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Kang-Dae Bak is a recurring character in Season One and Season Two of Sense8. CEO of his own company, he is the husband to Mi-Cha and the father of Sun and Joong-Ki. Having favored Joong-Ki for his gender, Sun has often lived under both men's shadows. However, after Sun takes the fall for his company's embezzlement, he has a change of heart and plans to tell the truth after visting Sun in prison. He ends up murdered by his son before submitting his testimony.


Early Life[]

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Visiting Sun in prison, Bak expressed sorrowful remorse for having allow her to take the blame for her brother's embezzlement. He continued that his reserved love for Mi-Cha resided in Sun and that since she was locked away, he was unable to sleep or function with the presense of his daughter. Valuing her more the company's reputation, Bak informed Sun that he would place his testimony, working to free her and put Joong-Ki away.

Some time after this visit, Joong-Ki murdered his father and staged the scene to appear to be a suicide. He also took on the position of CEO of Bak Enterprise.[1]


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  • Mi-Cha Bak: Not much is known about Kang-Dae's relationship with Mi-Cha.
  • Joong-Ki Bak: After conceiving a second child, a son, Kang-Dae had been instrumental in the development of Joong-Ki Bak. Favoring him heavily for his gender, he guided him through life, teaching him the forms of business and prompting him to soon take control over Bak Enterprise.
  • Sun Bak: Kang-Dae loved Sun Bak since her conception. Upon the birth of her younger brother, however, he became distant from Sun and, often, expressed distaste in activites, such as martial arts tournaments. With the death of Mi-Cha, he brought Sun into business, she becoming CFO of Bak Enterprises. When she takes the blame for Joong-Ki's embezzlement, he gradually changed, losing himself over his daugther being put away, expressing that the remaining love he had for his wife resided in his daughter and would initially recant his testimony for her release. He would die before he was able to place his testimony.


  • Expert Businessman:




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