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Angelica Turing, portrayed by Daryl Hannah, is a major character in the Netflix series, Sense8. Angelica was a sensate who gave birth to two different clusters, one of which was the August 8 Cluster. The members of her first cluster were captured by BPO, which drove her to infiltrate the company. She committed suicide shortly after giving birth to the August 8 cluster to protect them from BPO.



Before being reborn as a sensate, Angelica worked as an ecologist. She always loved nature and saw beauty in the world. While alive, she was in love with Jonas Maliki, a man in her cluster.[1] Jonas tells Will he fell in love with Angelica when their eyes first met. He recalls Angelica believed sensates experience love in its purest form.  

Angelica used her cabin in the woods to do research into sensate brain activity. The cabin was where she birthed her first cluster, consisting of Todd, Habib, Raoul, and four others. On at least two occasions, the cluster confronted her about the brutal tactics of BPO, ranging from sterilization to presumed murder.

Angelica went to Chicago to investigate Raoul Pasquale's disappearance. Jonas alleged that this was the moment she started working for BPO, but Whispers was already visiting Angelica before she made the trip. In Chicago, Angelica met with Carol Cumberland, who hid Raoul in her basement after a neural graft procedure.

Angelica and Raoul traveled back to California, where Angelica made Raoul douse the cabin in gasoline, call his father, and self-immolate. She set ablaze the cabin and Raoul in the hopes of destroying Whispers' research.

At some point, Angelica and Whispers worked in the same lab. Angelica questioned the utility of the neural graft procedure, but Whispers reassured her with a romantic gesture. Angelica informed Jonas about Whispers' former cluster around this time.

Yrsa revealed that Angelica and Jonas Maliki were working together birthing clusters for Whispers. These clusters would be used to hunt other clusters by tracking their psycellium link.[2]


When she realized she was going to give birth to another cluster, Angelica became desperate to protect them from Whispers. Cumberland helped smuggle Angelica to the church where Cumberland learned to sing. After the birthing, Angelica committed suicide to protect the August 8 Cluster.[3]

After Death[]

Fragments of Angelica's​ memories remain in the August 8 cluster and those she was linked to (including Jonas and Whispers). She comforted Jonas when he seemed to be undergoing a neural graft, and Whispers saw her through a glass panel while he was being attacked.


Angelica had a complex personality. A constant was the love she had for her "sensate children" and the lengths she would go to in order to protect them, including infiltrating BPO and even going as far as committing suicide to ensure the safety of the August 8 Cluster. Angelica was a very loving Sensate who relished the connection she has with other sensates, which is why it pained her that her own "son" Todd W. McCarver resented it so much.

Although very loving, there was also a very dark side to Angelica which was directly influenced by her desire to protect those she loved. Realizing that she needed to stop the zombie project, she killed a member of her own cluster who was about to thwart her assassination attempt on The Chairman. Additionally, as she was being watched closely as a supposed partner on the zombie project, she had to use another member of the cluster to actually carry out the assassination, which unfortunately ended with the woman's death.


Inside the Cluster[]

  • Jonas Maliki: Upon first meeting, Angelica and Jonas developed a blossoming, romantic relationship between one another. Being of the same cluster, they were able to feel the same emotional connections with one another. Before her suicide, she shared the identity of her newborn cluster with him and requested that he protect them from Whispers.

Non-Cluster Sensates[]

  • Whispers: During her time spent working with BPO, Angelica managed to express romantic desires towards Whispers; it is unknown if this was a true connection or a ruse. Eventually, she abandoned the projects BPO were conducting and was hunted and taunted by Whispers, forcing her to commit suicide in Chicago.
  • Will Gorski: Though they only met briefly before her eventual suicide, Angelica has should to lead Will through her trials and tribulations in order to discover and reveal secrets about Whispers and BPO. She has also, however, given Gorski similar temptations to end his life like she has Riley Blue upon her capture and possible lobotomization.





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