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Hernando Fuentes is Lito Rodriguez's boyfriend and a secondary character in Season One and Season Two of Sense8. He is portrayed by Alfonso Herrera.


Early Life[]

Hernando Fuentes lost his parents on New Years in a crash. Every New Years since, he visits their grave and tell them about his life.[1]

His first date with Lito Rodriguez was spent at an art museum in Mexico. There, Hernando speaks to Lito in great, passionate detail about one particular masterpiece. Eventually, the constant talking drove his date insane that they shared a kiss and was fellatio'd in the restroom of the museum.

Hernando and Lito stayed together since, but in Season 1 their relationship was placed secondary to the actor's career, which Hernando allowed.[2]

Reveal and Protection[]

Returning home from the permiere, Hernando was awakened from his slumber by Lito, where the two shared a kiss and conversed about his time spent prior. Eventually, both went to sleep but were awakened to the buzz to their apartment. Initially, they agreed on trying to rid them of Dani outside their apartment; however, her offer of alcohol and persistence to be led inside.

As Dani entered Lito's bedroom and questioned the man's rejections to sex, Hernando gleefully smirked and replied that it was due to her lack of a penis. He rebuffs to Lito that the lies did not fool her despite Lito's constant protests. The three, then, share glasses of champagne while Dani excitingly expressed joy in aiding their secret life. Fuentes questioned what she desired out of this.[3]

Breaking Point[]

Privacy Invasion[]

Hernando greeted Lito the following morning with breakfast on a bed tray and shared a kiss with him. Onward, he witnessed the mood change as Dani confessed that she did not text Lito. The text was from Joaquin, who had stolen Dani's phone while he lurked in their apartment, and had found the photos Dani took of Hernando and Lito having sex. These photographs were taken without the consent of Lito and Hernando, and Dani felt extremely guilty once she realised what happened. Joaquin used the photograph as blackmail, threatening to send it to the media thus outing Lito and affecting his career.

Dani offers to marry Joaquin to stop him releasing the photo, and she is seen sporting a black eye under dark sunglasses when she comes by to pick up her suitcases. When Hernando sees this, he is horrified, and realises that Dani is being abused by Joaquin. He looks in concern to Lito, but Lito seems to be accepting of Dani's choice since she was the one who took the photographs in the first place.


In the episode We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts, Hernando tells Lito that while he loves him, he cannot be with someone who would willingly let someone be hurt to protect his career. (This is in reference to Lito letting Daniela go back to her abusive ex Joaquin in order to avoid the graphic photos of his gay sex with Hernando going public and outing him). As such, he breaks up with Lito.

During his separation with Lito, Hernando is shown to go no-contact with his ex-boyfriend, ignoring the many tearful voicemails Lito leaves.


Lito realises after Hernando breaks up with him, that his boyfriend was the love of his life and that nothing matters more than having him back in his life. As such he decides to go and rescue Daniela from Joaquin in What Is Human. After rescuing her with the help of Wolfgang, Lito shows up at Hernando's door sporting a bloody nose and bruised face. He explains that he made a mistake, but he fixed it, and lets Daniela in the apartment to hug Hernando. Dani explains excitedly that Lito saved her and fought off Joaquin like "one of his movies". Lito apologises to Hernando, saying that Hernando had been right all along, and that his career will never be as important to him as Hernando is. They kiss and Lito asks "Can we go home now?" and Hernando agrees to get back together with him.

Lito's Birthday[]

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Hernando is an intellectual, with a great passion for art of all forms. He is able to speak intelligently and enthusiastically about such varied art forms as: film, paintings, erotic photographs, cooking and Mexican wrestling. In fact, the thing that first made Lito fall in love with him, was hearing him talk about art. Hernando is an extremely empathetic and compassionate person, always understanding even when his loved ones do things that hurt him, such as when Dani takes photos of him and Lito without his consent, or when Lito keeps their relationship a secret. He is shown to have a very strong set of values and boundaries however, being willing to draw a line with Lito and break up with him over letting Daniela trade her safety for Lito's career.


Lito Rodriguez: Hernando is Lito's boyfriend. They keep their relationship a secret as Lito fears coming out will ruin his career. Hernando and Lito are close friends with Daniela, who poses as Lito's girlfriend in public during season 1.

Hernando left Lito when he allowed Daniela to return to her abusive ex-boyfriend, Joaquin, to prevent him from leaking explicit photos of the couple together. Hernando explains to Lito that he "...can't be with someone who would allow someone else to be hurt in order to protect their career." Hernando and Lito reunite after Lito rescues Daniela with the help of Wolfgang but at the risk of Joaquin releasing the photographs to the public.

In Season 2 the relationship between Hernando and Lito is very stable and loving. After coming out publicly, Lito starts being open about his relationship with Hernando, taking him to movie premieres, and in Isolated Above Connected Below Lito introduces Hernando to tens of thousands of people at the Pride Parade (and millions of Youtube viewers) as "the love of my life".

Daniela Velazquez: Daniela is Hernando's close friend. It's shown that Lito, Hernando and Dani have a polyamorous relationship, although it's unclear whether either Hernando or Lito feel any sexual attraction to Daniela or whether they are just happy for her to watch him and Lito have sex. Several scenes in season 1 and 2 show Daniela sitting in bed between the two men, the episode Obligate Mutualisms references the three of them being in a hot tub together and living as a "family" long term, and the final scene of Amor Vincit Omnia shows her in between Hernando and Lito being caressed as the two men kiss.



"Love, like art, must always be free."
--Hernando to Lito on their first date.

"The problem is, honey, that you don't have a cock."
--Hernando to Daniela.

"In the end, we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts"
--Hernando to Lito, quoting Lito's line from one of his movies.

"Because the eyes of the beholder find not just beauty where they want, but also shallowness, ugliness, confusion...prejudice."
--Hernando to Mr. Valles.

"Love is art made public."
--Hernando to his students.


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Lee Huang was a stunt double for Alfonso Herrera in the role of Hernando Fuentes.



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