgang caused the killings and faking her innocence. Though it is not clear if that is a personal skill of hers or if she shared with a clustermate.
  • Marksman: Facchini is a skilled assassin known for her excellent percision and accuracy when utilizing her pistol, equiped with a suppressor. She is able to land bullets without wasting any on her targets, able to kill Volker Bohm and his henchmen.
  • Manipulation and deception: Lila was able to become Fuchs's partner and get his complete trust, using subtle manipulation to make him do what she wanted and even convince him that Wolfgang wanted to kill him.




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