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• 2/4/2019

Miss the show... it offers viewers so much and in so many ways...

the list of messages it sends is amazing. I have yet to find a new series that holds my attention. For the most part, for me, nothing seems relevant to me after being a fan over the last couple of years... just a lonely fan...

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• 6/12/2018

Sense8 Wiki: Other Languages

To acknowledge that this series truly has reached many people in different parts of the world, I thought I'd make this post and see if any fans whose native languages aren't English would like to create wikis and have them affilated with this one for fans that do not speak English as a first language.

For example, we currently have a Spanish-affilated wiki for Spanish-speaking fans of Sense8. Knowing a little of the language, I will try to take part in creating a few pages for that wiki, at least setting them up (and hoping I don't upset any active admins/mods there).

If anyone would like to create a wiki in an alternate language and want to affilate to it, share what language you would like to work with. I won't be there for all of them, unfortunately, but I would like to help in starting some up for you, assuming you need help with setting things up.
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• 6/12/2018

Sense8 Finale & What Could Have Been

After that excellent finale, I was wondering what else the Wachowskis had up their sleeves for the other three seasons they originally planned. Season 3 would have seen Lito's big movie break and the end to Capheus' election storyline, I think, but I can't think of other seeds that were planted for later seasons.

I haven't thought of any ideas myself yet, except I can't shake the feeling that Riley was going to give birth to a cluster herself. After all, she is the one member of the cluster who's all about creating a network, whether it's safehouses and clubs or with other sensates, like the Archipelago. I feel like she would be taught by Hoy and maybe the Lacuna to really delve into every unique aspect of being Homo sensorium, like visiting sensates without establishing the eye contact connection or blocking oneself from the psycellium without the use of blockers.

Talking about blockers, how fun would it be if Kala's blockers became the go-to blockers amongst sensates? That would make for a very lucrative business and it might even somehow help her and Rajan's company to rights its wrongs. With BPO gone, though, I'm not so sure that blockers are that important anymore.

Do you think that, had Amor Vincit Omnia not been the series finale, they would have killed Whispers and Lila? I'm thinking Whispers would have retreated after the exchange with Wolfgang (which probably would happen early in or mid-way through the third season) to gather strength/further his drone program army and Lila would have become the main villain for season 3 in her quest for a rione. Then after they defeat her, Whispers and his army would rise up as a cliffhanger to launch us into season 4.
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• 1/11/2018

Excitement for the Finale

What are you hoping to see or hear from the upcoming two-hour special? Feel free to share!
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• 1/8/2018

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