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All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet is the eighth episode of the second season and the 20th overall episode of Sense8.


A familiar face comes back from the dead, a depressed Lito turns to Sun for comfort, and Lila lures Wolfgang into a trap.



The cluster is surprised that Jonas is alive, though he argues he only is alive physically. Nomi says they felt him die. He says he only remembers the sound of the bone saw. Nomi warns her cluster that he may be a zombie, which Jonas believes was Whispers' intention. No cluster ever came this close to him. Will wonders who stopped the surgery then. Jonas says the only person with more power inside BPO than Whispers. Riley figures he's talking about The Chairman.

Will and Nomi visit Jonas in a luxury apartment. He acknowledges it's a deal with the Devil. Nomi admits she's confused. Jonas says he's doing whatever he can to survive. He takes a blocker.

The cluster is now at Nomi and Amanita's place. Amanita is surprised to hear about Jonas. The cluster pieces together that while The Chairman and Whispers worked together to take out Croome, The Chairman doesn't trust Whispers and needs Jonas instead for the Zombie Project, which he uses to eliminate his political opposition. What Whispers gets out of it is still a mystery, but it's safe to assume that Whispers' separate agenda is the foundation of The Chairman's mistrust. The Chairman saved Jonas because he knew Jonas is connected to Whispers. Wolfgang adds The Chairman needs a watchdog.

Jonas tells Nomi and Will that ironically, his life is tied to Whispers'.

A helicopter arrives at Whispers' mansion. Jonas apologizes for stalling. Will wants to grab this last chance, but Wolfgang stops him as armed guards guide Whispers and his family from the front door to the helicopter. The cluster can only watch as the helicopter takes off. Wolfgang then goes to enter the mansion so they can look for mistakes Whispers made, followed by Will and Sun.

Will and Wolfgang

Will is searching the mansion when Wolfgang appears. Will tells him Jonas is no longer present since the blockers kicked in. They open a closet and find a safe, which Wolfgang easily opens. Inside, they find several passports and confidential files, which Will takes with him.


Capheus is told by his team that Mandiba made a crucial mistake underestimating him and the power of social media. They did some preliminary polls and Capheus is gaining on him. Mandiba has started to spend money to recover his reputation. He has spread fake news reports about Mandela supporting him and people are buying it. Mandiba doesn't care that it's illegal, but it does show that he's afraid of Capheus. Jela says all evildoers are. Mandiba also created ads in which people are describing Capheus as a thug, an extortionist, violent, and careless. They claim he'll make everyone pay safety taxes. Unfortunately, politics is war, which is why Capheus' team feels it's time for additional safety precautions. Capheus is introduced to Fred Kimafi, the new security advisor. Jela thinks it's unnecessary. Capheus' team explains it's necessary because if anything happens to Capheus, nobody will ever dare to stand up to Mandiba again.


Hernando and Daniela greet a depressed Lito, who fetches ice cream from the fridges. Daniela reminds him rejection is part of the job. Lito says he has no job because he has no agent. Dani says his agent will soon realize dropping him was a mistake, but Lito doesn't see it that way. It's a reality that they have all accepted, except for Hernando and Dani. There are zero employed out gay action stars. From hero to zero. They should put that on his tombstone. Hernando sighs and takes a sip of his drink.

Sun and Lito

At night in Seoul, Sun curiously walks up to Lito, who's lying on the street in his onesie. She asks what he's doing. He's practicing for his future as a homeless and unemployed failure. She rolls her eyes at his drama and walks off. He begs her to wait, but she doesn't respond.

She sighs as she finds him waiting for her in the hotel lobby. He finds the hotel a bit odd and she explains it's one of the so-called love motels. She's here because the guests' privacy is guaranteed. She pays for her room and takes the key. She continues to her room, ignoring Lito's pleas.

She enters her room and is immediately accompanied by Lito, who starts sobbing and jumps onto the bed. She finally asks why he's here. He rambles on about how he doesn't know what he's doing. She tells him to stop crying because it's not that bad. He disagrees. He lost everything: his manager, his agent, and all his social media followers. She yells to shut up. She reminds him he has a man who loves him, a friend who is willing to give up her life for him, and a mother who accepts him. Meanwhile, her parents are dead, her brother will kill her if she doesn't kill him first. She should be the one lying down and crying, but she'll never do that. He thinks that's why he's here. He holds his hand out to pull Sun in. She lies down against his legs. He hands her a pillow, takes another for himself, and continues to weep.

Sun continues to lie there by herself.

Kala and Will

As Kala is working, Will is overlooking his research into Whispers and BPO before going back to bed. As they are both quite restless and unfocused, Kala appears to Will and asks for his advice. She's keenly aware her husband hasn't been completely forthcoming about his business practices, but she hasn't been totally honest either. As she goes to check Will's vitals as they continue to visit one another, she confesses she now thinks it's better if she came forward about her being another species. She believes Rajan is a good man, though she's less certain of this as she once was. A separate issue, she wants to know if Will sensed something was untrustworthy about Lila. She's very sure of it. She tests Will's saliva with a cotton swab. While she's allowed herself to be paralyzed by doubt in the past, she's now considering a more proactive approach, like him or Sun. That entails telling Rajan everything about what's going on with her and then asking him to confess whatever he's up to. She's unsure if this is a good approach, but she also doubts a marriage can survive secret-keeping. Now that she's finally done rambling, Will asks if she wants to tell Rajan so he'll tell her everything or because she's in love with someone else. She deflects and tells him his thiamine is low while his lack of irons is affecting his adrenals, which is why he's craving drugs. She tells him drugs won't help him to find Whispers. He needs to eat properly, take his medicine, and focus. She gives him an injection and tells him he'll be fine. She goes to leave, but he stops her and tells her she'll be fine, too.


As they strolling through the city, Jela and Capheus stumble upon a spray-painted portrait of Capheus. Jela hopes he won't forget about his friends when he gets elected. Both are impressed.

Riley, Will, and Wolfgang

Riley and Diego arrive at the Chicago Police Station. Will and Riley change bodies for a moment. Will then appears to Riley and tells her he's not so sure anymore. Diego looks on as Riley appears to be talking to herself, reminding Will he told them they need to find The Assistant and that this was the best place to start. Diego asks Officer Strange if he's coming. They enter the station.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang and Felix are sitting at the bar in the empty club as Felix starts taunting the bartender. Felix says they need to get out of here. This isn't who they are.

Riley and Will follow Diego, who introduces Riley as a friend who's looking for a missing person to his colleague. Will points Riley to his old desk, which is now occupied by Officer Boyd. They carry on.

Felix asks Wolfgang what they're doing here. He wants to go back to the shop, making keys and saving damsels. He wants to go tell Fuchs off, but Wolfgang says no. He has to take care of something first. He leaves the club.

Diego announces they are doing this by the rules, but Will points out that it's against the rules to have Riley in here. Diego figures from Riley's smile that he said something like that. Riley asks Diego why The Assistant would be listed as a missing person. Will and Diego explain she was scared and went through a lot of trouble to meet with Riley, which means whoever's after Riley is also after her. Will says Diego's a good cop. Will says they'll also come after everybody who helps them. Diego sees Riley's face and asks what Will said, to which Riley replies he's worried about him. Diego thanks the ghost cop, but states he can take care of himself.

Kala, Wolfgang and Lito

Kala appears to be snuggling up to a pillow while she's actually resting in Wolfgang's arms and kissing him. Rajan coming home disrupts her daydream. She's shocked to see he's wounded. He claims it's nothing. As she's all worried over him, Lito is enjoying the chaos of the moment as he sits on their couch with popcorn. Kala scolds the bodyguard, but Rajan claims he was just clumsy. Rajan leaves to go clean up. Lito points out he was lying, but that's okay, since life is too hard without lies. He offers Kala some popcorn, but she declines.


Hernando asks Lito what lies he was just talking about. Lito is watching a movie and claims he was talking about the lies in the movies. Hernando notices it's From Fear to Eternity and sighs. Dani joins them on the couch. Hernando explains it's Stella's favorite film. Lito adds she and his aunts would watch it to death and didn't care about anything else going on as they were watching it, which a flashback shows. The scene where Burt Lancaster kisses the woman in the beach is on, and Lito says they all wanted to be her. Hernando asks if he wanted Burt to kiss and drip on him, too. Lito says maybe. Hernando loves the scene where the woman confesses her secret, forcing Burt to his knees. Lito rolls his eyes at the explanation of empathy overwhelming Burt's male jealousy. Dani can't see that. Lito asks them not to talk about the movie and just watch instead. Quietly, Hernando tells Dani Lito watches this when he's depressed. Hernando thinks that is because this movie made Lito aware of the power of acting, as he witnessed the effect Burt had on his mother and aunts. At the same time, he probably began to realize he was different than men like Burt Lancaster. That created some complex insecurities: wanting to do and be like the heteronormative icon, knowing it wasn't possible. Dani says he's going to do more and uses the pictures from the Saõ Paulo parade as an example. They are blowing up. Hernando knows that, but Lito can't see it right now. He's grieving because he thinks his career is over. Lito gets up and tells Hernando he's wrong. He's not grieving a career, he's grieving his dream. He takes the DVD and throws it out the window. He then walks off.


Capheus and Jela are still walking as Jela recalls Capheus being cheered on by a crowd. They then come across another giant portrait of him on a bridge. Jela is amazed while Capheus appears to be overwhelmed.

Sun, Nomi, and Lito

Sun is woken up by Nomi, who apologizes for waking her. She has news about the Bak Summer Gala. While Joong-Ki was advised to cancel it, there's so much money coming in from London, Tokyo, and Abu Dhabi, and Joong-Ki sent a memo to tell everyone he'll be there. Sun visits Nomi in her apartment, where Amanita is working, and Lito soon joins them. Sun says there will be a lot of security. Nomi tells Amanita that Sun and Lito are here, though she has no clue why Lito is here. She admits she thinks he's depressed. Ignoring him, Sun asks how she'll get in if they are expecting her. Nomi says the police is so focused on the front door that they are not checking the staff. They literally found a back door. They created a fake ID for her, but the problem is she has to know how to tend bar. Sun says she doesn't know how. They are then surprised by the sound of a cocktail shaker and see Lito flair bartending in the kitchen. He tells them he trained with the best bartenders in Mexico for a movie. As Sun and Nomi smile at the prospect of their plan falling into place, Lito starts sobbing again.


Fuchs joins Wolfgang in a steam room and asks for his advice. He knows that Wolfgang is aware how delicate the situation is. It's about Lila and the way she talks about him. He asks if Lila ever talks about him. Wolfgang says not really. Fuchs says he cares for Lila a great deal and goes to talk about thinking about marrying her as Lila appears to Wolfgang, commenting she loves listening to men trying to express their feelings. Fuchs wonders if you can ever really know someone. He admits he has friends at the NSA and has paid them to monitor certain cell lines. He received transcripts of a call that has led him to believe Lila is going to betray him. Lila herself pretends to feel for him. Wolfgang inquires about the call. Fuchs says it came from Khailal, one of his competitors, negotiating a contract on his life. Since Wolfgang knows this city and the criminal world, he wants Wolfgang to provide information. Lila tells Wolfgang he was right about the difference between them: she wants to live freely without a leash around her neck. A staff member brings Fuchs his phone. It's Lila calling him. She pretends to be panicky. She tells Fuchs that she received a call from Khailal, who's planning on making a move on him. She played along with him to find out who's driving him, and she believes Wolfgang is behind it. She knows he's with Wolfgang now and begs him to come home since she doesn't know what to do without him. He calms her down and hangs up. He tells Wolfgang they'll continue this conversation later and leaves. Once Fuchs is gone, Lila puts her head on Wolfgang's shoulder and tells him this is her way of telling him she has a crush on him. Instead of just wishing she was dating him instead of Fuchs, she has decided to do something about it.


Capheus is sleeping on his couch as someone enters his home. He's woken up and sees a gun pointed at him. It's Githu, who urges him to stay quiet.

The two leave the house with Capheus held at gunpoint. After walking away for a bit, Githu puts the gun away and asks if his pretty girl turned him to politics or if he's Silas' bitch now. Capheus asks why he cares. Githu figured Capheus would never get into something as stupid as politics. Capheus says he wants to change things. Githu says people like what they are used to, but Capheus says people want things to get better. Githu warns him that certain people are hearing the noise he's making, so he and his lady should be careful. Githu says his boss doesn't do warnings, and he could get killed just for talking to Capheus. Capheus asks why he's doing this, then. Githu admits he still likes him. After what Capheus did to him, he wanted to kill him, but then he heard everyone talking about them, the new Rumble in the Jungle. Together, they are legendary. Capheus suggests Githu come work for him, but Githu says Bossman pays better. However, if Capheus survives, he has his vote.


Will takes Whispers' place as his wife complains about being in hiding for an indefinite period of time. Whispers says it'll take what it takes. He's trying to protect his family from dangerous people. Chelsea complains that she wants to go home. Whispers orders his wife to take her out of here since he has work to do. As she goes to do so, Elizabeth yells at Whispers that she sometimes doesn't know who he is. As she walks off, Will sees her as Riley.

Will wakes up in bed and plucks Whispers' picture off the pin-up board. He comments Whispers is just as trapped as they are.


Wolfgang is boxing as he receives a call. As he's hesitating to answer, Lila appears and tells him it's Sebastian. He's worried about their relationship so Lila said she'd talk to him. She strokes his body and licks the sweat off her finger. He then agrees to meet and continues his workout.


Kala wakes in bed to find Rajan missing. She climbs out of bed and wraps herself in a sheet as she walks downstairs. She overhears her husband in a heated conversation with someone. He appears aggressive and yells he's done. When he slams the phone, Rajan sees Kala at the base of the stairs and greets her with a brief smile. She asks him who he was speaking to. He lies it was just an American client, nothing serious. She comments it didn't sound like it. Rajan tells Kala to go back to bed. He still has things to do but he'll join her soon. She wanders back upstairs.


As Wolfgang walks to the restaurant to meet with Lila, he visits Kala as she arrives back in her bedroom. She visits him in the Berlin streets and asks if he's alright. He doesn't reply.

Nomi is dressed up for Teagan's rehearsal dinner. She says she hates heels, but Amanita knows she's just anxious because Teagan asked her to do a toast. The idea of talking in front of her parents has Nomi batten down the hatches. Nomi admits she's right and says her cluster would never get what's going on with her now. They hug it out as Nomi sees Wolfgang walk by. Worried, she tells Amanita about the visit, both curious to know what is wrong.

Wolfgang then briefly visits Sun and Riley, but ignores Riley's worried glance. He then appears to Capheus but also ignores his greeting. After briefly appearing to Lito, Wolfgang paces around behind Will. Will asks what's going on, but all Wolfgang says is he'll handle it.

As he approaches the restaurant, his cluster members walk with him as he loads his gun and tucks it away.

The cluster, minus Wolfgang, appears at Nomi's place. Will says Wolfgang is in trouble. He thinks the meeting with Lila is a trap.

As Wolfgang is led to the table where Lila is waiting for him, Sun and Will observe the room. Surrounded by his cluster, Wolfgang sits down.

At the meeting, Kala says she knew this woman was trouble. She wonders why he agreed to this meeting. Lito figures he thought he didn't have a choice. Sun adds Lila wanted this fight. Kala wonders why Wolfgang didn't ask for help. The others point out that is not something Wolfgang does.

Lila talks about her wine, Greco di Tufo, which comes from the same place as her. Greco has been around for 2,000 years, having outlived other grapes. There will still be Greco when the world ends. Wolfgang orders a beer.

Capheus wonders if Lila would really attack Wolfgang in public. Sun would. Will says there could be several killers in there, and they need to ID them. Nomi rushes to her laptop, but klutzy on heels as she is, she falls down, disrupting the connection to her cluster.

At the restaurant, Lila says she can see Wolfgang is trying to figure out if this is a trap. She asks if he likes the tension of not knowing who you can trust. She hates it. She hates being controlled and forced to make deals and compromises she doesn't want to make. Wolfgang's beer arrives as Will looks around.

The group is now gathered at the Chicago Police Station. They need access to the restaurant computer system, but they have no clue how to do that without Nomi. Diego then receives a video call from Bug. Amanita takes the phone and introduces herself as a friend of Will of Riley's. Riley takes Diego's phone. Amanita is impressed to finally talk to one of Nomi's cluster members in person. She informs Riley that Nomi is a bit concussed, but she'll sleep it off. Riley says they need her help.

Lila introduces Wolfgang to a saying from her neighborhood, which says that all the government is someone else's government. Lila wants to build a rione, a neighborhood for their kind. She wants to take this city and make it theirs. Wolfgang says many people want to own Berlin. Lila says they're not them. They need a place where they can be themselves, free from Sapiens. Wolfgang has to help her make it reality. He asks if he has a choice. She asks if he would have come if it were.

Bug has discovered encrypted e-mails from Sebastian Fuchs mentioning the restaurant and Lila Facchini. Amanita crosses it with the reservation records.

In the restaurant, the first course arrives.

Through Riley, Will accesses Interpol while Diego objects. Will states it's an emergency. Diego can't believe it's happening again.

Lila knows that Wolfgang is a bit old-fashioned, thinking the man should propose to the woman. She visits Wolfgang while remaining on her seat and starts to undress. She says from the minute their eyes met, she could feel their fates were connected.

Meanwhile, Bug has two of the three names coming through for Amanita.

Wolfgang asks Lila if her cluster buys into her fantasy. As she sits on his lap and opens her jacket, she says of course, because they are mai soli, never alone.

Amanita has discovered that three reservations were made within ten minutes two nights ago: tables 5, 12, and 16. Will and Riley think they need to be sure. Bug suggests they ping them through Fuchs' account.

Lila thinks Wolfgang would like her cluster. She leans towards him while Maitake, a member of her cluster, searches Wolfgang's body. He informs her that all Wolfgang has is a single Glock. The visiting Lila kisses both Wolfgang and Maitake. Wolfgang suggests they take this somewhere more private, but she declines.

Bug has worked his magic. Several phones spread throughout the restaurant start beeping and pinging. Wolfgang and Will look around while Amanita compliments Bug.

Wolfgang supposes he is to take out Fuchs if he decides to play along. Like Lila said, there's no middle ground. He wonders how he can know she won't just sell him out as well. She says he's not like everyone else. Wolfgang says she is. Maitake tells Lila it's a waste of time, just as he thought. Lila says this city needs a true king. The people will go to their knees for a man like him. Wolfgang says she doesn't understand. This is his city, his people, and they bend their knee for no one. So, she can take her mai soli and the three guns Fuchs hired and fuck off. Lila tells him she's going to enjoy scraping him off her shoe like the dog shit he is. Wolfgang's cluster, minus Nomi, then rises up behind him, with her cluster doing the same behind her. "Bring it, bitch," Kala says before using the bottle of Greco to cause an explosion that has both Wolfgang and Lila fall to the floor. Wolfgang quickly recovers and takes his gun to take Fuchs' guys out. One of them kicks his gun out of his hand, but channeling Sun, Wolfgang overpowers the man and ducks behind him as Lila starts firing at him. As soon as the guy falls to the floor, Sun overpowers another man and jumps onto his back. Will then manipulates the man's hand and arm to fire back at Lila and another one of Fuchs' guys. The two roll over a table to take cover for Lila's bullets. Now armed with two guns, Wolfgang continues to fire back at Lila, also taking out the bartender with a rifle in the process. The only ones left alive, Lila and Wolfgang keep shooting until their guns are empty.

They both come out of hiding. Lila tells him they could have had everything. All Wolfgang wants is one more bullet. She promises him he'll come to regret not dying tonight. They circle around each other as their clusters appear. Sun and Lila's cluster's best fighter go at it, with each of them managing to get some good punches in that ripple through the clusters. Gathering the strength from his cluster, Wolfgang manages to knock Lila down with a headbutt. Police sirens then rapidly approach. Lila takes off her jacket and starts begging for help. As the police bursts in, Wolfgang runs off with his cluster following as Lila tells the cops that Wolfgang attacked her and killed everybody else.



Guest Starring[]


  • Rajiv Kachroo as Vikram
  • Howie Johnson as Miller
  • Danielle Davis as Sasha Boyd
  • Sharpe Ssewali as Fred
  • Zainabu Harri as Candid Group #1
  • Kieran Kirema as Candid Group #2
  • Walter Keyombe as Candid Group #3
  • Sharif Mustafa as Candid Group #5
  • Riziki Ambrose as Candid Group #6
  • Mike Muraya as Candid Group #7
  • Robert Maaser as Huth
  • Dennis Musyoka as Mandiba

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode runs for 56 minutes and 55 seconds.
  • The title originates from Wolfgang's line "All I want right is one more bullet" to Lila Facchini after they both run out of bullets at the restaurant fight.
  • The following locations appear in the episode:
  • Nomi not being present at the restaurant fight scene was a last-minute change. It shows us that unconscious Sensates lose the ability to share and visit.[1]


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