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"A multinational research group studying the human genome in the search for positive and consequential mutations" - website description in We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts

Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) is a well-funded, multi-national, multi-government research group. BPO studies genetic mutations in humans and carries out projects like DNA surveys in order to hunt down potential sensates, who, when caught, are either persuaded to join their cause, lobotomized, or killed.[1]


BPO was founded in 1952 by Doctor Ruth El-Saadawi, with the goal to protect "homo-sensoriums", as the sensates were known to the scientific community. Representatives of the Atlantic Alliance, the Warsaw Pact, the Arab League and China met at the British Air base in Cyprus to discuss the existence of the sensates and, after weeks of intense debate, all parties agreed to extend human rights and protection to the newly-discovered race in exchange for them not being deployed as military assests. BPO would be charged with protecting and studying the sensates and their effects on human evolution. All parties, urged by Dr. AE-Saadawi, also agreed to maintain secrecy around this new race to prevent a massive backlash from the rest of the homo-sapiens.

BPO Labs-

One of the lab facilities owned and used by BPO.

BPO's original goal remained the same for the next half-century, until the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. As the War on Terror began and fear among humans led to a strong emphasis on secrecy and sovereignty, sensates were viewed as a threat and also a potential asset. BPO's function changed, as its priorities went from protecting the sensates to tracking them down and removing them as threats. Several sensates bought their safety from BPO by selling out other clusters, but most tried to remain hidden from the organization. Although the majority of BPO had turned on the original mission that had begun in Cyprus, a strong faction within the organization was struggling to end these new practices and return to Dr. AE-Saadawi's vision for a joint existence between homo-sapiens and homo-sensoriums.


BPO has extensive connections inside the federal government. When BPO is pursuing Jonas, the FBI issues a BOLO alert to track him down. Once Jonas is apprehended by Chicago P.D., he is imprisoned without a trial and held in a BPO facility. (I Am Also A We) Additionally, one of BPO's employees, Dr. Metzger, is seen in a photograph shaking hands with Dick Cheney. (W. W. N. Double D?)


BPO hunts down sensates on behalf of major governments and world powers, believing that the sensates' abilities are a threat to their privacy and security.





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