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Amor Vincit Omnia is the twelfth episode and season finale of the second season as well as the 24th overall episode and series finale of Sense8.


In the sweeping series finale, passions run high as the Sensates and their closest allies fight to save the cluster and stop their enemies for good.



A young Wolfgang and his mother watch Euro Star Spotlight. She can imagine him singing on that stage one day. She thinks he shouldn't keep his beautiful voice a secret. He points out she has secrets, like the doctor she went to. She tells him to tell no one, especially his father.

While still tied up in the BPO facility, a pained Wolfgang is confronted with memories from his childhood, including his murdering his father.

Young Wolfgang is singing for his mother. Suddenly, his drunk father comes barging in. He tells Irina to stop teaching his son to sing like a queer. He starts choking her. Wolfgang yells to let her go. Irina calls out his being drunk. He calls Wolfgang a "mama's boy," but Wolfgang then punches him. Anton is relieved that there is a man like him somewhere in there. Anton knows what he is and what that makes Wolfgang. He then tells Wolfgang that his mother is more than his mother. Irina yells no.

Wolfgang has a vague memory of watching his father enter his uncle's house, while his aunt Elke is comforting Irina on the couch. Young Wolfgang is watching from the top of the stairs.

Young Wolfgang enters his mother's bedroom. She's been beaten and she's crying on her bed. He tells her they have to go. She fears his father will come after them. It's not worth it. She's not worth it.

From the bedroom of her Paris apartment, Kala is trying to establish a connection with Wolfgang. When she finally succeeds, she visits him and warns him not to say anything. She uses her voice to guide him to visit her. She catches him as he appears. She tells him they have Whispers. They'll use him to free Wolfgang. Wolfgang tells her not to since he's not worth it. She disagrees. She knows what love is because of him. She loves him. She swears they are going to get him free.

As the connection is broken off, Riley visits Kala. Kala explains they have him on sedatives and blockers, so it's difficult to connect. At least they're not hurting him anymore. Riley then enters the room and says Will predicted that. Kala doesn't know how much longer she can wait to the exchange. Riley understands, but they need her to make more of the liquid blocker. Kala is low on methatactogen trioxide. Nomi and Amanita forge a prescription that'll get them through the week. While Lito is practicing his lines, Sun is putting up the board with information on BPO. Will thinks they need to move faster.

Will is with Lito, Hernando, and Daniela in an attic. Hernando and Daniela are still catching up with the sensate experience. Will is trying to plan the exchange. He needs to find the right location and disguisable transportation. They have neither at this point. Capheus appears with news: he found transportation.

Outside, Capheus arrives with a van that they can paint to match a police van.

Will marks off the transportation on his board. Daniela asks what happened so Will fills her in. Lito explains what it feels like to visit. Hernando can feel his ideas of self expanding. With the rest of the cluster visiting, Riley suggests they use Sans Jour. Will was against that because she played there before, but it seems like their best option now. An alarm goes off. Will says it's time for Whispers' shot.

Kala has just finished it. She hands it to Riley, who leaves with Sun to bring it to Will. Will then checks with Nomi if there was anything useful on Jonas's phone, but the only interesting calls were to The Secretary. Will thinks he is their way to The Chairman. Nomi wishes she had better equipment, but they are still waiting to hear from Bug. Nomi claims that's normal.

Nomi visits Riley and Sun in the staircase. It's not like Bug at all. She just didn't want to worry Amanita. Riley assures her that BPO doesn't know Bug exists. Will adds that Diego couldn't find any documents on him either. Will reminds everyone to stay focused.

Amanita has made a discovery about Elizabeth, Whispers's wife. While she was moved to a safehouse by BPO, it turns out she still has to follow the rules when she files for divorce.

Will and Capheus

Will and Capheus arrive at the basement where they are keeping Whispers. Will instructs him to sit on the stool and face the wall, as per usual. Capheus has a gun. His face is partially covered. While he administers the blocker, Will says he doesn't need answers from Whispers since Jonas told them everything. Will brings up Elizabeth and that he doubts her love for Whispers. He also brings up Whispers's daughter. He wonders if Whispers misses his daughter. A typical father would, but Whispers can cut open the skull of an alive young girl. Maybe Whispers can look at another girl without remembering that. Whispers says he was an exceptional student as a boy. He found secrets and knowledge in books. As a medical student, he learned how to operate on human beings. He didn't care about their lives. Much like books, they hold secrets inside. The only difference is that he has to use a knife to open them. Every moment he stays here brings him closer to the moment he gets to cut open Riley while she is still alive so that Will can feel the pain. When all that remains of Will and his cluster are the measurements and observations in his notebook, Whispers will go home and kiss his wife and daughter and return to his exceptional life. Will isn't too sure about that. He tells Whispers that his wife filed for divorce. There's no going back. Will and Capheus leave.

Nomi, Kala, and Will

Nomi brings Jonas his blocker. He's cuffed to the radiator in the bathroom. Jonas quotes Proust from his book. Jonas complies and takes his blocker. He compliments Kala on their blockers, since they lack the nausea you usually get with homemade stuff. Nomi then starts inquiring about The Chairman. Jonas says he wears a bio-mask and uses a voice modulator. He's paranoid. Jonas recalls his first meeting with Will, when Will had to choose between what he knew and what he felt. Will thinks this is different. Nomi then asks about Angelica. They understand she went to Chicago to look for her first cluster and then started working with BPO. What they don't get is why she made the neural graft. Jonas says there's no one he's known better than Angelica. He remembers their past, including what looks like Angelica launching an assault against BPO in one of their facilities. Jonas says she left the cabin because she could feel that Raoul was alive in Chicago. Once she was there, she wanted to understand what Kolovi and Whispers were doing. She got them to trust her, which included an affair with Whispers. She soon realized she could use their technology to build a machine to trace the psycellium to her children. She secretly developed a graft of neural-morphic ligature and used the conductivity of psycellium to send a signal.

A flashback shows Angelica applying the device to herself and then self-administering electrical shocks.

Jonas likens it to a sonor emitting pain. Pain is what connects them better than anything else.

The painful shocks awaken the connection between Angelica and Raoul, who is sedated somewhere in a bed. She is comforting her son when Whispers enters the room. Caught in the act, Angelica claims she's finally ready to show him now that she's certain it works. She shows him the device. He calls it extraordinary.

Jonas thinks Will understands that life doesn't always allow you to be the best version of yourself, especially when circumstances demand that you lie to and betray your friends.


Nomi wakes up in bed in the middle of the night and finds Amanita gone.

She eventually finds her on the roof. She sits down with Amanita, who couldn't sleep. Amanita admits it's hard. They are in Paris. Ever since college, Amanita wanted to come here and live here to write a novel. She had fantasies about falling in love with a tragically detached French girl that she would finally be able to break through to. Then they'd kiss in front of the tourists at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Nomi didn't know that. Amanita says thinking about this city has gotten her through many tough moments. And here she is in Paris with the woman she loves, but they can't enjoy it because something terrible could happen at any moment. Nomi assures Amanita that she is going to keep her promise to Amanita. She can't believe in a future where they don't get married. That future might seem impossible right now, but she reminds Amanita that impossibility is still just a kiss away from reality. They kiss and hug and watch the Eiffel Tower.


Nomi and Amanita are woken up by the thumping caused by Lito's exercises.

Meanwhile, Daniela is on the phone with people from Lito's movie, explaining that this is part of his process.

Sun is meditating on the roof.

Lito checks with Daniela, fearing that he is fired. She can't give him an answer.

Capheus has finally found a signal to video chat with the people from home. He compliments Zakia's looks. They are all worried about him. Jela is driving the Van Damn in his absence. Koman says the rally worked, but Mandiba is exploiting his absence.

Kala visits Riley and Will in the attic. BPO visited her family, which she learned from an e-mail from her father. Riley says Nomi can check if it's serious.

Nomi needs some coffee first. Lito points out everybody's personal needs and yells that they are trapped here. Will yells at everybody to freeze. They need to take a deep breath. They join Sun in her meditation. Will knows they are trying to hold on to things that matter to them, but Wolfgang needs them and this is war.

Wolfgang and Kala

Wolfgang has the same memories he had earlier, but he remembers more now. His aunt Elke appears angry with his father, but Sergei gestures her to stay quiet and goes to hug his brother. He then steps back with Elke. Irina has no choice but to return to Anton.

The other memory is completed as well. Anton yells that his mother is not just his mother, but his sister as well. He connects this to his memory of killing Sergei, because he knew all along but did nothing.

Young Wolfgang visits his mother in her bedroom. She explains to him that Anton married his mother, who thought he was going to protect them. One day, he came into her room. She tried to run away, but he found her. He always does. Wolfgang says they have to go. He's going to fix it so she can get out of here. She takes his hand and wonders how a child can be this brave. She tells him it's not worth it because she's not worth it. He tells her she is. She's his mother. This led to him killing his father.

Two BPO guards come in to check on a beeping monitor. He discovers that Wolfgang is clenching the tube. Wolfgang then knocks him out with a headbutt and manages to snatch his gun, with which he kills the other guard. He uses another bullet to free himself from the handcuffs and proceeds to rip off a part of the table. He disconnects all wires and inches closer to the doorway. He kills two more guards and makes his way down the hallway. He bursts through a double door and knocks more guards unconscious, but he's soon forced to take cover by more guards approaching while shooting at him. He takes a gun from a knocked-out guard and fires back. A group of guards is protecting The Secretary. Wolfgang manages to overpower a guard and uses him as a human shield whilst moving towards containers to take cover. The Secretary orders the guards not to shoot since they need Wolfgang alive. Upon hearing this, Wolfgang comes out of hiding and kills some more guards. He walks up to a railing and is horrified to see beds filled with people on the floor below. He is now circled by guards. The Secretary says there is no point since they have arranged an exchange with his cluster. The only way is home. Wolfgang aims his gun to his own head and says he has no home.

Kala shoots up from her bed to stop him. She tells him not to, but he says a bullet for him and Whispers fixes everything. Kala says it'll also end her. She opens the window of her bedroom and is prepared to jump out of it, but he pulls her back. She tells him he can't give up. Wolfgang lowers the gun and is re-captured by the guards.


Will says what happened just proves how badly BPO needs Whispers. The group pieces together that Whispers is the only pilot of the "drone program," which is weird. They would want more than one pilot as well as more than one neural interface. Their brainstorm session is cut short by a knock on the door. Nomi checks the camera images. It's a FedEx delivery guy.

Dani goes to open the door and tells the guy he can leave the stuff there, but he needs a signature. Nomi peaks into the hallway. She has recognized Bug. He takes off his glasses. Nomi and Amanita hug him while the rest of the group appears in the doorway. He's excited to meet all the voices, especially Lito.

Nomi and Sun The group is unpacking the boxes Bug brought. He's late because he flew to Paris via Thailand, since they warned him to be vigilant. Then he had to get some equipment. Nomi gets an alert on her computer. She wonders where Sun is.

Sun is smoking on the roof when Nomi appears to inform her there's news from Korea.

Nomi, Bug, Sun, and Amanita watch the news report on the Seoul scandal. Minister Tae Park has been arrested for obstruction of justice. He's being investigated for ties to Joong-Ki Bak, who shot Detective Mun during the gala three weeks ago. Mun is said to be making a full recovery. Sun closes the laptop. Nomi suggests she call Mun. They have a new bunch of burner phones.

Mun is working in his office when his phone rings. He accidentally knocks a cup of coffee all over his file on Sun. He quickly recuperates her picture and then answers his phone. Sun greets him. She thanks him. He says those words made it worth it getting shot. He shows that he's back to work and asks where she is. She says she's here, which is all he needs to know. He points out she's not there with him. She wonders if he's saying he misses her. He confirms. She asks him to repeat that. He misses her more than he's ever missed anyone in her life. She reciprocates and then says she has to go. She's slightly emotional. As soon as she's hung up, he starts working on his computer.


Will and Nomi are studying their board. Will says that after Raoul died in the cabin, Angelica and Whispers developed the Traceworks, which led to what is now the drone program. At some point, the two of them went to London while Croome cut shot a holiday. Will guesses that is when Whispers demonstrated the drone project to the people inside BPO. Something happened that Jonas won't talk about. It was terrible because that is when the first terrorist warrants against Jonas came out. Lito comes up and asks if they knew where Dani and Hernando are. Nomi says they went with Amanita to get croissants. Lito freaks out about having carbs in the house. Kala is trying not to panic, but she just received a very worrying e-mail.

A taxi arrives outside the apartment.

Rajan enters the apartment. Seeing Lito and Sun confuses him. Capheus's greet in Swahili doesn't help. Kala asks him why he's here. He came because he hadn't heard from her in a while. He sent her an e-mail. He was worried because people from a medical organization came asking for her. He just remembers the acronym BPO. At that same time, loud knocks alarm the group. They all grab their bags and the most important stuff and rush off.

Will goes to fetch Jonas and tells him it's time for another hard decision.

The law enforcement breaks into the apartment while the group has made it to the roof. As they escape over the rooftops, Rajan asks Kala who those people are. Kala only tells him the men chasing them will kill her. They continue running. Bug tells Nomi he's not good with heights, so he's glad he hasn't had breakfast yet. Nomi then remembers Amanita.

Hernando, Daniela, and Amanita find the door to the apartment open. As Amanita answers Nomi's call, they walk into the living room and find themselves at gunpoint. They raise their hands and drop everything. Alarmed, Nomi and Lito rush back inside. Jonas uses the chaos to escape to a balcony. He assures Will he's on their side and runs off. Bug follows Lito and Nomi.

Amanita, Hernando, and Daniela are on their knees when Lito and Nomi come running in. Lito runs around as he dodges bullets until one of the officers forces him to get down on his knees. He then uses Will's skills to overpower the guard, while Nomi channels Sun to knock down a guard of her own. One by one, they knock out the guards while Amanita, Hernando, Daniela, and Bug watch on. Amanita yells she has been waiting to see that and hugs her. The rest of groups comes in. They will secure these men and get everything they need to return to the squat. Rajan demands to know what is going on.

In the attic, Rajan has just been informed of everything. Kala takes him to the bedroom so they can talk. Rajan isn't sure what to say. Kala realizes it's not easy to accept. He thought he was the one with the big secrets. Kala says she didn't know how to tell him. He verifies if this all happened before their wedding. He understands why she was so confused. He thinks it must be terrible to feel the torture through Wolfgang. Kala suggests he take some time away, but he refuses to leave her while she's in danger. He believes her and all those other people out there. He came rushing here for the same reason he married her. He loves her, and this doesn't change that. She says she married a good man. They share a kiss.

Will and Riley

Will and Riley exit the metro. They are on their way to Sans Jour. Georges told Riley they can use the back door and they could bring in extra security. Will comments that those club owners are really into Riley.

Georges greets Riley and Will as they enter her club. She has missed Riley and compliments her looks. Riley introduces her to Will, whom Georges jokingly calls her rival. After a short French exchange, she decides she likes Will. She takes them somewhere they can talk. Riley wonders if Will knows French. He doesn't, but she does.

Georges tells them about her understanding with the local police, but Riley says it's not them they are worried about. Georges heard from Vincent that they threatened to close his club down. Georges says many kinds of people have threatened them and their way of life. Their answer was and will always be the same. Vive la résistance, or "fuck off" as they say in English.


The rest of the cluster is back at the squat. Amanita theorizes that whatever happened in London is what shoved Kolovi out of the picture. Nomi's blocker alarm goes off. Kala gets the shot ready.

Will and Riley

Riley and Will are on their way back. Riley admits she and Georges were close. Will then notices somebody is following them. They rush into the metro entrance, followed by a hooded person.

On the platform, Riley and Will split up. Riley is about the enter the train when the hooded person appears on the platform. Will tackles them from behind a corner. A fight ensues. Will manages to take off the person's hood, revealing it's Bodhi. Will is surprised. Bodhi knocks him down and gets on the train. The doors close right in front of Will and Riley and the train drives off. Since neither of them has their phones with them, they rush off.


Nomi is trying to call them, but to no avail. They can't visit since they're on blockers. Hernando asks about Capheus.

Nomi visits Capheus in the garage as he's spray-painting the van. She tells him they have a problem.

Capheus visits them back at the squat. He's nowhere near the squat, so he'll be too late even if he drives. Kala points out Whispers will be off the blockers soon. Sun fears something's happened to Will and Riley. Nomi says they need to get Whispers on blockers. Amanita says she'll go since Whispers already knows about her, like they discussed. She can do the shot, but she'll need someone to watch her back. She asks if anybody knows how to use the gun. Daniela steps forward and demonstrates her gun knowledge. She learned from Joaquin.

Amanita and Daniela

Whispers is pleasantly surprised to see Amanita. She tells him to face the wall. He asks Dani if she's too afraid to show her face. He wonders if there aren't more fun thing to do in Paris. He claims their desire for shopping is palpable. Amanita roughly administers the shot. He notices her engagement ring. Given his divorce, she'll ignore any marriage advice. He tells her she'll soon discover the difference between their species. The smallness of her kind is what attracts his kind. It's akin to the way humans keep their pets. Sooner rather than later, Nomi will discover being married to her is no different from being married to a labrador bitch. Amanita smacks him across the face. He falls down and makes her fall. He starts strangling Amanita, but Dani kicks him in the face. The scarf hiding her face has slid down her face. Whispers tells her he never forgets a face. Dani tells him she sees him, too. She steps on wrist, forcing him to open his hand. Amanita grabs the syringe he was trying to hide. Dani kneels as she points her gun in his face. She knows his kind, men who mistake cruelty for strength. They both knew that if she were to pull this trigger, nobody would shed a tear. The smallness of his kind of life is nothing to fear, only to pity. Amanita and Dani leave.

The Purge

Will and Riley have returned and tell the others about Bodhi. Apparently, her rules have changed. Mr. Hoy comes running in. He tells Riley that Bodhi is not the only one who has changed the rules.

She visits him in a tower. He watches cars arrive outside. He tells her that BPO is executing a purge. He takes Riley to two ladies who want a word with her.

They appear in a modern office. He introduces her to Yrsa.

Meanwhile, Rajan is confused by Riley, who just stands there motionless. Kala explains she's visiting Hoy.

Yrsa visits the tower. She tells Riley she's been in hiding ever since she fled Iceland. BPO knows that she feigned a heart attack to get an ambulance. Riley realizes Yrsa saved her life. Yrsa asks her to listen to the woman who urged her to help Riley: River El-Saadawi. River can't see Riley since she's a sapien. River is Ruth's daughter. She's the head of a group inside BPO fighting to bring the company back to the original principles as envisioned by her mother and Mr. Hoy.

Back in the tower, Hoy fetches a key from a drawer and starts running up the stairs. He fears his end is nearing. BPO guards have entered the building. Admiral Zhou appears on the stairs to inform Hoy that BPO is attacking their people in Manchuria. Hoy instructs him to evacuate everyone to Jeju Island. Sutra then appears to inform him that The Queen of Naples is behind the purge. Hoy warns her to hide. Riley wants to help. Hoy says she can do so by paying her debt to the Archipelago, which means doing what River asks her to do.

River was hoping to have this conversation in person. She thought the situation couldn't get more dire after Croome's assassination, but she underestimated The Chairman's ruthlessness. River says the pro-sensate fraction of the company is being hunted, imprisoned, or worse. Their only hope is if they kill Whisper. By killing him, they end the drone program and cripple The Chairman's hold over BPO. She knows what they're asking of her and her cluster, but it's war.

Riley updates her cluster on the purge and River's request. Kala knows BPO will kill Wolfgang if they do. Will shakes his head.

Riley conveys the message to Yrsa and River. River understands. They had to try. She warns Yrsa to take her blockers. She hopes that one day, they will emerge from this darkness. Hoy says this is the end. Yrsa tells him goodbye.

Hoy locks himself in a room in the tower. He fetches a gun from a drawer and asks Riley to look away. He's the Speaker of the Archipelago, so he can't allow BPO to get to him. Riley blames herself for getting him in trouble. Hoy says she got him out of his coffin. Now he can die without regret. They are both surprised when Aunt Kirsty gets up from a chair in the room. She doesn't want to hear about him dying. She came here by taxi. He tells her it's not safe, but she thinks it's safer now since she chucked the bullets out the window. She promised Angus she'd mind him, so he should take a blocker in case they are arrested. Hoy is surprised she knew about Homo sensorium. She was Angus's wife for 40 years. She knew. Kirsty assures Hoy she'll be fine. As the BPO officers barge into the room, the connection is cut off.

Riley tells the others that she doesn't know what happened. Hoy is gone.


Wolfgang is visited by The Chairman, who wears his mask and uses his voice modulator. Wolfgang tauns him. The Chairman's not afraid of him. He prefers anonimity. The Chairman tells Wolfgang his kind has been subjugating his because there's only one voice telling him what to do. He takes a gun and points at Wolfgang's. He recalls Wolfgang's near-suicide. Sensates have too many conflicting thoughts. He has a simple cure to shut them all up. Wolfgang dares him to pull the trigger. The Chairman doesn't do it. He tells Wolfgang he's leaving them in the morning, but he'll await his swift return. Wolfgang is looking forward to that, too.

Planning the Exchange

While a handcuffed Wolfgang arrives at a small airport, the rest of the cluster and their loved ones start planning the exchange.

Wolfgang is taken into a hangar by The Secretary, who knows the blocker should been metabolized by now. At that point, Kala appears to him, worried. He's also greeted by Lila. She reminds him their fates are connected. The Secretary explains Lila is the only Sensate connected to both him and Whispers, so she can guarantee both their wellbeing.

Lila visits Whispers in his cell and asks if he's ready to come home. Whispers smiles as Will handcuffs him.

Back at the planning, Will says he'll make contact with Lila since he's already connected to Whispers. He knows BPO will lock the area down straight after the exchange.

Lila and Wolfgang arrive at the club while elsewhere, BPO cars are parked.

Amanita informs the others that it looks like BPO is not involving local police beyond the usual terrorist alerts. Nomi thinks they can use that to their advantage.

A disguised Lito approaches police officers in their car and directs them to a BPO car, claiming they are terrorists. The police car then goes to block the BPO car and forces the BPO guards to get out.

Since they had to evacuate the apartment, Bug has moved the technical support to a mobile response vehicle. Bug is excited to be part of a planning scene.

Bug parks the technical van and gets in the back with Nomi and Amanita. He still has to set some things up. A wire catches fire, which he quickly puts out.

Will tells everyone they'll need to have as many eyes inside the club as possible. The metal detectors will help, but they can expect that Lila and BPO won't play by the rules.

Kala and Rajan enter the club, as do Lito, Hernando, and Daniela.

Inside the club, Maitake collects parts of a gun from different members of his and Lila's cluster.

Will says they need to look for any agent that BPO has sent in there.

Daniela approaches two men at the bar and flirts, but they turn her down. Shocked, she returns to Lito and Hernando to verify if they are gay, which Lito denies. Daniela then informs Amanita that the men at the bar are BPO agents. Amanita accesses the club's camera feed.

Capheus drops Riley, Whispers, and Will off at the back of the club and then visits Nomi to keep her up to date.

Sun and Capheus are still in the van. He asks if she thinks they have any chance of surviving this. She didn't think she would survive prison or the Bak gala, but they did. He has a good feeling, too. They do a fist bump. Capheus feels the spirit of Jean-Claude. Sun gets out of the van and enters the club by herself.

While planning, Riley reminds Nomi and Amanita that they have the codes to access the club cameras.

Through the cameras, Bug, Nomi, and Amanita have eyes on everyone entering the club.

Will reminds everyone that as soon as they have Wolfgang, they get out and make their separate ways to the rendezvous point. Kala has come up with a way to escape from the club to avoid stampedes or panic. She has modified the smoke pots they use at festivals in India. She made the smell quite intense. She demonstrates it. Everyone has to leave because of the smell.

The Exchange

The cluster gathers in the van for a brief moment. This is it.

Riley and Will enter the club with Whispers on a leash. Riley separates herself from Will and Whispers. Kala and Rajan are dancing. On her way towards Will and Whispers, Lila is given the gun by Maitake. Kala points Rajan at Lila and tells him to keep them close to her.

Lila, Will, Whispers, and Wolfgang finally meet up in the middle of the dance floor. Will makes eye contact with Lila, establishing a connection. Riley is then horrified to see Bodhi come up. She warns Will and pushes Bodhi away just in time before she can use her knife to kill Whispers. Bodhi dodges a kick from Sun and manages to knock Will down. She grabs the leash and is about to kill Whispers, but Lila shoots at her. Bodhi then runs off, as does Whispers now that no one is holding onto him. Will informs everyone that he lost Whispers. However, Maitake captures Wolfgang at the exit. He informs Lila, who then tells Wolfgang this is goodbye. She points her gun at him, which Rajan notices. Kala then pushes her away, but Lila knocks her down. Rajan then tries to take the gun from Lila. As they are struggling, Wolfgang pushes them both to the ground. However, he is soon attacked by Josh. As they are fighting, Rajan manages to grab the gun and points it at Lila, who easily overpowers him and takes it back. Having overpowered Josh, Wolfgang manages to run off before Lila can shoot him.

Will decides it's time for the exit. Amanita has Dani and Hernando drop the pots. The smell fills the club, leading to a mass evacuation. Wolfgang and Rajan have lost track of Kala, who has exited the club already with Lito, Hernando, and Daniela. They are heading for the metro, Nomi tells Wolfgang.

It's time for Capheus to spring into action. He removes the disguises from his van so that it looks like an actual police van now.

Outside, Lila meets up with Maitake and Whispers. They make their way to the BPO cars while BPO agents enter the club to look for Wolfgang and his cluster. The Secretary greets Milton.

Riley, Will, Wolfgang, and Rajan get in the back of Capheus's van. Nomi appears beside him to give him directions. He drives off.

Sun is the last one to leave. She catches the eye of a few BPO agent but tries to ignore their commanding her to stop.

Amanita asks if everyone's out. Nomi accounts for Kala, Lito, Hernando, and Daniela. As the three of them enter the metro, Kala wonders about Wolfgang. He visits her and tells her he's good. He tells her Rajan is with him. He promises they'll see ach other at the rendezvous. After a quick kiss, Kala catches up with Lito.

Will asks about Sun.

She's on her way to the metro, too. She starts running when the BPO agents are now clearly coming after her. She is surrounded at the metro entrance and is forced to knee. A man approaches the officers speaking Korean. One officer tells him to back off, but the man insists Sun is coming with him. The man then punches the officer, which Sun takes as an opportunity to fight herself a way out. After they have subdued all the officers, Sun finally saves that it's Mun who came to her rescue. He greets her. He had some vacation days saved up and he's never been to Paris, but he's heard people fall in love here all the time. She asks how he found her. He tells her he tracked her phone, which was his first felony since she's no longer wanted by the police. She wonders why he went through all this trouble. He's not good with words, but he can show her. He leans in and kisses her.

Nomi finally found her. Riley and Nomi observe Sun and Mun kissing. Nomi says she told Sun to throw the phone away. She knows they are easy to track, which means that Sun knew, too. They then return to focussing on Lila. Amanita informs them they are just leaving the 11th arrondissement.

Inside the car, Whispers requests an immediate meeting with The Chairman. He personally wants to lead the task force that will hunt those animals down. He also demands that his handcuffs be taken off, but Lila tells him to wait.

Capheus is closing in on the BPO cars.

The cars have to stop because a roadblock. Lila then brings out her gun and kills The Secretary and the driver as well as every BPO guard in the surrounding vehicles. The roadblock was set up by Lila's cluster. Two members from her cluster put Whispers in the trunk of their car. They all get in and drive off.

Soon after, Capheus arrives at the roadblock. The cluster wanders around the scene for a brief moment. They realize that Lila set them all up.

The Rendezvous

Most of the cluster and their loved ones are already at the rendezvous point, which is a house on the French countryside owned by Jean-Pierre, a friend of Rajan's. Kala is one of the few who has yet to arrive. Rajan is worried about her. Wolfgang thanks him for what he did for him. He'll never forget it. Rajan smiles and they toast.

Bug and Kala arrive. Kala sees the two men waiting for her. She's unsure what to do. Bug reminds her of her capability to be in two places at the same time, which means that there are no rules here. She gets out of the car and walks up to Rajan. She kisses him and tells him he's so much more than the man she thought she married. She hugs Rajan and then visits Wolfgang. They share a passionate kiss. Wolfgang picks her up, which doesn't go unnoticed by Rajan.

Everyone is now enjoying an extensive dinner. Rajan brings out champagne. They all get a glass and toast to Jean-Pierre. Wolfgang gets up to say something. He's lived much of his life with one friend, his one brother. He never knew what it was like to have people in your life who would fight for someone like him. He thanks them for that. Lito hugs him and tells him they all love him. They all embrace. Will wonders if any one of them would go back to the world they were used to. The sensates are shocked by a visit from Bodhi. All the sensates can see her. Bodhi can't explain everything, but before she begins, they have to accept The Mother's invitation. They are all confused. Riley wonders who the mother is.

The Lacuna

They all follow Bodhi to the remains of a church where an old woman is seated in the center. She's The Mother. She welcomes them to The Lacuna. Kala asks what that is. The Mother calls it a home. It exists between what is theirs or ours. The Sensates who live here curate a unique corpus of knowledge that has been passed down for centuries. They are in the world, but not of the world. Will wonders why she sent Bodhi to kill Whispers. The Mother expects Bodhi to be the mother of a future Lacuna. It's a worry as well as a source of hope that she retains a certain independence of mind. Bodhi says Whispers must be destroyed. The Mother reveals that Whispers is not working with sapiens. They know his true goal. He is using the drone assassin program to manipulate BPO. The Mother says she is a trinity of Mothers. She birthed a cluster. Only one of her eight remains. He has many names, but his original one is Milton Brandt. His murder of her other seven children changed her. She felt each murder. She tried to stop him but failed. She fled from her life, herself, and the world, until she came here. Capheus wonders why they waited until now to stop Whispers. The Mother says clustercide wreaks a terrible price. Whispers experienced the murders as both the murdered and the murdered. A dread of dying has poisoned his soul. It then dawns on the cluster that if Whispers could inhabit the zombies with his consciousness intact, and if he had enough of them, he could live forever. The Lacuna prizes its neutrality, but Bodhi argued that neutrality in the face of such evil is complicity. That's why the Lacuna decided to intervene. Will asks if they can help them find Whispers. The Mother says she'll always retain her connection to Whispers until death.

Travelling to Naples

Will, Riley, Lito, Hernando, Daniela, Sun, and Mun are on the train to Naples. Mun cuddles up to Sun, who is surprised he agreed to help them. Mun tells her she's going to have a hard time getting rid of him.

Bug is driving his van with Amanita and Nomi sitting beside him. He sings along to an Italian song, another language of love. Love has no nationality for Bug.

Capheus is driving Rajan, Kala, and Wolfgang in a convertible. Rajan thought the worst thing was to be subpoenaed for a corruption trial, but now he's heading to Naples to stop a nefarious organization. Things change so fast. Capheus likens it to driving on clouds.

Riley starts playing Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" on her iPod. Sun and Lito start bopping along to the beat. Riley hands out earphones to Mun, Dani, and Lito.

Nomi puts the song on speaker in the van.

Wolfgang has Capheus turn it up as well.

Everyone starts singing along and dancing. The cluster visits in the convertible as well as the train, where they celebrate and dance together.

The convertible arrives at a small parking lot at the Neapolitan coast. Felix is waiting there. Wolfgang excitedly greet him. Felix was really worried about Wolfgang this time. Wolfgang then introduces Felix to the others, including Kala/Plan India and Rajan. Wolfgang says it's complicated. Felix brought a present from Fuchs to exact revenge on the Neapolitan bitch: a rocket launcher.

The intercom announces that the train is about to arrive. Jonas appears and translates for Will. Will thinks Jonas is going to try and convince him to turn back. Jonas says he has to try. He recalls a talk they had about how the world is full of secrets. One way to survive is to become a secret yourself. Will asks what secret. Jonas remembers brief flashes of Angelica killing BPO staff, but he must keep the secret. Will tells Jonas they are not confident he'll help them end the fight after he did nothing while they were being tortured.

Will is then pulled into visiting Lila. She knows everyone underestimates him. Wolfgang also appears in her home. She can sense they are going to cause trouble. Wolfgang is going to enjoy killing her. Lila asks Will if he's any fun. He claims to be the life of the party, especially when Camorra queens help organizations to capture and torture people he cares about. Lila says BPO is like any government. You have to speak their language: force. She walks onto her terrace and informs Maitake that this cluster is not going away. He says they are too late. Lila tells Wolfgang and Will they are about to witness a turning point in the city. She has decided to build her sanctuary here.

She and Will visit Wolfgang in the streets of Napoli. Lila tells them memories and history live beside each other here. Wolfgang tells her she's a collaborator, not a revolutionary. Josh is about to attack, but Lila visits him and tells him to stay back.

Back on her terrace, Lila talks about how this city has survived armies and empires. An assistant brings her champagne and blocker. Lila tells the men that someone will survive this war and that is going to be her. She takes the blocker and then goes to enjoy the view.

Kala, Wolfgang, Capheus, Rajan, and Felix are enjoying pizza. Felix loves pizza. Rajan recalls his time in the hospital and the delicious food he was given. Felix says he was given terrible food and asks what landed Rajan in the hospital. Rajan wants to tell the story, but Kala stops him.

As the group exits the station, Dani can't believe they are actually in Naples.

The group is greeted by Diego. He hugs Will and Riley. As Diego asks who is human, Riley and Sun are visited by Puck. His hair resembles Sun's now. The Archipelago informed Puck and his group that they were coming. Riley asks him about Hoy. If Hoy is alive, he's on blockers. He then invites the two of them to visit him.

He's eating spaghetti vongole in a local restaurant. He gobbles the food. When he's done, he takes them to back of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the group gets into taxis. Puck settles in a taxi with Riley, Will, and Sun. Sun comments on the hair. Riley tells him it's creepy. He claims to have no idea what she's talking about.

Riley and Sun are visiting Puck and his group in their lair. They are a group that hunts collaborators and they have had their eyes on Lila for years. She has worked as a gun for hire in Europe and as a sniffer for BPO, but she has always remained close to her people here. Puck introduces them to Alphonse and Sutra, who are part of the group. Lila's cluster is one of the worst collaborators. They think she has smuggled the Cannibal into the Palugio rione. There are several palazzos from which the Palugio family runs their business, and they have no idea in which one they are keeping Whispers. Riley recognizes one of the buildings shown through Will's connection to Whispers and says it's that one.

The entire group has now gathered in the lair. Sutra says The Forcella won't be easy. The gate is off Via Becchino and guarded 24/7. Even the polizia is only allowed to enter by invitation. Without one, you're met with a Camorra baptism: a shower of bullets at point-blank range. Hernando suggests they'll need a Trojan horse.

Invasion of The Forcella

Everyone is on a tourist bus with Hernando talking about Virgil's poem De Aeneis. He wrote Amor Vincit Omnia, which translates to "Love conquers all things." Capheus then steers the bus to The Forcella's entrance. The guards try to stop him, but he slowly advances the bus to the building's courtyard.

In the tech van, Nomi says phase I is complete: the horse has entered the building.

The group gets off the bus and acts as enthusiastic tourists admiring the building, ignoring the guards objecting.

Will visits Nomi and says this is where they have to be careful. Nomi says they're watching.

One of the guards fires his gun to make the noisy group get back on the bus. They all raise their hands as they obey. Capheus wants to start the van, but the engine sputters.

Nomi announces phase II: Operation Gas and Oil.

Capheus gets back off the bus and goes to open the hood, claiming it's an oil problem. Kala goes to assist him for a moment and tells the guards they will try again. They get back on the bus, but this time, a lot of smokes emerges from under the hood. Capheus yells to get off the bus. They make it just in time before the bus explodes. They all duck for the explosion and then grab the guns from their backpacks and purses as they get back on their feet. They start killing the guards.

Lila is having her hair done on her terrace as she receives a call from Maitake. He's on a balcony of The Forcella overlooking the courtyard. He tells Lila that they're here. She tells him to keep them away from Milton. She's on her way.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniela run back to the street while dodging bullets.

It's time for phase III: extraction. Bug gets behind the wheel of the van.

While two guards follow the Mexican trio, Kala and Rajan enter the building through the door the guards just come out of.

While the van is penetrated with bullets, the trio gets in and Bug quickly drives off. While Sutra and Puck disarm the guards, Amanita and Nomi remind each other to just keep thinking about the Eiffel Tower.

Sun and Mun climb on top of a parked van to enter the building via a balcony.

Felix, Wolfgang, Capheus, Diego, Riley, and Will take another entrance. After Wolfgang shoots emerging guards, the group splits in two to take opposing entrances.

Sun and Mun overpower gun-wielding guards on a terrace. Once they're done, Mun tells Sun he could do this every day with her. She laughs.

Kala and Rajan are on a staircase. Nomi visits and informs them it leads to the top floor. Rajan is confused. Kala explains they are all covering different sections of the building since they don't know where they are holding Whispers. They are surprised by a guard, whom Kala overpowers and shoots channeling Wolfgang. She takes the guard's gun and uses it to shoot another approaching one in cold blood. Rajan can't believe that his wife is a killer. She apologizes, but he grabs what he believes to be a gun and asks her to teach him. Wolfgang says it's actually Taser and throws it away. As they climb another flight of stairs, Wolfgang gives him instructions about guns.

Diego, Will, and Riley enter a room. There are signs that guards are nearby.

Wolfgang, Felix, and Capheus are still shooting guards outside the building.

Sun and Mun enter the kitchen. He shoots everyone present, but they hear more people approaching.

Will, Diego, and Riley are cautiously walking around the storage area of the building.

Wolfgang, Felix, and Capheus are confronted with more guards, including Maitake. Wolfgang shoots some of them, but Maitake and some others take cover.

Diego is shot, but he and Will manage to kill all the guards present. He tells Will he should be in Pensacola.

Felix is also shot by Maitake and his group, who are closing in on Wolfgang's little group. Wolfgang picks up Felix and follows Capheus through a door to take cover inside. Wolfgang asks Capheus to take Felix to Bug and advances on his own. Felix hates that he's always the one who gets shot.

Sun and Mun are ambushed by two members of Lila's cluster, including Josh. The Koreans dodge their bullets and manage to overpower them in hand-to-hand combat, but the strain has caused Mun's stitched up wound from Joong-Ki's bullet to be torn open again.

Lila and her crew have arrived at The Forcella.

Nomi appears to Will and Riley and tells them about her arrival. Will says they need to clear this floor. Nomi states that Whispers must be upstairs since they haven't found him.

Wolfgang is climbing a dark staircase.

Lila walks by all the dead guards. Maitake tells her that Whispers is secure.

Lila arrives on the top floor. Kala and Rajan are hiding in a small corridor located at the center of the top floor. She tells him to go around and follows Lila's movements.

A guard notices Wolfgang coming upstairs.

Lila finally arrives at Whispers' cell. Kala is watching them. Lila tells him it's time to go. Wolfgang's shooting the guard startles her, preventing her from acting now. However, she tries to cut off the group by running down the corridor again. She waits for everyone to have passed except Lila and then comes out of hiding to shoot her, but Lila is faster and shoots her instead.

The pain of the gunshot echoes through the cluster. Kala is bleeding from her abdomen. She drops her gun and makes her way to one of the larger rooms, during which the cluster takes her place one by one. She finally collapses.

Wolfgang finally arrives on the top floor and makes his way to her. He picks her up and lets her head rest in his lap, but she does not respond. He breaks down in tears and tells her he loves her. He kisses her face and holds her while the rest of the cluster appears around them, kneeling as they take in the loss. Rajan then returns and breaks down as well upon seeing what happened. Wolfgang is then surprised by a visit from Kala. She asks if they aren't going to do something to prevent her from dying in their arms. They need to act quickly. She instructs them to stop the bleeding. Wolfgang takes off his jacket and hands it to Rajan so he can press it on her wound. She doesn't seem to have ruptured any major artery, but she has lost blood. The two men start CPR to keep her blood moving. Rajan runs off while Kala deteriorates. Now alone with her, Wolfgang tells Kala that she cannot give up either. Rajan returns with the Taser, which they use to shock her heart. The shock wakes her up. Wolfgang kisses her. She came to close to never kissing his lips again. Her husband then kisses her as well. She tells him he's a genius. They pick her up to take her to the hospital, but Kala wants them to get Lila. Capheus says Lila is gone. Will adds they don't know where she's meeting with the Chairman, but Nomi has a suggestion. Someone just cleared a BPO helicopter to land at a heliport.

Riley tells Will that she can take care of Diego. She tells him to go.

The chase and Jonas's revelation

While the helicopter approaches the helipad, Will runs out The Forcella by himself, although surrounded by his visiting cluster. He gets into a car and drives off channeling Capheus.

The hacker team informs him the helicopter is on approach.

Lila, Maitake, Whispers, and guards are waiting for the helicopter on the helipad.

Bug finds there's major military support.

As Will is speeding to the heliport, Jonas appears in the passenger seat, though he swears it's unintentional. He promises it's the last time, revealing a gun shot wound in his abdomen.

Will visits him as he's pushing a cart of explosives down a hallway in the BPO facility. He's chased by guards, but manages to block them out by closing and locking a large metal door. He tells Will he's keeping his word.

Flashbacks show Angelica destroying BPO work, including her supporting Raoul in blowing up himself and the cabin. She's also shown pleading to Jonas to promise him. He nods.

Jonas is in the large room where all the zombies are kept in their beds. He tells Will they are at the end. No more secrets and lies. He tells Will that after Raoul was killed, they learned that Whispers was going to meet with The Chairman to demonstrate the viability of the drone program.

Flashbacks show The Chairman arriving and being greeted by Croome.

Jonas says Angelica had a plan. She smuggled two of their cluster into the facility. Secrecy was essential, but the pressure got to Harry once was actually in the facility.

Flashbacks show him telling Angelica that this is not how they planned it. He's not her. She knows that. As he goes to warn the BPO guards, Jeanne, the other secret ally, appears and kills him as well as the guards per Angelica's intentions. She then takes the cart with explosives and a machine gun and makes her way to the stairs, while Angelica and Whispers are working on the demonstration at the floor below. Jeanne is forced to kill a guard who discovered the bodies of the people she just murdered, which alarms everyone on the floor below. Angelica/Jeanne makes her way down the stairs and kills everyone in sight while guards rally around The Chairman. Jeanne is eventually shot, but the timer on her self-made bomb runs out and explodes, destroying the facility.

Will is surprised to hear that it was Angelica who wanted to kill The Chairman.

On the helipad, Lila smiles as The Chairman gets out of the helicopter.

While the BPO guards are working to destroy the metal door, Jonas tells Will about the secret he could not talk about: the psycranium, the device used to control the zombies. Angelica tuned it to the psychic ligature of Whispers' brain. He believed he was the only one who could control the drones, but he was wrong. Jonas takes the prototype Angelica made out of a briefcase. They secretly kept it as insurance. Angelica appears and assists him in putting it on his head.

The Chairman tells Lila he respects what she has done, but he will destroy her if she betrays him again. He has Habib inject her and Whispers with a blocker. As he's injected, Whispers appears to remember him from the small demonstration he did for Croome. The Chairman tells Lila she can have her rione if she gives him Brandt. She asks for the one thing that will ensure her his continuing cooperation: his identity. As they agreed, he takes off his mask, revealing a horribly burned face. He says her kind did this to him. Mid-sentence, he is shot in the head by Habib. Lila retaliates by shooting him.

The connection is disrupted. Jonas removes the device from his head. Will asks what happened, but Jonas ignores his question. Angelica appears to Jonas. He did it. As the door is busted open. "I will always...," he says. "Be here," Angelica completes his sentence, while he takes the trigger. With flashbacks of their relationship flashing before his eyes, he says goodbye to Will. As he and Angelica kiss for one final time, he activates the trigger, resulting in a massive explosion that destroys the entire zombie project.

The final showdown

Will swears as he arrives at the heliport.

The helicopter is about to take off, but Nomi scrambles the air traffic clearance to buy Will a minute. Will says that is all they need.

He drives past the guards, but ends up crashing his car into oil barrels. The crash draws Lila's attention. Will uses a grenade to take out several guards, and then channels Wolfgang to take out others by gunfire.

Up on the helipad, Lila tells Milton it's time to go. She, Milton, and Maitake board the helicopter.

While Sun and Wolfgang finish off the last guard, the helicopter takes off. Capheus thinks they are getting away, but Wolfgang says they aren't. He fetches the rocket launcher from the trunk and swiftly shoots the helicopter out of the sky. The cluster gathers around Will and they watch the helicopter fragments fall into the Tyrrhenian Sea. It starts to dawn on them that it's all finally over.

The Eiffel Tower wedding

Everyone has gathered on the Eiffel Tower. Riley is delighted to spot Hoy among the crowd. She interrupts his conversation with River to hug him. Hoy tells her that Kirsty laid waste to all the BPO platoons. He can barely believe it himself.

Daniela asks Kala about her gunshot wound. She's feeling much better thanks to their Italian doctor. Rajan says he's like family. In a flashback, the doctor enters her hospital room. He jokes that this time, they did not dodge the bullet. He laughs. Wolfgang is confused.

Felix, Wolfgang, and Sun are smoking. Felix asks if Wolfgang has talked to Rajan about the future. Wolfgang has not. Sun wonders if it'll work out. Wolfgang doesn't know.

Shiro, Zakia, Jela, and Capheus' political team arrive as well. Jela can't believe it. Capheus hugs all of them.

Diego asks Mun about the hearing. Mun says the court exonerated Sun of all charges. They would have been back here sooner, but Sun wanted to introduce him to her family. Diego says that's serious and asks how it went. Flashbacks show the two of them cuddling with her dog. Mun says it went pretty good.

Next arriving are Nomi's parents, sister, and brother-in-law. Janet is not thrilled to see that Nomi has turned what should be a simple civil service into a spectacle. Tom thinks it's awesome.

Capheus points at River and tells his family and friends that she is a special minister in the French government who made this all happen. Capheus then takes them to introduce them to Sun, the spirit of Jean-Claude.

Riley goes to introduce Will to her father and Sven. They hug. Gunnar knows what he did for Riley and he'll never be able to thank Will enough. Will says the day he met Riley was the best day of his life.

Amanita's parents meet Nomi's family. Grace says they all love Nomi so much. They must be proud of her. Lawrence says they are since Janet can't bring herself to say it. One of Amanita's dads says they were just talking about how their daughters met. Nomi's parents don't know the story. Grace says Amanita used to go through girlfriends like people binge watch TV shows. Nomi walked into City Lights to look for a book. She found Amanita, who was shelving returns, at the exact time that Amanita was holding that particular book.

The wedding ceremony has started. Gunnar plays Beethoven's Piano Concert No. 5 while Grace walks her daughter down the aisle, followed by the three dads. She appears nervous as she takes her place in front of River. Bug walks Nomi down the aisle. He tells her she looks beautiful. He thanks her for being his family. She also thanks him for being hers. As she takes her place, Amanita tells her she looks amazing. Nomi reciprocates.

River then starts the ceremony. The recent event have led her to realize that things are never just one thing. How people endow what is familiar with new, ever-evolving meaning, and by doing so release us from the expected into something unforeseeable. It is in this unfamiliar realm that we find new possibilities and hope. This Eiffel Tower was conceived in gratitude for the French Revolution. It has fulfilled many different functions, including an aspiration for a better and brighter future. Similarly plural in meaning is a wedding. It is a celebration which can also be understood as a union of two families. In this case, the union takes on an even deeper meaning. For her, this wedding is proof that for all the differences between us and all the forces that try to divide us, they will never exceed the power to unite us. All the guests hold hands.

Amanita tells Nomi that we live in a world that distrusts feelings. Over and over, we are reminded that reason is more important, that feelings are childish and dangerous. We are taught to ignore, control, or deny them. We barely understand feelings, but Amanita knows that feelings matter, whether they are small or huge. If you're lucky, a feeling comes along that will change everything. She remembers such a feeling from when Nomi walked into her bookstore. She has the same feeling now, that this is home. This is her future. She trusts that feeling more than she has ever trusted anything in her life. Bug brings her the ring, which she puts on Nomi's finger.

Nomi tells Amanita that she's afraid of things that pretend to be permanent, because nothing is. Her life, especially the last two years, is a testament to the fact that things and people change. But with Amanita, that does not scare her. It actually makes her happy and excited, because she can't think of a better life than watching Amanita change and evolve. She wants to see everything Amanita becomes. She may not be a tragically detached French girl, but she wants to live in a Paris apartment and bring her tea as she writes her novel. When they are bold old ladies, she will still remember this moment and wear this ring. Inside her arms is the only place that she has ever felt like she was home. Bug brings her the second ring, which she puts on Amanita's finger.

River pronounces them wife and wife. The crowd cheers and applauds as they kiss. Their kiss is celebrated with fireworks from the Champs de Mars, which River tells them is a gift from Paris and the new BPO in honor of the new accord. The newlyweds and their guests watch the spectacular fireworks in awe. Rajan and Wolfgang start jumping up and down together in excitement. Daniela, Lito, and Hernando kiss each other.

Once the fireworks are done, all the couples slowly start dancing together to Nothing Matters When We're Dancing. A French woman tells Bug she always cries at wedding. He tells her does, too, and hands her his handkerchief. They then start dancing together.

The rhythm changes to a dance beat. With everyone happily dancing around her table, a seated Janet is offered a brownie by the Purple and Green Fairies. She accepts and takes a bite. They tell her she will never be the same again.

Rajan and Wolfgang are dancing together in the crowd. At a table, Will asks Kala if she's talked to either of them. She hasn't. He asks if she knows what she wants. She looks at the two happy men dancing together and shakes her head.

In the dancing crowd, Janet feeds her husband another brownie. Grace also feeds one of the dads a brownie, though they know what kind of brownies they are. Kala has joined Wolfgang and Rajan on the dance floor.

While she's dancing with her sister, Nomi is approached by her mother, who spontaneously uses her real name. She keeps repeating Nomi. She didn't know what she was thinking. Nomi is a beautiful name. She kisses her daughter on both cheeks and does the same to Amanita. She turns to her husband and wonders why they didn't come to Paris sooner. He doesn't know. While the two of them disappear into the crowd, Amanita wonders what happened. Nomi says she has no idea as the fairies dance past them.

The cluster and their loved ones have formed a small circle in the crowd. As they dance, a smiling Angelica appears to her children and then disappears.

Kala and Rajan have news for Nomi and Amanita. They want to pay for their honeymoon, wherever they wanna go. The couple says there's actually only one place they wanna go.

The final orgy

The couples all retreat to Kala and Rajan's apartment. They all have a drink and proceed to undress. Dani even joins Lito and Hernando. Kala and Rajan are surprised to find a half-naked Wolfgang waiting for them on the bed. He invites the two of them to join him on the bed. Kala looks longingly at Rajan, who concedes. They get together and Wolfgang tears open his shirt. Nomi brings out the familiar rainbow dildo. All the couples and throuples get down on the bed. They engage in passionate, intimate sex. Kala watches as Rajan and Wolfgang kiss for the first time.

The shared experience then pulls everyone into one massive orgy, with naked bodies filling the room, while flashbacks chronicle the romantic histories of every couple and throuple. Finally, Rajan sits up on the bed to catch his breath. He didn't think such things were possible. Kala hushes him and she and Wolfgang together pull him back into the mass of bodies. As the orgy continues, the used dildo lies on the corner of the bed.

For our fans



Guest Starring[]


  • Ned Clarke as Tom
  • Paul Ogola as Jela
  • Chichi Seii as Shiro
  • Peter King Mwania as Silas Kabaka
  • Abdu Simba as Koman Nyagah
  • Nini Wacera as Justice Abdu
  • Rhonnie Washington as Dad #1
  • Michael Willis as Dad #2
  • L. Trey Wilson as Dad #3
  • D'Lo Srijaerajah as Disney
  • Mahasin Munir as Lola
  • Marga Gomez as Lucerne
  • Tino Rodriguez as Green Fairy
  • Virgo Paraiso as Purple Fairy
  • Eyþór Gunnarsson as Sven
  • Katharina Gapski as Wedding Guest
  • Antonio Giancarlo Zavatteri as Doctor Salvo
  • Gennaro Iaccarino as Jacopo
  • Gennaro Silvestro as Alessio
  • Julie Brown as News Reporter
  • Emma McNairy as Euro Talent Spotlight Singer
  • Bruno Montani as French Cop
  • Eskindir Tesfay as Xiao
  • Marc David as BPO Police #1
  • Vincent Bouillon as BPO Police #2
  • Daren Nop as BPO Agent
  • Oliver Juhrs as BPO Guard
  • Rainer Engel as River's Bodyguard

Sensate Connections[]


Notes and Trivia[]


Sense8 The Series Finale Official Trailer HD Netflix


Sense8 Finale Special First Look Netflix

  • The title is Latin for "love conquers all." and originates from a poem written by Virgil that Hernando mentions while giving the tour in Naples.
  • The following locations appear in the episode:
  • The episode runs for 151 minutes and 38 seconds.
  • The episode ends with a "For our fans" tribute consisting of a clipshow of behind-the-scenes footage with cast and crew of both seasons.
  • Lana Wachowski makes a cameo appearance at Nomi and Amanita's wedding, much like her cameo in the Christmas special.
  • Alfonso Herrera had a limited availability during the production of the special, resulting in the use of a body double or deliberately not including Hernando in the frame. The body double can be noticed from time to time throughout the episode.
  • J. Michael Straczynski did not partake in writing the special due to other writing obligations, but he serves as an executive producer.
  • This is the first episode where all members from the August 8 Cluster meet each other in real life, since Wolfgang was missing in You Want a War?; they are together for the first time at the rendezvous point in Paris.


  • The read-through of this episode took place in Berlin on October 1, 2017. While the script was sent to the actors before the read-through, the pages for the final moments of the episode were put in an envelope that they were only allowed to open at the actual read-through to ensure that everyone experienced them together.
  • Filming also began in Berlin a few days later.
  • On October 12, 2017, Brian J. Smith revealed in an Instagram live video that they were leaving Berlin and flying to Brussels. They filmed in an abbey near Brussels and moved to Paris that evening.
  • On October 25, 2017, production started in Naples, Italy.
  • Following filming in Naples, production moved back to Berlin for the final part of filming.
  • Filming wrapped on November 12, 2017.
  • Some of the cast had ADR sessions near the end of February 2018.
  • The episode only takes place in European cities situated relatively close to each other, as the tight schedule didn't allow the cast and crew to travel all around the world.
  • Overall, the entire episode was filmed on 27 days.[1]
  • The producers considered splitting the finale into two parts, but ultimately decided against it since they felt the finale had to feel self-contained.[1]
  • Grant Hill said the entire wedding sequence on the Eiffel Tower was shot in about 2 hours since the Eiffel Tower had to be closed off for filming, leaving them with a limited time to do so.[1] However, Jamie Clayton later mentioned in an interview that they shot for an entire night and that they shot the wedding in reverse. Given that the Eiffel Tower is closed during nighttime, this likely means that Grant was talking about the daylight scenes that took place before the actual wedding and the party.
  • The final orgy scene was filmed in about 45 minutes. While most of the main actors were there to film, some also used body doubles.[1]


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Memorable Quotes[]

Whispers: I never forget a face.
Daniela: I see you, too. And I know your kind. Men that mistake cruelty for strength. Living your petty little lives, so limited. We both know that if I were to pull this trigger, not a single person would shed a tear. The smallness of your kind of life is nothing to fear, only to pity.

Felix: And you must be India plan.
Kala: I'm Kala. It's nice to finally meet.
Rajan: And I'm Rajan.
Kala: My husband.
Wolfgang: It's complicated.

Amanita: We live in a world that distrusts feelings. Over and over, we are reminded that feelings are not as important as reason. That feelings are childish, irresponsible, dangerous. We are taught to ignore them, control or deny them. We barely understand what they are, where they come from, or how they seem to understand us better than we understand ourselves. But I know that feelings matter. Sometimes, they're little, like when I smell a cinnamon toast and I miss my grandma. And sometimes, they are huge. Like when I found out my girlfriend shares her thoughts with seven other people around the world. However, if you're lucky, I mean really lucky, a feeling comes along that will change everything. I remember such a feeling and how it walloped me years ago when this girl walked into my bookstore. It is the same feeling that I have right now. The feeling that this is home. My love. My wife. This is my future. And I trust this feeling more than I have trusted anything in my life.
Nomi: Amanita, I wrote this thing like a hundred times and I tore them all up because I have to admit I don't like vows. I'm afraid of things pretending to be permanent because nothing is permanent. My life, especially these past two years, is a testament to the fact that things change. People change. But with you, that doesn't scare me. It actually makes me happy. It makes me excited. Because I can think of no better life than watching Amanita Caplan change. Watching her evolve and grow. I wanna see everything that you become. I wanna know what your hair looks like in a year and decades from now. I may not be a tragically detached French girl, but I wanna live in an attic apartment in Paris and bring you tea as you write your novel. And when we're both wrinkled, old ladies with cellulite covering my ass, bunions all over your feet, both of hogging the blankets, I know I will still remember this moment. I will still be wearing this ring. Because inside your arms is the only place I've ever felt like I was home.
River: Well, then by the power invested in me, I pronounce you wife and wife.

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