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Anton Bogdanow is a recurring character in Season One of Sense8. He is the father of Wolfgang Bogdanow and brother to Sergei Bogdanow.


He is abusive towards his son. He said that there are only five things that are important in life: eating, drinking, shitting, fucking and fighting for more. Because of the physical and verbal abuse he inflicted upon the young Wolfgang, his son strangled him to death. Wolfgang then placed his father's body in a car and set fire to it.[citation needed]


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  • Sergei Bogdanow: to be added
  • Irina Bogdanow: Anton's step-daughter, whom he started raping and since forced to be in a relationship with him. She is Wolfgang's mother as well as his step-sister.
  • Wife: Irina's mother. She married Anton in the hopes he would protect her and her daughter. Little is known about their relationship or what drove her to the decision.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: Being a man of violence, Anton raised Wolfgang under pure aggression. He practiced that the five principles in life were to eat, hydrate or drink, defecate, engage in sex, and fight for more; he would also, often, abuse him frequently. During one visit from Felix Berner, the two managed to subdue him and escape. Later, the ongoing abuse motivated Wolfgang to kill him through strangulation and eventually setting his corpse ablaze in a car to cover the murder.


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  • Anton Bogdanow's tombstone lists his date of birth on the twenty-second day of December 1943 and the day of his death the twelfth of October 2001. This places his age to be 57 when his son murdered him.



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