Elke Bogdanow or Aunt Elke is a minor character introduced in Limbic Resonance, giving condolences for Hassan's passing and asks Wolfgang to visit his father's grave. In A Christmas Special, she reappears to ask Wolfgang to take Sergei's place as "King" of their sector of Berlin.

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From what little that she appears in the series, Elke has a major influence on organized crime in Eastern Berlin. The wife of a kingpin, she enjoys the comforts of wealth with certain respect and control. She is supportive and genuinely cares for her family.

Elke appears to be loving and caring to those in her immediate family, going as far as to try to protect Wolfgang and his mother from her brother-in-law. She also demonstrates this by stating that, though she knows her nephew may suffer punishment for killing her husband, she promises it will not be her that kills him. However, she does instill a sense of duty towards these matters as well, requesting that Wolfgang become part in the crime as the new "king" in replacement of her husband's death in oder to pacify the other kings involved.

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