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If All the World's a Stage, Identity Is Nothing But A Costume is the tenth episode of the second season and 22nd overall episode of Sense8.


Sun moves ahead with her undercover mission, while Lito heads to Hollywood for the audition of a lifetime. Capheus prepares for his first big speech.


Kala, Riley, Will, and Wolfgang

Kala has created a new bunch of blockers. It's not exactly the same, but she thinks it's close enough. She can't be sure if they'll work since she doesn't know exactly what the blockers do. Kala wants to test them. Riley says she'll come to Bombay after London so they can test them together. Kala inquires about Will. He should not blame himself for his father's death. As Kala visits on the plane, Riley says it's hard for Will to realize that all the things that were broken between them can now never be fixed. Kala has to ask a question that might be inappropriate. Riley knows she wants to know what it's like between her and Will. Riley says it's more intense when she visits him, more physical. Being with him made her understand the word "presence." And the sex, she just can't describe it sufficiently. Kala asks about pain. Riley visits a heartbroken Will and tells Kala she can feel his grief. It's only bearable because the alternative is not.

From the plane, Riley visits Will to comfort him.

Kala appears to Wolfgang and vice versa.

Riley is cuddling Will. He brought out the drug box. She cries on the plane.

Wolfgang tells Kala that they need to talk. She can see that he's hiding and asks if it's because of Lila. He admits that he was surprised she came to the restaurant. That surprises her. He supposes her life would be easier if he were dead, but she won't let him finish that sentence. They hold hands for a brief moment. She admits her life became confusing and she doesn't know how to fix it. She can't fix her troubles with a rocket launcher, and can't help but point out his current troubles are all due to that kind of violence. However, she knows that she does not want to hurt Rajan. But she also know that if something were to happen to him, if she would no longer be able to feel him, her life would be no longer worth living. They share a brief kiss. Wolfgang says he's coming to Bombay, but she tells him he can't. He finds that she has talked enough about things being right or wrong and what she should do. He doesn't give a shit about the rules or right and wrong. He only cares about them, right now. They passionately kiss. He knows she feels the same. She admits to that. But she can't be with him in her city. She proposes they go somewhere where nobody knows that. She'll talk to Rajan once he comes home and tell him what's been happening to her. She owes him the truth.


Will is having nightmares about his father's death, Whispers taunting him, and Sara Patrell's death. Angelica appears to and comforts Will. She understands his pain. She went so far that she couldn't come back. Whispers appears and starts taunting Will about letting his father die all alone. Will tells him to stay away. Whispers knows things were difficult, but he suggests Will didn't go to see him because maybe his father wasn't that important to him after all. As Whispers tries to get in his head, Will grinds up pills and snorts the powder. Whispers tells Will that they are getting closer.


Back in her hotel room, Sun takes off the pink wig and looks at herself in the mirror.

Lito and Sun

Lito, Hernando, and Dani are in the waiting room for Kit. The secretary sends him in.

Sun has infiltrated the bar team for the J-Bak Gala. They are given instructions. There are a lot of international guests, so they have to be ready for a variety of tastes. The instructor singles out Sun and asks her to make him a Sidecar. She nervously walks up to the bar.

Kit tells Lito that box office bores him. He's old-school. He needs to be touched in the heart by Lito's performance. If he doesn't, he doesn't give a shit about Lito nor how many fans he has. Kit watched his films and deems it the same type of male apery that has spread like cancer in their industry. That makes him think this is a waste of time. But, he also saw Lito's speech and he possibly saw Jordi in that. Lito knows the lines, so Kit is ready for him to break his heart. Lito wants to start, but he sees Sun waving at him for help. He asks Kit for a moment.

Lito visits Sun and tells her not now. He starts warming up for his performance while Sun does her best to stall. Lito ignores her, so she leaves. Lito sits down and says he's ready. The assistant runs lines with him. The lines are about always having been alone. Lito does his best, but Kit calls bullshit. It's fake. Lito apologizes.

Sun grabs the wrong bottle and apologizes.

Kit tells Lito fuck apologies and asks to go again. He wants truth. Lito feels Sun's desperation. She accidentally drops the bottle, but he appears in time to pick it up. He says he makes the best Sidecars in the world. He goes to make a Sidecar and shows off in the process. The instructor tastes it and deems it perfect.

Lito comes back from the visit and finds Kit and his assistant looking at him weirdly. The assistant starts reading the lines. Surprisingly, he channels Sun, who can relate to feeling alone, and delivers the lines perfectly. Kit is moved by the performance.


The Van Damn arrives in Kibera. Jela reminds everybody about the rally this weekend.


Lito, Dani, and Hernando arrive at a fancy pool party. They are welcomed with shots. Dani and Hernando are starstruck by all the celebrities present. Kit then sees that his Jordi has arrived. They greet each other. Dani then spots the Academy Award statue. Kit grabs and quietly confesses to having used it as a dildo. The trio doesn't quite know how to respond. Kit then calls over Marc to meet their Jordi. Marc Jacobs and his assistant Charlie come over. They saw his speech and loved the kiss with Hernando. It was so romantic. Kit wants Marc to work his magic right now. He undresses Lito to his briefs. Lito is a bit worried. Marc tells him his motto: if all the world's a stage, identity is nothing but a costume. Marc looks around the room and starts borrowing clothes and accessories from other guests. Lito admires Jordi's look in the mirror once Marc is done. This makes it all very real for him.

Lito and Capheus

Lito appears to Capheus as he's looking at his suit in the mirror. Lito explains this is Jordi's look. Capheus says the suit isn't really him, either.


Capheus exits his house and finds a group of supporters cheering him on. They start chanting "Van Damn." Shiro is very proud of her son and tells him his father would be, too. Capheus and his team get in the cars to drive to the rally. He starts giving instructions for the route, but Koman tells him he's not a bus driver anymore.


Kit shows Lito, Hernando, and Dani around. Outside, he calls over Blake Huntington. The trio quietly freaks out as he approaches. Kit introduces Blake to their Jordi Gallo. Blake will be playing the other leading role in the movie: Pablo de la Cruz. Lito is starstruck. Hernando tells Blake he teaches one of his films to his students. Lito introduces Dani and Hernando to Blake. Blake recognizes Hernando from Lito's speech. When he heard Lito was auditioning for their movie, he screened The Passion of the Sinner. He thought it offered real insight on the interdependence of identity by rejecting the standard male narratives of sovereignty. Hernando said the same thing. Blake quotes a line from The Lady with the Dog. Iberian Dreams reminds him of Chekhov. Hernando agrees. Kit breaks up the literary talk. Kit asks Blake if he wants to fuck Lito. As Pablo, absolutely, Blake replies. Lito thanks him.


Capheus and his team arrive at the rally. There's a massive crowd. Capheus is a bit overwhelmed.


Lito is sitting on the beach by himself. Hernando finds him and sits down with him. Lito says he had to leave. He couldn't breathe. Hernando says there's nothing more frightening than a dream come true. Lito feels weird. It feels like everything in his life has led him to this beach, but at the same time, he feels like he doesn't belong here at all. Hernando knows the feeling. Usually, that means there's something he's afraid of. Lito is afraid that he'll do this movie and everyone finds out he's a fraud, that he's not a good actor. Hernando tells him he's great. He's only scared right now because art, like life, is full of risk. And that is beautiful. Hernando recalls that Lito told him it wasn't a career he was chasing, but a dream. He starts undressing. Hernando wonders what is worth the risk if his dream isn't. He runs into the ocean. Lito undresses, too, and follows Hernando. They end up kissing on the beach with waves running over them. "From queer to eternity!" Lito yells.


Capheus is on the stage and observes the crowd. Zakia confirms they are all here for him, because he is just like them. His mother assures him every good and bad day of his life has prepared him for this. Koman starts his welcome speech. The people has elected liars and hypocrites for too long. The time has come to elect a real man. He introduces the candidate of the KRDP: Capheus 'Van Damn' Onyango. Capheus cautiously approaches the microphone. He freezes. Jela walks up to him and reminds him to just drive the bus.

Strengthened by his cluster appearing beside him, he greets the crowd. He tells them they should know him if they are going to vote for him. Once, a Kikuyu woman and a Luo man fell in love. They were asked by their families not to marry outside of the tribe, but love is a bridge if you allow it to be. They married and lived in the Luo tribe, but they were not welcoming to his mother. When he was only a few months old, they moved to his mother's village, only for the same thing to happen to his father. They moved to the city, where they knew no one. The same prejudice that drove them to the city also caused the death of his father when a political difference became a tribal war. He shares this story because there are many rumors going around. He's Kikuyu. He's Luo. Jela is also mixed. His father is Sudanese and his mother is Kenyan. These are facts they never talk about, because they have never mattered to them. Nothing good ever happens when people care more about their differences than the things they share. They all hope for a future where the children don't think of love as a wall, but only as a bridge. The crowd cheers, but then a fight ensues. Capheus asks for no violence, but someone throws a Molotov cocktail at the stage. Bodyguards take Capheus' family away while he is separated from them to keep them safer.

Will is restless because of the turmoil at the rally. He feels something's not right.

Police and soldiers come up to hold back the angry protestors, who are starting to climb over the fences. Will appears in the chaos and warns Capheus that this is a trap. His supposed bodyguard has a knife. The bodyguard attacks him, but Sun and Will block the attack. Will's connection to Capheus is weakened due to the drugs, so it costs a lot of strength to fight off the attacker. The attackers manages to slice Capheus with his knife. Capheus and the attacker continue to fight despite a water cannon aimed at them. The attackers brings out a gun, but he's shot in the head by Githu before he can fire it. Githu guides Capheus to a vehicle from Capheus' entourage and kills the driver. They get in the car and drive off.

Capheus is driving at gunpoint. Githu checks if they are being followed.

Will is broken down on the bed. He reaches for more drugs, but Riley appears and tells him what just happened was no good. She knows he's in pain and feels lost, but they need him. She needs him. Capheus needs him. Capheus appears on the bed looking lost. Will apologizes to him. Capheus says when his father was killed, he went crazy, too. Will admits he fucked up. It won't happen again. However, he knows Capheus is safe now. Capheus wonders how he knows that.

Will appears in the back of the car and says the safety's on. Githu says it is and puts the gun away. Capheus asks why he saved him. Githu didn't want the last scene of The Legend of Superpower and Van Damn to be a some political bullshit cooked up by Mandiba. Capheus counters that Githu works for Mandiba. Githu says Mandiba is not from Kibera like they are. What he doesn't understand about slumdogs is that if he tries to put a leash on them, they'll rip his hands off at the wrist. He says he has big plans. He then orders Capheus to get out of his new car.


Capheus' family and friends are worried. They are so relieved to see him as he enters the house. Shiro notices the laceration, but he assures her he's fine. Shiro says what he said was good for people to hear. Zakia agrees. Capheus thinks no one will vote for him after what happened. Capheus's political team is not so sure, because people know that the violence was caused by Mandiba's men. Before the demonstrators attacked, you could feel the crowd's excitement. They loved his words. Zakia thinks they all felt the same: that this may be their last chance at a future that doesn't look exactly like the past.

Sun, Will and Riley

Will and Sun connect as they're both alone in their rooms. He's holding his police bag while she's holding a note. Will walks up to the mirror and sees Sun. Tonight is the night of the gala. She asks if he's going to stop her. He asks if she wants him to. She doesn't answer. He says every cop knows there are moments where the only choice you have left is to defend yourself. She then decides to go for it. She starts applying the makeup for her cover while he goes to shave off his beard.

Once he's done, he grabs his badge again. At that moment, Riley walks in. She drops her bags and takes the badge. She's happy that her cop is back. They share a kiss. He welcomes her home.


Joong-Ki arrives at the gala. His arrival doesn't go unnoticed by the press.

Inside, Sun is mixing drinks behind the bar while Joong-Ki greets guests. Bottles of champagne are popped for the champagne tower. Sun watches him closely.

Will grabs his jacket from his bag and visits Sun. He tells her the security is very perimeter-based.

The cluster gathers at the safehouse. If Joong-Ki gives some kind of address like Sun suspects, they should move right after that. Nomi wonders how they'll get Joong-Ki out of the building. Will says the garage is the only viable option.

Nomi, Bug, and Amanita get to work. Nomi asks Bug for building schematics.

Riley wonders what they're going to do. Capheus says they need to get Joong-Ki to tell the truth, but they'll have to trick him since a coerced confessions isn't admissible evidence.

As they appear at the gala, Riley wonders what if they can't get Joong-Ki out of the building. Will says Joong-Ki will keep coming after Sun as long as she's alive, because until she's dead, someone knows what he did. Wolfgang concludes that one way or another, this ends tonight. Kala walks up to Sun and takes her hand. She tells her they take everything matters and push all of it into their fist. They all gather and put their hands on Sun's fist as Kala finishes by saying they fight for it.



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  • This episode runs for 52 minutes and 49 seconds.
  • The title originates from Lito's conversation at the director's pool party.
  • The following locations appear in this episode:
  • Lito travels to Los Angeles, which is situated relatively close to San Francisco. This marks the closest that two members of the August 8 Cluster have been to each other without actually being in the same location.


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