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The Chase for Angelica Turing was a failed attempted by Mr. Whispers to capture Angelica Turing before her second psychic birth.


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Final Moments[]

Hiding in a dark, abandoned church in Chicago, Angelica is visited by Jonas, whom informed her that she needed to perform another birth before she is trapped. After the birth, Angelica is, then, visited by Whispers, taunting her.

Eventually, Whispers entered the church with henchmen by his side, armed with guns. Though she is told to put down the revolver, Angelica points the barrel into her mouth and fired a bullet through her head.[1]


With their rebirths unknown, the August 8 Cluster suffer migraines throughout their days, all having witnessed a woman commit suicide. Throughout their days, however, they also unkonwingly share and visit one another.[1]

In his pursuit to escape Whispers, Jonas physically visits Nomi Marks at San Francisco Pride, causing her to collapse into the street. With her trapped in the hospital to eventually be lobotomized, Jonas traveled back to Chicago, where he physically meets Will Gorski and warned him of his clustermate's potential death.[2]