The Battle of Berlin was a brief confrontation between the henchmen of a King and Wolfgang Bogdanow. Felix Berner pushed to assist his friend in the fight.

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Battle Edit

Leaving the balcony and into the streets, Wolfgang Bogdanow and Felix Berner ignite flares, proclaiming "Happy New Year!" After being approached by Fischer begging for his help, Bogdanow pushed him aside and watched as a group of men walked and fired bullets into Fischer. Believing they would be their next targets, Wolfgang and Felix hurried down to a parking lot. Though he pushed him away, Berner stayed close, hiding behind cars as the men continued after them.

Wolfgang struggled to ignite the flare; Felix, however, distracted the men and fired a flare, alerting the men of his presense. Knocking down one of them with the flare, both Felix and Wolfgang engaged the men, quickly disarming them. With Felix down, the men managed to overpower and pin Bogdanow; Sun Bak assisted in the fight, requesting he to calm himself before overtaking their opponents. Mixed in the brawl, Will Gorski also joined in the fight briefly.[1]

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