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Kala Rasal, born Kala Dandekar (Devanagari: कला दांडेकर), portrayed by Tina Desai, is a main character in the Netflix series Sense8. Kala is a pharmacist and devout Hindu, working at a very successful pharmaceutical company in Mumbai. She was engaged to, then married to Rajan Rasal, the son of her company's CEO. [1]

Kala becomes stuck in a cycle of confusion over her love life, seeking the aid of Ganesh to understand her lack of attraction and the visions of a naked demon. Despite hiding her true feelings from even Manendra Rasal, she commonly seeks conversations with her father Sanyam Dandekar and uses her work to distance herself from the impending wedding.

Married and honeymooned in Italy, Kala and Rajan move into a home of their own but soon establish complications in their work as well as growing distant. Unable to turn to the temples for aid after a riot, she begins to notice her husband's strange actions. Likewise, Kala continues to express her attraction towards clustermate Wolfgang Bogdanow.


Early Life[]

Kala Dandekar was born in Mumbai. Her father runs a restaurant and with his support, she completes her university education and becomes a chemist working for a large drug company. There, she catches the attention of the CEO's son, a kind man named Rajan who pursues a relationship with Kala despite his father's disapproval over differences in religion. Aware that her family is overjoyed at her relationship, Kala feels her engagement to Rajan will make her father very happy. Ironically, although her marriage is considered a "love marriage" (she chose to date Rajan and accept his proposal), she does not love him.

Kala is very close to her father, but at times frustrated that he is more preoccupied with her impending wedding rather than her professional accomplishments. She loves dancing and her father's cooking.

During the first season, she shares a number of intimate conversations about her faith, her philosophy, her pain (over the attempted murder of her future father-in-law), and life in India. However, Kala's specialized talents are not visible until the end of the season, where her knowledge of chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences becomes helpful for building a bomb to save Wolfgang and for mixing a drug cocktail to wake a sedated Riley.

Like the rest of her cluster, she often prioritizes the needs of others over her own (Sun, Capheus, Will, and Riley are all preoccupied with protecting their families or grieve their inability to do so). In some ways, she is especially attuned to a sense of connectivity and collectivism as it reflects her cultural sensibilities within her own family.

Limbic Resonance[]

Kala is at her father's restaurant leaving for work when she hears thunder and rain. She looks for an umbrella but doesn't find any so she asks her father, Sanyam, for an umbrella. Her dad tells her that she doesn't need an umbrella since it's a sunny day, but Kala explains that she heard thunder, which is being experienced by Wolfgang. Sanyam tries to persuade her to work less since her wedding is near, but Kala insists that work is important for her. Kala hugs her dad then leaves offscreen.

Later, Kala is seen going to a shrine and leaves an offering for her deity, Ganesha. She insists that the offering comes without obligation before she begins to talk about how the next weekend she is marrying a rich and important man, Rajan Rasal. She shares that she has never seen her parents so full of joy as when they received his proposal, even more excited than when she graduated from university. Everyone insists that Rajan is the perfect husband for her, but Kala admits that she doesn’t love him.[2]

I Am Also A We[]

Kala and Rajan's friends and family are at their engagement party. Rajan gives a speech where he reminisces on their past. As a surprise, Rajan and his groomsmen perform a choreographed dance for Kala. Rajan takes Kala to dance with him and Kala dances nervously. Rajan and his groomsmen provoke Kala and her bridesmaid to dance and they did. After the dance, Kala sweats, which is her sharing senses with Wolfgang as he is having intercourse back in Berlin. Rajan asks Sanyam to borrow Kala and Sanyam agrees. While Kala walks to the balcony, Wolfgang sees her in Berlin. At the balcony, Kala sees Wolfgang standing and staring at her. Rajan and Kala share a moment at the balcony. Rajan tells his feelings to Kala and he kisses her. After Rajan leaves, Kala looks back again where she saw Wolfgang.[3]

Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch[]

Kala arrives for work as her supervisor holds a briefing on counterfeit drugs. Daya wonders why she's there when her wedding is in two days, and they both glance over at Rajan. Rajan looks over and smiles at them. Then Rajan sends a text reminding Kala that they're getting married.[4]

What's Going On?[]

Kala is present with Rajan and their fathers as they talk to the wedding planners. Rajan insits that he wears a ring to show his commitment to Kala but the planners refuse, saying that it is a Hindu wedding. Manendra says that she is leading them to a path to the the 21st century and not the 16th. Later, Kala visits the temple to pray. She notices posters depicting Rajan and Manendra. A man reveals to Kala that if Rajan and Manendra have their ways, she won’t be able to pray at the temple again. Kala asks why and the man explains that Rajan and Manendra are bribing politicans to outlaw temples and people like them. Kala refuses to believe him and the man hands over a poster to Kala.

Kala takes part at the cluster singalong. Kala and Wolfgang simultaneously visit each other as they sing. They move in, closer to one another, then their connection ends. The song ends as Kala's roommate opens the curtains, saying that Kala was singing and smiling at someone. Her roommate wonders if that someone was Rajan.[5]

Art Is Like Religion[]

Kala's mother, Priya, draws a traditional tattoo on Kala. Kala asks Priya how she felt about her father before their wedding. Priya says that theirs was an arranged marriage, and that Kala is the first in the family to actually marry for love. Later, Kala's family gathers as they tell stories. Priya talks about her first kiss with Sanyam. She says that kissing him was like eating a kebab because his lips tasted like garlic and spices. Sanyam then comes in and gives Kala shahi tukda.He tells Kala she is beautiful. Kala tastes the dessert and is pleased. She tells Sanyam to teach Rajan, her fiance, how to make it and Sanyam says no, as it is their recipe.

Wolfgang and Kala make a connection after Wolfgang belches as he urinates in a bathroom in Berlin. In their language, they ask each other where they are. Kala says that he is in a lady's bathroom but Wolfgang says that she's in the men's bathroom. Kala recognizes his voice, saying that he was the person singing in his head then their connection ends. Kala's aunt knocks and asks Kala who she was talking to and Kala says she was just talking to herself. Her aunt leaves and Kala shuts the door.

Before her wedding, She states the she never realized how heavy the outfit is, and she hopes she does not collapse. Later, Kala's wedding commences, she is carried in on an ornate chair and Rajan enters riding a bike. She briefly gets visited by Sun. Kala and Rajan exchange vows, but near the end of Kala's vows, she sees Wolfgang visiting. Kala looks at Wolfgang's genitals and Wolfgang questions her, saying that she doesn't love Rajan. Then they both collapse. Rajan catches Kala as the crowd gasps.[6]


Kala wakes up and sees her family watching over her. They admit that they've been watching her since she fainted, worrying that something might happen to her again. Kala thanks them again and says that she's fine. Sanyam informs her that Rajan is waiting for her downstairs. Kala covers her head with her blanket and grunts. Kala looks for her clothes, as Wolfgang and her visit each other. Kala goes through his clothes and wardrobe when she hears Wolfgang greeting her. Kala sees him and gets worried. She tries to leave but fails. Kala tells him that he ruined her wedding, but Wolfgang rebuts as she didn't want to marry Rajan. Kala believes that the Gods are angry at her and sent a perverted naked demon. Wolfgang says that Germans aren't uptight about nudity. Kala says that it's about decency and privacy and not nudity. Wolfgang asks her why she looked then and Kala denies it. Wolfgang says that she looked then and she's looking now. Kala looks away. Wolfgang says he is attracted to her and that he can feel her attraction for him. Kala declares him to be a demon.

Kala comes downstairs and sees Rajan eating. She sits down next to Rajan. Kala and Rajan talk about her great grandmother's recipe. Kala frankly says that Rajan probably hates her. Kala continues talking about how she's fine about ending their marriage but Rajan tries to stop her. Rajan says that the ruined wedding was a good thing. He says that their wedding will be special and different, and that it will be a great story to tell their kids. Rajan insists that they still get married and Kala smiles.[7]

W. W. N. Double D?[]

Kala talks to a statue of Ganesha, asking him why he has sent her visions. She tells him of visions of a woman committing suicide, a woman in prison, and a man with a very large "trunk". She asks Ganesha for understanding. Wolfgang appears and says that the gods do not care about them.

Kala and Wolfgang are outside a cafe in Berlin, where it's raining heavily. In Bombay, Kala moves to a rooftop and they continue their conversation there. They talk about religion, and how Kala asked Ganesha to stop their wedding. Wolfgang asks if that means that she considers their connection a miracle. Kala says that "miraculous" is an appropriate description. Kala talks about growing up with her father's restaurant, and that she loves it because she hates to be alone. She has a childhood flashback to a Ganesh Chaturthi parade. She is with her mother, walking through streets packed with revelers. She loses her mother's hand in the crowd. A young boy takes her hand, and leads her to a giant parade float of Ganesha. They crawl inside and climb up to the top. They look out at the view, and Kala's eyes are dazzled by the sight of the entire festival. Adult Kala says that the moment made her a believer.

Wolfgang asks her how she can believe in a god if she is also a scientist. Kala points out that there are many scientific phenomena that defy explanation, such as quantum physics or gravity. Kala talks about the mysterious attraction known as gravity, and that without it none of this would exist. Gravity pulls them together to a kiss. Before their lips touch, they get interrupted when Felix arrives.[8]


Due to her relatively happy childhood, Kala is quite well adjusted and nice. She is helpful and, as her reaction to Capheus' struggles show, empathetic and compassionate. These traits are thrown into sharper relief, as she often appears with Wolfgang who is more brutal and gruff. She works as a researcher and is very proud of her job and education, even saying that her father sent her to college to earn a degree and not to meet boys. She is also peaceful and rarely resorts to violence. As the series progresses, she becomes more active, using her chemistry knowledge to save herself and her friends. Despite not being able to put up physical fights, she relies on her wits. She proves to be brave and resilient. As she is fairly sheltered, she has little experience with boys.

An important aspect of her character is her religious devoutness. Her faith does not affect her work in the science field, as she tells Wolfgang, and she has a very balanced relationship with her faith. She is often seen praying to Ganesha for guidance in her life, relating to her upcoming marriage.

Inside the cluster[]

  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: Wolfgang is Kala's most significant relationship within the cluster and they first see each other during Kala's wedding dinner (I Am Also A We). They sing "What's Up" by Four Non Blondes on Kala's bedroom, together with their fellow cluster members (What's Going On?). When her sister asked her why she was so happy, she said it was because of Rajan. They talked to each other again in a public bathroom while Wolfgang was urinating. Kala recognized Wolfgang as the man singing in her dreams. At her wedding, Wolfgang appeared nude in front of her while she was saying her vows to Rajan. Wolfgang asked her why she was marrying Rajan if she doesn't love him. She was so freaked out by his nudity that she fainted and the wedding was postponed Art Is Like Religion.

    In the episode Demons, Kala finally woke up after fainting in Wolfgang's house. After the events in the wedding, Kala believes Wolfgang ruined her life. She called him a demon and told him that he doesn't have decency. Wolfgang grinned and asked her why did she looked at his naked body if she has a problem with it. He kept on flirting with her, telling her that he wants her and he could feel that she wants him, too.

    In the episode W. W. N. Double D?, Kala prays to Ganesha about the weird things that are happening to her. Wolfgang appeared, saying that God doesn't care. He then says that he can't stop thinking about her. After this, they talk about faith and their miraculous connection. Kala opened up about her faith to Ganesha, her fears and the wedding. As they move closer to kiss, they interrupted by Felix. In We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts, Kala and Wolfgang talk in the hospital after Felix got shot. Wolfgang talks about his childhood. He opens up about his relationship with Felix, the abuse from his father and his harsh experiences that made him who he is.

    In the episode Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes and I Can't Leave Her, Kala is trying to stop Wolfgang from stirring up a trouble that he might not get out of. Wolfgang told her that she is doing the same thing as Wolfgang and they will never understand each other because they are from different worlds. After Wolfgang is caught up by the people who trying to kill him, he visited Kala to say goodbye. Kala, not ready to lose Wolfgang, taught Wolfgang how to make a bomb to kill his enemies. Wolfgang said to Kala that he is a monster like his father and uncle. He killed his uncle afterwards. He looked at Kala, who is crying, telling her that she should stay away from him and marry Rajan.
  • Nomi Marks: to be added While Nomi and Kala don't interact much, Kala feels very strongly against the homophobia and transphobia as seen in Happy F*cking New Year
  • Sun Bak: Sun and Kala differ in many significant ways. Kala is a pacifist, who argues that violence had perhaps never been a reasonable solution to any problem, whereas Sun is a world-class fighter and often uses her fists to solve problems. Nonetheless, Kala and Sun accept each others advice and assistance in many occasions. When Kala is nervous about losing her virginity, Sun shares the story of the first time she had sex, and tells Kala it's not something to be afraid of, but to honor. When Sun feels Kala crying and feeling helpless while Wolfgang goes to confront his uncle, Sun pushes her to fight for everything that matters to her. 
  • Lito Rodriguez: Lito and Kala visit and bond over their shared anger at intrusions into their sex life. In Lito's case, he is angry at society's reaction to the revelation that he is gay. In Kala's, she is angry at her family and Rajan's focus on her virginity.
  • Capheus Onyango: Kala shows up in Capheus’s house after the attempted assassination on her father-in-law at the temple and they watched Lionheart together because they both needed courage
  • Riley Blue: Riley and Kala interact a couple of times in Season Two, Kala seeking advice on her relationships between Rajan and Wolfgang. She also provides medical aid when Will uses heroin and experiences visions.
  • Will Gorski: In Season One, Kala and Will have only had a brief encounter, Will defending her when Guru Yash became physical after Manendra's attempted assassination. In Season Two, she helps him and Riley by providing medical attention when he uses heroin and neglect hydrating and eating to seek out Whispers. She also comes to him for advice on how to tell Rajan about her sensate status and breaking things off without hurting him due to her attraction to Wolfgang.

Non-Cluster Sensates[]

Kala is not known to have established eye-contact connection with any sensates.


  • Sanyam Dandekar: Kala and Sanyam appear to have a supporting relationship with one another. It is seen that she trusts him with her problems and seeks possible resolutions when she has uncertainties about her.
  • Rajan Rasal: After meeting Kala at the pharmaceutical company at which they both work, Rajan quickly began pursuing Kala romantically, although Kala showed no signs of interest. Rajan even went as far as to say that Kala had "never even looked at [him]". However, Kala agreed to a date with Rajan after he sent dozens of bouquets of flowers to her office on her birthday. Although Kala says yes to Rajan's proposal and goes on to marry him, she does not truly love him. Kala does not dislike Rajan, however. She frequently expresses a heartfelt desire to not hurt Rajan when discussing her burgeoning romance with Wolfgang, and seems to consider Rajan a close friend. Rajan is a caring husband, and he highly respects Kala's opinions. He even agrees to completely change the way in which he run's the pharmaceutical company upon Kala's suggestion. Their marriage is often strained by Kala's relative lack of sexual interest in Rajan and Rajan's secrecy. Over time, however, after he confesses his involvement with government's investigation, which proves how he's not a criminal, as she feared, but is in fact working for justice, she slowly realize how much of an honest, sincere and righteous man he truly is, and begins developing genuine feeling for him. When he forces her and the rest of the cluster to tell him the truth, he believes her, knowing her enough to know that she's neither crazy nor such a big liar to be able to make up such an incredible story, and professes again his love for her, because he loves her no matter what. This seemingly makes her realize that she truly loves her husband, therefore, at the end of the story, the two appear to begin a polyamorus relationship with Wolfgang.
  • Guru Yash: Kala does not have a great relationship to Guru Yash, expressing disbelief when he proclaims that her husband and father in-law are working to abolish Hindu faiths and quickly shutting down the implication that she lured Manendra to the temple to be murdered to protect her privilege to prayer.
  • Ajay Kapoor: to be added


  • Chemistry: Kala has a deep knowledge of chemistry and medicine, picked up from her pharmaceutical course and laboratory experience. She uses this knowledge to craft a bomb for Wolfgang using materials and appliances found underneath a kitchen sink, as well as help Will wake Riley safely at the BPO facility by combining Sugammadex and Adrenaline. Kala also develops the inhibitors.
  • Medical Knowledge: When the drugs Will uses begin to take their toll on Will, Riley calls in Kala to diagnose the severity of his problems. She guides Wolfgang and Rajan to save herself from bleeding out when she gets shot.
  • Multilingual

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Kala is the last character in the series to speak. She hushes Rajan when he utters he didn't think an experience like his sexual experience at the moment was possibly.[9]
  • Kala is the only female member of her cluster not to have made an eye contact connection with another sensate.


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"I know I am not important enough to deserve your attention when there are so many terrible things in this world."
--Kala, Limbic Resonance

"Just turn the wheel, and the future changes."
--Kala to Wolfgang Bogdanow, Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

"I'm not like Sun. I do not know how to use my fists, but...that doesn't mean I don't know how to fight!"
-- Kala, I Can't Leave Her

"My love for science doesn’t preclude my faith. For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles faith talks about."
--Kala to Wolfgang Bogdanow, W. W. N. Double D?

"Bring it, bitch"
--Kala to Lila Facchini, All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet




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