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Bug is a recurring character in Season One and Season Two of Sense8. A friend of the past, he is called to by Nomi Marks when she loses all of her equipment. When the FBI begin to search for Nomi and Amanita, Bug houses them and, soon afterwards, offers his friends a way out of the sights of agents.



His real name is unknown, "Bug" serving as a nickname/alias; Nomi met Bug during her days as a hackivist. After getting caught hacking the Pentagon, he was at risk of serving a long-term sentencing in federal prison. Nomi takes the blame and is given community service. In debt to her, he provides Nomi and Amanita with not strictly legal electronic equipment to use against the people hunting sensates.

Meeting Once Again[]

Bug arrives to meet with Nomi and Amanita. He is at first suprised at seeing Nomi, as the two have not met since she was his hactivist friend "Mike". Bug sells them equipment, which is implied to have been stolen from the government.[1]


Bug visits Nomi and Amanita in their apartment, where they are hiding. How he figured out they were there is not known. He brings them tech to replace the things that were confiscated from Amanita's mother's apartment.[2]

Happy F*cking New Year[]

Bug provided Amanita and Nomi refuge in his house boat when they were on the run.

E-Death (Fear Never Fixed Anything)[]

After Nomi divulged to Bug that she was part of a sensate cluster, Bug took Amanita and Nomi to one of Lito's movies where he confessed he was a big fan of Lito as well as introduced the Amanita and Nomi to 'The Guy' that aided in Nomi's E-DEATH.[3]


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  • Hacking
  • Multilingual: Bug has Spanish as his native tongue and English being his secondary. He speaks Spanish when Nomi Marks mentioned that Lito Rodriguez was in her cluster and visited to hear his praise. It is shown in Amor Vincit Omnia that he is also fluent in French and Italian.


"Right, bussiness. Everything you need, right here. Hey, look, if you guys are starting some crime-fighting superteam Charlie's Angels shit, you count me in."
W. W. N. Double D?

"Well, this kind of technology, legality is a bit of a moving target."
W. W. N. Double D?

"So when I saw exactly the things that I'd just sold you posted, well, the Bug suspected foul play."
Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

"I don't know what kind of fight you're getting yourself into, but I do know you can't shoot back without any bullets in your gun. So, consider yourselves reloaded."
Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes


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