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Art Is Like Religion is the fifth episode of the first season and the 5th overall episode of Sense8.


The Sensates struggle with intensifying connections, which results in some interesting days on set for Lito and a wedding day surprise for Kala.


Lito and Sun

In Mexico City, Lito is getting makeup applied. He complains to the makeup artist that they are shooting the end of the film first, saying it's ridiculous. The makeup artist replies that some things never change. In Seoul, Sun wakes up in pain and goes to her mirror. Lito focuses on his mirror and complains that he feels bloated but the makeup artist says that he looks fantastic.

2017-05-21 (175)

Lito and Sun stare at one another through the mirror.

Sun seems stressed, relieving herself in the bathroom and uses a tampon. Lito expresses that he feels different and asks the makeup artist for advil. Lito and Sun see each other in the mirror, both in disbelief. Sun and Lito asks each other "are you real" in their native language. They both point their index finger to the mirror, touches each other's fingers and they tremble.


Will is chewed out by his boss for attempting to use favors to meet with Jonas. His boss says that he spent an hour getting blamed by the Feds. Will tries to explain but gets immediately cut by his boss, saying he can talk when he pauses. His boss asks him what he was trying to do by using favors with his father's friend, Duncan. His boss stops talking and Will asks if that was pause, then his boss curses. Will explains that he was trying to talk to Jonas to get some intelligence. His boss says that none of them has anytime for his favors and problems and informs Will that he paused. Will apologizes then leaves, as ordered by his boss.


Wolfgang walks inside a house, accompanied by a man. There, he meets with his uncle Sergei, who says that he has a problem. Sergei says that his problems tend to become other people's problems. He suggests that Wolfgang sits down and then smokes a cigar. Sergei informs Wolfgang that black market diamonds from Mumbai that was locked in an S&D safe were robbed before his son steals it.

2017-05-21 (183)

Sergei speaks to Wolfgang about Steiner's upset.

He says that he knows this since Steiner was planning it for months. He says that Steiner is furious that someone stole the diamonds before him. He says that it is interesting that someone was able to crack an S&T safe, the same safe that defeated Wolfgang's father. Sergei theorizes that Wolfgang might have tried to crack the same safe that his father did. Wolfgang says he is not as stupid as his father and tries to leave. Before he leaves, Sergei says that, like his father, everyone makes mistakes and that he should remember who he is. Wolfgang says that he always does.

Capheus and Riley

In Nairobi, Capheus is carrying the backpack through a seedy area at night while Riley is at London, sitting with a laptop.The two visit each other. Capheus speaks Swahili to Riley and Riley says she doesn't understand. Capheus asks and suggests that they speak English. They ask each other about their whereabouts. Riley is amazed that she can feel the heat of Nairobi. Capheus is excited about Riley's tea and asks if he can drink some. Suddenly, a bright light coming from a car interrupts them and ends their visit.

A group of men comes out of the car and demands the bag from Capheus. He threatens them, believing he still has the skills from when he fought the Superpower Gang. He attempts to perform a jump kick, but fails. The men laughs at him and starts kicking him as he's down. The men calls him "Van Sham" then leave with the backpack as they laugh. Capheus calls out for help from the "spirit of Jean Claude Korean Lady" He then runs off.


Lito is on set talking with the director. The director tells him about his character and Lito asks about it. Lito thinks that his character can feel the sadness of the events, but the director tells him his character is full of fire. During the shoot, Lito begins to cry, because he is struck by the actress's beauty. His director tells him to lighten up.


Kala's mother draws a henna tattoo on her. She discusses to Kala about the meaning of the tattoo. As they tattoo her, Kala asks Priya how she felt about her father before their wedding. Priya says that theirs was an arranged marriage, and that Kala is the first in the family to marry for love. She says that things are still the same as their parents wished for their children to marry for love. Kala is troubled.


Sun trains with her teacher in a park. Sun stays still as her teacher places a cup of water on her joints. Her teacher says that he has never seen her so distracted and unfocused. He tells her that she must decide on what she wants to do, so that she's focused again, and then come back to him.

Lito and Sun

Later in traffic, Lito complains of his pain and sadness to Hernando on the phone. He tells Hernando that he's been feeling a stomach ache. He exaggerates and cries, saying it might be a tumor and that cancer runs in his family. A driver uses his horns and flips Lito off. Lito gets angry and starts agressively honking. He then yells at the driver, calling him a villain with a villain mustache. Hernando tries to calm him down but Lito struggles. He says that he can't breath, think and remember anything. He tells Hernando that he loves elotes and when he orders some, he forgets the name of it. Lito suddenly stops talking as another car cuts in front of him. He yells at the driver, calling her a tacky, cheap weave, plastic-tittied whore.

2017-05-21 (198)

Lito and Sun have an unexpecting meeting.

Lito visits Sun in Seoul, and continues to yell. In Korean, Sun tells Lito to stop screaming. Lito stops screaming as he notices that he is in a park in Korea and asks where he is in Spanish. Sun appears in his car in traffic and Lito tells Hernando that he is going crazy. Hernando asks him if he's hearing voices and Lito says that he's seeing things and that there is a crying Korean woman in his car. Sun denies that she is not crying. Their connection ends when Lito rear-ends the car in front of him.


Capheus finds the car in which the men used. He grabs a large rock and smashes the back window, then snatches his backpack and runs. He goes down an alley as the men chases him.

Will and Nomi

Back in Chicago, Will calls Nomi's mother, Janet. He informs her that he's calling about her and Janet asks if they found her. Janet says that this isn't the first time Michael had problems with the police. Will says that he knows that Nomi was arrested for hacking. Will and Nomi exchange places, and Nomi hears the phonecall. Janet continues to talk, saying that Michael fell in a bad company where Michael got ideas and believes that the hormones Michael started taking caused the UFLS. Janet ends saying Michael was never sensible. Will corrects Janet, saying that her name is Nomi and Michael and ends the call.

2017-05-21 (203)

Will and Nomi share a conversation with Janet.


Amanita walks over to Nomi, sitting on the bench. She is still reacting to hearing her mother on the phone. Nomi is struggling with coming to terms with the impossible things that are happening to her. Amanita asks her what happened, as Nomi's face is different. Nomi explains that he had a feeling that she had felt during her entire life, the feeling of being unseen and apart. She says that when she saw Amanita, all those feelings went away, and made her feel seen and belonged. She says that for a moment, she forgot who Amanita was and that it feels impossible. Amanita also says that the chances of someone like herself meeting someone like Nomi felt impossible and recounts their first kiss. She tells her that impossibility is just a kiss away from reality and they kiss.


Kala's family gathers as Priya talks about her first kiss with Sanyam. She says that she doesn't know if Sanyam even wants her to tell the story to Kala. Sanyam replies, saying that he cannot hear anything he says as he is cooking back in the kitchen. Priya whispers to Kala. She tells her that for a long time, she thought that kissing was similar to eating a kebab as she would always taste spices on Sanyam's lips. Sanyam comes to the scene and hands Kala a dessert, shahi tukda. Sanyam exclaims, saying that Kala is beautiful. Kala tastes the dessert and is pleased. She tels Sanyam to teach Rajan, her fiance, how to make it and Sanyam says no, as it is their recipe.


Nomi then says that her coffee suddenly tastes like a sugary desert, reacting to the shahi tukda that Kala had just tasted. She wonders if Dr. Metzger was right about the hallucinations. Amanita suggests that there are two possibilities. Either Nomi has a illness and will die or Metzger was lying. Nomi and Amanita believes that second possibility, saying that he's lying to Nomi for a reason and that they're going to find out why.

2017-05-21 (214)

Silas bestowing congratulations to Capheus on protecting the bag.

Capheus finally reaches the address he was given. He stumbles on a warehouse guarded by men in suits. The man at the door gestures him to enter and Capheus enters. Capheus sees Silas is waiting for him. Silas congratulates him for passing the test. Capheus approaches him and gives him the bag. Silas says that he had to know how far he would go. He says that he's the man he needs as he opens the backpack and reveals that it was only filled with two coconuts. He then gives Capheus the AIDS medicine, and says he will be in touch. Capheus leaves the warehouse, carrying the medicine with him.


Wolfgang and Felix are both drunk at a club in Berlin. Wolfgang imitates Sergei, saying that Steiner is furious. Felix laughs and also imitates Steiner, whining and saying "Daddy, somebody stole my diamonds!". Wolfgang stops drinking and grabs Felix's shirt, telling him to shut up. He warns Felix about not saying the words "diamonds" because Sergei is watching them. Felix tries to convince Wolfgang that Sergei doesn't know anything, and that they would be dead if he knows. Wolfgang tells Felix to stick to the plan that they made. Wolfgang stands up and informs Felix that he's going to urinate.

Wolfgang and Kala

Wolfgang is urinating in the bar bathroom, when he belches. Kala is also at a bathroom when she hears Wolfgang belch. In her language, she asks "Who's there?", and Wolfgang replies, "is there a woman here?". Kala says that she's in a lady's bathroom and Wolfgang says that she must be drunk if she thinks that. Wolfgang finishes urinating and tries to open all the stalls in the bathroom. They begin to recognize each other's voice. Wolfgang opens the last stall and wonders where he's hearing Kala. Felix comes in the bathroom and asks Wolfgang what language he was speaking Kala's aunt knocks and asks Kala who she was talking to and Kala says she was just talking to herself. Her aunt says that Kala could talk to her if she might need to talk about something during her wedding and Kala says that they have internet for that. Her aunt leaves and Kala shuts the door.


Back on set, Lito continues to ask the director questions about the script. The director tells him to forget the script, and that he wants chaos and confusion. The directors notifies the crew that they are about to start and Lito vocalizes.


Diego tells Will of a double jointed woman that can blow a cupacke candle on her butt. Will says he can't go because he still has paperwork to do. Diego says that he has to pay respect and hands a card to Will. As Will sings the card, Diego reveals to Will the person that was present in the camera footage of Angelica's death. They look at the contact and last whereabouts of the person and they went off.


Nomi and Amanita stands up and meet their two friends. They inform Nomi and Amanita that their apartment is still under heavy surveillance by cops and unmarked cars. Nomi asks about Isabella, an owner of an apartment. Their friends say that it would be safe to use the back entrance of their apartment. Nomi acknowledges that what they're doing might cause them trouble and the friends says that it's okay as Nomi had helped them before.


As they ride to meet the person, Will reads more information him. It is revealed that the kid is named Clete Tamark, had several arrests and is part of the New Maniac Mafia. Diego asks what happened to the Old Maniac Mafia because he missed them.

Will and Lito

Lito, in character, walks across a museum filled with statues and men. Will and Diego knocks on the door of Clete Tamark. One of the actors delivers the line, "Art is like religion". Will appears in his place. Back in Chicago, Lito opens the door and sees Will at the porch. They look at each other, puzzled. Will asks Lito, "Do I know you?". The real person in the house opens the door and examines the police. The woman warns Clete about cops and Clete runs off.

2017-05-21 (236)

Will and Lito are puzzled at their unexpected visit.

One of the actors says, "Kill him!". Lito dives across the set, suspended by wires. He fires with pistols in both hands, shooting the actors with blanks. Everywhere around him, cement particles and blood squib splatters fill the air. Will chases the kid across backyards and over fences. Will appears on set with a Mexican actor pointing an assault rifle at him. The actor whispers for Will to kick him and Will reacts puzzled. Lito takes his place, then dramatically kicks the assault rifle and continues his shooting rampage. Will and Diego end their chase when Clete goes through a gang, so Will and Diego head back. Finally the director yells "Cut!" and Lito asks how well he performed. The director congratulates Lito, saying that he was so natural and real.

Capheus and Sun

Capheus and Sun both walk across crowded streets. Sun takes his place in Nairobi and Capheus takes her place in Seoul. They both realize that they are in a different surrounding but continues to walk. Sun and Capheus meet each other face to face, while the crowds of Nairobi and Seoul walk past. In Korean, Sun asks her where she is and in Swahili, Capheus asks where he is. They are puzzled at how they are able to communicate.

Capheus realizes that he is talking to the spirit of Jean Claude, and compliments her fighting abilities. Sun denies that he knows anything about her. Capheus convinces her saying her name and that she has a difficult decision. Sun declares that Capheus is a hallucination and Capheus abides. Sun asks Capheus to leave so that she can walk alone. Capheus leaves for a second but reappears again. Sun asks why he is still following her and Capheus replies that doesn't know how to go back. He suggests that they are calling each other because of one them is troubled. Capheus asks her if she is and Sun says that she may be in trouble tomorrow. They both sit down on and continue their talk.

2017-05-21 (251)

Capheus and Sun converse in Seoul about an impending decision.

Capheus relates to her decision, since he must decide whether to keep himself safe or his mother. Sun wonders if she is the person who will let her family's business be destroyed, or sacrifice herself. Capheus says that he must keep his promise to his mother and Sun says she has made a similar promise. Capheus tells the story of his mother, who protected him against several men who wanted revenge against his father. He said that the men left, knowing that if his mother dies, atleast one of the men will also die. Capheus leaves a statement to Sun then leaves. After he leaves, Sun receives a call from her father and she dismisses it.


Before the wedding, Kala is getting dressed. She states the she never realize how heave the outfit is, and she hopes she does not collapse. The women dressing her laughs and continues to chatter. Outside, Sanyam is done waiting and calls Priya's name but Priya doesn't answer. Sanyam says the he doesn't want to pressure anyone but their time is limited. Priya comes out and Sanyam tells her take their time.

2017-05-21 (262)

Kala preparing for her wedding ceremony.

Kala's wedding commences, and she is carried in on an ornate chair. Rajan enters on a bike. In Seoul, Sun walks with her dog on leash and enters her trainer's home. Sun briefly visits Kala, seating on the ornate chair. In a large Roman bathhouse, Wolfgang dives into a swimming pool, naked. He floats on his back, watching. Kala's wedding ceremony commences. As Kala and Rajan exchanged vows, all of the sensates appear. Lito, Hernando and Daniela, watching and laughing together. Will and Riley see each other. Shiro cooking food for Capheus. Sun hands over her dog's leash to her teacher, and says goodbye. Nomi and Amanita return to their apartment to find it trashed. Kala nears the end of her vows when Wolfgang, naked, emerges from the pool and visits Kala. Wolfgang looks up and sees Kala. Kala looks at him, then looks down at his penis. Wolfgang questions Kala of her wedding, saying that she's not in love with him. Kala and Wolfgang both faint.



Guest Starring[]


  • Rocío García as Key Makeup Artist
  • Jerónimo Best as Assistant Director
  • Gerardo Albarrán as Don Carlos
  • Sofia Garza as Don Carlos' Daughter
  • Alejandro Márquez as Henchman
  • Alex Henderson as Clete Tamark aka 4K
  • Celeste Cooper as Clete's Mother
  • Aron Lamar as Gang Member
  • Antwain Tz F Jones as Gang Member #2
  • Brandon M. Blackburn as Gang Member #3
  • Sandra Fish as Janet Marks
  • Mahasin Munir as Lola
  • D'Lo as Disney

Sensate Connections[]

  • Both feeling anxiety, Sun and Lito see each other on their mirror. They touch each other's index finger on their mirror and they tremble. They both react in disbelief.
  • Riley and Capheus visit each other in their respective locations. Capheus speaks Swahili to Riley but Riley didn't understand, so instead they spoke English to each other. Both of them are able to feel the temperature of the places they were located.
  • Lito and Sun visit again, and both of them are feeling intense emotions. Lito is feeling anger and anxiety while Sun feels sadness and anxiety.
  • As Will calls Janet, he and Nomi exchange places. Nomi is able to hear Janet talking on the phone.
  • Nomi says to Amanita that her coffee tastes like a sugary dessert, after Kala eats shahi tukda.
  • When Wolfgang and Kala are both at a bathroom, they both speak and hear each other despite not visiting.
  • When Wolfgang gets caught, Felix says that he was speaking another language, which is the same language that Kala speaks.
  • Lito visits Will as he is with Diego and Will visits Lito as he is being filmed.
  • Both feeling troubled, Sun and Capheus visit each other as they walk around their city.
  • Sun and Capheus are able to communicate, despite speaking different language.
  • Riley and Will visit each other in their respective locations.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 52 minutes and 13 seconds.
  • The title originates from a line from Lito's movie.
  • The following locations appeared in the episode:
  • The pool where Wolfgang is seen swimming is the Stadtbad Neukölln.[1]
  • "Kala" is the Hindi word for art. The epsiode title also includes the word 'art' in it. Coincidentally or intentionally, this episode contains important events for Kala.


Episode Stills[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Capheus: Who can say if it is we who make the choice, or the choice that makes us?

Amanita: Impossibility is just a kiss away from reality.

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