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Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes is the eleventh episode of the first season and 11th overall episode of Sense8.


Riley's fate draws nearer, while Capheus and Sun are put to the test, and Wolfgang makes his boldest move yet.



In a flashback, Riley is stumbling across a snow-covered mountain where wind is blowing. In the present, Riley is lying in a hospital bed, where there's a surgical lamp above her head. She wakes up and complains that she feels no heat and can only feel cold. The bright light from the lamp slowly fades and she sees a vision of her late husband Magnus. Magnus asks her to come with him and she tries to raise her hand for Magnus to reach. Then the vision of Magnus turns into Yrsa, currently visiting her at her location. Yrsa reminds Riley that she warned her about getting caught. Riley apologizes and Yrsa tells her that she won't have to apologize anymore for she will die there.

Nomi and Will

In San Francisco, Nomi wakes up panicked, aware of Riley's situation and her imminent capture by BPO. Amanita also wakes up and panics over Nomi. Nomi and Amanita are discussing Riley situation in the kitchen. Nomi anxiously walks around in circles, fearing that Riley will turn into the same status as Bolger. Nomi and Amanita are joined by Will. They want to see what information BPO has on Riley, but Nomi's hacking equipment is gone. Nomi asks Will if he can use his police codes to inform them. As Nomi talks to Will, Amanita asks her if she was talking to the 'cop guy' and Nomi nods. When they ran out of ideas to help Riley, someone knocks on the apartment of Nomi and Amanita.

Will advises Nomi to not answer the door and Nomi says that someone searching for a fugitive wouldn't knock. Nomi and Amanita readies themselves behind the door. Nomi holds the door knob and Amanita prepares her hairspray and lighter. When Nomi opens the door, and Bug appears. Nomi is happy seeing Bug and Bug greets the two of them. Nomi asks Bug's intention on visiting them as she makes Bug tea. Bug says that he suspected that Nomi and Amanita had been in a foul play. He says he had found a new set of hacking equipment. Nomi tells Bug that she doesn't have money to pay him but Bug still lets them use the equipment because if it weren't for Nomi, he'd still be in prison. He says that they can't shoot back without having any bullets in their gun, then he shows them the suitcase full of equipment. Nomi gets excited and opens it.


Capheus visits Jela's home, bringing along Amondi with him. Jela gets confused since they agreed that they'll start working on the Van Damn again tomorrow. Capheus says that they will but he must do something first. Jela asks him who's the kid he brought with him and Capheus doesn't reply. Jela cheerfully compliments and asks Amondi for her name. Amondi tells her full name, Amondi Kabaka, and greets him back. Jela's smile fades away upon hearing her last name. Capheus asks Jela for a favor, to take care of Amondi at his home while Capheus is gone. Capheus instructs Jela what to do in case something goes wrong. Jela asks him where will he be, and he replies that he has to settle a debt. Amondi interrupts, asking Capheus for reassurance that he'll come back and Capheus holds her. Referring to himself as Van Damme, he assures her that Van Damme always comes back. He gives Amondi to Jela and tells Jela to take care of her. While Capheus leaves, Jela calls Capheus, referring to him as Van Damme. Capheus stops and Jela tells him "I'll see you tomorrow." Then Capheus continues to walk away.


In Mumbai, Kala walks along a promenade with Rajan. Rajan talks about his father as they walk. He jokes about his father Manendra and the irony of almost getting killed by religious extremists then getting saved by their god. Kala expresses an uneasy face and asks Rajan about her mother, Sahana. Rajan states that she improves as Manendra's health improves, causing her to believe that it's because of her praying again. Kala nervously talks and assumes that Rajan wants to go back to the hospital. Rajan states that it's nice to go outside from the hospital and admits that he's getting nervous too about what Kala's been meaning to tell him. Kala still struggles to talk about but she continues. She states that it's about something she did not tell that detectives. For it being a private matter, Kala felt that she should tell only Rajan. Kala reveals to Rajan that Manendra was reconsidering their marriage.

Rajan reacts nervously and the two of them continue their walk as they talk. Rajan asks her what she told Manendra and Kala states Manendra had been attacked before he could reply. Rajan admits how difficult it is for Kala to hold onto her secret. Kala believes that it's important for him to know and then they pause their walk. Kala finds out that Rajan knew Manendra was against their marriage. She continues to get vexed and assumes that she was an act of rebellion to Rajan towards his father. Rajan dismisses her statement and tries to convince Kala that it wasn't. Since Kala told the truth, Rajan also tells the truth to Kala. He says that it might've made his attraction to her spicier but it has nothing to do for his marriage proposal. He continues, stating that he wants to grow old with Kala for he trusts her and loves her. Kala gets convinced and gets asked by Rajan. He asks her if she still wanted to marry him, and the scene cuts before she could reply.


Nomi finishes her hacking. She informs Amanita that she set up traps to block any online communication that mentions or is related to Riley. Nomi figured that they would move Riley to a more confined and secure place if BPO knew that Riley is a sensate. Amanita pities Riley's father, Gunnar, who has been accompanying Riley at the hospital. Back in the hospital in Iceland, Gunnar plays his ukelele and sings "Baba O'Riley" to Riley who is sleeping. Nomi visits Riley and watches Gunnar singing to Riley. Amanita asks Riley's current status. Nomi visits her Riley again and informs Amanita that she's still in the ICU but isn't alone for Will is watching over Riley. Will holds Riley's hand, strokes her hair then kisses her hand. Amanita and Nomi hold their hands together.


Capheus drives the Van Damn across the highways, looking over an abandoned train tracks of Nairobi. He pulls into the headquarters of the Superpower gang where the gang excitedly cheers as Capheus pulls over. In the headquarters, Githu plays cards with his gang when they hear noises and cheering, meaning that Capheus arrived. Some of the gang members point guns at Capheus while he exits the bus. Githu approaches Capheus, clapping and complimenting him for his decision. Other gangsters go inside the bus, searching for someone. They fail to find the person, so they notify Githu. Githu angrily yells and asks Capheus where Amondi, the person they're looking for, is. Capheus tells Githu that Amondi is only a child. Githu angrily curses, saying that she is Silas' daughter, and that Silas killed Githu's sister. Capheus still tries to convice Githu, saying that Githu has a quarrel with him, not with his mother or a child. He tells Githu to "Let's settle our debt, like men." Githu doesn't respond at first, and he signals his guard for a machete knife. Githu holds the machete above his head in a threatening pose. He angrily yells at Capheus "Like Men!" twice. Capheus gets nervous then Githu slices the space in front of Capheus with the machete. Capheus closes his eyes and flinches, making the gang laugh at him. Githu tells him that he's hilarious and likes him. He orders Capheus to walk to the headquarters, being accompanied by the gang who are cheering.


Sun awaits in solitary when a guard informs her that she has a visitor. She is led to the visiting room, where she meets the visitor, her brother Joong-Ki. Joong-Ki comes onto Sun when a guard stops him, telling him "no touching". Sun and Joong-Ki get left alone at the room and they sit down. Sun asks him what made him visit. Joong-Ki warns Sun, saying that there's no easy way to say what he is about to say. Joong-Ki tells her that the previous night, their father was depressed and drinking heavily. Joong-Ki says that he left his dad alone and that he regretted it. That day, the police found him dead. He had apparently committed suicide from car exhaust. Sun cries from hearing the news that their father is dead. Joong-Ki says that Kang-Dae didn't kill himself, but shame killed him. Joong-Ki tries to comfort Sun, saying tahat they still have each other, and offers his hand. Sun doesn't respond to his gesture since she realize that Joong-Ki killed their father. Joong-Ki initially feigns ignorance, then becomes increasingly hostile. As he motions to leave, Sun leaps onto him, making him lay on the ground on his back. Sun sits on top of his body as he lays on the ground where Sun punches his face mercilessly. His face is drenched in blood by the time the guards pull her off. Sun angrily tells Joong-Ki to look at her in the eye while the guards struggle to pull Sun away. She promises and swears to Joong-Ki that he will pay for what he did, then she gets pulled away.


Capheus and Githu walk inside their headquarter while the Superpower Gang are cheering and chanting "Superpower". Githu orders them to bring out the bitch and Silas is led to walk in front of them. Silas appears to have his face bruised and wounded while his clothes are covered in blood. Silas goes unto his knees in front of them while the other gangsters surround him and recording him. Githu tells Capheus that they have been house training Silas, referring to Silas as "bitch" and using female pronouns. He tells Capheus his plan about Silas: to watch as the only thing that matters to her get killed. He tells him that since Capheus didn't bring Amondi, he has a better idea. Then he signals one of the gangster for a machete, where in the background, Silas can be heard sobbing. He tells Capheus to put the bitch out of her misery then offers him the machete. He notice that Capheus seems to refuse to grab the machete so he gestures one of the gangster to place a gun on Capheus' head. Out of fear, Capheus finally grabs the machete from Githu's hand. Githu tells Capheus to cut the head off, calling their debt even. Capheus looks down to Silas and Silas looks to him, whispering "Do it quick". Capheus raises the machete and Silas looks away. Capheus struggles to decide on killing Silas, causing him to sob. Githu tries to convince him then screams at him, saying "Like a man".

Capheus and Sun

Sun walks around her prison cell, where Capheus also appears to walk too. Sun angrily punches a wall repeatedly, making her fists bleed and leaving blood marks on the wall. Capheus also takes the place of Sun in the prison. Back in the headquarter, Capheus is still struggling to kill Silas. Githu calls Capheus a bitch and not a man. Sun/Capheus continues to punch the wall, while Capheus gets called a bitch again to provoke him on killing Silas. Sun finally stops punching the wall, revealing the joints on her hands covered in blood. The gangster pointing the gun at Capheus' head calls him a bitch and Sun takes control of Capheus. She says to the him "Call me bitch one more time, and I will kill you." The gangster readies the gun and calls Capheus a bitch again. Provoked, Sun prepares her attacks and she moves her head back. The gangster immediately shoots but misses, killing the other gangster beside Sun. She uses the machete to cut of the arm of the gangster calling her a bitch, then continue to attack other gangsters charging at her. Sun takes a break and Capheus takes control of his body again. He charges at Githu but Githu subdues him. Githu steals back the machete and hits Capheus in the chest. Githu chuckles and flips the machete to his other hand. Sun takes control again and charges at Githu. She dodges Githu's attacks, then repeatedly punches him and kicking him in a pile of barrels. She attacks the charging gangsters at her using her and manages to grab another machete. Sun pauses for a moment, looking at the last three men in the headquarters who are about to attack. Sun prepares, she smirks then pats the machete on her hand. She finishes the fight, ending in a glorious pose. Capheus looks around the pile of dead bodies and then drops the machete. A woman watching above him adores him, calling him "Van Damme". He drives his matatu off the headquarters, carrying with him Silas. Githu finally awakens from the pile of barrels, still holding his chest from the pain. He struggles to sit upright then he spits out blood and saliva from his mouth. He screams in the headquarters, saying "Find them".  


Wolfgang pulls over his car at the hospital where Felix is confined. He walks over to a man inside a car, carrying with him a metal box. He knocks on the window of the car and the man asks what he was doing there. Wolfgang hits the man in the head with the metal box, leaving the man unconscious. Wolfgang enters the hospital, bringing with him the man he hit in a wheelchair. He uses the man to enter the hospital, acting as an injured person. Wolfgang wears a hat as he enter the hospital, looking anonymous from Steiner's workers. Wolfgang stops in front of Felix's room, leaving the man in the wheelchair. He puts his hat on the man and positioned it to cover the bleeding on the man's face. He gets inside the room and he disconnects Felix from all the medical equipment. As he disconnects Felix, he passionately recites a line from the movie, Conan the Barbarian.

Kala and Will

In Mumbai, Kala visits the temple again following what happened to Manendra. As she walks up the stairs, she sees what seems to be a shrine for Manendra. A crowd beside the shrine greets Kala, who hails her as a hero. Guru Yash appears, saying that Kala is the reason for Manendra's death. The other worshipers say that God worked through Kala to remove Manendra as an obstacle. Kala denies it but Guru Yash tries to convince her, saying that God doesn't like violence but sometimes it is necessary. The crowd slowly walks to Kala and tells her that she is one of them. Kala slowly backs away from them and Guru Yash tries to touch her again. Will takes control of Kala, pinning and pushing Guru Yash to a wall. Kala/Will tells the Guru that if they don't leave from the shrine, she will show them what violence is like. Kala stops pinning Guru Yash and Guru Yash tells the crowd to leave out of fear from Kala. Kala thanks Will for helping her. Kala asks where Will is and Will says he is at Chicago, sort of. He explains that he's not doing anything in Chicago since he's looking over Riley in Reykjavik. Kala remembers hearing music from the orchestra. Will explains that something from the orchestra triggered something in her. He says that he's afraid that BPO will know what she is. Kala asks what will happen to her and Will says he doesn't know.


Capheus drives the matatu to the highway. In the passenger seat, Capheus is accompanied with Silas. Silas thanks Capheus for not giving away Amondi. He promises Capheus that he will make him a rich man. Capheus denies the money that he will be awarded so Silas asks Capheus why he saved him. He says that it wasn't a part of his plan because of the turn of events. Capheus sighs as he slowly stop due to traffic in the highway. Capheus looks behind the highway and sees the Superpower Gang riding a jeep. The jeep stopped in the traffic and they exit the car. Armed with guns, they swiftly walk to Capheus' bus, hiding from Capheus in between cars. Silas asks if he has any weapons but Capheus says he has none. One man goes at the side of the bus and Capheus sees him at the wing mirror. Capheus visits Will and Kala who are visiting Riley in Reykjavik. He says that he is in trouble and is about to die. Will dismisses what he said, saying "No one's gonna die". He goes to the window at the side of the bus, where he pins the gunman, shoots him, and steals the gun.

Capheus goes back to the drivers seat and tells Silas to buckle up. Capheus takes the wheel, reversing into cars and knocking back several gang members. The attackers pepper the van with bullets, shattering windows and leaving bullet holes on the bus. He pulls forward across the median, and drives into oncoming traffic. He escapes across the highway and into a narrower road. Githu steals a motorcycle and pursues Capheus. Githu catches up with Capheus, where they shoot at each other as they drive. After some driving, the two find each other at opposite ends of a street. They prepare themselves before they charge at each other. They accelerate towards each other. Capheus screams as the boss unloads his pistol at the van. At the last moment, Capheus turns the wheel and the bus skids sideways, hitting the gang boss with the side of the bus. The boss and his motorcycle are sent flying and the Van Damn comes to a stop, victorious.


Wolfgang pulls up his van at a smaller hospital. He brings out Felix from the van and they enter the hospital. Wolfgang instructs the doctor what to do. He says that if someone asks for a description similar to Felix's, the doctor should say nothing and instead call Wolfgang. The doctor asks how long should he take care of Felix and Wolfgang says it shouldn't take long, as he offers the doctor bribe money. The doctor asks Wolfgang for Felix's fake name. Wolfgang smirks, and answers "Conan". The doctor asks if it's a first name or a last name and Wolfgang replies "Yes", before leaving. The doctor expresses a confused face and then takes Felix to his room.


Capheus drives the Van Damn to Jela's house. Capheus supports Silas to walk as they enter the home. Amondi, Jela and Jela's family gets their cooking interrupted when they see Capheus and Silas. Jela is happy to see Capheus return, saying that "Van Damme always comes back". Silas kneels down and Amondi asks about her father's status. Silas says that he's better than fine because he is lucky. Silas asks Amondi who loves her and Amondi answers he does then they hug. While Amondi hugs Silas, Silas looks up to Capheus and Capheus nods at him.


In the hospital room, Riley seems to move painfully as she sleeps. Riley experiences an intense flashback. In the flashback, it's nighttime on a snowy road. Riley is with Magnus, as Magnus drives the speeding car. While Riley experiences the flashback, the nurses who are taking of Riley are chatting. In awe, they say that the brain scans from Riley is very new and different. In the flashback, the car crashes and back in the present, Riley is moving and groaning in pain. The nurses are surprised that Riley can still move and groan after giving Riley drugs to calm her. So they inject more drugs to Riley and she finally settles down. As they leave, one nurse asks if they've heard anything new from the neurologists and they answer not yet.

Will and Nomi

As the nurses leave, Will asks Nomi if she was the reason the nurses haven't had contact with the neurologist yet. Nomi answers that it's easy since hacking is her hobby. Will shows Nomi a B.O.L.O. for Nomi, which says that she's in Australia, and asks her if she did it too. Nomi nods. She says that she figured that she needed more time so she made a fake B.O.L.O. Will and Nomi try to figure out how much time they have then Jonas visits them, telling them that they're out of time. Jonas says that he made a mistake and they take blames for making a mistake. Will says that he was the one who made a mistake for not trusting Jonas. Jonas asks them if they trust him now. He informs them that Whispers knows about Riley. Nomi gets confused because she locked down all information about Riley. Jonas tells them that he's getting tortured and guided by Whispers to reveal information about them. In a laboratory, wires are connected to Jonas and Whispers guides him on what he should tell the others. He warns Will to not underestimate Whispers, since he knows that Will is focused on going to Iceland to save Riley.

Wolfgang and Kala

Wolfgang stops his car at the gate of Anton's mansion. With Wolfgang is Kala, who is visiting and sitting next to him. Kala tries to convince Wolfgang to turn around and leave the place before he kills someone. Wolfgang uses Kala's wedding as an example of inevitable things, since Kala's wedding stopped but will still happen. Kala warns him that he'll get killed and Wolfgang replies that there are worse things than death. Wolfgang grabs a gun and Kala stops him, begging him not to do it. He says that there are things that they won't ever understand about each other's worlds and Kala says she knows how Wolfgang feels about her. Wolfgang strokes Kala's face, and convinces her that the reason he's there is for her. He says: "As long as that man is alive, no one I care about will ever be safe." and Kala cries. They slowly lean to each other's head for a brief kiss. Wolfgang stops then moves closer to a gate and asks for permission to enter. The gate opens and the Wolfgang drives the car inside.

Kala and Sun

After her conversation with Wolfgang, Kala returns to her lab in Mumbai, crying. Sun tells Kala that crying won't help her and Kala visits her in Sun's cell in Seoul. Sun says that life is full of fear, rage, desire and love. She says that to feel no emotions or feeling is to die. Kala breaks down and asks Sun a suggestion to help her. Sun says that she takes all her the things that matter to her and pushes it into her fists, and fights for it .



Guest Starring[]


  • Rosa Katanu as Amondi Kabaka
  • Krysteen Savane as Jela's Wife
  • Biko Nyongesa as Superpower #2
  • Emmanuel Mugo as Superpower #3
  • Derrick Assetto as Superpower #4
  • Judy Karami as Githu's Girlfriend
  • Shabaan Musa as Superpower #7
  • Wycliffe Omondi as Superpower #10
  • Antony Gathumbi as Superpower #11
  • Emmanuel Makani as Superpower #13
  • Johnson Chege as Superpower Goon #1
  • Ezekiel Kang'a as Superpower Goon #2
  • Brian Odongo as Superpower Goon #3
  • Bryan Mwihandi as Superpower Goon #4
  • Samson Odhiambo as Superpower Goon #5
  • Kevin Isaac as Superpower Goon #6
  • Trishaan as Worshipper #1
  • Kavita Amarjeet as Worshipper #2
  • Max Mauff as Felix Berner
  • Matthias Günther as Gunman
  • Peter Benedict as Clinic Doctor
  • Hye Ryon Lee as Prison Guard #2
  • Mijin Yoo as Additional Prison Guard
  • Lilja Thorisdottir as Yrsa
  • Thor Birgisson as Magnus
  • Thorsteinn Bachman as Doctor #1
  • Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin as Doctor #2
  • Halldora Geirhardsdottir as Nurse

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 45 minutes and 43 seconds, making it the shortest episode of the entire series.
  • The title originates from Kala's plea to Wolfgang not to go through with his plan to kill his uncle.
  • The following locations appeared in the episode:
  • Lito does not appear in this episode, making it the only episode of the entire series not to feature him. Additionally, it's only the second and last episode ever not to feature all of the eighth main sensates.


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