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Never Fixed Anything is the fifth episode of the second season and the 17th overall episode of Sense8.


Bug hits on a solution to Nomi's legal troubles, new cracks begin to appear in Kala's perfect life, and the Sensates consider a bold change of plans.



Nomi is sitting by the water and crying as she's joined by her cluster. They're all mourning Jonas. They wonder what to do now.


Capheus is visited by Koman Nyagah, the head of the Kenyan Democratic Reform Party. Capheus lets Koman and his team in. They can no longer stand by and let the injustice happen. They need Capheus' help to stop it. They want him to run for office. Capheus thinks this is a prank, but they are serious. They saw him on Kobi Kihara and they believe he can affect some serious changes. Capheus asks if any of them are from Kibera, but they are not. He thinks they should leave before his mother returns and shows them out. Before leaving, Koman says he doesn't need to be from here to see the injustice. Capheus says he's not a politician. Koman replies they are looking for a leader, not a politician.


Sun returns to her trainer's house and is reunited with her dog, who's very happy to see her again. As she hugs him, her trainer comes over. They also hug. He welcomes her home.


Kala is distracted as her father urges her to try a recipe in which he used new spices. She tastes and says it's good. He notices she's not listening to a word he's saying. Kala apologizes. Sanyam asks if she wants to talk about it. Kala says her house, her job, and her husband are all perfect. Sanyam points out the bodyguard standing nearby, but Kala deems that a small price to pay for all this good fortune.


Amanita has found a connection: the manufacturer of Angelica's equipment. She found it through Raoul's photos. Abrasax Electronics still supplies to the University of Chicago. That means Angelica could have taken her research to Whispers and Kolovi. Nomi wonders why. They are interrupted by Bug, who has found a solution to Nomi's problem. She asks which one. He figured Bendix will never leave Nomi alone as long as she's alive, but they would stop if she were dead. He's talking about e-Death. Nomi thinks it's a rumor, but he says it's real. Amanita asks what it is. It's a redaction protocol for when someone's been renditioned and they want zero accountability, presumably created by the NSA and CIA. They erase warrants, records, everything. Bug just reached out to THE Guy that can do that for them. He'll set up a meeting.


Kala and her father are talking at the restaurant. Kala thinks she's not appreciating her good fortune enough, leading her to think there's something wrong with her brain or biochemistry. Whatever happens, she'll never be a person who can just be happy. Sanyam says few children smile as easily as her daughter. Kala wonders what happened to that girl. Sanyam recalls she prayed and prayed for this one doll she always wanted. On her birthday, her family brought over a lot of big presents, but Kala knew which present was the doll and just went straight for it, ignoring all the rest. As adults, we are taught to smile and appreciate all the presents equally, but our heart always knows the truth. Kala wonders what if the truth is something that could hurt someone else. Kala says she's a woman now, which means you have to understand that some things are complicated. Sanyam says indeed.


Sun is woken up by her dog. She happily cuddles him and then goes to take a shower. She's then presented with a good meal by her trainer. They sit down to eat.


Capheus stops his matatu in front of the TV studios building and tells the passengers that they are making a short stop. He takes his blazer and gets out of the matatu.


Sun empties her bowl and burps, which her teacher takes as a compliment.


Capheus hesitates before entering the building. Inside, he tells the receptionist he'd like to go to NTV.


Sun and her trainer are watching the news. An interview with her brother comes on. Joong-Ki says he wishes people knew her sister like he does. It's hard to connect her terrible crimes to the person he thought he knew. The interviewer asks what he'd like to tell her. Joong-Ki asks his sister to do the right thing and turn herself in before someone else gets hurt. Angrily, Sun breaks the television. Her trainer doesn't mind. He says it's time to get her back to where she belongs.


Capheus arrives on the NTV floor and tells the receptionist he'd like to meet with Zakia. She recognizes him from his interview, as do a couple of male journalists. He's a viral sensation on the Internet. However, his speech sounded a lot like Zakia. She made him. The one authentic thing is his jacket, because it's so old that there's no way Zakia could have made that up. The journalists mock him. Capheus asks if they have a problem with him. One of them replies that he's the one with the problem if he's into Zakia. When she was studying in London, the story got out that she prefers lunch boxes to baguettes. Capheus doesn't understand. They clarify she's into girls, so he doesn't stand a chance. Capheus returns to the reception. The receptionist gets off the phone and tells him that Zakia is in meetings. Capheus wants to leave a message, but changes his mind when he sees the journalists laughing.


Sun and her teacher are training. She's on fire. He asks her if she has a plan. She replies she has an enemy and she won't stop until he's dead, or she is. She then kicks the punching bag so hard it falls. The trainer tells her it's a good plan.

Will and Riley

Will is woken up by Whispers. He loves watching a woman wake up, because you get a glimpse at her innocence before she assembles herself. Riley wakes up. Will tells Riley Whispers is here. She goes to grab the blockers, but Whispers has news for Will. Thanks to him, he now has the most secure position in BPO. He was hoping they could be honest with each other.

Will visits him on a bench outside the Parliament in London. Whispers says he first came here for his Ph.D. in Medicine. He's in awe of the building. It's as much a work of art as it is a fortress. The style is called Perpendicular Gothic, used after the black plague destroyed much of Europe. The black plague revealed Sapiens' weaknesses and terrified them, so they built temples to the immortal. Vertical lines descending from Heaven, all the might from the Lord bearing down on one single point until they are crushed. Will guesses he's that single point. Whispers says no. He is. He doesn't expect Will to get him or his work. He's trying to engineer a future with a species that is more intolerant, possessive, and violent than any species in the Earth's history. Sapiens has shaped this world led by their fears, and nothing terrifies them more than people who are different. Will asks him to save his justifications. He knows Whispers killed Sara Patrell. Whispers doesn't remember her. He says there will always be unfortunate necessities while constructing a monument. He thought a cop would understand. Angelica did, as she saw their work as the key for the future for both species. She believed in what they were doing as much as he does. Will asks why she committed suicide then. Whispers replies that people who bear the full weight of the truth sometimes break. Whispers says Will must know all about breaking as he saw it happen to his father, day by day. He just chose booze instead of a bullet. Will is about to punch him, but Whispers stops the connection, so Will just falls onto the bed. Riley asks if he's okay.


Kala and Rajan are having dinner with their families. Manendra is complaining about how the religious people want to take the country back to the Dark Ages. Sanyam says he doubts that, but he does take the point. Sahana wants to talk about something more pleasant. They then all compliment Sanyam's food. Manendra doesn't let it go. He asks Sanyam if he knows what kind of world those terrorists want to build. Sanyam says he can't speak for them. Manendra thinks someone should because they only speak the language of violence. Sanyam says maybe they were taught that language. Manendra hopes Sanyam's not one of those liberals who think those psychopathic murderers are victims. Sanyam replies he's just an idiot who believes that if you kill someone, you should be tried for it, no matter your profession. Sanyam says that since the British have left, the structure of power and the distribution of wealth has barely changed. He sometimes wonders why that is. Maybe a smart man like Manendra can answer that for him. The family's attempts to create a good atmosphere fail. Manendra says society doesn't change because human beings doesn't change. Not everyone is born to be a leader, like not everyone is born to be a cook. Sanyam understands. Spending his life in the kitchen learning how to cook was his destiny, while inheriting a fortune was Manendra's. Rajan then pretends he and Kala have to go for a meeting. As they begin to leave, they say they are really starting to love these weekly family dinners.


Lito, Hernando, and Daniela are going through the scripts. None of the roles are good for Lito and most of them are offensive stereotypes for gay men. Lito says this is how careers end. You either accept a role you hate, or you will be forgotten. Daniela reminds him of his fans. Lito says he had fans. Social media prove nobody wants anything to do with him. Hernando says that is not true. He has an offer for an all expenses paid trip to São Paulo. It's an offer to be the Grand Master of the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade. Daniela is very enthusiastic, but Lito doesn't think so. Hernando thinks it's a good idea to see how many people are inspired by what he does, but Lito is worried about what more damage it could do to his reputation. He can't wait for the scripts he'd get after that. He's being typecast, which is prison for an actor. He's trapped here because of who he is. It's hard to face that there may be no way out of it. He grabs a bottle of booze and retreats to the bedroom.

Nomi and Lito

Bug, Amanita, and Nomi go to the movies for their meeting with THE Guy. Nomi is surprised to see that the leading actor is Lito. She tells Amanita. Bug asks if she knows Lito. Nomi tells him Lito's in her cluster. Bug can hardly contain himself because he's a big fan. He seen this movie 10 times. He loves Lito's work and tells Nomi to tells Lito. Lito appears next to Bug so Nomi tells Bug to tell him himself. Bug leans in and tells him in Spanish that it's a great honor. As Lito's character cuts a man's throat, Bug tells Lito he loves this part. He quotes Lito's line ahead of him. The audience applauds.


Kala joins Rajan as he's talking to Ajay. They were going over the plans for the new tower. Kala says it's very impressive. She asks Ajay to excuse them. Ajay reminds Rajan his office could be in the new tower one day and leaves. Kala wants to talk about inconsistencies in rapports between their drug samples and the quality rapports. She also doesn't understand some of the data from the Controler General. Rajan wouldn't worry because all the CG wants is for them to tell him they are doing everything they can. He's been through it a million times with their lawyers. All that matters is that they ship on time, because their clients depend on them like he depends on her. He kisses her and they go back inside.


Amanita and Nomi asks Bug where his guy is. Bug reminds them is THE Guy. They are then greeted by a man wearing an Anonymous mask, sitting in the row behind them. He greets Nomi. They've had their eyes on her for a while. They know what she did for Bug, so they looked into her troubles when Bug asked them to. They have discovered she's a Homo sensorium. Nomi is surprised they know. THE Guy says anyone who's interested in the truth knows about Homo sensorium and BPO. That company also needs to be taken down. They don't know how yet because it has more money and autonomy than any other group, but that all testifies to one thing: how afraid they are of people like Nomi. The only thing they can offer Nomi is invisibility. If she accepts e-Death, she will owe them a favor. He hands her a key. The three turn around when the audience applauds for Lito again, and when they look back, THE Guy is gone. Nomi, Bug, and Amanita all look at the key in Nomi's hand.


Wolfgang is looking for Felix or Fuchs in the latter's apartment. There are candles everywhere, but no one answers his calls. As he goes to enjoy the view, a naked Lila appears and tells him Fuchs is in Shanghai. Wolfgang gathers there's no real meeting. He visits Lila as she's lying in the bathtub. She thought it was time for them to get to know each other better. She gets out of the tub. Wolfgang asks what she wants. She wonders if she's too subtle, but he doesn't want to play. Lila then comes out onto the terrace as she's putting on a robe. She apologises for the fake meeting, but he must know what's going on. Sebastian is going after the kings. It might work out for him, or it won't. Lila is going to make sure that it works out for her, and she hasn't met someone as tempting as Wolfgang. He repeats he's not interested. Lila thinks they need each other, but Wolfgang says he doesn't need anyone. He leaves.


Sun's teacher is visited by Detective Mun. He's hoping to keep Sun alive. The teacher decides to let him in. The two sit down. The teachers offers him some food. Mun says he fought Sun once when he was younger, but she used a different name. The teacher explains her father did not approve. Mun recalls he was stupid like that. He was cocky and she kicked his ass. The teacher says she did that a lot. Flashbacks show Sun easily winning. Mun never forgot it. He's become better because of her. Mun asks what he thinks about the accusations. The teacher says the woman he trained and knows is not the same person that the television talks about. Sun is sitting inside and listening to the conversation as Mun sits down. Something's not right about the story of her escape. The camera on her cell was down, as was the one in the laundry room. The guards came from Seoul, not the prison. Mun notices the tea is still warm and the teacher says he just had a friend visit. Mun thinks Sun could use a friend. What she's trying to do, she cannot do it alone. Mun thanks the teacher for the tea and leaves.


Back on the boat, Bug plugs in the key. He doesn't know how long it'll take. The screen flashes and Amanita receives a message on her phone. She alarmed all the police reports on Nomi, and they are all gone. A message reading "we the dead welcome you" appears on the computer screen. It's official: Nomi is dead.


Lito enters the bar with his clustermates behind him. The bartender is happy to see him. Lito orders tequila cubed. The bartender has been hoping Lito would come back so he could thank him. Lito was on fire last time he came and it inspired him. He got home that night and proposed to his boyfriend, Pepe, who's sitting at the other end of the bar. Pepe greets him. They have had the best year of their lives. He never would have been brave enough without Lito's kiss. Capheus appears and says courage is contagious. The bartender says the tequilas are on him. Lito takes the Pride Parade letter out of his pocket and reads it through. Will says the bartender is right: nothing will change if they keep playing it safe.

Alternating between their hide-out and the bar, Will points out to Riley the situation they're in, hiding in holes. Whispers has turned him into a fugitive, but he's not. He's a cop. A fugitive runs because he's alone, while a cop knows he's not. Whispers showed him the scale of this battle. Why does BPO have so many resources? That must be because there's a lot more of them out there than they thought. Riley says they need to find them.

Will and Riley get ready, while each member of the cluster takes their place in front of the mirror. Riley calls Vincent.

The cluster is now gathered in the safehouse while brief flash-forwards show a rave. Kala is afraid because they have risked so much to free Riley, and it seems dangerous to expose themselves like this. Riley says Vincent offered them protection, but Lito doubts if they should put their lives in the hands of someone like Vincent. He denies it's about the movies. The cluster asks Sun's opinion. She says you can't win a fight protecting yourself. Nomi says that if they use a coded media alert, it's almost impossible for the cops to get there fast enough. Riley wasn't just asking about the plan, she means the risk it entails. Nomi says your life is either defined by the system or the way you defy the system. Wolfgang says fear never fixed anything.

As they have decided to go through with the plan, Riley freshens up the blue streak in her hair. Meanwhile, the 8 sensates toast to courage and each down a shot in the bar.

Riley and Will

Riley is announced and she climbs the stage at the rave. The audience cheers. Will is standing on a balcony. Riley takes the mic and says she usually doesn't talk, but she needs to say something that she should have said a year ago. She spent a lot of her life with her eyes looking down, afraid of anything beyond the next step. Then something happened to her. Someone reminded her to look up. She looks up to Will on the balcony and says she wants to thank that person. She visits Will and tells him she loves him. Will reciprocates and they kiss. Riley smiles on the stage and tells everyone that she's seeing them. She believes in them. And as long as they're together, there's nothing they can't do.


She begins to spin a remix of the 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up" as her cluster members visit on the stage. They all dance and cheer as the audience goes wild. Will and Riley share eye contact. Also on the balcony is Bodhi, while Puck downs a drink in the audience. Riley then shares eye contact with a weird-looking man in the audience. He then appears next to her on the stage. He is surprised and says "Holy shit!" before quickly fleeing the rave.

It's not too long before Whispers appears next to Will and tells him this was careless. Will thinks it was amazing. Backstage, Vincent is informed that the cops are coming. His crew quickly goes to remove Riley from the stage. Will shows Whispers the bottle of blockers and says he'll see him soon. He also leaves the balcony as the cops enter the room. Riley notices the police entering as she's taken away. Both Bodhi and Puck also leave the scene, while Riley and Will disappear backstage.

Whispers and the cops are following them outside, but Riley and Will manage to get on a boat with Vincent with a fence blocking the cops from getting to them. As Whispers watches on, Will waves as the boat takes off.

Riley and Will smile on the boat as Vincent navigates down the Canals of Amsterdam.



Guest Starring[]


  • Abdu Simba as Koman Nyagah
  • Lenana Kariba as Guy #1
  • Haroun Risa as Guy #2
  • William Mwangi Mugo as Guy #3
  • Leila Dayan as Receptionist
  • Jochem Jansen as Club Owner
  • Jake Credit as Rave Host Announcer
  • Paul Ogola as Jela
  • Kick Gurry as Puck
  • Sylvester McCoy as Old Man of Hoy
  • Rajiv Kachroo as Vikram
  • Sarah Kants as Bodhi
  • Simon Van Wieren as Getaway Boat Driver
  • The Guy as THE Guy

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Memorable Quotes[]

Whispers: I love watching a woman wake. A glimpse of her innocence before she begins assembling herself.

Sun's Trainer: Hope is undiscovered disappointment.

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