Bodhi is a member of The Lacuna who connected with Riley Blue during the rave.


Initial GreetingsEdit

Bodhi attended Riley Blue's underground concert and, during the event, connected with her. Upon Whispers' arrival, Bodhi retreated, alongside other attendees.[1]

When Riley took a flight to Chicago, Bodhi visited her and informed her of the massacre at a mosque. She also commented that individuals could only change themselves, though Riley disagreed. Before leaving, Bodhi expressed that she would not be able to aid Riley and her cluster in their endeavors.[2]

War Among the SensatesEdit

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  • The character name's could mean one of the following:
    • The name "Bodhi" is a Sanskrit name meaning "awakening" or "enlightenment."
    • Bodhi is also the name of the sacred tree (Ficus religiosa) under which Lord Buddha obtained enlightment. This can be connected to her tattoo of a tree on the backside of her head.
  • Bodhi is the only known sensate that has blocked a connection without using psi-blockers.
  • Additionally, she's also the first sensate who can appear to sensates with whom she has not had direct eye contact. It should be noted that she had made eye contact with two or three members of the August 8 cluster before appearing to all 8 of them and that they were in the same place at the time, both of which may have contributed to this ability.



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