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Felix Berner is a recurring character in Season One and Season Two of Sense8. He is a childhood friend to Wolfgang Bogdanow and the closest ally as well as partner in-crime in Berlin.

After Hassan Bogdanow's funeral, Felix plotted alongside Wolfgang to steal and sell diamonds that Steiner had been planning to profit. When a merchant disappears, he becomes a target from Steiner's assault, hospitalizing him for some time. Having been avenged, he reawakens, learning that the two have new friends.

Meeting with club owner Sebastian Fuchs, Felix is gifted ownership of the establishment, informed that he would need to keep the business afloat.


Early LifeEdit

Felix meets Wolfgang through one day in detention. They introduce themselves and since then have been fairly close to one another. He has provided Wolfgang support in many altercations they have been faced with venturing Berlin in their childhood, especially after witnessing the domestic abuse from his father Anton.


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New OwnershipEdit

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  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: Felix and Wolfgang met in detention as children, Felix seemed amused by Wolfgang's name, so he called him Wolfie, and asked when he was in for - Wolfgang replied "fighting", which Felix regarded as "cool". Later, when Wolfgang is attacked by a group of kids and teens, he pushes Felix to run, he does reluctantly but returns quickly and helps Wolfgang fight them off. "Only the two that stood against many" - this action proved Felix to be a loyal and reliable ally/friend. He and Wolfgang stayed close as kids, teens and into their adult life. They often refer to each other as brother, and are nearly always in each others company. Many know the loyalty and love between them [like Sebastian Fuchs in season 2] and Kala when Felix is hospitalized.
  • [K] He [Felix] would do anything for you. [Wolfgang]
  • [W] He's my brother. Any not by something as accidental as blood. By something much stronger.
  • [K] What?
  • [W] By choice.
  • Steiner Bogdanow: to be added
  • Sebastian Fuchs: to be added

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