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Angelica's Firstborn Cluster was a cluster of seven sensates. No members of the cluster are active as individual sensates and are believed to be lobotomized or dead.


This cluster was the first mothered by Angelica Turing. After the birth, many members of the cluster were amazed at their newfound abilities and connection, one member of the cluster, Todd W. McCarver, viewed his newfound experience as a curse and wanted to become "normal" again. Angelica tried to convince Todd to accept what he was to no avail. Todd eventually found Whispers and was convinced that he could help him. Using Todd, Whispers was able to track down and capture other members of his cluster including Raoul Pasquale and both Todd and Raoul where ultimately lobotomized. In a desperate attempt to find Raoul, Angelica travelled to Chicago and began working with Whispers and the BPO to gain his trust and understand what his goals were. Angelica, using Whispers' research, created a machine that could track the psycellium connection of sensates through intense pain in an attempt to find her "children" but unwittingly created the framework for the technology that would become the Neural Graft procedure that would allow Whispers to completely control and inhabit the bodies of lobotomized sensates. Angelica's research with Whispers and the BPO led to at least three other members of this cluster undergoing the neural graft procedure. Jonas implied that the remaining four members underwent the procedure or died.

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