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Daniela Velázquez, the daughter of an affluent Mexico City family, is an actress who lusted after Lito Rodriguez, but later becomes a beard for Lito and his boyfriend. She is also infatuated with male homoeroticism.


Before knowing of Lito's sexual orientation, Daniela was shown to have worked with him before. Lito also chose her as a "beard", and attended events as "good friends." After realizing Joaquin is an obsessive, abusive suitor, Daniela had sex with his best friend and wanted to sleep at Lito's after the award show. With a reluctant Lito opening the door and rejecting her sexual advances, she ran amok and found Hernando upstairs. She, however, reacted positively, saying that 'she loves gay porn' and decided to act as Lito's cover in public, as he is afraid that the truth about his sexual orientation would end his film career. In return, she was allowed to stay in Lito and Hernando's house to escape from Joaquin.[1]

Dani is close friends with Lito and Hernando. She is the ex-girlfriend of her abuser Joaquin Flores, who is obsessed with her. He begins stalking her and behaving violently, toward her, as well as Lito, who he believes is her new boyfriend.

Early Life[]

Daniela grew and developed in a wealthy and privileged household. Both parents well known for their work, she gained essential skills, received excellent education, and sought a career in acting. During her rite, Dani dated Joaquin Flores and, for the first few months, had a happy, romantic relationship with him. She also became heavily associated with actor Lito Rodriguez and had a stable and friendly relationship with him.

Reveal and Protection[]

One night after the permiere of Rodriguez's movie, the two conversed with each other over everything. Though she asked to continue their night further, Lito rejected her offer, and the two willingly went their separate ways. Velazquez, upset with her boyfriend Flores, engaged his best friend in sexual relations, drank, and visited Rodriguez at his apartment. Waking him, she pleaded to be allowed access to his place, moved to do so when she threatened to sleep outside the building and a photographer began to take pictures of her.

After entering and reaching his door, Dani entered the establishment drunkenly and made sexual advances to Lito, whom repeated rejected and pulled away from her. As she continued to undress and ventured further inside the apartment, Dani questioned why he kept rebuffing her until she is surprised to find a naked man in Lito's bed. He answered smuggly that Rodriguez was only declining for the lack of a penis. Though Rodriguez repeatedly tried to debunk him and Fuentes informing his partner that she knows, Dani smiled and poured glasses filled with champagne, excited that she would be included in the two's secret.[1]


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Trip to Los Angeles[]

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  • Parents: Dani was raised in an upper-class family, with parents that have granted her access to many of the essentials she needed to developed. They have, however, arranged for her to wed Joaquin Flores despite the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.
  • Joaquin Flores: During the first few days of their relationship, Dani and Joaquin have lived happily together; however, when he became abusive towards her, she ran to a friend closest to Joaquin and had one sexual encounter before hiding behind Lito Rodriguez and Hernando Fuentes. She had to return to Flores after after the theft of her phone and the threat of Lito's career, suffering the physical torture once more up until Dani is rescued and brought back by Lito himself.
    Returning from Sao Paolo, Joaquin used Velazquez's parents to threaten her further, attempting to break her away from Rodriguez and Fuentes. Unsuccessful, Dani is disowned by her parents and left alone from Joaquin.
  • Lito Rodriguez: Hired as a beard for the public press, Lito and Dani have had a friendly relationship with one another, acting somewhat as partners for the cameras and suppress any rumors of his sexuality. Dani, one night, discovered more about Lito's personal life, meeting his boyfriend Hernando Fuentes, and becomes excited and elated. With both sides becoming truthful with each other, Dani admitted to taking shelter at Lito's apartment to get away from her suitor. The three developed a relaxed and supportive relationships with one another, Dani willingly sacrificing her safety to protect Lito and Hernando from Flores and presenting her abuse as of little inconveience to further her friend's successful career.
    After being rescued and Flores going through with his ploy to ruin Lito's career, Dani continued to flourish him in support, even stepping up to become his agent and granting him a casting audition for Kit Wrangler in Los Angeles.
  • Hernando Fuentes: Dani and Hernando have had a mutual relationship in which she, often than not, becomes Lito's persuader, help in pushing Fuentes to be more active in Lito's life after the images of their sex life is made public. Likewise, Fuentes and Dani have been unconditionally supportive towards Rodriguez and his acting career, moving past scripts for various roles to act in.





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