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I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate is the seventh episode of the second season and the 19th overall episode of Sense8.


Will asks an old friend for help as Riley embarks on a risky journey. Kala makes a troubling discovery. Sun has an intense encounter in the cemetery.


Riley, Will, and Nomi

Riley is on a plane to Chicago while Will is pacing. He can't believe he let her do this. She quips they all agreed it was worth the risk. Riley asks Nomi to back her up. Nomi says the fake ID worked in the United Kingdom, but Will says Outgoing isn't the same as Incoming. Nomi shows they are inside the TSA, watching out for any alert. Nomi and Amanita are in a cabin in the woods, so the Wi-Fi is bad. Bug's on it. Riley is done with Will's worrying, but Nomi stresses he only does so out of love. She suggests they let Riley sleep since there's nothing they can do. Grace informs Nomi and Amanita that dinner is ready. Before they can go, Bug informs them that TSA bumped up their warning level because of another mass shooting.

Will calms down and sits down next to Riley, who cuddles up to him. He asks her to be careful. She will.

Kala and Capheus

Kala interrupts a meeting between Rajan and Ajay. She apologizes and goes to leave, but Ajay tells her she's the obvious priority here. He advises Rajan to spend more time with his bride. Ajay leaves. Kala discovered that shipping reports have been falsified. Everything the controllers approved has been doctored. He tells her she's beautiful, but she is too upset over the fact that they are shipping old, useless, defective, and possibly poisonous drugs. Rajan says this is standard procedure. They have to vacate their storage space and they can't waste drugs just because they are slightly below standard. Kala is shocked and wonders what if they were to be given expired drugs themselves. Rajan assures her they would never allow it to happen to their own people, which is why they ship the drugs to distant places. Capheus appears next to her and she checks if those places include Kenya. Rajan replies it's possible. Horrified, she backs away from him and leaves.


Capheus enters the KDRP offices. Koman sees him and smiles.


Riley wakes up to a woman showing her a news report regarding a shooting in New York City. She used to wonder if there were things she could do to change the world, but that was before she understood those thoughts are unskilled. Trying to change the world only leads to suffering. You only change yourself. Riley disagrees. The woman knows, which is why she can't help Riley. Riley realizes the woman is a Sensate visiting her. The woman hopes they can visit again one day when her thinking doesn't reflect their thinking. Riley can't visit her and wonders why. The woman replies there are forces working on every life that remain beyond control or comprehension. She then disappears.


Nomi, Amanita, and her parents discuss the mass shooting. The dads agree that it's always a man. Violence has a gender. Grace is fascinated by the fact that every generation believes in something else. The dads believed in pot and sex. She was interested in ending patriarchal control over women's bodies. Nomi loves that none of them ever cared which one of them is Amanita's biological father, but she can understand why.

Lito and Wolfgang

Lito, Hernando, and Dani arrive home singing after the parade, but their arrival takes a dark turn when Joaquin appears in the apartment. He tells Dani that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. He told "them" that she was beyond saving, but they needed to see for themselves. Dani's parents then appear next to him. They have come to take her home. Dani says she's happy here. Joaquin tells them that Lito and Hernando changed Dani. Dani's father tells Joaquin to get Dani's bag. He smirks and goes to grab it, but so does Lito. "Want to go again, faggot?" Joaquin quietly asks. Wolfgang appears and they tell Joaquin only if he wants his ass kicked by a faggot, again. Joaquin backs off and Lito thanks Wolfgang. Dani refuses to come. Her father threatens to cut her out of his world. She knows they don't understand, but Dani has a relationship with these two men that isn't built on threats, control, or money. Her father points out she's living off a trust fund. Lito says he can keep the money as Dani doesn't need it. Dani's mother begs her to come home, but Dani replies she already is home. Her crying mother leaves, followed by Dani's father and Joaquin.

Will and Nomi

Nomi, Amanita, and her family are dancing in the kitchen while doing the dishes. A worried Will appears and inquires what happens if the ID fails. Nomi has faith because it's the best one she's ever done. She knows so much about fake IDs because the government makes it hard to get new ones for trans people.

Riley and Will

Riley arrives at Chicago while Will is worried about BPO waiting for her. However, she's greeted by Diego. Riley enthusiastically hugs him. He only knows her as the chick with the weird accent. Both Will and Riley are grateful that he came, as Will didn't expect it. Diego tells Riley that Will said he would provide an explanation as to why he disappeared for over a year without a word. Will says he's sorry. Riley delivers the message.

Diego and Riley arrive at Superdawg. Riley says that makes sense since Diego eats when he's nervous. As Will says he misses the malts, Riley asks Diego to bring her one. Diego says Will always orders that.


Capheus and Zakia visit the art school where his mum teaches dance. Capheus introduces Zakia to her. Zakia has heard about the work Shiro does here with the kids. It's amazing. Shiro explains that art is fundamental to development of the imagination. You have to imagine something first to achieve it. Shiro heard about her education. She wonders why Zakia turned down jobs and came back here. Zakia says she loves Kenya as much as Capheus does, despite its challenges, which is why she is so excited that Capheus is running for office. Shiro didn't know yet. Capheus starts explaining.

Kala and Sun

Back in her childhood home, Kala tells Sun that she used to picture her future, but she never imagined it like this. Sun says nobody knows what life they'll live. That's what makes life feel alive. Kala wonders if that is also true for people, and if it is, if that means you never really know your husband. Or your brother, Sun adds. This level of uncertainty makes Kala uncomfortable. Sun says there's no alternative. Kala's parents come up to announce a visitor. It's Rajan. Kala says it's time to talk.

Riley and Will

Riley explains her connection to Will to Diego. Diego checks if Will can hear anything he says to Riley. She replies yes. Diego utters an insult for Will, who agrees he deserves it. Diego wonders why he should give a shit about Will or his girlfriend, when Will obviously doesn't give a shit about him. In the safehouse, Will grabs his phone. Riley informs Diego his phone is about to ring, which happens seconds later. Will tells Diego he's sorry and asks for time to explain. Diego claims he doesn't have time. Will asks him to answer one question: how many times have the feds or Homeland Security called him in for questioning? Diego says more times than he can count. Will says that is the reason he couldn't tell him. He loved being a cop and especially being Diego's partner. Because Diego is his best friend, he knows that he can't lie and he didn't want him to lose his job trying to lie to protect Will. Diego says best friends care more about each other than a job. Will points out he has a family. Diego says they miss him, too. Will misses his life and he's trying to get it back. But he needs Diego's help. Diego agrees to help.


Rajan concedes to the immorality of the company's actions. He's been working there since he was a child. He was raised to believe in the company like other people believe in God. The more he sacrificed, the more his God would protect him and his family. This focus caused him to lose sight of things that a man in his position should never lose sight of. But he's changed everything now. This company will do things differently from now on. The look in her eyes made him see what she sees. She is his life and the rest is just belongings. More than anything, he wants to be the man she believed him to be.


Back at their home, Capheus and Shiro are arguing. She says no to his decision. Politics turns people into fools and fools into thugs. Politics killed his father. He understands, but he's been looking around and seeing things that are wrong. He wants to fix things. Maybe he is just as foolish as his father was. Shiro says his father had the exact same argument.

Flashback. Shiro and Capheus' father are arguing while young Capheus spies on them. His father wants to see yes to the offer he received, because they can't escape hope. They can only make this country a better place if they do it themselves.

Capheus apologizes to his mother. He doesn't want to cause her pain, so he'll withdraw. Shiro objects. She only asks that Capheus remembers that he's the only thing she has left from his father. They hug.


Sun visits her parents' graves. She apologizes to her father. If he hadn't come to the prison, maybe he would still be alive. She admits to feeling lost. Everything she considered her home is now gone. Every time she begins to feel like she belongs somewhere, she has to leave. She's trapped between what she wants and what she knows she can't have. She misses her mother. She measures so much of her life against one afternoon with her.

Flashback. After losing a match, Sun apologizes to her mother for losing and making her sad. Her mother says she's not sad. She's always afraid for her when she comes to these matches. Sun says she's not afraid. Sun's mother says that's why she's crying. Sun's teacher told her he never met a fighter as fearless as Sun. When she watches Sun and sees the fierce determination, she knows that Sun's life will not be like hers. That makes her very happy.

Sun recalls that was the day her mother took her to the Spring Festival. Riley appears and tells Sun there's much of her mother in her. Sun says she was nourished by her mother, unlike Joong-Ki. It was her duty to raise him in her mother's place. But she failed. Riley tells Sun that what happened was not her fault. Nomi says a lot of people never get the kind of love she got from her mother. She certainly didn't, but it didn't turn her into a murderer. Sun says that doesn't change the feeling she has. Kala knows feelings can overwhelm logic, but at the same time, logic can ruin the emotions that make life worth living. Sun says her father was killed because of her. That's fact, not feeling. Capheus says for many years after his father was killed, he believed it was his duty to avenge him. He recalls stealing a gun and imagining killing the men who killed his father, but he never did because of his mother. He asked her if she hated the men who killed his father, but she told him she has no room in her heart for hate. That led to him dumping the gun. Sun misses a mother to give her such advice. Will takes her hand and tells her she has them. She thinks he's going to tell her to trust the law, but he's not. Wolfgang says his father was like her brother. The world is better off without him. Sun is now more confused than before. Lito says there's no easy answer, but whatever she decides to do, she won't have to do it alone. They all gather around her and comfort her.


Lito enthusiastically enters his agent's office with the video from the Pride on his phone. It has two million hits. The agent says this is awkward. He thought Lito's lawyer was going to talk to him, but his lawyer referred him to his agent. Lito knows he's been struggling to find the right role, but he feels like he had to do the Pride first to gain perspective. The agent has a brutal message: they no longer represent him. He fought for Lito. He says it's important what he's doing, but some high-level clients don't agree with sexuality and they made the management choose. The agent says they'll give the standard press talk. Lito is shaken. He recalls the agent called him his guy. The agent says Lito lied to them, too.

A heartbroken Lito makes his way to the elevator with everyone in the office staring after him. Before getting on the elevator, he watches everyone gossip. He gets on the elevator with another guy, who suddenly hugs Lito and thanks him.


Detective Mun appears behind Sun and tells her he wants to talk. He's been coming here every morning before his shift, figuring she would eventually come and if so, she would come early. He knows it would be important for her to visit her father's grave after he committed suicide. She sets the record straight. It's a fact that he was murdered. She has no evidence and doesn't require him or the law to believe her. She's seen the system from inside and out, and she does not expect justice from it. As Mun approaches her, he tells her that he's on her side. Her brother is not the man the media believes him to be. They suspect there's a lot of illegal money flowing through his company, but they just can't prove it yet. He admits the law is imperfect. He asks her to trust him and swears to protect her. She doesn't need protection. He asks if she's sure. He said he only wanted to talk so he won't stop her if she wants to walk away, but this may be his last chance at a rematch. He proposes a test to her invulnerability, a quick spar. If she wins, she'll leave as she wishes. But if he wins, she has to come with him and tell her story on the record. While there's no reason for her to fight him, he hopes she will accept. As he takes off his shoes, he tells her he's thought about their fight at Mrs. Shu's apartment a lot. She hasn't at all. She puts down her bag and takes off her shoes as he warms up. She officially accepts. She asks to show her what he's learned since.

A fight ensues. When he thinks he has her, he asks when the last time was she lost a fight. She can't remember. She breaks free. He remembers her move from a fight from the past in which she cut down the best fighter from their dojo. She gets some more punches in and kicks him to the face. However, he hasn't had enough. The fight continues as they move towards the stairs. She prevents him from falling down. She tells him he thinks too much. His teacher told him the same thing. They start walking down the stairs. His teacher told him that fighting is something you do with the heart, not the head. She thinks he has to spend more time with his teacher instead of investigating her. He thinks this is more fun. They spar for a bit. He tells her he understands now why she doesn't remember her fights. She doesn't fight a person, she fights something else. She used a false identity to compete because of her father. Mun thinks he refused to see her and understand how special she is. She replies by punching him in the face, continuing the fight once again. She pulls him down to a lower level of the cemetery, where they continue until they end up in a position with their faces close to one another. They then kiss. After exchanging a tender look, she finishes the fight and knocks him out. She does admit that he has improved.

Riley and Will

Riley is relaxing at the spot where she and Will first kissed. Will visits her and they share a kiss. She recalls their first kiss. He knows he's been acting crazy lately. She knows. He never loved anyone the way that he loves her. They kiss some more. She promises to come back to him. The waiting is the hard part. He asks if it's going to be much longer. She says no. It could be tomorrow or next week. Or right now, Hoy says as he appears to Riley. The Archipelago has spoken. He's been given an address. She must go there now.


Nomi is woken up by Amanita screaming. She couldn't sleep and started looking into the shooting. British politician Mitchell Taylor was giving a speech at the mosque when the shooting happened. She shows Nomi a video. Mitchell says this conference is to remind people that free societies are stronger societies. Amanita explains he's speaking at some kind of peace congregation with all kinds of people from all different religions. Mitchell says cities are the places where the best and brightest go in open and multicultural societies, while they are the places that people want to escape in repressive mono-cultural societies. Suddenly, a man from the audience stands up and mows people down with his gun. Nomi is horrified. The killer wanted to shoot himself, but he was taken down by two survivors. Amanita says it's sad. Mitchell Taylor tried to do something about fear of otherness. She started reading up on him and then it dawned on her that the Internet is some sort of psycellium where memories and moments from their lives exist beyond them. Ultimately, she found a picture of Taylor with Ruth El-Sadaawi. Maybe the shooting was not a coincidence. The killer's identity wasn't released until just now, which is why she screamed. The killer is Todd W. McCarver. He hanged himself in prison. Nomi reads the name and realizes she knows him.


Riley and Diego arrive at the church where everything started. Will doesn't like it. Will and Diego go inside. Diego is officially creeped out. Will wants to call off the mission. They'll find another way to get to Whispers. Nomi appears and tells them she knows why Whispers has been missing. He's been trapped in prison. He Bolgered Todd into murdering Mitchell Taylor. She only then notices they are at the church. Riley then notices stairs. Hoy told her she needed to go downstairs. Diego doesn't feel like going down. Riley says she was told to go alone anyway, so he can go wait in the car. The cluster appears worried, but Riley says this isn't BPO. This is someone who is frightened. If she was going to do what they're about to do, she would be scared, too. She goes down the stairs.

Her cluster follows her as she approaches a small stage. Lito recalls a similar scene from a movie he did. Everyone died in it. On the stage, there's a small table with a pill and a glass of water as well "Drink me" written in the dust. The cluster debates if she should do it. Riley says the person needs to know that she's alone. She takes the pill. Will says he's giving her 5 minutes. After that, he's sending in Diego. The cluster disappears as the blocker kicks in.

Will is worrying.


A woman appears in the room. She tells Riley she needed to know how far Riley would go. It's strange for her to finally meet. In a way, Riley and her cluster exist because of her. Riley knows she works with Kolovi and helped Angelica escape. The woman says they both realized Angelica was going to birth another cluster, and after what happened to her first, she knew Angelica would rather die than let that happen again. Riley asks why the church. The woman says Angelica heard her singing one day and asked where she'd learned. She did in this church. It was Angelica's idea to come here. Riley asks if Angelica was working with BPO. The woman replies Angelica was searching for her children. She explains none of them realized how fast BPO was changing. When she first started working for them, it was very different. Ruth El-Sadaawi was a visionary. They met at Stanford and the work felt like something sacred. When Ruth died, she hoped Kolovi would continue what she began. Maybe he believed in Ruth's work once, but not now. Not after meeting Dr. Milton Bailey Brandt. That's the first name she knew Whispers by. When he first came to the university, he had research and data on the development of the sensorium frontal lobe that they were all desperate for. They all suspected how he came about the information, but they never asked. Brandt never would have solved the problems of the neural graft without Angelica. The graft mimics the connection of a cluster, overriding the consciousness of one sensorium onto another. Riley asks why, but all the woman has to say for herself is that she's an academic. But when she watched what happened in New York, that shooting, it made her realize that if it's within their power to stop something that terrible from happening, they should do it. The woman compares the scars on her wrist to Riley's. The voice in your head that tells you to cut your wrists, or do anything else to end your life, it never shouts. It only whispers. That's why Angelica called Brandt that. The woman writes something down on Riley's arm. Riley thanks her. As the woman leaves, Riley watches the address the woman wrote down: 31 Milkwood, Cambridge.

Will, Wolfgang, and Sun

Will is observing the estate. He tells Wolfgang and Sun that Whispers sleeps on blockers, so he couldn't reach him a few hours ago. They don't know for sure that Whispers is in there. Sun says they are wasting time since he could wake while they are just standing here. Wolfgang agrees. Will decides to go in, but he's stopped by Jonas asking if he's really willing to kill a man in cold blood. Will is shocked to see him.



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 61 minutes and 24 seconds.
  • The title originates from Capheus' mother's reply to the question if she hates the men who killed her husband.
  • This is the only episode of the second season not to feature Whispers.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Sun: I don't think anyone knows what life they will live. That's what makes life feel alive.

Kala: I know feelings and emotions can overwhelm our logic, and at the same time, logic can ruin the emotions that make life worth living.

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