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Demons is the sixth episode of the first season and the 6th overall episode of Sense8.


While the Sensates bond grows stronger, Nomi takes a bold move to gain her freedom and Sun makes a choice she might someday regret.


Riley and Will

Riley sits in a pub drinking a beer. Will walks across a bar that is filled with fellow cops. Will comes across Riley and Riley removes her headphones. They meet, saying they were just thinking about each other. They sit and share a beer together, simultaneously in both bars. They both introduce each other and they talk about their job and their locations. Riley asks, "Are we going crazy?" Will asks for Riley's phone and dials his own phone number into it. Riley presses send, and it rings. Will brings his phone over to Diego and asks him to answer it.

2017-05-21 (289)

Will and Diego talk about Riley as she visits them in Chicago.

Diego says that a girl with a weird accent is on the line. Riley is surprised by Diego's statement. Diego says that the girl sounds hot and Riley says she likes Diego.They talk into the phone and hear a time-delayed echo. Will confirms that they aren't going crazy. Riley asks Will if he had other visitors. Will replies, saying that there are 8 of them, as said by Jonas, who was with the woman shot herself. Riley says Angelica's name and Will asks how she knew that. Riley replies that she just knew. Will mentions that during their visit at the church, Riley seemed scared and asks if she was okay. Riley nods, saying she has complicated friends. Riley says she has to go to bed, saying it's DJ hours.


Sun does a slow march across the lobby. She glimpses a brief vision of Nomi. She stops for a moment, and continues walking again.


Nomi and Amanita visits their apartment to find it trashed. They both search for anything that was untouched. Nomi tells Neets that her laptop, back-ups and journals are all taken away. They both react distressed and sits on their ruined sofa. Nomi states that what happened to them isn't fair since Nomi didn't do anything and Amanita agrees. Nomi says that what's happening to them isn't going to stop and Amanita looks at Nomi's countenance. Nomi suggests that they make them stop and Amanita says "uh, oh you have that look in your eye". Nomi continues, proposing that they find a place where they can trust people and fight back. Amanita says "shit just got real."

2017-05-21 (301)

Sun confesses to the crime of embezzlement. Joong-Ki and Kang-Dae stand aside.


She approaches a podium as the crowd takes photos of her and asks her questions. While Sun walk to the podium, her father and brother watches. Sun goes up the podium and claims full responsibility for the embezzlement. She is escorted away by police.


Riley arrives at Shuggs' home to find Nyx with Shuggs and Bambie. Riley sees Nyx seated with them and Riley tries to leave. Riley was about to leave when a Nyx's bodyguard blocks the exit. Nyx tells the others to leave. Before Shuggs leave, she apologizes to Riley. Nyx shows his face has a large bandage over a wound on his face. Nyx demands that Riley tell him where the money and drugs are. Riley says that she gave them away, but Nyx doesn't believe her. Nyx tells Riley to look at his face, saying that it is nothing compared what he'll do to her. Nyx asks her again and Riley replies the same answer. Nyx's bodyguard forces Riley down on a table, and Riley screams for help. Nyx puts a plastic bag over her head, strangling her. Nyx removes the plastic bag and says he doesn't like violence but sometimes violence is necessary as it can change things. Nyx puts the plastic bag over her head and removes it again. Nyx tells Riley that a thing as simple as a plastic bag can become the most terrifying this in the world. Nyx puts the plastic bag over her head and removes it again. He asks Riley again where the money and drugs are and Riley still replies the same answer. Nyx puts the plastic bag over her head again.

Will and Riley

At the bar in Chicago, Will suddenly feels that he can't breathe and Diego tries to help him. He finds himself on the table with a bag over his head. He fights back, simlutaneously overpowering Nyx and his buddy, while beating up the Chicago cops that attempt to help him. Will headbutts Nyx and knocks down the bodyguard. Riley runs out of the apartment and Will sits on the ground recovering, with a stunned crowd looking at him.

2017-05-21 (311)

Grace accepting Amanita and Nomi under her household.

Nomi and Amanita arrive by taxi at the house of Amanita's mother, still in San Francisco. They knock on the door and Grace opens the door. Grace hugs Amanita and Nomi and let them enter her house.


Kala wakes up on her bed and sees her family watching her. Sanyam says that they quietly watched her all night. Kala thanks them and says she think she's fine. Sanyam says that when she fainted, all of them got worried. Priya says that her well-being matters to them the most, and her family nods. Kala thanks them again and says that she's fine. Sanyam informs her that Rajan is waiting for her downstairs. Kala covers her head with her blanket and grunts.

Kala and Wolfgang
2017-05-21 (315)

Kala abruptly visited by Wolfgang, finding his clothing in her wardrobe.

Once alone, Kala begins to get dressed and goes through her wardrobe but only sees Wolfgang's clothes. Kala doesn't know she and Wolfgang are visiting. Kala sees more of his clothes and sees that naked Wolfgang is in her bed. Wolfgang greets her and Kala hears him. Upon hearing, Kala gets worried and tries to leave but the doors are locked. Kala approaches and tells him that he ruined her wedding, but Wolfgang says that he didn't ruin anything as she didn't want to marry Rajan. Kala says that that it's not for Wolfgang to say and Wolfgang says that she did want him to say it and offers her to sit with him. Kala begins to believe that the Gods are angry with her and sent a perverted naked demon. Wolfgang says that Germans aren't uptight about nudity. Kala says that it's about decency and privacy and not nudity. Wolfgang asks her why she looked then and Kala denies it. Wolfgang says that she looked then and she's looking now. Kala looks away. Wolfgang says he is attracted to her and that he can feel her attraction for him. Kala declares him to be a demon.


Lito, Hernando and Dani are watching a Lucha Libre match. Hernando analyzes the artistic significance of the match. He tells Dani that the match is a manichean drama, about good and evil. He says that La parca negra, the one in black, symbolizes oppression that we're afraid to face. In the ring, La parca negra gets knocked down and Hernando stands up to cheer.

2017-05-21 (329)

Hernando, Dani, and Lito enjoying a macho libre fight.

Lito whispers to Dani that Hernando analyzes everything. He says that's what he love about him. Hernando sits down and Dani says he really like art. Hernando says he loves all forms of art. He says fight in the ring is a reflection of the struggle in our minds. He says that everyone has their own parca negra, and that they must defeat him to feel peace. La parca negra slaps the buttocks of his opponent and Lito and Dani stands up to cheer. Lito happily watches them when he sees a scary masked guy in the aisles, watching him.


Kala comes downstairs and sees Rajan eating. She sits down next to Rajan. Rajan compliments her father's pratra ni machhi, Kala says that it was Sanyam's grandmother's recipe. He talks about how absolutely amazing that something as complex and simple as a DNA and recipe can span generations. Kala mentions that her great grandmother was a terrible person, saying that she hated the way Sanyam cooked the patra ni machhi. Rajan talks about how hard it is for a woman with obvious talents to get recognition the same way her father did because he's a man. Kala frankly says that Rajan probably hates her. Kala continues talking but Rajan tries to stop her. Rajan says that the ruined wedding was a good thing. He says that their wedding will be special and different, and that it will be a great story to tell their kids. Rajan insists that they still get married and Kala smiles.


Capheus meets with Silas at a nice fancy golf course. There Silas is eating and Capheus approaches him. Silas talks about Shiro's status and Capheus says that because of the medicine, she's improving. Capheus thanks him but Silas says that what he did was business and not charity.

Silas and Capheus walk to a sandbox. Silas introduces her daughter, Amondi, to Capheus. Silas asks what she built in the sandbox and Amondi says she built the home of the little mermaid. Silas and Amondi both wish that they lived in a place like that. Silas suggests to Amondi to get her camera and take a picture of it to see how much it'll cost to build. Amondi quickly leaves to get her camera. Silas says to Capheus that Amondi sees him as her father, not someone to fear. He says that Amondi has leukemia and that he takes her to a clinic in Nakuru.

2017-05-21 (341)

Amondi expressing excitement when her father suggest building an actual castle.

He says that his cars are too known to his enemies but the Van Damn isn't. Silas gives Capheus his real assignment: to escort his daughter to a medical center to receive treatment for leukemia. Silas' enemies will not expect that her daughter will be in a run-down bus. Silas says that she is the most important thing to him. He says that everything he's done is built for Amondi. Silas says that without her, his life has no meaning. He warns Capheus, saying that if anything happens to Amondi, his life will also have no meaning anymore.


Later, Sun appears at a bail hearing. His attorney says that Sun has cooperated and will not use the money to flee the country. The prosecution argues that bail should be denied, because the large amount of stolen assets have not yet been accounted for. The judge agrees and denies her bail. People starts chattering, and Sun is escorted by a policewoman. Sun looks at Joong-Ki and Kang-Dae who are also looking at her with an unease expression.


Days later, Diego tells Will that people are starting to talk about Will's behavior. Will says that if they have a problem with him, he should know. But Diego says it will just make him angry. Will says he doesn't care about it anymore. Diego says that Will should start caring because of people's reaction. Will asks Diego if he thinks that Will is crazy. Diego says yes, but that he likes crazy and they both laugh.


Capheus returns to see the Van Damn full of passengers. Jela welcomes him back but Capheus says that all passengers must leave because the van has been chartered for private use. Jela asks who chartered it for private use and Capheus replies that Silas Kabaka did. Jela is shocked. Capheus tries to give Jela his advance money but Jela objects to doing business with Silas. Capheus presses him to take his share of the money, saying that he needs Silas' money for Shiro's medicine. Capheus leaves the scene.

Lito and Sun
2017-05-21 (357)

Lito sits with an interview and in front of cameras.

Sun is being processed as a prisoner. She gets ordered to remove her clothing and shower. Sun is shy but the guard says the she gave away her right to privacy since she is in prison. Lito is being interviewed by a T.V. reporter on the set of his movie. After showering, she gets asked by a series of questions about her sexual history. Lito and Sun switch places sporadically, and are confused by the other interviewer's questions. Sun's interviewer brings out a mirror on a long pole to look at her privates. Lito says that he will not let him do that. Lito's interviewer is confused by his answer, and Lito gracefully recovers, saying that it was an actor's reflex. Lito gets asked about how to be a great lover and delivers an eloquent answer about love.


Capheus' matatu is parked on an alley. Silas' cars pulls up next to Capheus' matatu and Amondi quickly gets out and enters the Van Damn. Amondi greets him as Van Damn and he greets her back. Amondi says he call her Diana Prince, and Capheus says loudly that that's Wonder Woman. Amondi hushes Capheus, saying that it's her secret identiy. They drive to the medical center.

"The Orgy" (Nomi, Will, Lito and Wolfgang)

Nomi and Amanita wake up in Amanita's old bedroom. Nomi is touch and thrusting herself unto Amanita. Amanita says she's back to her old self again. Nomi says she doesn't know if it's because she still has her brain or she saved her. Amanita turns over and theny kiss. They begin to make love as the song "Demons" begins to play in the background..

Will is at a gym, lifting weights with his partner Diego. Lito is on his patio, lifting weights with Hernando. Diego compliments the girls walking by, saying that they look strong. Lito supports Hernando as they lift weights. Diego honestly tells Will that when he heard his last name, Gorski, he thought of someone fat mustached Chicago boover. He says that he should keep his body fit. Lito performs a sexy dance for Hernando, as Dani watches. Naked Wolfgang relaxes in a hot tub. He watches other women enter the bathtub, and he relaxes and closes his eyes. Lito and Hernando begin to kiss and embrace. Will lifts weights and has visions of Lito embracing him. Dani secretly uses her phone to photograph Lito and Hernando, before beginning to masturbate.

Naked Nomi is on top of naked Amanita and Nomi delivers the same line that Lito says to Hernando. Nomi makes out with Hernando and Lito makes out with Amanita. Will continues doing sit-ups while making love to Nomi and Lito. Wolfgang sits eyes-closed in his hot tub while Will, Nomi and Lito make love to him. Will, Nomi, Wolfgang and Lito also make love to Hernando and Amanita. It's very special. Finally they all climax. Lito calls it one of the best orgasms of his life. Wolfgang remains still in the tub, never having moved.


Capheus is sitting in his van watching a Van Damme movie, and is confused to find himself aroused.


Over breakfast, Nomi, Amanita and Grace are having a discussion about what Nomi is experiencing. Nomi asks why she is connected to other people and not to those who are more in sync with hers. Grace suggests that, just like evolution thrives from diversity, Nomi benefits from connecting to people different from her. Nomi wonders if her condition will worsen and whether she will be able to control it.

2017-05-21 (371)

Grace, Nomi, and Neets discuss Nomi's condition.


Sun is accompanied by a guard as she enter her cell. The guard informs her that she'll transferred tomorrow to her prison.


Nomi states it's crazy how she feels all these different emotions inconsistently, even without any reason. Grace says that it's similar to menopause. Amanita says that emotions are connected to the nervous system, by which something is happening to Nomi's brain. Nomi says she wants to know if she can control it or at least limit the effect of it like ADD or does it just slowly take over like Alzheimer's. Amanita is worried for her and holds her hand.

Sun and Riley

Sun is sitting in prison. Riley is crying at her lookout spot. They both visit each other. Sun hearsa and notices that Riley is crying, and Riley apologizes. Riley says she thought she was alone, and Sun did too. They introduce themselves. When Sun introduces herself, Riley finds it weird. Sun asks why and Riley shows her something written on cement that says "I have conversed with the spiritual Sun". Riley says that she comes to that spot every night after working to smoke. Sun says that she wants a cigarette. Sun asks what Riley is smoking. Sun tries smoking some of her hash, and Riley exhales the smoke. Sun says she can taste it, but it's like a memory. Sun asks if she makes her feel good and Riley replies sometimes.Riley shares to Sun that Iceland, they have a saying: "It's not the drugs that make a drug addict, it's the need to escape reality".She asks Sun why she was there. Sun shares to her that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life. Riley talks about her encounter with Nyx, and Sun observes that they are both in trouble for someone else's crime.


Amondi enters the matatu, and Capheus hears her. Amondi notices that he's watching Van Damme again and he replies saying that Jean-Claude is a source of inspiration. Amondi asks what to do with the inspiration. Capheus says that to use inspiration to believe that anyone can make a difference, that if they are brave, they can make the world more equal and just. Amondi says he likes Jean-Claude since she gets reminded of her father. She says that her father has a lot of enemy and that they have to be brave and fight back.

Sun and Riley

Sun observes that they are both in trouble for someone else's crime. Riley states that she knew Jacks was no good and Sun states that she knew what Joong-Ki was doing. Riley asks why they are in their current status. Riley asks and tells Sun about the "hidden people" of Iceland. Riley says that she once went into a cave and heard one of them singing a song. She said that it was the song her mother sang to her when she was a child. She says that the she finds the song comforting despite that it's about a mother having to kill her baby. She heard the voice several times in her life. Riley says that the voice told her she was hexed, and that if she stayed in Iceland, bad things would happen. Riley talks about her mother's death, believing that it was her fault. Riley and Sun both blame themselves for their mother's death.

2017-05-21 (375)

Riley and Sun converse about their situations.

Riley says that she wants to go back to Iceland and see her father. Sun recommends it but Riley is afraid. Sun tells her to not be afraid, since she's safer there than where she is now. Sun says tomorrow she'll go to prison and Riley asks if she's afraid. Sun nods and tells her the exact same thing Sun just said to her. They both end their visit, feeling worried and afraid.


In San Francisco, Nomi watches Amanita cleaning the dishes. Nomi takes off her glasses and approaches her. Nomi hugs her from behind and kisses her. Amanita asks what it was for and Nomi replies that she felt like needing to do it. Amanita says she likes that and they kiss again.


Sun has a dream, She is at a city park where she sees her mother, who also briefly appears to be Angelica. Her mother talks to her and tells her to be careful. She says that "they" will hurt Sun if they find out what she is. Sun asks, "What am I?" Angelica takes her mother's place, and says, "The future."



Guest Starring[]


  • Irene Azuela as Cristina
  • Maximilienne Ewalt as Grace
  • Cedric Young as Friend #1
  • Danny Goldring as Friend #2
  • Howie Johnson as Miller
  • Wanja Götz as Thug
  • In Pyo Cha as Sun's Attorney
  • Yong Soo Park as District Judge
  • Jun Sung Kim as Prosecutor
  • Jae Hwa Kim as Correctional Officer
  • Young Ho Joo as Prison Doctor
  • Huzane Mewawala as Daya Dandekar
  • Avantika Akerkar as Aunty Ina
  • Shruti Bapna as Devi
  • Abel Amunga as Driver Silas Kabaka
  • TK Kitana as Hawker
  • La Parka Negra as Los Luchadores
  • Myzteziz as Los Luchadores
  • Chessman as Los Luchadores
  • Electroshock as Los Luchadores
  • Máscara Año 2000 Jr. as Los Luchadores
  • El Elegido as Los Luchadores

Sensate Connections[]

  • Riley and Will are thinking about each other and then they visit each other.
  • When Riley gets strangled, Will feels breathless and helps Riley escape.
  • Wolfgang and Kala visit each other on their bedrooms.
  • Nomi, Will, Lito and Wolfgang participate in an orgy.
  • Although absent from the orgy, Capheus feels arousal.
  • Sun and Riley visit each other as they both feel worried and afraid. They seem to have similarities as they both blame themselves for the death of their mother, both of them are in trouble for crime they didn't do, and both of them knew and still let the problem happen.
  • Nomi feels what Sun and Riley are feeling. She approaches Amanita and hugs her, saying that she felt that it was something that she need to do.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 52 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • The title originates from Kala viewing Wolfgang as a demon sent to her by the gods, as well as some sensates dealing with their personal demons. It could also refer to the Fatboy Slim song "Demons" that plays over the infamous orgy scene.
  • The following locations appeared in the episode:
  • The psychic intercontinental orgy was filmed during Miguel Ángel Silvestre's first day.[1]
  • When asked why only certain sensates participated in the orgy, J. Michael Straczynski clarified by saying, "Scene was about the eroticism of sex and exercise; the others weren't. And 9 am [San Francisco] is 1 am Seoul, so Sun was asleep. Though Capheus did get a bit of a ripple effect watching the movie, he wasn't engaged in exercise so wasn't pulled in." [2]


Episode Stills[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Riley: It's not the drugs that make a drug addict, it's the need to escape reality.

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